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    no more gimmicks, just 100% organic Tarn
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    I return from the dead. I now walk a ghost town that somehow still stands in a world so new. You can say I'm the last of the old but I was never the oldest of us but i knew their stories and meet a few of the greats. This world was a great one now now I watch as it comes to a close.
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    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... "... it's good to know we haven't been entirely forgotten." ... "... for now, good bye. Don't wait for us. If we don't visit again, we'll see you in another world." ...
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    1/12/2020! Happy Birthday, Rob Zombie! you are awesome! the man is 55! dang! and he STILL parties hard (Zombie style)!
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    I wish I had anything going on on New Year's beyond sitting at home with my mom.
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    It feels like I have to add at least one word to my dictionary ever time I make a post on BZPower.
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    No matter how much time is spent away, something about Bionicle always seems to draw me back here. I'm lucky to have such a thing in my life
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    I'm not gone. Just very, veeery busy with life at the moment :/
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    Just hit Mask of Light Unveiled rank, nice! I... think that may be the quickest I've every climbed a rank recently; I guess being active in the RP forum does make post count go up a lot faster than normal xD
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    interior crocodile alligator intern cazzies in the refrigerator
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    there is nothing you could do to disappoint me more folks, this login, 9/11, the week has simply been terrible EDIT: i have been informed that 9/11 was some time ago now, but it still gives me the creeps. i will not back down
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