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    IC: Othorak, Airship Docks Othorak's momentum was accelerating as he was closing the gap between him and the airship. Maybe this would all go smoother than expected? No, it couldn't. Life was never so easy. As he ran forward, he looked backwards, and saw the crooked mercenary firing upon him again. These Rhotuka were fast, and Othorak couldn't afford to calculate every step. He let his Steltian instinct take over. Steltians were naturally cutthroat and bloody. While not as recklessly violent as Skakdi or as scheming as Vortixx, they understood more than most the balance between violence and respect. If one could not project power and punish challenges, then one was doomed to be a slave, forever. Othorak was no slave. Othorak was a fighter, and a victor. He jumped in the air and grabbed a panicking Le-Matoran's face as he ascended. Othorak's concentration wavered, resulting in his Faxon ceasing activities, though the bull Rahi's powers may no longer have been needed. As he jumped, his momentum carried his large frame forwards, and the first of the Rhotuka swept beneath his feet. As he fell, he increased his grip on the powerless Matoran's skull, and whipped the green worker's entire body back behind him. The second Rhotuka would spill blood, but it would only be that of the nameless Matoran whom Othorak used as a shield of sorts. The sick pleasure Othorak derived from the sight only barely outweighed the terror he felt at understanding how lethal these blasts could be. One misstep, a single miscalculation, and it wouldn't just be his mission ending. The airship was several bio away still. As he ran forward again, Othorak wracked his mind for a more clever Rahi to mimic, yet his thoughts were interrupted as a newer-model Vahki dove at him. Othorak's blade matched the staff of the robot, and the two entered a contest of strength as this skirmish prolonged itself. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator idk if you want to do some Vahki stuff or whatever. @Nato the Traveler
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Ga-Metru streets Vhisola's body became too weak to resist being shoved into the containment sphere on the vahki transport. Her head felt like a bowling ball, and it lilted toward her faintly beating yellow heartlight as air filled her in ragged gasps. Her fingers were full of pins and needles, and her arms became too heavy to move. Stars swam in her vision, the faces of bordakh crowding around her diminishing from view, losing focus. She felt the soft cushioning inside the containment sphere and melted into its embrace. After the trauma of the day, at least something held her close and made her feel like there might be something alright in a world gone terribly wrong. Waveahk timed his shot so the zamor flew perfectly through the opening in the vahki as they backed away to close the lid of the containment sphere. The zamor pustule was a lime green harbinger of death. As the enforcers pushed down on the lid and it began its automated closing, the zamor flew through the opening and hit Vhisola. It broke on her chest, splattering its acidic contents through the inside of the sphere. Unable to stop the process, the lid closed with a hiss, leaving only the faintest steaming trail of acidic vapor exiting the sphere for anyone to guess at Vhisola's fate. The vahki quickly rolled the sphere out of sight into the transport, drove off, and turned the corner out of view. The remaining squads of Bordahk began to search for the assassin, diving into the waters of Ga-Metru's canals and scuttling down shady alleyways.
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    IC: Sidra - Le Metru (on the hunt) It had taken the better part of a morning for Sidra to track down the spot alleged terrorist had been sighted by the airship. It looked like Vahki had already scoured the area before her arrival, stomping all over any useful tracks. The machines were decent enforcers, but they weren't programmed for subtlety. She set off in the direction the titan had been seen moving deploying both of her nektann to high elevations to help expand her search radius. It was only after an hour of searching side streets and back alleys that she found it: a destroyed Vahki, crumpled beside a dumpster in the shadows of a disused alleyway. It's chest looked to have been crushed from a blow of considerable strength, which fit with the profile of the target she was seeking. This was beyond the damage a mere Matoran could inflict. Returning to the main street, she waved down a passing Vahki and reported her findings, before continuing the search...
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    Great model! Do you suppose you could create models for the rest of the Toa Mata? I would especially like to see Kopaka.
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    Looks awesome! But please fix the eye color
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