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    As soon as the announcements hit, I packed as much up from my apartment as I could and moved back home. While I don't like having to be alone, I'd much rather be alone out here than in the city. It's much safer, and I think it's better for my mental health too. At school, I felt lonely unless I got out and socialized every day. Here, I feel less lonely overall even though I'm actually all alone most of the time. That said, I do miss seeing people on campus every day in person, and I've lost contact with most of the acquaintances I wasn't all that close with. And I much prefer in person classes to online.
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    Stay strong, you two. Wishing you all the best.
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    Congratulations!!! Marriage is such a beautiful and courageous commitment, and I am excited for the two of you. You look very happy together. A LEGOLAND wedding is a totally awesome idea!
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    Congratulations! May you two have a long and happy life together. (I'm glad you like poutine... we might have to kick you out if you didn't)
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    Congrats, y’all! That’s exceptional. Crossing that threshold is such an exciting moment. I wish you all the happiness!
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    I had to do a triple-take to get this post, but I'm happy you're feeling better.
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    You punched a baby? Yes, officer, this post right here.
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    I had to wait 7 years for Norik, and 3 years after that for these. I'm done with patience. I'm an adult. I get what I want, and I pay for it.
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    Hey I know you! You're that whippersnapper that hit me with that clipboard months ago! GET OFF MY LAWN! ("Sanity?" What does that taste like?)
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    Yeah, that was part of what I was talking about in a post -- "Oriental" doesn't have to mean just old. Also, about the Power Rangers thing -- Power Rangers to me is horribly bad acting humans in hoaky costumes going around screeching wildly every few seconds. Of course, I've only seen ads and clips. I don't see anything like that in Ninjago, and the addition of vehicles is hardly evidence of it. Some clips I've seen could have been okay if the character had been CG instead of obviously a human in an incredibly cheap costume, and Ninjago obviously doesn't have that. (The clips still had bad acting though and Ninjago doesn't, other than the kiddy voices occasionally.) Maybe I'm wrong, though; I'm not claiming this is a universal perspective. Also, yeah, this is directed at a lot of people. I'm not disputing your guys's tastes -- they are what they are, but some of the reasons that have been given to justify criticisms have been illogical and not just taste-based, like the idea that vehicles are modern (vehicles can be ancient, etc.) or that tech is not oriental. Even in ancient times, Japan has been highly inventive, as have other oriental cultures (for example, China built the Great Wall while the rest of the world just dabbled in little castles, and had rockets and the like), and Ninjago is said to be a world created by the father of Wu and Garmadon, by the power of the weapons. Apparently something like a pocket universe or something. It makes sense to me that perhaps in ancient (LEGO version of) Japan, a real (minifigureized) human could have created both the realm and inventions within the realm (such as the ancient vehicles I theorized the skeletons based their designs on). It's possible these inventions were never in Japan, only in Ninjago, and yet just as inherent to Ninjago. So again, I dispute the label of those things as "modern" or non-oriental. I think that idea comes more from a misunderstanding of oriental culture than from trying to stick to that culture. All that said, I get that there was a change, and from your personal tastes, you don't like the change. That's perfectly valid, and I respect it. I just don't agree that some of the reasons added onto it work, or that it works as an argument that LEGO made a bad decision for the majority. (It's very similar to such nuances that have been historically necessary in Bionicle criticism too; so it's not surprising to me.)
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