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    So, I haven't been on this website in YEARS, but something I specifically regret forever is posting some very blatant anti-LGBTQ+ bull on here. At the time I had zero (0) socialization with anyone other than those who my conservative parents exposed me to, and HOO BOY have things changed. For one thing, I myself have come to realize my own bisexual identity. I feel like MOST of my friends now aren't straight, amazing what getting a theatre degree does to you. So, for those I hurt way back when, if you're even still around here? I'm so sorry for the hateful identity-defying rhetoric I spouted back then. A term I've come to appreciate is "hate parroting," and at the time I really was a hate parrot against the LGBTQ+ community. I regret hurting people by inserting my own dumb, sheltered child opinion, and my adult self is at least offering this apology to the void that will probably not even be read by anyone (and that, afterwards, I probably won't visit this site ever again, or at least not for another few years). I can only hope that this provides some mental closure for me after agonizing over things I said on a children's website years ago, and that somehow someone directly affected back then might see it and feel validated that their attempts to tell me I was wrong weren't completely in vain. I love the memories I have otherwise of BZPower, and do miss everything I've done here long ago. Thanks for everything, and one more time, I'm so sorry for hurtful things I once said and hope this olive branch provides... something? Anyways, peace and love, **** Trump, I hope everyone's living life to its fullest despite the world crumbling right now. -Benjamin
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    Just a warning up front: this will probably be long, and it is going to touch on, though not go into very deeply, some more mature themes such as drug use, and skirt around some sensitive sexual-adjacent content. If these topics are triggers for you, I hold no will will towards you for not reading or pushing through. There is no need to relive your trauma on my behalf. Though some of these topics push (or blow past) the rules here on BZP, I have been specifically asked by the administration to post this after some topics of conversation had elsewhere have recently come up. The rest will be under a spoiler.
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    My elementary-school self is jumping with joy. One of the ways I've occupied myself this summer was by trying to reconstruct one of the old LEGO Pirate ships, the Black Seas Barracuda. However, I wanted to do it with a twist. I've always loved the sails of the Skull's Eye Schooner, but the yellow/black/white motif of the Barracuda was always my preferred color scheme. Therefore I opted for a mixture of the two. The sails are, alas, not genuine, but printed sheets of paper cut appropriately. Surprisingly it looks really good in person, but I do want to try printing actual cloth sails in the future. A keen eye will notice that the bow is modified to be more like that of the Skull's Eye Schooner, and there are still some minor decorative pieces that need to be obtained, but otherwise it looks quite impressive.
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    So, is it true? Can I add to my blog if I am not a premier member? Has the whole world gone mad?!? Quick! To the Bat-phone! I must come up with more things to write and blog about! Hopefully, this worked. If you are reading this, I managed to publish it. EDIT: Five years almost (to the day!) and I see that my blog is able to be edited and have new published entries without a Premier Membership! Ha! Something tells me, though, this isn't an accident, but a result of the deterioration of the site's functionality. Heck, my profile picture is gone, my blog has been renamed to "blogs_blog_128" (???), and my rank is reset to "Turaga". I guess the old forums are totally lost for good. What a shame. A good chunk of my teenage years (14 to 19) are gone forever. Press "F" to pay respects, as the kids say nowadays.
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    I think I've been on this site for almost seventeen years. In that time I've made a terrible comic series, had some fun in General Art, added a handful of unfinished stories to the library and made a few friends and acquaintances along the way. If any of you here want to keep in contact, my twitter handle is attached to my profile. It's goofy and weird and a bit of a mess, just like my time on this site. The more time has passed, the more I recognize that the only thing keeping me coming back to this site is my blog. And really all I've used it for lately is to complain about life's frustrations. I'm tired of being someone who only complains. I know my content used to be goofy and silly and full of... well, more than what it is now. I've been lucky during my time here. I can't say I've been a victim of any sort of prejudice or attacks. But due to more recent statements, it appears I was ignorant to the other members that had been victims of such actions. I also feel I haven't always been the most supportive member of the LGBT+ community on here to my fellow LGBT+ peers. I feel I remained silent when I should have spoken out. I feel I was inconsiderate during one or more occasions. If I ever caused any grief, I apologize. Being gay myself is no excuse for instances of lashing out due to internalized homophobia. This website held a lot of personal milestones for me. When I was nervous about coming out to my family, I sought advice from an openly gay staff member of the site. I came out publicly here before I did to the rest of my family and friends and was mostly met with support. That meant the world to me. I like to think the person I am today was molded in part by the experiences I've had on this site. However, it would appear bzpower is no longer a place where I feel comfortable or safe. And so I shall be logging off. I hope one day things will be better and I can feel comfortable logging back in again. But I kinda doubt that will happen. So, for what is perhaps the final time... GET OFF MY LAWN! ~Tekulo <3
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    I chose the name "Bfahome" in a desperate fit of non-creativity as I was signing up for the Kanoka Club on bionicle.com in 2004. Maybe I should've thought about it a bit more, because in the following 16 years it remained my primary handle on pretty much any site or service that anyone here would find relevant. (It stands for "BIONICLE fan at home", loosely inspired by the "Adam@Home" comic strip I remembered seeing in the newspaper. I was told not to use the @ symbol because it tended to not play well with systems, and "Bfathome" might be interpreted as using the word "fat" derisively. So I went with "Bfahome". I don't think I've ever mentioned the handle's full origin story but now seemed as good a time as ever.) So if you're wondering what becomes of me, you can find me on Twitter, YouTube, Steam, Twitch, Discord, Battle.net, and a slew of others I've forgotten about because I stopped using them or something. Follow me if you want; occasionally I share cool things I've made, though most of the time it's just weird thoughts that pop into my head that I used to use this blog as an outlet for. With that, I'll be "officially" logging off of BZPower for probably the first time in the twelve and a half years I've been a member. Right now I consider it a hiatus, however extended it may be, because I still want to believe that there'll be a site for me to come back to that I can feel good about associating with, promoting, and contributing to. As it stands now, though, there isn't. And maybe there won't ever be. Can't tell, and it won't be just my judgement on the matter. I've certainly had my own shortcomings and I'm sure there have been things I've done that have contributed to the general climate of negativity that I've been ignorant of, and for those things I am sorry. I've tried to become a better person over the years, and still have a long way to go in that regard. Anyway, it's been fun, mostly. I definitely got my 35 dollars' worth at least. But this is it, I guess. See you all on the other side. - Gabe
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    To all the great friends that I've met here, you've made my time on BZPower unforgettable and I will always cherish that. But, most of you have long since left this website and will likely never read this message... and I feel it might be time for me to finally move on as well. I had always trusted BZPower to be a safe haven of my childhood. No matter what, even if I didn't post in years, I could always come back here and remember the good old days. But now, I fear that might no longer be the case. If the appalling recent allegations are true, then I don't think I can rightfully think of BZPower as a haven anymore. I may be a cisgendered heterosexual man, but if women and LGBTQ+ people cannot feel safe here, then no one can. Currently, I am posting the Dino Attack RPG: Director's Cut on BZPower, and I had started doing so "for old time's sake", since this website is where the RPG began fifteen years ago, it has been my most cherished memory of BZPower, and I wanted to bring it full circle. Despite it all, I still want to leave BZPower on a positive note, so I shall continue to post the Director's Cut until it is complete. I've made my commitment, and I won't stop until my mission is accomplished. But aside from that, I doubt that I will be posting much else or continuing to engage with this community. There is a very real chance that the Director's Cut shall be my BZPower swan song. There is other unfinished business that I had wished to attend to, such as posting The Story of Rosamu (a rewrite of an old BIONICLE fanfic from my early days on BZPower, which I had previously been hyping up on the Blaaahhhg whenever I remembered that I had a Blaaahhhg) whenever it was finished. When the time comes, I will decide whether I shall do so on BZPower, again "for old time's sake"... but what I had once treated as a certainty is now merely a possibility. To be honest, with the once-thriving library forums now silent as a graveyard, there may be no one left to share my stories with. I have my notification settings set so that I am emailed when I receive a personal message, so I can still check and read any PMs sent to me in the future if needed. That way, you can still reach me through BZPower even after I am gone. I can only hope that one day, BZPower can prove that it can change for the better. Maybe there's a chance that we'll see a thriving, healthy, welcoming community whenever BIONICLE Gen 3 comes around. But until then... "It's all right, children. Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it."
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    Since us old fogeys love to sit around and reminisce about the "good ol' days", I figure as one of the few still-active remnants of BZPower's glory days, I have a unique platform to keep the old BIONICLE flame alive, both just for fun and for future edification of fans born well after BIONICLE's start that may need some insight on what the theme was like in the early years of the 21st century. Today, I'll dive into the summer of 2005, the middle of a very convoluted year for BIONICLE. The first, in fact, if you ask me. The first big upset was, as a person living in the USA, only being able to obtain the Toa Hordika and Rahaga for the first half of the year. The Visorak, Roodaka, Sidorak, Keetongu, and the first BIONICLE playsets were all summer releases here. Lucky Europeans had been enjoying most of that (sans the playsets) since the year began. Feelings aside, this also created some storytelling difficulties, as in order to promote the Hordika in the USA, the magazines and comics couldn't really show off the Visorak or their masters. Unlike the case with the Vahki in 2004, there was no "substitute" enemy for the Toa to deal with until summer rolled around. Therefore, right out of the gate, we have the Hordika dealing with the Visorak and appearances of Roodaka, which was frustrating since there was no way to get the sets unless I wanted to buy foreign. So that set the stage for summer 2005. That year, I would spend the longest time away from home alone (to date) at a summer academy for math and science. That would begin in late June, so I hoped the Visorak at least would start making an appearance on Wal-Mart shelves by then. No such luck. But anyways, I had another important distraction! In 2004, I was one of the 50 first place winners of the LEGO Club Magazine Rahi Building Challenge. It was an amazing accomplishment for 15 year-old me, and it saved me a lot of money by having all six Vahki as my prize, along with a letter from the desk of Greg Farshtey himself congratulating me. Therefore, I hoped to have similar success in the Dark Hunter Building Challenge. By the start of summer vacation, I was just about done with him. I gave him no name, but after photography with my dad, he just christened him "Plasticman". My dad wasn't overly fond of my LEGO obsession, especially the BIONICLE component of it, but he humored me enough times, especially when it came to competitions like this. "Plasticman" was, in my opinion, a vast improvement over my Rahi from last year. Unlike my Rahi, he had a function! Instead of a left arm, he had a grafted wheel of assorted Kanohi Masks, pried from his fallen Toa foes (or other kinds of mask-wearing entities). By spinning a gear on his back, you could select the Kanohi he would use to augment his battle abilities. In this way, his species was able to utilize the power of the masks in a brutish way. In his remaining right hand, I gave him a "hunting staff", a probably remnant of his tribal upbringing before being recruited by the Dark Hunters. As you might guess from the attached picture, his whole look and design was born from looking at a Rahkshi spine and thinking, "Hmm, this would make one wicked mohawk". One Metru shoulder armor and two Bohrok teeth later, and I pretty much had his head. The torso was a bit of a puzzle, particularly integrating the gears for driving the mask selection spinner, but I finished it and quickly assembled his hips. The Hordika chest armor and Metruan silver chest piece made for a great "loincloth", fusing a tribal look in clothing with a "punk" sensibility to the coloring and "hair" style. With a week or so to spare before my departure for the North, I took my pictures of "Plasticman" with dad and mailed them to the LEGO Magazine. I wish I could remember the name and description I gave him, or even had a copy of the letter. But alas, that is lost to history, unless the LEGO Magazine keeps the photo and card in an archive somewhere. But the big news, of course, would be if I would win this time. Unfortunately, it was not to be. I was not selected even among the runners-up, and I lost again a chance to be a part of BIONICLE. You can look at the winners in the Official Dark Hunters Guide (if you own it; I don't). From what I've seen of them on BioSector01, I must admit I was a little out of my league. But I'll let you judge for yourself! Attached is my sole surviving photograph of my Dark Hunter. In all probability, I likely made a topic for him in the BBC Forum, but that was back in 2005 and is lost forever now. That pretty much wrapped up my summer as far as BIONICLE went! When I came back from the academy in August, I managed to spend the remainder of living expenses money on a Visorak (Keelerak, I think), along with Roodaka and Sidorak. At that point, they were old hat to me, but the "Web of Shadows" movie was still on the horizon for October. Fall would bring more surprises (and even more convolutions!) to the BIONICLE story. Stay tuned for further reminiscing!
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    Brutaka holds an ominous distinction within not just my BIONICLE fandom, but my overall LEGO collection. 2006 was my last full year of high school before graduating in the spring of 2007 and going on to college after the summer. By the end of the year, it was not obvious what university I would be attending nor if my family could afford it. After throwing everything into obtaining the six Piraka and six Toa Inika, along with Vezon and Fenrakk, my spending for LEGO was severely throttled. I needed to save at last for college expenses! Thankfully, as the early months of 2007 rolled on, I got accepted in a few schools, including my second-favorite, and they gave me a very generous scholarship package. I knew all this by April 2007, so I could allow my personal wallet to breathe a little. With the Mahri and other BIONICLE "titan" sets for 2007 well on the way, I went about filling the gaps in 2006 collection. Brutaka was the most appealing of the larger sets, but I had been waiting for a sale. Alas, I grew impatient, and by May, I purchased him from Wal-Mart. And here is where the frightening distinction occurs: up to this point in my LEGO collection, I had opened and built every set I acquired. But I realized that when I bought Brutaka, I would only barely be able to build him before graduation, a family trip to Bolivia, and then preparing to be sent off to college out of state. I shuddered at the thought of him just collecting dust for the rest of the year, so I came up with an idea. I would leave the set sealed and stored in my closet until after I graduated college, whence (I assumed) would be the time that, with a career and the need to settle down wherever work took me, I would finally have the time and space to build him and any other sets collected between late 2007 and early 2011. Sadly, this was not (quite) to be. As my college years progressed, my LEGO collection indeed continued to grow at a faster pace, but with all boxed sets being merely admired before being stored in my closet back home. My naive hope for my post-college career backfired spectacularly when I landed a great job right out of graduation that (scarily enough) required me to essentially live on the road and in temporary housing wherever my worksites were. Even on my precious days and weeks at home, I was always too much of a nervous wreck over being called out to work again to just settle down and enjoy a lot of LEGO building. I didn't want to leave a bunch of incomplete builds collecting dust either! Many years passed. With a downturn in the market in 2016 and some family issues that forced me to take a lot of time off, I found a lot more free time wherein I could live day-to-day without worrying about having to pack up and drive away. After moving to a new apartment, I finally started to break open some sealed LEGO sets and enjoy building for the first time in ages. I guess it helped that my one actual vacation that year was to attend the LEGO Inside Tour in Denmark! And yet, by 2017, I still hadn't assembled anything BIONICLE from before 2010. I guess I finally got sick of it, and in 2017, I made an ultimatum with myself and my company. If they couldn't work with me to get that stable lifestyle I envisioned as a boy in high school, I would take my services elsewhere. And in early 2018, this is exactly what I did. I jumped ship for an offer from a much better company in a regular, Monday-Friday job scenario. With that kind of stability, I used my savings to buy my first house. And that brings me to the present. With the quarantining this year, LEGO has come to the forefront. Having a whole room in my house dedicated to it will certainly enable that hobby easily, but now I definitely had no excuse. And lo! I finally pulled that MISB Brutaka from my BIONICLE shelf and cracked those 14 year-old cardboard perforations open. Within 45 minutes, I had my first new BIONICLE character standing before me in gold and blue majesty. It was a great experience, and after some fiddling with his posing, placed the disgraced Order of Mata Nui member on the shelf with other assorted BIONICLE figures I rebuilt (including Thok, Kongu Mahri, Tohunga Nuparu, a Pahrak, Agori Berix, and a Nuurahk). Looking at the assemblage with pride, I wondered why it took me so long to finally build Brutaka. But in the end, I decided it didn't matter. The fact was, in spite of the wait, I did build him. I still felt that same joy that I knew would always find me when I built a new BIONICLE set. Those things have some magic in them, I tell you. For those who may be sitting on their own MISB BIONICLE stockpile, I encourage you to build them whenever you're able. Thank me when you're done!
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    I'm rarely on this site and have rarely posted about anything in any format because the honest truth is I've been on this site before under a different username, a different account. That account was bullied off the site. I was much younger then. I was ignorant of things and was just looking to have a good time with friends I made. Older members, adults, on this site came after me when I was 14 years old and bullied me off the site. That's the BZPower I remember and know. I made a new account later in life, this one, and hoped I could talk about my passion of Bionicle again without carrying the social stigma that was made against me. It, frankly, hasn't worked well. I see many of the same folks that hurt me dearly still posting and being active. BZPower, to be honest, lost its way. It stopped being about Bionicle a long time ago and became a clique. The forum was ran(both on staff and off staff) by a group of people that used the forum to flex their internet power points on others. Many things I posted, shared, wrote, whatever...were criticized and ignored for not being one of them. And that's a hard thing to take when all you want is to have fun on a website dedicated to a toy. There is not a single friend I made on BZPower that I still know today because of the environment created here. My friend, S, has become consumed by this site and I can't bear to talk to her ever again because of the venom built up in her over all this. It's too much. It's all too much for a toy. It was just supposed to be a toy fan site. That's all I wanted. I got a lot of other things instead. I'll probably still be around, here and there. I've said my piece. I'm done holding the sky up.
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    We got a little rain and lightning tonight, thanks to Mr. Smoke Monster and his tropical storm lol. I decided to get a picture of the clouds as they were coming in: I also found this picture I took a while back and wanted to post it too because I thought it looked cool:
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    When I was young I was very paranoid about a lot of things. In some ways I still am. I used to imagine myself putting on a protective piece of headgear to... prevent people from reading my thoughts... at school. If I didn't I would be so afraid that people could read my thoughts. I don't know why I thought this other than just basic paranoia. Probably should have just tried to relax, which is difficult sometimes and is still now. Similarly, I used to stare into nothingness, and when I made sure nobody else was around, I would talk into this nothingness as if the world was a television show. I don't know why I did this. Still, it's something I just thought about for the first time in a long, long while. It would be nice, maybe, if we would stop being tools of humour in a televised sitcom. Hmm, maybe not, maybe one should be careful about what they want and wish. This year hasn't been great, has it? It's like we all fell down some stairs and we keep falling down the next step hoping we regain ourselves but we seem unable to for some reason. I hope, therefore, that we right ourselves. Metaphorically, I fell down some stairs and managed to right myself very recently. Of course I think I probably might have messed something up or a few. Threw myself out of the BZP Realms Discord after being there for quite a while in a rude manner. I'm sorry about that, for all those that applies to (a fair number of people if I recall). Well, here's hoping things go better from now on.
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    I do wonder if anyone still reads this, tbh ^^' But for anyone who does, life is slowly returning back to normal, and I think that's a really good thing. Also, I'm about to finally finish my current sketchbook after 4 months, which is surprisingly fast for me - normally it takes at least half a year.
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    A little over a month ago I started a new job. After over a year of searching, it was exciting to finally throw away the part times I've been working and start full time doing work that, maybe technically isn't what I studied in school, but still uses what I learned in school. My first instinct is that how great it is to finally, after years and years, have a job that I don't hate... and sometimes even really like. Sure the commute sucks, and they aren't paying me enough that I can afford to move closer, and the projects aren't meaningful to me personally, but I'm mostly enjoying what I'm doing. And I'm learning from doing them, and they will definitely make me more marketable for something in the future that more aligns with my interests. (And benefits. Job has benefits. A job with benefits is (almost) always better than a job without.) There's only one big problem: I'm not sure why they hired me. Or wanted to hire anyone. The better part of the past month has been me struggling to find work to do to fill the nine hours a day I'm wanted there. The projects they've had for me so far have been quick ones, that I've deliberately worked slowly on because I learned quickly that there's basically nothing for me to do all day. The past few days have been a bit of fresh air because I actually have a task to accomplish, but its pure busy work, making me feel like I'm working a glorified internship. I've brought up my concerns twice now. The first time I was told not to worry about it, they're still working out what my day to day tasks will be. Fine. But never heard more about it. I brought it up again and was told, don't worry about it. Be patient for now, the busy season is coming. Which again, fine. But what about when the busy season is over? And what am I supposed to do until then? Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful to have a job (with benefits), especially considering current events when most people are losing theirs and many still are struggling. But my concern is that eventually they're going to change their mind and decide my services are no longer necessary. It was clear to me even before starting that this is not an organized company. With my offer letter alone there was conflicting information about whether my job was seasonal, full time, if I'd get benefits and if I'd be paid salary or wages, and my new hire paperwork had two different forms listing two different hourly rates, one of which was meant for me and the other which was not. My very first week I came in on a Saturday (offer letter said weekend hours required), confirmed Friday that I was supposed to come in the next day, then was told on Saturday when I got in that I could have stayed home and they didn't have my contact info to tell me otherwise. Come on. We both know that's a pitiful excuse and a lie. And then they messed up my timecard and tried to not pay me for a day. The amount of red flags with this company are worrying, and I'm not about to recommend that anyone work there. But I'm also not really in a position to throw away an employment opportunity. So for now I'm just going to hope that things get better and that things pick up and I can keep my job despite the fact that there's nothing for me to do there at the moment.
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    So, Lego Super Mario. Honestly, I’m not seeing the appeal, but then again I didn’t grow up on platform video games so I definitely don’t have that nostalgic connection. And the not-minifig scale of the sets is a little off putting. But I have to admit that the character packs are intriguing for the low price and interesting pieces, even if I don’t necessarily care too much about the character designs themselves. Luckily for me, my roommate happened to come across a few of these packs at Target and now I have a few. (And a lucky draw too, four packs with no duplicates.) So now I can review a couple. Although I can’t really say anything about the game play or scan-able tiles (because I don’t have the main Mario set) I can talk about the overall look and pieces. Because of my experience with collectible minifigures, I did try to determine which models were in the blind bags. It’s somewhat possible, since they do come with different pieces, but there’s a fair amount to pick through compared to figs, and a lot of them share the same parts so it’s easy to mix them up. The one constant is the new 4x4 rounded plate, which I guess is designed for the game board that the other sets utilize. I’m not sure how much usability it will have, but they come in a bunch of different colors and don’t have any really crazy designs, so maybe it’ll be helpful in MOCs. (It looks like it would make for a good interior support, being two plates tall.) Fuzzy: Oh look a black spiked ball. He looks like he’s hovering over some grassy hills. And, with the addition of the hinge, he’s the only one with an “action feature” in that you can knock him down to smack anything on the ground. For pieces, the sand green and teal curved elements are new-ish to me, and I guess the black pyramid 1x1s are also new in this color. Of course, the big drawl is the SNOT brick, 1x1x5(plates) with studs on three sizes; it’s perfect for making a SNOT cube, and with two you can even flip one upside down and get studs on the bottom too. Man, that piece will be a crazy addition when it starts popping up in more sets. (Maybe it has, this is the first Summer 2020 sets I’ve picked up.) Spiny: It’s a turtle! The trees are nice, but the highlight of this is the shell piece, which actually has the white diamonds as molded bits that stick out a bit. I’ve got to be honest; I wouldn’t mind having a ton of those shells to part-spam a MOC. This one also has the new 2x2 feet design, with printing on them. It looks like a very niche part, but there might be some interesting ways to reuse it in a MOC. And the rounded green brick isn’t new, but still makes a nice addition. Paragoomba: Another cubed guy, but he’s in burnt orange and has wings. He has a more traditional SNOT design using standard elements, but it works. Also he has wings, which are new molds too, I believe. The foot piece makes another appearance in brown, and it’s also a nice chance to get the cloud plate that originated with the Unikitty blind bags. And I guess a tan pyramid; don’t know how rare those tan slopes are but they make it work. Peepa: Well this one is certainly a ghost. The “landscape” design is very haphazard here with a ruined wall over a stream of lava; I may be misinterpreting, but I’m sure it’s based off some heated level. The ghost design is basic, although the use of the white curved element is appreciated. The biggest appeal is the 3x3 round tile; I don’t think this mold has been used before, and it’s slightly disappointing that it has the ghost fast printed on it, but I’m hopeful to see this element reused in future sets. (Granted, I don’t know why I would need a 3x3 tile in my builds, but hey new parts are always fun!) Anyway, for $4.99 (or $3.99 when Target misprices them) this isn’t a bad value. I mean, it’s not exactly the great parts packs that the Mixels were, but there are enough interesting molds to entice builders. And the characters look similar enough to their Mario variations, from what I can tell, so I’m sure the nostalgic factor is huge. (There are a couple of others I might want to pick up, like the Bullet Bill guy, but it’s a lot harder to get into buying blind bag figs nowadays when it’s unsafe to attempt the feel method in stores. Future waves of CMFs will be troublesome with this new norm.)
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    The Empire has fallen. The Church reigns supreme. Ragnarok approaches. The Black Eagles face greater odds than any protagonists before them. As they are hunted across the world, they must search for one last miracle to save the day... ...or there will be no more tomorrows.
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    So what will probably be a tropical storm by this coming Friday night is going hit where I live in a couple of days. It won't get a direct hit, but my area will be on the east side of the storm. AKA the dirty side of it. And that means lots of rain and thunderstorms. Yay. Now as I have been few a couple tropical storms and hurricanes, I'm not too worried about these storms. But I am a little frustrated because I bought a ticket for Pokemon Go Fest and I'll probably have to do half of it sitting in my house. (Which is what many people are doing anyways, so I shouldn't be one to complain) If anything, I'll probably get at least half the weekend off from work. So I have that to look forward to. I just hope the storms don't get too bad.
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    Not that I'm thinking about getting one, but how would you feel about a Bionicle tattoo?
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    Well, earlier this week I finished reading the Voay Nui books. They were pretty good, and of course I like the whole team of Toa Inika. The only thing I was really disappointed by was the fact that there was not a single mention of the Piraka rap.
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    So when you bring your sandwich home and open it up from its wrapping, be sure to not do this at the corner of the table. Otherwise half of it might fall out and land on the floor. Because then you only have half a sandwich to eat. Yes, I learned this the hard way today.
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    Although I'm not really a gardener, I did save bell pepper seeds a few weeks ago, and they finally got big enough to move out of their original seedling containers, (their namesakes), and I repotted them today into a more permanent home. This is, Midgy. Midgy is small but he likes big pots and he cannot lie. If I wore it on my head, it would be like a sub-par umbrella. Shelly was originally planted in an eggshell. Icy was originally planted in an old icing container. Max was originally planted in an empty Maxwell Coffee container. Cuppy is the one whose nametag you cannot see. And I don't think anyone would ever be able to guess what his original planter was. I am very proud of their names. I have a spider plant, a larger pepper plant that's about a foot high and just began flowering, and a succulent of some type, and a lot of cat grass because I wanted the neighborhood stray to like me (didn't work). I also have a Lucky Bamboo who I've had for almost 3 years now, named Fenton.
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    Tomorrow will be my account's 17th birthday! So much has changed from when I first joined BZPower. I was only Twelve when I signed up after lurking on the homepage for just a few months during a lull in news on Mask of Destiny. The world had really started to change for me at that time and my interest in Bionicle was the singular constant as my family prepared to move across the country. I didn't know the challenges that I had yet to face, nor the joyous moments to come, all I knew was a sense of fear for my world and great hope in the world of the Matoran. Bionicle will always inspire my creativity, and BZPower will always be how I began writing, and for that I am forever indebted to this community and those who've been a part of it. Illustration from my first finished story, Bionicle Legacies: The Return ca.2007
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    This is a great post that you shouldn't miss. Now, I know some of you kids are from foreign countries, and your grasp of English may be limited. Understandable. Here in the USA, also, many BZP members are actually still in elementary school, and naturally, no one expects you to be pulling a wide array of adjectives out of your pre-pubescent brain. However, you DO know some good adjectives like "awesome", "brilliant", "horrible", "disgusting", and "bland," to name just a very few of a long list. I mean, your English teachers still are teaching you this stuff, right? See??? Well, at least I can be thankful we all know how to use nouns... And thank goodness for the front-page reviews. While I do not necessarily like the style (bring back Dimensioneer! He knew how to get me excited for a BIONICLE set), I like how the FA/FL/Admins who write them up are generally very clear and intelligent people who value the power of adjectives to describe our beloved toy line. Redundancy of Topic Redundancy - This does not apply to just topics; some members' posts are also rather redundant, and I am not talking about new members nor triple-posting by accident. Some people just do not want to let a dead horse be. They think they've thought some new idea or angle on an old idea, and thus, this requires them making a whole topic about it. Take that absolutely RIDICULOUS spate of topics within a ONE-month period about how bad the Comedy Forum is. OK, first time is attention-getting, second time is post-worthy, third time is boring, and the fourth time makes you just want to rip the screen off your laptop. OK. I GET IT. The Comedy Forum is not always funny. What do you want me to do about it??? Start a new topic called BORNICLE 2??? Stop harassing me! Same goes for a lot of other things. General Discussion breeds stuff like that constantly. You know what I am talking about. BIONICLE is going downhill. If BIONICLE never existed, what you do? What BIONICLE year had the best "theme?" If you gave Tahu a cookie, would he ask for a cup of milk? COME ON. We've seen all this before. FAs and FLs, I KNOW you guys have seen this all before. You've been around awhile, and while new members will come up with these ideas for the most part, I still vehemently do not believe that necessitates a "new" topic every two months about your worries if BIONICLE will be around in 2012 when that asteroid hits the Earth. I think a new policy on these types of redundant topics is in order. Someone want to step up to the plate? Other than that, this is a cool community. Kudos to the administrators for keeping it real all the time, yo. Word to the Big Three: BR, Bink, and Big D. If the worst thing I can say about a forum is that the members are ignorant of adjectives and have a memory capacity of only two months, then I think they have succeeded in making BZPower TRULY the number one source for BIONICLE news and discussion. -Sidorak-
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