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    Believe victims.
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    *Looks at profile* "DAYS WON: 1" Wow, that's new. Didn't think I of all members would "win" a day at BZPower! Even if it is just content likes. Man, now I wish my old forum posts still existed; think of all the upvotes and likes my massive postings on Toa-Bohrok relations, arguments for the Matoran Universe being a big robot, and the glue that unites us all as BIONICLE fans would get nowadays. Alas! I miss the old days. There, I admit it!
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    everyone wants to believe they would support the victims of abuse in their lives, but too many falter when the accused is someone close to them. justice and true empathy should be stronger than loyalty
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    As of July 26th, 2020, I am resigning from BZPower staff and voluntarily requesting to be banned. I can no longer trust or vouch for this site as a safe place for users in light of the admins' failure to meaningfully condemn or punish multiple instances of abuse or harassment perpetrated by staff members against fellow BZPower members. I will not elaborate at present, seeing as these are not my stories to tell and I do not want to give staff members who disagree with my decision any motivation to censor this message. But rest assured that this is a decision I've been contemplating for weeks, even as I naively held out hope that BZPower staff might actually take meaningful action on this matter. I would like to extend my condolences to those who have been victims of abuse or harassment by members of this site, and forced to endure the trauma of seeing them maintain good standing within the community, even among those who knew of their actions. Goodbye, BZPower. I'm grateful for the experiences I've had here, but it's clear to me that my continued involvement in the community will never be enough to make it the kind of safe, healthy, and supportive community that I used to believe it was. ~Skye (Aanchir)
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    @Aderia Here's some more of my Bionicle art...It's quite bad too , also from age 11.
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    @Aderia Here's some of my Bionicle art...It's quite bad, but oh well, I was 11.
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    9x11. Acrylic + pencil. Used childhood photo of my dad for reference. Challenging because original photo was too dark for the engine parts to be visible. Had to look up more detailed images online ...and hope they were accurate to the time period.. Drawing time: ? Painting time: 56 hrs.
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    ohi I've been here over 10 years now, yay.
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