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    Please see vehicle rules in the character creation topic. .... Hi everyone, these are my safe for consumption and SKR spoiler free GM notes from SKE. I included everything that did not provide spoilers for the current game. I’d love to discuss your thoughts. Synopsis: Metru-Nui is under threat from the six kingdoms and the brave Toa Mangia have been imprisoned after their betrayal alongside Lihkan. Turaga Dume searches for new toa, offering to award the power of toa to those lucky six who can retrieve the legendary great disks from each metru. While the race for power begins across Metru-Nui, a war of intrigue and diplomacy brews as the great Barraki warlords gather their forces for a final assault after years of proxy wars with the last bastion of matoran civilization. The Dark Hunters mercenary group led by the Shadowed One pit brother against sister for profit. The Great Spirit remains distant and uncommunicative save with their servants in the little known Order of Mata-Nui. Initial plot hooks Dark Hunters: Weekly Hits: start with Nuparu, move through NPCs who know disk locations and PCs. Metru-Nui: Find the Great disks, Silver Sea Conflict League of Six Kingdoms: Silver Sea Conflict, Sabotage Metru-Nui, Find The Orb Cast of NPCs Barraki: Pridak: angered by those who cannot see his perspective, but needs others to validate his choices and opinions. Kalmah: close friends with Mantax, both suffered at hands of matoran culture Ehlek: speaks to himself because he’s the “smartest in the room” Mantax: chooses not to speak a language different than his own, especially matoran. Carapar: Trying to climb the ladder Takadox: Out to kill everyone, wants Pridak’s throne Toa: Tuyet Alter: the core version, killed by Lhikan, haunts Dume, revived by Lhikan Tuyet Prime: the SKE version, killed by Nidhiki Turaga Turaga Dume: wants to use the time machine, is the current Cortex custodian Nidhiki: works with the League, will connect Nuju’s teleporter if able Lhikan: confused, in prison, tries to talk to those who are thrown in jail Matoran Nuparu: worked on the time machine for Dume, is concerned about the possibilities Nokama: knows Vhisola, studies ancient history and knows location of sunken temple Vakama: knows Dume and Nuhrii, was tasked with making a mask of time Nuju: secretly works for the League, knows Ehrye Whenua: knows Tehutti, wondering where he went Onewa: knows Ahkmou, wants help with cleaning graffiti off one of his statues Matau: knows Orkahm the taxi driver, needs help repairing a prototype bike he broke Vhisola: knows location of Ga-Metru disk Nuhrii: knows location of Ta-Metru disk Orkahm: knows location of Le-Metru Disk Ehrye: knows location of Ko-Metru Disk Ahkmou: knows location of Po-Metru Disk Tehutti: knows location of Onu-Metru Disk (was actually consumed by the disk in finding it) Nixie: Matoran Astronomer, survived the impact. Now resides in Metru-Koro Others: Brutaka: works for the Metru-Nui forces on the silver sea front lines Axonn: hangs in the background, mainly messes with people Tren Krom: Krom Sphere and shenanigans Great disk Puzzles Ta-Metru Location: The Great Furnace The location can be found by speaking to Nuhrii, one of the Smith's living and working in Ta-Metru, or by talking to Vakama at his mask making shop. While Vakama will point players to Nuhrii, Nuhrii knows the general location of the disc after having discovered something weird his manager doesn't want to talk about. First puzzle: The First Puzzle is a social puzzle. Players need to either use diplomacy with the vahki or the conveyor belts going into the Great Furnace. Second Puzzle: The Second Puzzle is environmental. Players need to realize the secret way in: swinging on the water extinguishers from cat walks on one side to the other. The Final Puzzle: The Final Puzzle is deduction. Players are presented with a three digit lock, values 0-9. Understanding the meta of what they're seeking will enable solving to lock with the code 159. Disk Location: The Great Disc is hidden in a whispering forest of blackened trees. Ga-Metru Location: underwater temple Nixie and Vhisola both know the whereabouts of the Great Disk. First Puzzle: The Giant Temple Squid guarding the underwater temple has a disk stuck to it. If players can get the disk, they find it’s not the disk they were originally looking for. This disk of growth can prove useful if players decide to go headlong into the main puzzle. Second puzzle: Inside the inner sanctum of the temple is a whirlpool. Carefully exploring the ruins they find the following: Three levers with three positions: up, neutral, and down. Three nearby statues of matoran with rahi heads are looking left, right, and center. Shift the levers to down, neutral, and up from left to right. This shuts the hole in the middle of the sanctum and stops the whirlpool. Players entering the sanctum see a glimmering portion of water in the center of the room, and swimming through takes them to the location of the Great disk. Alternatively, players who get the disk from the squid and slip into the whirlpool will see a strange event with six matoran wearing larger rahi masks over their heads, be told to go back, and then the disk will be exchanged for the Great disk. Disk Location: A small cave inside a waterfall. The sounds of matoran chanting can be heard coming from the other side. Le Metru Location: The Notch Matau and Orkahm both know the location of the Great Disk. The same puzzle is interacted with in multiple permutations. Puzzle Space: The Notch has several twisting tubes accessed through four chute entrances, one of which is broken. Several pieces of information are laid out with each chute entrance, as well as on wooden boards stacked by the chutes. From left to right: Four dots, black paint, a matoran Faith charm, wood board says “broken”. Three dots, white paint, a matoran Accuracy charm, wood board says “don’t go”. Two dots, green paint, a matoran Unity charm, wood board says “maybe”. One dot, red paint, a matoran Duty charm, wood board says “no”. The dots correlate to level of difficulty, the paint correlates to the first junction in the chutes, the matoran charms correlate to the second junction in the chutes, and the wood boards offer clues as to which chutes are safe and which could lead to danger. First Junction: The chute entrance tubes except the four dot tube all have a first junction puzzle. The one dot chute leads to a safe exit regardless of the choice at the junction: Left: white paint, continue to second junction Middle: green paint, continue to second junction Right: red paint, exit Second Junction: The second junction has four branching routes which correspond with the matoran charms found back at the initial entrance. From left to right: Faith: leads to the Great disk Accuracy: broken chute exit Unity: broken chute exit Duty: broken chute exit Broken Chute Exit: Players who choose Accuracy, Unity, or Duty are led through a series of chute loops and finally spat out in a dangerous waterfall of protodermis from a broken chute. Quick thinking will save players from dying. If they survive, it’s a long climb back to the chute station of the Notch to try again. Safe Exit: Taking the Red exit in the first junction or the Faith exit in the second junction leads eventually to the Safe Exit. This is a platform a few stories above the initial entrance chutes which is built into a derelict building. A small lizard lives here, but otherwise the players are safe from harm. Disk Location: Those who have faith in their journey will rush through a dangerous series of twists, turns, and loops before becoming magnetically charged and shot into the center of a Force Sphere. Being inside teleports the party to a strange temple in a foreign jungle where the Great disk is stored. They have a limited window of opportunity to grab the disk, jump back through the portal, and finish their chute ride in the safe exit. Onu Metru Location of the disk: Archives, level 12 Whenua knows Tehutti went in search of the disk. Tehutti successfully found the disk, completing the puzzle, but created a new problem. Each time the disk reconstitutes the Tehutti at random, it latches onto something else alive and slowly grows. This abomination continually tries to escape the disk only to activate it again. First Puzzle: The Archives is curiously missing data for floors 6, 7, and 12 from three months ago. If players go find an archivist and speak with Whenua, he will tell them Tehutti went down to check floor twelve after noticing a brief power outage. Second Puzzle: On floor 12 players encounter a hallway with a series of six doors. Three of the doors are empty and lead into large storage closets. Opening all six doors at the same time opens the secret entrance at the end of the hall. Beyond the secret entrance is the final puzzle room. Final Puzzle: The final puzzle got destroyed when Tehutti recovered the Great Disk and accidently used it. Players must find a way to stop the abomination Tehutti has become after witnessing it absorb a stray rahi. Strictly using combat will lead to a TPK as each PC becomes part of the abomination. Po-Metru Location: Onewa and Ahkmou will point players in the direction of the Sculpture Fields or The Wastes as locations they’d seen the Toa Mangai visiting in the past few months. A section of the Sculpture Fields has rings of graffiti with the tagged name “Lhii” in the colors of a rainbow. Going toward the center of the circle brings players to the first puzzle which involves a tall statue of Turaga Dume. First Puzzle: Turaga Dume’s statue is heavily graffitied. Some of the graffiti holds clues for what to do: On the staff is of the symbol on a Po-Metru kanoka. This is the decryption key. An arrow points towards the ruby-red glass prism set in the top of the staff. Turaga Dume’s statue is also pointing in a direction with his other arm. To solve the puzzle, players need to wait for the right time of day when the sunlight shines through the red glass, or they need to provide a form of illumination coming from the opposite direction the statue is pointing. The glass has a cipher written on it, which shows up in the red circular mark it leaves in the sands: “Srzhu fdq rqob uhdfk vr idu / Glj lwv judyh zkhuh lw hqgv.” Po-Metru is the third district, and adjusting the cipher back three letters in the alphabet reveals: “Power can only reach so far / Dig its grave where it ends.” The last part of the first puzzle is players realizing the red dot created by correctly illuminating the glass lies on the top of a large, buried, inverted pyramid. Second Puzzle: The main location for this puzzle involves the inverted pyramid. The pyramid is 100 matoran paces long on each side. The pyramid is missing its capstone, and an entry to the inside of the structure can be found there. The entry is a straight shaft to a central chamber approximately thirty feet cubed. The pyramid is not the most structurally sound sculpture in the fields. To solve this puzzle find the entrance and go inside. Pretty simple. Once inside the central chamber players are presented with the final puzzle. If the structure is cracked or broken, sand will fill it. This preserves the final puzzle for players who don’t give up. Third (Final) Puzzle: The interior chamber is completely covered on all the floor, walls, and ceiling surface area with strange hieroglyphics in a language unknown to any member of the party. These hieroglyphics are the same as others seen in complementary Great disk Puzzles. Near one of the walls is a rectangular table with the following clues: Four circular depressions on top Four small statues of matoran with the words unity, duty, creation, and strategy. All statues have a circular base of similar size to the depressions on the table. A poem is written in four lines on the side of the table facing the players: "In all of the world Metru-Nui stands / Bringing minds and hearts together as one / A plan devised to defend against foreign lands / A single path never undone.” The correct order of statues from left to right is: creation, unity, strategy, and destiny. Completing the table puzzle opens the stone gateway built into it and reveals the resting place of the Great disk of Po-Metru (339). Disk Location: A stony plateau overlooking a desert wasteland with a single lizard (important, do not forget lizard). Ko-Metru Objective: open the frozen door and collect the disk hidden on the other side. How to solve: open with at least two characters Clues: "In Unity, Wisdom" written on the plinth below the floating door coated that's frozen shut with a coating of ice. This suggests players unite to diskover Ko-Metru's wisdom. The door is frozen shut with a coating of ice. The door is floating 30 feet directly above the plinth. Most matoran cannot reach this height or jump from the walls such a distance. The notes of the deceased matoran offer three valid disks to use in solving the puzzle, and two that are very bad ideas. The digits graffitied on the plinth tell the power type and minimum level needed for kanoka, but the circle with three towers scribbled next to them suggests all disks must be from Ko-Metru. The weaken disk is for breaking the ice off the door. The enlarge disk is for the plinth. If the door grew, it would be too heavy to push open. The reconstitute disk could also be used on the ice.The frozen water would reconstitute into vapor. Setting information Someone tried and failed already, giving a sense of danger. They carried only a reconstitute at random disk. They were not alone in their attempt, but were abandoned as the Frost Beetles finished molting. The molted shells belonged to a clutch of Frost Beetles who moved out after molting from pupa to adulthood. The unknown hieroglyphics on the walls are a prophecy still uncovered. Disk Location: Solving the puzzles opens a portal to an icy peak with a red flag at the summit and the Great Disk held in ice. Etc. Final confrontation battlefield: Metru-Nui can be attacked by the Barraki if they get the Krom Sphere and players activate the teleporter. Metru-Nui can be attacked by the Barraki if they win the Silver Sea conflict battles. Otherwise they must wait for the teleporter. Eliminated Metrus will be replaced in SK2. Tuyet’s reveal Tuyet from another paradox travels to this dimension on her search to charge the Nui Stone. She arrives with 5 disks of time, having determined she needs six and a special machine to alter her own element from water to time. She kills Tuyet from this dimension, frames Nidhiki and Lhikan for it. They are brainwashed. Dume’s reveal Dume wants to make a toa of time in order to undo the league of six kingdoms through time travel as a way of eliminating the threat to his society. Lhikan disagrees, believing the effects of time travel should not be weaponized because the long term outcome is unknown. Lhikan shared his concerns with the Mangai, but Tuyet confided the secret to Turaga Dume. Turaga Dume imprisoned the Mangai he could find, with Nidhiki slipping away. SKE Endings Bad Endings: Makuta assumes control A player goes back in time and nova bombs the barraki (not a tpk). The Disks are found, a player makes the mask of time and uses it for personal gain. The Krom Sphere is found and is used to destroy all life and make an undead apocalypse. Mata-Nui’s avatar does not reach the Cortex. Dume lives and sends himself to the past. This will TPK the game. MAKE IT CLEAR. The Shadowed One gets the Great Disks and the Krom Sphere. Rebirth (future): If the Mata-Nui avatar sits in the captain’s chair in the Core Processor (“Cortex”) and the Krom Sphere is NOT used. Mata-Nui fully revives, the GSR begins to move Mata-Nui realizes they are an escape pod, or ark, lost adrift in space Tries to activate but the GSR is broken from millenium of floating in an asteroid belt Head breaks at the neck and begins drifting towards a planet Crashes into the ocean and onto an island called Zakaz. If the Krom Sphere IS used: Tren Krom fully revives the GSR Decides leaving the majority of the matoran universe adrift in space minimizes potential harm of allowing Mata-Nui to fully revive. Beheads the GSR The head of the GSR plummets into a nearby planet, crashing into the ocean and onto an island called Zakaz Impact (Past): Tuyet activates the Time Circle, gains element of time powers Tuyet explains the world is an alternative time paradox branching from the core timeline and she just needed to fill up the power of her Nui Stone. Tuyet leaves for another timeline dimension to continue powering her Nui Stone. The Time Travel is too much inside the GSR, creating a distortion and breaking the GSR at the neck. The GSR’s head falls back in time and crash lands into an island called Zakaz.
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    From TTV:
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    IC [Nixie - Astronomer’s hut, Metru-koro] Nixie waved goodbye to Taja as well, before shutting the door behind her and turning around, facing the mess that was her new ‘office’. Stacks of star charts and other papers she’d miraculously managed to save were strewn about, assembled in loose piles, stacked on available free surfaces and generally unsorted. They were lucky to have this much available at all, considering the state Metru Nui had been in. She would eventually have to work through the backlog, but right now the astronomer Matoran had more pressing matters to worry about, such as updating the chart of the current night sky. If there was anything the stars could tell them to help them find their place and way in this new land, they needed to know, so she needed to get on with it. Nixie sighed, rolled her shoulders to loosen up, then returned to her desk next to the freshly setup telescope. It would be immensely useful! She picked up her writing instrument with one hand, while reaching for a mug of tea with the other. It was her primary form of sustenance this past week and half, to keep her going. She meant to savor the gulp she took, but instead immediately spat it out in bitter disgust - all over the chart on her desk. Great. The comforting liquid had gone icy cold in the time Taja and her had set up the telescopes. She’d completely forgotten about the mug. With a sigh, she stood up, fetched a cloth and wiped the chart down as best as possible. Then she took the Mug, poured the rest of the stale tea out of her rear window, before refilling it from the kettle that was being kept warm over the small fireplace. She had made sure that got put in right away, since she often worked late evenings and nights and it got bitter cold during those in this wasteland. It was the other most important feature in her hut - if she was awake, the kettle was going. With her refill in hand and finally ready to get down to business, she sat back down at her desk and got to work with the telescope. She started with the brightest stars and constellations, working her way through the night sky methodically. Soon, she’d lost track of the time, fully engrossed in her task. Then, she frowned. The constellation she was putting to paper was - cut off? That wasn’t right. She leaned back from the telescope, looking up through the opening without its aid - and realized the problem was the giant head that had been her home for so long - now a dark silhouette obscuring part of the night sky from her studious gaze. “First it almost kills us all and now it’s getting in the way of my job - perfect, just perfect.” she muttered, annoyed. She sighed, set down her tool and rubbed at her eyes. Pulled out of her workflow, exhaustion set upon her rapidly. Perhaps it was time to call it a night - it must have been hours and way past midnight. She cast another glance towards the ruins of her old world. She could work around it for now - after all they were on a rotating, orbiting celestial body so in time she would get to see most of the stars, but there was always a risk of missing out on some important detail. No, eventually she would need to get the full picture and for that she’d need a better vantage point, like a mountain, or the top of the fallen head...but that could wait for tonight. With a yawn, Nixie turned down the heat stone powering the fireplace, before promptly crawling into her cot and falling asleep the second her head hit the mattress. OOC: Hey, I can finally write little character moments for any NPC =D
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    GM Note: Hi everyone! Welcome to week two of SKR. We made 12 pages in seven days last week, and no I will not be attempting to bullet list this game if we keep that pace, and yes I am utterly astounded. As always, you the community continue to blow me away with the love you all share for not only Bionicle but this story and setting. I will write a faction based synopsis of events for each week! If the GMs create a weekly event I’ll make sure to include it in these weekly write ups. Consider this the “wow you wrote so much I have to change my approach” compliment. To get more details on information, reach out to fellow players or search the game thread by character name. Not only did we have an unprecedented amount of gameplay, we had a large growth in our player base. I want to take this moment to say thank you to all the returning players and welcome to all the new. In this time of “no talk me I social disty” this community has grown and I think we’re all better for it. Speaking of growth… For those who want to participate in SKR’s Discord scene, follow this link. We made the jump from a shared Discord server to a dedicated Discord server last week at the request of the other server’s staff. I think this is a good sign of our growth as a community. Please remember to have at least one active character approved in game before joining the Discord server. What this does mean is I am personally having a growth spurt learning all the ins and outs of Discord server management, so I hope you will please bear with me as I made the inevitable mistakes. I want to take a moment and talk about the amazing amount of characters (73!) we have in this game. So many of you have made some really interesting stuff, and in the past week I've done many customization approvals. Moving forward, I ask everyone to please try making their characters with the tools already on hand. The toolbox is vast and complicated, and I know many players are all too happy to help navigate the hyperlink rabbit hole of "bzprpg custom species". If you absolutely cannot make your character concept work with what's on hand already I will talk about custom stuff, but I'll want to see what you tried with what's available first. You’ve been wonderful. I’ll stop being sappy now, but thank you for being such an awesome community. Happy Chat, UN Weekly Summary for 04/01/2020 to 04/06/2020: The Zakazian warbands adjust to life and seek information after the western side of their island is decimated by a gargantuan skull from space. Initial contact between the Zakazian warbands and the refugees/barraki proves violent. The Aspects of Makuta begin to seek answers regarding the new arrivals, plotting and scheming as always. The refugees of Metru-Nui set up two new villages in the first week on their new island home: Po-Koro and Metru-Koro. Turaga Jovan leads Po-Koro, Turaga Sans leads Metru-Koro. Po-Koro is further to the North on the rocky foothills near the desert wastes while Metru-Koro is a stone’s throw away from the crashed skull of their dead god with only a toxic lake of mutagenic silver liquid and a few hours of walking through scrub brush between them. Many refugees make new friends, find old friends, and generally attempt to deal with the trauma of starting over. Turaga Sans appoints Waveahk responsible for a scouting mission to the South where Stannis reports dark entities live in secret. The Barraki Pridak and Ehlek place a bounty on Takadox. The crew of the Ripple begins to reassemble as they head out on a diplomatic mission to Metru-Koro. The Archives hold dangerous wild rahi and a cantankerous locked door who speaks in emojis. Pridak questions his judgement, and Ehlek holes himself up in his workshops and new biological laboratories.
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    Metru-Koro, Sans' Hut IC: your kind Keitara's blood ran cold hearing those words, then red hot. Blue light crackled around her fingers and from the corners of her eyes. A memory tore itself free from the miasma. Her, a small matoran, scouting for cave mushrooms in the core. She and the others had been dumped in the cavern, with no knowledge of the land and very few supplies. The single toa who had been sent to guard them, a fire elemental, was of little use outside of combat. If one of them hadn't trained under a Fe-matoran who happened to be a retired Ghost then they would all have been dead. She had been able to scavange scraps from their battered transport and built several lift packs for foragers to seek out food sources. There had been a family of zyglak hiding in the cave she landed in. Thay hadn't been aggressive, they were just scared and hungry. Kei offered them some help accessing a patch of cave fungus they had been unable to reach, and spent some time talking to the beings. When she returned with the news, she had hoped that they could team up with this small group, use their experience living in the core to help the Av-matoran survive. The matoran she told, Solek, had been terrified. He recoiled from her when she told him about the shared meal. Within minutes she had been tied to a stake outside the village "for their protection, we don't know what you caught off of those beasts" and a group of Av-matoran left accompanied by the toa. When they returned she could smell the smoke. It had been months before anybody interacted with her again, and years before she was granted a new pack and allowed to explore the core. One day she returned to the cave, and what she saw there haunted her for long after. Everytime she was in darkness she saw the gruesome remnants of the once living, thinking beings she had so briefly befriended... In the present, Keitara let out a low growl. "Don't talk to like she's some kind of trained rahi, you-" She cut herself off when she realized who she was talking to. Cursing out a settlement's Turaga was no way to endear yourself. "Sorry, Wise One." she muttered resentfully, pointedly staring at the wall behind Sans. (OOC: @Azibo @Conway)
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    IC: Skyra Daring - Metru Koro - Skyra sat up, before pouting at Tekmo. "There's no need to yell man, it's not very cash money of you." With that firmly said, Skyra crawled over to the unconcious Keitara and started to slap her cheeks a little. "Hey, heyheyhey..." She put an ear down and listened... "mnnnm, nuuuuh. shilly caht, I don't have your cheethburger..." The Toa of light mumbled. "My god, she's suffering from a lack of cheeseburgers!" Skyra exclaimed, looking up at everyone. "Quick, we need some ####ing cheeseburgers stat!" @Keeper of Kraata@Conway@EmperorWhenua@TL01 NUVA
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    IC ???? | Archives From the oppressive darkness a distorted but oddly cheery electronic voice came from the small speaker beside the door Okuo was trying to open. "Hello! You are not Toa Stannis of the Maru! Identify yourself! "
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    To confirm, yes I wish to play as the spooky haunted van. Let me drive my van into your heart
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    Ball joints are done for, as far as Bionicle and CCBS are concerned. No confirmation yet, coronavirus has delayed several meetings, but doors are open for Bionicle. There was something that has to do with storytelling exclusively. Possibly VR/AR/Mixed Reality based building. Major focus on the storytelling it sounds like. He seems to be under a NDA, but was allowed to say that there is something coming. This is Disney-Level secrecy!
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    Happy April! This is where you can post out of character about the Six Kingdoms: Rebirth (SKR) game until the end of August, 2020. Please see the general rules, common sense guide, and BZPRPG rules of play for how to behave in this and all SKR topics. Lastly, remember, your characters are part of a collectively told narrative and no one has plot armor. There are no "plot post." Please make sure to chat with friends about what stories you want to form together, be they faction quests or personal journeys. Your GMs are Unreliable Narrator and Vezok's Friend I look forward to playing with you all! P.S.: I couldn't NOT have a character demographics spreadsheet... PPS: there is also a discord I manage for communicating about Six Kingdoms. Please PM me for the invite link. Please have at least 1 approved character before requesting the link.
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    IC: Datrox Karvan - Metru-Koro Gates Stannis? The name sounded almost familiar. I turned to the oddly-colored Toa who was scratching his arm, raising an eyebrow. "Is there a problem, friend?" @Onaku@Smudge8@Biological Chronicler IC: Korio Karasha - The Rig (Mall) The Vo-Skakdi rushed out of the store with a set of curtains over his shoulder, the shopkeeper shouting at him. "Right away, Miss Yumi, right away!" He began to drag the deceased away, humming a tune he'd first heard when he was just a Skaklet. Good times, those were. Violent times. When he reached the edge of the platform, he gave a mock salute, followed by Kor crossing himself. The tune he was humming now a dirge, the Vo-Skakdi tossed the dead man overboard, then spit into the water where he landed. Korio returned to Yumi and Zai. "Cool dude taken care of, love." @Dane@EmperorWhenua IC: Rose - Love Shack Rose answered, finding an odd-looking Steltian holding a drunk Skyra. "Oh, hun. Guess she got plastered. Thank you for bringing her home, uh...? What's your name?" The man reminded her of a mermaid. @Toru Nui@Snelly
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    These two stage productions were performed at LEGOLand in 2001 and 2002, respectively. http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/14976-bioicle-as-a-stage-production/ Well, it looks as if the production company that handled these shows, PRP, recently (five days ago) uploaded the full shows to YouTube. I peeked through the first one to see if it was legitimate (April 2 is awfully close to April 1...) and it appears to be so. There's another site I frequent that tries to locate hard-to-find stuff that had a thread about these shows going recently. Is it just a coincidence that these suddenly pop up? I dunno... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjSu3qSb7lM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw3PpZB_Awg Their channel has other LEGOLand stuff too, like Friends and even Jack Stone (known for its "almost minifig" characters). EDIT: Whoops, one more! BIONICLE Tribal Trek 2001: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7iiXXMm9K0
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    IC: Skyra Daring - Metru Koro - "Mmmmmm...okay...just for a minute..." The moment Skyra laid across the couch and put her head down she was out. @Azibo
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    IC Yumiwak | The Rig I took to standing just around the corner from Yoshimak's Hotpot 'n' Sushi, down the ramshackle alley that separated the establishment from the linen dyer next door and opened up to small section of deck big enough to accommodate three beings and overlooked a sludge dump. I lazed there, waiting for my crew to usher the patron to me, and rested my weight upon the creaking metal balustrade already crusted with salt and rust. It was not a glamorous place but it was practical since there was no way out except back up the alley to my watchful crew or into the increasingly toxic water. I didn't want to murder this skak, I just needed him to tell me what I wanted to know, but the more afraid he was the more like he was to share. "Ah-kay! Ah-kay!!" I heard him protest as Korio shoved him unceremoniously down the length of the alley. The man seemed unconcerned, which was either brave or stupid—time would tell which—and toyed with a toothpick in his mouth. "Thank you, Kor. Wait in the linen shop, and have Zai stand nearby," I commanded before turning to the Skakdi... well I guess you could call him an 'informant,' I guess? "Hi—" "Ello." "You know some stuff I am interested in, about the visitors from outer space," I stated clearly, "and I want you to tell me what you know." "Like whart?" "There is something about the people who came from that giant head that scares you. What is it?" "Ohh. Well, little miss drag'n princ'ss, tha's where ya're wrong. Cuz nothin' scares me!" I was beginning to hate this fellow, and the fact that he dared crack a joke about my heritage upset me further to the point of severely trying my very generous patience. I glowered at him and pulled my grin up in a super fake-looking smile, the way a customer service representative looked when a client was ranting to contest their coupon's lack of validity. Yes, I'm going to tolerate you. Yes, I want to disembowel you. And no, I am the manager. Speaking through my teeth to sieve my growing displeasure, I rumbled at him, "That's your problem. But in your noggin, not all that far in, you know something about something some other people fear. Let me be clear here: I don't care about you or your life, and I only want what you know. You can share willingly, or I'll bring Zai over and we'll pull what you have out through your ears, then cook your brain like an oyster in its shell. Now, what's it going to be, friend?" He paused a moment and cocked his head to the side as though looking at some grotesque art exhibit. I copied his gesture. He held a moment more and then looked away. He understood it was well within my power and character to deliver on what I said. "Aight. Is not much, but mebbe thi's' whart yer asking about, ye ####ing psycher. I dun' know this first-hand, er even second, but ah few nights ago there was word... o' ah biiiig beefy lady who got attack'd in the mid'l o' tha night by a band o' Mesi. Fought 'em off. Cum daybreak, sum Warskaks found the Mesi who still lived an' heard tha tale. Only bits an' pieces about tha girl—yanno how Mesi are, not very wordy, but, word is... the big beefy lady has sum really cool pants." The informant fidgeted with his toothpick some more and continued to look at me. My inpatience was being sated with his divulsions, but "Where did this happen?" I asked. He shrugged. "Dunno, guess you'll gotta ask the guy who told me. Name's Kunok McGrokk, trader who has a general store on the coast. He knows." "Thank you." I smiled, plucked his toothpick from his mouth, leaned forward as if to kiss his cheek in gratitude, and snapped his neck. Someone else with cool pants? Heresy.
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    IC: Tuakana | Travelling Across Zakaz Days passed. The sun rose and fell, and the moon followed. They loped across the island with neither pause nor haste, moving north. The cadence of their stride was as a reliable as a metronome. Their arms swung forward. They pressed their knuckles to the earth. They swung their lower body under their shoulders and planted their feet to swing their arms forward again. They did not travel quickly. Each movement was deliberate and sure, executed as though they had planned it long in advance. On the third day, they paused for the first time. A wolf-like Rahi approached, unsure if this was prey but hungry enough to try its luck. It jumped on them, but it had all the effect of leaping onto a boulder. The Rahi slid off, confused, and tried to bite at their throat, but its jaws did not snap shut with their usual speed. Its teeth scratched fruitlessly at the metal. Equal parts angry and alarmed, it tried to thrash its way out of the situation, but their hand pressed to the animal's side was beginning to rob it of its speed. Its paws seemed to move in half time. Every action was sapped of its movement, regardless of the strength behind it. It couldn't quite get away in time. Their long fingers had already wrapped themselves around its limbs, anchoring them together. Cold armour pressed to warm fur in a tight embrace. They could feel its heart beating wildly. They crooned wordlessly over the rapid heartbeat. Too fast. Too fast. They held the Rahi in their grip for two days, until it starved to death. Its swollen tongue lolled out over its teeth as they released the corpse. They did not need it. Swinging their arms forward, they resumed their journey. Days passed. The sun rose and fell, and the moon followed.
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    IC: Whisper - Kumu Islets - One Week Ago Whisper's frilled, fang-filled face made a motion that was the closest she could manage to a nod of acknowledgement. She had little regard for Lrrthxx's talk of us and our; she wouldn't shed a tear if any of her fellow Aspects had been vaporised in the impact. But he was right that this strange occurrence would bring great change. And Whisper intended to benefit from that change. Her wings unfurled, and she rose upwards, and began flapping awkwardly towards the mainland. - The Northern Deserts - Present Day - High above the sands, a misshapen shaped circled silently, casting a gnarled shadow across the ground below. She had spent the last few days observing the newly-formed settlements from a safe distance, observing the arrivals. Some of the species were known to her, while others were tantalisingly unfamiliar. It wasn't until she'd seen the living machine cross paths with this group of travelers that she'd found herself intrigued enough to approach. Still wary, she began drifting closer to the ground. @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @ZippyWharrgarbl @xccj @Toru Nui
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    Metru-Koro, Outside Sans' hut IC: "No, not at all. My memory is scattershot at the moment but from the state I'm in I can tell it was a rough arrival." She looked over at Irna, blushed, and hastily turned back to the being she was addressing. "I apologize for making a scene. It seems I'm in worse condition than I realized." (OOC: @Toru Nui @Azibo@EmperorWhenua@Keeper of Kraata@Snelly@Conway)
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    Metru-Koro, outside Sans' hut IC: Keitara lies on the ground, muttering nonsense in her sleep. "mnnnm, nuuuuh. shilly caht, I don't have your cheethburger..." (OOC: @Toru Nui@Keeper of Kraata@Conway@EmperorWhenua
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    Honestly for me these Crystal Temples used to terrify me, the sound ambiance and atmosphere gave goosebumps.
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    IC: Okuo - Archives Depths At first ascending, Okuo quickly realised his error as he noticed the red mist trailing from the upper levels. Not only that, but whatever was emitting it seemed to be heading downwards. Okuo didn’t like the look of that gas, not one bit, and as he equipped his rebreather he began his descent down further into the depths of the once orderly Archives… well, more orderly than they were now. As he headed down again, he caught a glimpse of another being coming out of the tunnel he’d come from earlier. Praying that his invisibility was enough, Okuo continued his descent, eventually coming upon the bottom of the large open shaft he’d been traversing. It wasn’t the bottom of the archives, but either the architects of the place had decided to put an arbitrary stop to how far down this shaft reached, or the Cataclysm had redecorated. Either way, Okuo was forced to go down one of the tunnels leading from the bottom of the shaft, headed deeper into the Archives’ earthly depths. Carefully he continued his way down the dark and decrepit corridors, carefully looking around for either a way further down or something he could salvage. His heart had another start as his eyes, aided by the Mask of Adaptation to see in the dark, saw the shape of a nasty rahi, with Okuo’s whole body shifting into a combat stance before he realised it was just an empty husk. He sighed, lowering his rebreather off his mask and looking over his shoulder to make sure nothing was following him… To then realise something was following him. Something small scuttled along through the corridor, approaching Okuo’s general location. Then something else followed along into the tunnel, and then yet another. Listening closely and looking over to where the noises were coming from, Okuo realised there was a cluster of small creatures approaching him. He sighed, and quickly pushed himself up against the wall opposite to the rahi husk, still invisible and hoping that would actually be worth something this time. The creatures drew closer and closer until finally Okuo could see that they were… Ussal crabs. The small creatures gathered around the rahi husk, nibbling at the carcass for nutrients. The Toa sighed with relief, slowly moved away from the wall, and carried on down the tunnel. The twisting corridors of the Archives, which Okuo hoped weren’t an intended design feature, lead Okuo ever deeper into the maw of the now deserted earthen region, the undercity providing plenty of avenues to get lost. Noticing an intact vault door up ahead, Okuo cautiously approached it. Though there were some cracks in the walls around it, the door itself seemed to have been sturdy enough to withstand the Cataclysm’s effects. The Archives systems were down, which meant that the lock on the door was no longer connected to any security system. It would be lucky to even have power, but as Okuo discovered upon touching the door’s panel, there was still enough juice in it to show him a red glowing “locked” message. The Toa smirked. This was right up his alley. Okuo quickly unslung his deck from his shoulder and began dragging out its retractable plugs, slotting them into the panel’s interface ports. A holographic keyboard quickly appeared on his mask’s HUD, and he began to input various prompts, attempting to isolate the correct passcode to unlock the door. This was going to take some time, and Okuo hoped dearly that nothing would come at him through the dark corridors of the Archives while he was working, though he knew well how unlikely that would be. Parallel to working on the lock, Okuo kept his ears perked and shot the occasional glance either way down the corridor.
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    IC: Skyra Daring - Metru Koro - While Skyra was waiting, she flipped herself over and started doing a handstand, how she was able to do this while intoxicated was anyone's guess. "I don't know what's going on, but you guys are great~" @Keeper of Kraata@Conway@EmperorWhenua@TL01 NUVA IC: Vashni - Metru-Koro - "We have great power as Toa, it's true. But it's also a heavy responsibility." Vashni informed the Vortixx. "There are many things that are expected of you, and they're rarely easy." @Tarn @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Harvali
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    While it's nice to have merch to collect, I find this to be a rather shallow take on all this. No franchise ought to be defined by material objects over the scope and significance of its narrative; if the toys are more important than the story, then the writers have failed at their craft. And, frankly, our wallets will thank us all if we're buying less bonks.
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Metru-Koro A tiny lizard listening to the conversation between the vortixx and the others in the ramshackle shantytown built over the graves of their lizard people grew deeply concerned about the vortixx saying, "a friend I own." But then, she was just a lizard. An educated lizard educated at a lizard school, but a she was still just a lizard. Maybe the bigger you got, the more you lost sight of the fact that ownership is a system of conscious thought dependent on self-awareness and the concept of separation from other things. Maybe being closer to the great fluffy sky cotton the birds called clouds increased one's sense of self importance. "By becoming self-aware, you gain ownership of reality; in becoming real, you become the master of both inner and outer life," her mentor Deepak Chopra wrote in one of his self-help books. Perhaps the vortixx sought to own themselves and placed this desire into their friends? She got distracted by a fly and wandered off into the grasses behind the boulder she'd been sunbathing on. She had more important educated lizard business to attend to anyways.
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    Another update, wrapping up the demo footage: And here's my take on the Brakas! (Don't worry, it's a bonus. This won't become Balljoint Dog's MOC Blog, I promise.)
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    Been following Faber's IG since last year when he first teased #14B2020, I totally forgot my BZP password but this news is enough for me to miraculously remember it and break the silence. So Faber is in talks with people. He will be attending meetings. The door is open to Bionicle returning in some shape or form, and he's inviting all of us on the journey. This is really exciting. It may not pan out - Faber says this is no confirmation of anything - but for me, this is confirmation of something important: That there is still interest in Bionicle. To be able to have an open discussion about that is quite exciting. No more cryptic updates. Next we'll know for sure, but until then hope has been successfully instilled. Based on what Faber was saying about parts being discontinued and that everything we own is rare and important, this sounds likely. I would be okay with the story continuing in some way while the character models are posted to us to build with our existing parts. Or an extension of those canonization contests back in the day where the fans build the characters? Either way, count me in. I really hope this works out! -NotS
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    IC Stannis | Metru Koro “You’ll remember, not all the matoran consider me as much the beacon of goodwill you see me as...” Stannis murmured. While most of the interactions with matoranfolk he had on his most recent trip through Metru Nui were positive ones, there were plenty who considered him a bygone relic from a time when his mysticism was more commonplace, and others still looked at Stannis as a dark man of war instead of a wise man of peace, a contrast that was coincidentally echoed in the difference between the two old men’s pasts. Still, dutiful to the last, he would stay if he were asked and given good cause, for a time. He nodded animatedly. “I can still help.” The newly-minted toa Dume had created in his last moments were all over the place, unskilled with their powers, and scattered without purpose, much like all the other refugees. Stannis had come to offer his help, and it seemed to him that Sans very much needed his hand in administration. It seemed his role as high priest and teacher was not yet finished. “My life is full of occasions of being where I was when I was needed, and it seems Mata Nui’s touch continues to guide me even here on this land. When I went to Metru Nui it was under the auspices of raising a defense of the city against the Barraki hordes, and while we have lost the City for now, I feel this is just another grander cycle of events I must play my part in. I will stay a while and ensure the people here are well informed and prepared for the challenges in this old land. “But while most toa here are moving without list, I do have a quest of my own I must attend to in time. You mentioned the mysteries of the south, and the unspoken of threats therein. I know some of what lies down there. Hidden in the hungry murk of that swamp is something far more terrible, and more evil, than the Barraki. And yet, we will have to face it one day.”
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    Quotes from the stream courtesy of Mesonak
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    We're down to just a few minutes until he reveals...Bionicle Gen 3? Hopefully. I'll be very disappointed if this was all an elaborate hoax, especially because of how long its been going. Faber would lose major respect from me.
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    IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" A Skakdi causing trouble? Not surprising, but the fact a Matoran had been hurt bothered her. This was a bold move, meant to send a message to them. "I think you should go check on that Matoran, and tend to the village. I'll be here...resting." @Harvali IC: Datrox Karvan - Metru-Koro "It's a fine harvest," I replied, trying to be reassuring to Navu. "My name is Datrox," I said with a slight bow, hand over my heartlight. "I don't believe we've ever met before, Navu. Although there are many refugees I've yet to become acquainted with." @Toru Nui IC: Jutori - Metru-Koro The pair walked through the crowd of Matoran refugees, all doing their part to keep the village running. Many had returned to their jobs they had prior to the crash in an attempt at normalcy: Ta-Matoran were working on building new forges, and Ko-Matoran scholars were still being...scholarly. "Stannis is around, if you wish to speak with him," Jutori said to Vashni. "As for our other friends, every one is scattered across the camps, so it's a bit hard to keep track..." @Snelly
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    Name: Exo-Toa Unit D-6793 v2.0. Designation, "Varian" Breed: Exo-Toa/??? Faction: Himself/??? Brief Description: They look exactly like a standard Exo-Toa. Background/Occupation: This Exo-Toa recently reactivated after being dormant for some time on the island of Zakaz. It's purpose is unknown, but it roams the island in search of something. Whatever "Varian" is looking for, it won't stop until it finds it. Flaws: This unit has the standard flaws that any Exo-Toa has, being particularly weak to things that most machines are, such as EMPs and being highly magnetic in general. The fact that it cannot feel pain can also be a detriment if it's sensors do not detect it's being damaged. Despite being a machine, "Varian" seems more than capable of feeling emotion, and is prone to sudden uncontrollable fits of rage if pushed the right way. Powers/Equipment: Like most standard Exo-Toa, Varian has incredible physical endurance and strength, far beyond what most organic beings do. In addition, they have various sensors such as heat sensors, x-ray, etc that let it detect it's surroundings with ease. Varian is equipped with two weapons, a boxing claw that can extend, and an Electro-Rocket in the other hand, which fires missiles of considerable firepower. One unusual ability this particular exo-toa seems to possess is the ability to talk, it can have conversations just as well as most sentient beings, though it speaks with a very robotic voice.
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    List of approved races so far. Named: Matoran(Canon): Passive abilties related to their elemental affiliation Toa(Canon):One element, one mask power Turaga(Canon): One diminshed elemental power, one noble mask power Skakdi(Canon):One vision power, one 'other' power. One elemental power, can only be used with a tool in in conjunction with another skakdi Skakdi-Xa(SKR Original):One Vision power, one Level 2 kraata power Vortixx(Canon): Innate technical aptitude, superior strength. Can use kanohi Aspects of Makuta(SKR Original): Elemental Shadow, one kraata power Steltians(Canon): Superior strength. Flight for lower class, one mask power for upper class Vahki(Canon): Stun staffs, disk launchers, flight Fohrok(Canon): Elemental powers Hordika(Canon): One elemental, one rhotouka Titans(Canon): Superior strength, any other powers Tiohaka(BZRPG): Alternative elemental powers Eakai(Fan-made):Void powers Kekamaire(Fan-made): Alternative elemental powers Lesterin(BZRPG): Limited elemental powers, can use kanohi Zyglak(Canon): Elemental resistance Valkyr(BZRPG):Flight, enhanced physical abilites, enchanced senses. Krahka(Canon): Shapeshifting Unamed species from canon: Takadox's Breed:Hypnosis, can use kanohi Carapar's Breed:Natural armor, superior strength Mantax's Breed: Can use kanohi Shadow One's Breed: Can use kanohi Keetongu's Breed: Can perfectly distinguish between good and evil Let me know if I missed anything!
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    IC: Korio Karasha - The Rig (Mall) Korio scratched his chin, taking in the order from his liege. "Oi, right, linen shop..." he less replied, more echoed as if he'd never spoken the words and was translating them for himself. The Vo-Skakdi nodded twice, then turned and headed to the linen shop (paying little mind to Zai's barking), allowing the two Skakdi women to converse over what was once an informant, now a corpse with its head turned the wrong way. Immediately, a nice set of ornate curtains caught his eyes, and Kor removed his goggles to take a closer look at them, running the fabric through his hands. "Oh, beauty! I've been needin' some new curtains. Hate pryin' eyes. Ya feel me, mate?" The shopkeeper stared blankly. @EmperorWhenua@Dane IC: Datrox Karvan - Navu's Hut "Hm? Oh, no," I replied, shaking my head. "You've been very helpful already, Navu. I hope I haven't disturbed anything by being here." A glance to the window revealed the night had pressed on, and I realized I wasn't sure when was appropriate to turn in when staying at a complete stranger's home. I drummed my fingers against the pillow in my hands. @Toru Nui
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    IC Kanohi - Po-Koro “Oh, I didn’t realize,” Kanohi looked away, his fingers fluttering like a queasy butterfly, “I am sorry for the trouble.” “Oh … um, hello Turaga,” Kanohi’s head pivoted to the Turaga, “Some hours ago a maskless Ko-Matoran was flung into our camp by a Skakdi. When the Matoran awoke he … he said the Skakdi has ran over his companion, and broke his mask. Toa Ulkarr, me, and a medic are going to head south to try to reach her. It … it is probably too late, but she … so many are dead, she at least deserves rest.” ”Her companion also wanted us to find some sort of weapon that creates miniature Knowledge Towers, like the ones in Ko-Metru. The two of them wanted to use the crystals to build a Knowledge Tower here, as a shelter. It doesn’t matter as much as the Vo-Matoran though.” ”…Turaga, you are a Turaga of Earth, right? If ... if it’s okay to ask, the spot she went missing is … it’s mountainous, if you think you could help on that terrain, I mean, if it’s not a trouble, did you think you can journey with us. And if we get too close to the … domain of the Barraki, it would be good to have someone who can use a Huna.” And that reminded Kanohi, he didn’t know much about the Toa here. “Um, mister Toa, what is your element? And your mask I … am afraid I don’t recognize it.” OOC: @Toru Nui
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    IC: Sans, Turaga's Hut "Skyra, maybe you should take a little nap on the couch for a minute..." the elder Turaga nodded his head towards the tipsy Toa as if to confirm that they both agreed she might need to rest a minute. OOC: @Snelly
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    IC: Irna | Sans' Hut Your kind. "Irna," she said, and she rose up to her full and fearsome height, "the sixth-born of Perror, of the Northern Continent. And I go with Waveahk to help the good people of Metru-Koro." OOC: @Azibo IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann The Aspect grinned. "I think I can manage that, my friend." OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Burnmad -Void
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    I'm saying it can be highly beneficial to Bionicle as a narrative because of the added creative freedom. It doesn't need to go that route, but if it did, it would open up new storytelling venues and remove unnecessary baggage, which I've explained in a previous post. We're talking about a hypothetical scenario where Bionicle exists without a toyline and the story comes first. My point is that there are lots of franchises that consist solely of the work of fiction used to deliver their narrative and nothing else, save for some merch which other companies acquired the rights to sell. ...because of Greg's personal failures as a writer and decision to give up entirely. Unless you mean the financial viability of the story and not its quality; in which case, Lego didn't even try to profit from the serials, so that's the chief reason why they didn't produce any moolah.
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    IC: Sans, Turaga's Hut "Oh... it seems I'm highly needed at this time." Sans walked towards the door, past Waveahk, and stuck his blue Ruru out the doorway. "Everyone, it seems most of you are here for the same purpose. Please, all of you, come in and let's figure out how we can all work together to solve the mystery of the Makuta." Sans waved a hand then led the way inside his home, sitting himself at his table with two more chairs waiting to be filled. Sans took the chair facing towards the makeshift couch on the opposite side of the room, in case anyone sat down there that he needed to address. OOC: @Toru Nui @Snelly @TL01 NUVA @Keeper of Kraata @Conway
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    IC [Nektann - Fort Nektann]: Nektann made a sound that was halfway between chuckle and growl and could go either way. Boogeyman… “Ain’t nothing lasts that long. I don’t deal like that. And I got plenty of what you got on offer. Ya gonna have to bring somethin’ new, boogeyman.” The massive Skakdi rolled his shoulders, the sound of the grinding cartilage was like millstones at work. IC [Takadox - The Wasteland] “How much further, Skerek?” The once smooth voice of the hypnotic warlord was raspy as he asked the question. He was tired, dehydrated, had a growing headache - oh and his entire life had literally come crashing down! “Another day’s march, Turkeyduck, sir…” came the strongly accented reply from the Skakdi walking slightly ahead and off to his side. The Barraki groaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He would have preferred someone else’s company right now, but that was over now too, broken off like the great spirit’s neck - right after he’d flushed his career down the drain so the two of them could make their piña colada escape. “Takadox. For the whatever-reth time, it's: Ta-ka-dox.” He had befriended the local the day before, after their paths had crossed in a dried out ravine. They’d tried to confront him, but after asking them to kindly disarm themselves, the Skakdi was more than happy to share where they’d come from. Apparently, they were working for someone they just kept calling ‘the Boss’ who was ‘big an’ mean’. Such a wealth of information to go on. The caliber of volunteers on this dump of an island left the warlord wanting. Maybe this ‘Boss’ felt the same way, considering he’d sent Skerek out alone - possibly to get rid of them - to scout the crash site of Mata Nui’s head. But he never got that far, running into Takadox instead. With introductions over, Skerek had helpfully offered to take the Barraki to his home, some sort of fort out somewhere in the wild. The Barraki wasn’t looking forward to dealing with more people like this...but it was a start, somewhere he could make himself comfortable, take over and establish himself. If this headache doesn’t kill me first.
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    IC: Datrox Karvan - Metru-Koro (Navu's Hut) Slave-drivers...? Immediately I felt an anger rise within me. "Those monsters...did you escape when the..." I paused, clearing my throat, "...the head crashed?" @Toru Nui IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" She nodded. "I guess you can come on in." Nale sat down on the bed, still holding her spear. "It was a...well I was shot by a Skakdi. He had some issues but I think we almost worked them out." @Biological Chronicler IC: Triage - Sanso's Saloon A Bo-Toa sitting nearby with a satchel in his lap leaned over, a drink in his hand. "Sorry to uh, intrude, but did you say a crew?" he asked Knichou. @BULiK
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    IC: Triki - Northern Desert "Hmm," Triki mused, watching the incoming bug approach. "Wounder if we can find-seek tread-parts on that thing, make Yaushe super-speed across sand!" @Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@ZippyWharrgarbl@Toru Nui
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    It occurred to me that the description for Aspects say they can have a suit that's as tall as a Toa, not that their form has to be even remotely Toa-shaped. I decided to lean into the eldritch nature of the Aspects and started playing around with parts in Stud.io to combine all of the best features of all of the most phobia-inducing things I could think off. I'm happy to tone this one down if it's too out-there. Name: Whisper Species: Aspect of Makuta Faction: Aspects of Makuta Brief Description: One of the first things Whisper witnessed at the beginning of her existence was two Lohrak fighting in the Fau Swamps, and this conflict inspired her chosen form. Her armour is akin to several serpents twined together, metallic tendrils writhing and wrestling for dominance, their frilled heads fused into a horrific multi-jawed monstrosity. Three twisted, mismatched wings sprout forth from the mangled mass of muscle, the only appendages visible on the entity’s oil-hued form. Background/Occupation: Whisper was always more fascinated by animals than sapient beings. The lives of animals were primal and purposeful, whereas sapient beings had so many complicated wants and needs and desires, all conflicted and contradictory. Her favourite hobby is toying with so-called civilised beings, breaking them down to their basest desperations to earn her favour. She has carried out her fair share of desecrations in her time, often sending her victims on dangerous scavenger hunts to retrieve trophies from the nests or lairs of dangerous rahi. Flaws: Like all aspects, Whisper is inherently manipulative and prideful. She also struggles to grasp concepts of morality and kindness, a trait which makes it difficult to anticipate or understand the actions of others. Her physical form is somewhat spindly, making it more vulnerable to injury. She also, obviously, lacks any opposable digits, making it difficult for her to grasp or manipulate objects. Powers: Like all Aspects, Whisper wields the power of Shadow. She also wields the kraata power of insect control. Equipment: None. Her only ‘weapons’ are small, blade-like protrusions at the ends of her tangled tails, and the hooked fangs packed into her mouth.
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    Well, all Makuta can possess robotic bodies, right? So this is what happens (footnotes included for any problems): Palpatine is from a very rich family on Naboo, not to mention the system's Senator for the Galactic Republic. He's got lots of money to begin with, any resources available to the Sith, plus he's an influential politician. He probably has a bunch of staff working for him, which would include droids and computers. This is where Teridax comes in. As for having no knowledge of the Star Wars universe at first, Teridax is pretty resourceful and can probably deduce things about both the universe and Palpatine fairly quickly.* Teridax possesses one of Palpatine's droid workers (or computers, if he can do that; there weren't really any traditional "computers" in BIONICLE), and commissions a Human Replica Droid that looks like Palpatine.** The android would ostensibly be meant for security purposes, as a decoy to protect the Senator from violent protesters, angry political opponents and would-be assassins. Provided Palpatine simply disappears as soon as Teridax appears, this could all be done immediately, but if not, Teridax would have to "dispose" of the real Palpatine. An epic battle would have to ensue. Can lightsabers cut through protosteel? If so, would the blade cause the antidermis to ignite? And since Makuta don't natively exist in the Star Wars universe, would Teridax be connected to the Force or be affected by Force-based attacks once he got there? He can't be choked, obviously, because he doesn't have lungs anymore, but what about lightning? Anyway, let's assume Terry kills Palps, destroys the body without a trace, hides his armor and begins controlling the HRD. He has another problem on his hands now: Darth Plagueis, master of Darth Sidious, a.k.a. Senator Palpatine. Surely Plagueis would sense his apprentice's death, and possibly even his absence if he simply disappeared. And once they met, he would surely be able to sense that Teridax was not the real Palpatine. This would also apply to Darth Maul, and possibly to any Jedi that has met or spent any significant amount of time with Palpatine. That also brings us back to the Force: if Teridax lacks Force connection, then any trained Force user would be able to detect (or, rather, not detect) it.*** As far as actually using the Force to reassure Plagueis and Maul, it should be obvious that Teridax can't do so. He does, however, have tons of Kraata powers, so maybe he can fake them somehow, though that wouldn't be much use in training Maul. Anyway, let's assume**** the rest of The Phantom Menace and its concurrent events go as they would. Teridax, like Palpatine, ousts Valorum, is elected Supreme Chancellor, and kills Plagueis that night. Darth Maul dies (well, as far as anyone knows...) and Naboo gives the Trade Federation the boot. The Jedi learn that the Sith still exist (though technically, in the context of this story, they actually don't because Teridax isn't one of them), and are on the lookout for Sidious. Around this time, Master Dooku leaves the Jedi Order and accepts his birthright as Count of Serenno. This is where things start to fall apart for the rest of the prequel era: Teridax doesn't care about the Force, so why would he accept Dooku as his Sith apprentice?***** Let's just say he does to keep up the "Darth Sidious" part of the facade (after all, the Trade Federation took orders from Sidious, so they'd expect to hear back from him). The Confederacy of Independent Systems forms as expected, and the Clone Wars start. Maybe this is right up Teridax's alley: Palpatine was essentially in control of both warring factions, so whether the Republic or Separatists won, so did Palpatine. Teridax loves trickery, deceit and manipulation. But then there's the whole "secret Sith Lord" subplot. Like I said, Teridax doesn't care about the Force, so why would he try to seduce Anakin into replacing Dooku as his Sith apprentice? Well, continuing Sith tradition isn't the only benefit to this: Anakin also effectively wiped out the mainstream Jedi Order. The Jedi would be a threat to Teridax, and once it was clear the Republic was winning the war and "Palpatine" (rather than "Sidious") would be the victorious leader, he'd want them out of the picture. Besides, Teridax liked using pawns. Vakama, Ahkmou, the Piraka and the Toa Mahri, anyone? But on to our next obstacle: Mace Windu and his Jedi posse. Mace comes to arrest "Palpatine" for being a Sith Lord. Teridax has to keep up the ruse in order to convince Anakin to join the "Sith" so he can wipe out the Jedi for Teridax. This means Teridax must engage four Jedi Masters, led by legendary lightsaber warrior Mace Windu, in lightsaber combat. Now, Teridax is a decent combatant, and he's smart and catches on to things quickly, but at this point he's never used a lightsaber in his life, other than maybe in some non-lethal duels with his sham apprentices. How's he going to defeat four Jedi Masters using this weapon, and without using his true powers? I guess we just have to assume he does defeat the first three, and Mace beats him back until Anakin arrives. Well, the rest goes as expected: Anakin kills Mace and becomes Darth Vader, he kills everyone left in the Jedi Temple, then goes to Mustafar and kills the Separatist leaders. "Palpatine" appears before the Senate, disfigured (the only difference here being the combined heat of Mace Windu's lightsaber and Teridax's chain lightning masquerading as force lightning melted the droid's plastic Palpatine face) and kills democracy to thunderous applause by converting the Republic into the Empire. Obi-Wan follows Anakin to Mustafar and they have their duel over the lava. Obi-Wan has the high ground and Anakin tries it. Anakin loses his limbs and falls in the lava, which terribly disfigures him and Obi-Wan leaves him for dead. And this is where everything changes. Teridax does not come to Mustafar and Anakin dies. The Brotherhood comes to the galaxy and the Imperial government is quickly dismantled. The Senate is dissolved immediately, rather than 19 years later, and replaced with the Brotherhood members. In order to keep the loyalty of the public and, more importantly, the military, Teridax still gives control of the systems to the Grand Moffs, but the real Grand Moffs have been quietly disposed of and replaced with, you guessed it, more Human Replica Droids designed to look like them, which are then possessed by the other Makuta. Eventually, the Clone Troopers grow too old and are retired. But instead of recruiting Imperial citizens as Stormtroopers, Rahkshi and Visorak become the military might of the Empire. They couldn't do this while the Grand Army was still in commission, because these creatures were clearly alien to the universe. The Clone Troopers would know something was out of place and could have posed a threat. Basically, at this point, it's the Empire in name only, and the Brotherhood of Makuta is running the show. But the original Empire had some good ideas, thinks Teridax, and he wants to be rid of those pesky other Makuta at some point so he doesn't have to share. I haven't read it, but there was a story in the original EU where IG-88 transfers his mind into the second Death Star's computer system. He essentially becomes the Death Star, a giant, mobile space vessel capable of devastating destruction. He had total control over the entire station, and only complied with the Imperials' commands because he didn't want them to know it yet. This should sound familiar, because that's pretty much what Teridax did with the Great Spirit Robot. If Teridax can possess a Death Star, he's basically on top of the world and doesn't need the other Makuta. But during all this, there's still room for the Rebel Alliance to form. And remember what the Rebels did to the Death Star twice? When I read "Teridax in the Star Wars Universe," I almost immediately made a parallel between Teridax/GSR and IG-88/Death Star II, so that's really what I was building up to and so I guess this is the end. Anyway, thanks for reading my long, dumb rambling. Thank you and good night... *Except Teridax speaks Matoran, not Basic, so he couldn't just read up on history or eavesdrop on people's conversations; he would literally have to observe, by watching people, to learn about the universe, and learn Basic the same way (and even if he brought a Rau with him, it wouldn't work on languages not invented by the Great Beings). Hey, Krahka learned Matoran over the course of a few hours, so at least we know certain Matoran Universe beings are capable of learning new languages really, really fast. **According to Wookieepedia, however, Human Replica Droids were not perfected until after the Empire was already established. Let's just say this is a prototype. ***There are beings like this in the original Star Wars Expanded Universe ("Star Wars Legends"). They're called "voids" and are able to prevent Force users from tracking them via the Force, and people who meet them are often unable to recall what they look like after parting with them. (Note that while voids have no apparent connection to the Force, they are, in fact, connected to it, as being a void is an inherent Force ability affiliated with the Dark Side.) So maybe the Jedi can consider Palpatine a void now, though that should make them immediately suspicious anyway. ****It's inappropriate to start two paragraphs exactly the same way, but it's late at night and I don't care right now. *****Of course Palpatine, while caring about the Force, only followed the Rule of Two as tradition. In both Legends and Disney canon, he had absolutely no intention of being replaced by his apprentice or even dying at all. Also, like Maul, training Dooku in the Dark Side of the Force is going to be hard when Teridax has no way of using the Force.
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    IC: Datrox Karvan - Metru-Koro (Navu's Hut) "If you could spare a pillow or the like." @Toru Nui IC: Rose - Metru-Koro (Love Shack) What the-- This kid was a light sleeper. "You already up?" @Dane
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    in related news; i'm freaking excited! LET'S GO!! (lol)
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    IC: Sans, Turaga's Hut "Greetings, big blue. Or maybe you're bigger blue? We should've had you and Zataka stand side-by-side when we had the chance, huhuhuhu. Tell me, what are you talking about with this arm slug stuff? I admit, I have been a bit curious ever since noticing it back in Metru-Nui. How did you acquire that?" Outside, Sans' trusty cretaceous steed Papy seemed excited at the commotion at the door. "Nyeh! Nyeh heh!" It squeaked at the people, maybe hoping for a treat or some pets? OOC: @Toru Nui
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    IC: Skyra Daring - Metru-Koro - "Alright, I'll be back soon~" Skyra waved as she walked off, grabbing a bottle of something out of the shack on the way out. As she walked through Metru-Koro, Skyra opened the bottle and took a swig of it before making a face. "The heck even is this stuff? Tastes weird..." She drank some more. It didn't take long before she could see Sans' hut in the distance, this drink was weird, but it was starting to make her feel pretty good! Skyra gasped as she saw a familiar figure coming out of the hut. "Hmmm? Is that Stannis?" Now Skyra didn't really know Stannis personally, but she was well aware of who he was. Back when she was still a Matoran the Toa had saved her from falling to her death. She'd uh, drove a vehicle right out of a chute that day if she recalled correctly. "Yooooooo Stannis! Heyheyhey!" Skyra started yelling from a distance at the Wanderer, started to run towards him before she tripped and fell flat on her face. "Ow." She promptly got back up and kept going like nothing happened. "Hiiiiiiii~" Skyra said as she reached the hut. "You probably don't remember me but like uhhhh...you met me when I was...shorter...like down hereeeeee..." She put a hand roughly at the height of a matoran. "Anywhooooo...what up Stan? I'm Skyra Daring! You may have heard of me...me and my wifey Rose cooked Carapar into roasted crab~" She took a long swig of her bottle. "What the heck even IS this stuff?" @EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui@Azibo
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    @Unreliable Narrator Don't worry, I'll be responsible, happy april fools!
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    Full version of his stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftBBT9q2zJY
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    Based on what he's said, I don't think there actually has been any talks yet. Today was "the first day of the journey," and from what I can tell, he was supposed to have the first meetings with other people a couple of days before today, but these were cancelled due to coronavirus. I could be wrong about that, though. Also, the hashtag "#14B2020" literally means "One (Faber) for BIONICLE (or something like it) in 2020" EDIT: The goal of the hashtag was more to be a self-imposed deadline to create the pitch(es) rather than the release of something more final.
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