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    YES!! I recently re-read Adventures as well! I felt like a little kid again! Gotta love the city of legends. Haha, I'm currently stuck somewhere in Island of Doom (thankfully not stuck on the island of doom).
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    That's all good to hear. As for me, I guess getting to try out the Bioshock games on the Switch has been good. I know that's not the greatest thing ever, but it is something cool for me.
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    My dad's learning how to be somewhat nicer. And I finally figured out how to properly use my job platform so people can actually find it. It only took me 2 years. *facepalm* Anything good happening for you?
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    No Dexit Reversal, no peace!
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    I'm looking forward to getting it, but I had no idea it comes out tomorrow night lol.
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    Happy Bzpower-iversary!
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    Saturday because it is my day off from my starving-artist-pay-level summer job of being a self employed seamstress. #failing But every-other Saturday isn't my favorite when I go to clean/renovate my late grandmother(Who was an animal hoarder...with 10 dogs inside the kitchen...and 19 outside..and 4 horses..)'s house. Especially since it's an 8hr drive, round-trip. At least the rats are gone now. O_O
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    That is a one neat mug. Your friend is really cool to make it for you.
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    Weren't they made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lego Sytstem? They should've been System sets! This is the real controversy...
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    "Wake me, can't you hear me, Colin?"
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