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    LEGO has posted the following message on their Facebook and Twitter pages: "We stand with the Black community against racism and inequality. There is much to do. We will donate $4 million to organizations dedicated to supporting black children and educating all children about racial equality." It's great to see LEGO taking a stance on this very important social issue. I encourage everyone to do what they can to show support as well. I will be making donations to Black Lives Matter and the Baltimore Action Legal Team, which is local to me. If you are able to donate or already have, forward the receipt or a screenshot to andrew@bzpower.com and I will match the first $1000 in support.View the full article
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    Here are six revamps/tributes for the Piraka Hakann, Avak and Vezok, and the Toa Inika Kongu, Nuparu and Matoro! Had lots of fun, and heaps of nostalgia, reading through those ancient Bionicle texts then figuring out how I could make the most faithful revamp/tribute for each character. Which one of these is your favourite? Check out my Flickr for quotes, flavour text and design write-ups, and my Instagram and Twitter for more photos!
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    As you know, the matorans only came in a happy meal in 2001 with only a polybag, or did they?
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    Helryx was mentioned and talked about in 2007, and made her first physical appearance in the story in 2008. In 2010, Greg Farshtey said Helryx "probably" has a build like the Toa Mata, implying that's the standard form for Toa who are constructed and were never matoran. He declined to set this in stone, or say that this was for certain; probably because he didn't want to invalidate anyone's MOC. Here is it paraphrased on Farshtey Feed and here it is copied in posts from 2010. This apparently older source is lost to the sands of time. Nonetheless, my own version of Helryx was pretty well locked in since then, and now that an appearance is about to be canonized some ten years after the fact, I guess I better get mine out there before it's not a matter of opinion any more. I know there are more original designs out there, but this one was more about being logical and straightforward. Fathful to the Mata build, but stylistically consistent with the characters introduced in 2008. - Toa mata build, per the Farshtey Feed post. - Uses the shoulder and hips joints from 2008, the time of her first appearance in story. - The Av-Matoran version of the Toa Mata foot, as has been standard since 2008. - Red, blue, and tan pins as were standard in 2008. the open-ended ball joint, standard since 2006.- Hydraxon's "mask" as a placeholder mask. - No hero factory/CCBS parts or anything from after 2008. Turns out that long pin in her left shoulder is newer than I thought. I dunno how long it takes a brickshelf gallery to become public these days, but here is it. It contains some other versions and minor variations, including an all-2001 version which i think is possible to build in real life. The one your seeing here is called Helryx 9 in the gallery. I don't think I'm going to win the contest or anything, but now that Bricklink makes it possible, and this is my last chance to get the version in my head out there. Are we still not allowed to mention other sites? Because I want to credit u/SwampKryakwa and u/aresnir from somewhere for providing the mata head and eyes, which bricklink doesn't have on its own.
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    Remember me? Higher quality pics coming soon c: Didn't wanna make a whole new post for these so here we go, better pics. I don't wanna add too many and clog things up so here's a linkg to my twitter where I posted some more.
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    IC: Yaushe and Mega - Big Greb Arnex would be treated to the sight of a van appearing to steel itself at the sight of the claw. "Y'awright?" Mega asked Yaushe. Yaushe grumbled back, "Your boyfriend's buddies better not scratch my paint job." Mega laughed. "Aw, don't worry. I can touch it up, easy." Mega recalled that, to do this, she'd need her workshop, and her smile slipped a little. @BULiK @A-tak-nid @Toru Nui
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    IC: Near death experiences are Kane Ra dung. No slowing of time, no sudden recollections, and certainly no conversations with the departed. Maybe Mata Nui couldn’t think of anyone. No sight, no sound, only the feeling of an ever heavier gravity pulling inexorably into the dark. Not even conscious enough to dream but he could feel the crossroads at which he hovered. It would be so easy to let go. Even now without a conscious thought he was hanging on, clinging to the last threads of life that bound him to the cold beyond his mind. He almost didn’t want to. For all that he wanted to live that abyss called to him and promised rest. Exhaustion threatened as much as hypothermia, even more than his injuries. Without complaint he had pushed and pushed for days; placed the mission above his health. Now at the end of the worst week of his life, Krayn hit a wall. There wasn’t any strength left. Why should he have to fight so hard? Why did he have to dig deeper still for enough will to hang on a little longer? It was never enough. All of the energy that he could put into the world and it was never enough. It just demanded more. It taxed his will by the minute, the second, and for diminished gain. He was never enough. Nothing he could do was ever enough to fill the holes he saw in the world, no matter how hard he tried and how much he pushed he never seemed to get anywhere. All he could do was keep his head above water, never reach the shore. He could labor until every breath hurt, and he had. But he was no closer to anything at all. Everything had a breaking point. Everything had to end. No supply of energy was inexhaustible. He just wanted to rest. In the snow, jostled with every step despite his rescuers care, his resolve slipped, and slipped, and slipped. Every whisper made it a little easier. There was no reason to struggle, it was all out of his hands. There was nothing more to be done, he would make it or he wouldn’t. All he had to do was let go of that control. All he had to do was rest. … What then, another thought whispered, had been the point?. What had been the point in fighting at all if he was willing to surrender here? They had come for him, risked everything to carry him out of that alley. What would it do to them to know he had died minutes shy of safety? To rest now was death, there could be no doubt. He could feel it even through the insensate haze of his mind, the thick mire every thought had to fight through. Every breath was shallow and his heart beat with the weak, fevered pace of desperation. His whole world had shrunk to those feelings, those sounds. He could not see, not without the strength to open his eyes. He could not hear, he could not even think. But if he could focus on those feelings, if he could still feel that weak pulse, he was alive. That was all he had to do. Just hang on a little longer. The slide towards eternity slowed and stopped. "You're safe now." The words were muffled and distant, barely perceptible, but he heard their sincerity. The words were tense under the calm, tired and drven. The cool energy that flowed through his body brought the fuzzy world into far flung focus, snippets of conversation breaking through the haze. She said he was okay but still he fought, struggling to pull himself out of the haze. The danger had passed, but what if it hadn’t? He needed to do something, he had to find out what happened. He needed to tell them what was wrong with him, where to focus. If he couldn’t, they might… … They’d get it right. They had not brought him so far to let him die now. It didn’t make any sense. He’d have to ask them, when he could. But they wouldn’t let him fall. These foolish, stubborn people had refused his choice and made their own. Choosing to give his life for them had been easy. He could trust them to preserve it instead. When the darkness rose, gently this time, he didn’t fight it. * * * Dehkaz sat across from the unconscious form of the gunmetal-armored Toa hands clasped together and chin resting on his knuckles. All things considered, Krayn looked at peace where he lay, though that fact alone was still slightly disconcertingly close to looking too peaceful. It was difficult for Dehkaz to shake the resemblance between his comrade’s current state and the state which they had left too many of those out on the frozen streets of Ko-Koro in their desperate escape from the citadel from his mind. With effort he had to remind himself to take it down a notch, the Commander was still far too on edge. Dehkaz felt his brow relax, unaware that it had furrowed in concentration. He had been at Krayn’s side for some time now, lost in his own thoughts. The initial rush of activity as refugees had been moved into the village, some injured some not, had died down in the following hours. They had made it. While the future was still uncertain, those within the confines of the small mountain village were safe from harm. After making certain that Krayn was no longer in danger of drifting away completely from the land of the living, Dehkaz had done what he could to assist the rest in need. Unfortunately that… wasn’t as much as he would have liked. He was a fighter, a guardsman, but that wasn’t what was needed at this point. Sure, he could patch up a wound well enough, as he had done to his own while waving off others to help those more in need, but his area of expertise was far more firmly planted in taking beings apart rather than pulling them back together. No, for now those in danger needed healers, not fighters. So, Dehkaz had resigned himself to making sure to not get in the way of those at work, as well as watching over a friend. Here, alone with just the familiar comforting chill of the mountain air, his thoughts, and the resting Toa that they had worked to get back to safety, he stayed. Waking up was a surprise but the pain was not. The first thing, by long habit, the former officer’s brain did was take stock of the damages. There wasn’t much. The discomfort was almost everywhere regardless, but it was muted; the muffled echoes of injuries already healed. Not perfectly, there wasn’t enough energy to spare for him alone. It was sufficient to get him out of danger but the new tissue was fresh, tender. His muscles were worse. Even stationary they burned. The slightest move brought a fresh wave of fire in every fiber. But the worst- Oh, the worst was his shoulder. The slightest move, even further down the limb, was agonizing. No, that wasn’t quite right; he just thought it should be. It hurt to be sure, but it wasn’t the white hot lance he expected. Slowly, carefully, he clenched the bed’s blanket in his fingers. They moved when he commanded, he could feel the material between them. So his arm was there after all. He hadn’t been sure they could salvage it even if he survived. It was a relief to know he was wrong. Even so he could tell it wasn’t… Perfect. Something still felt wrong. Perhaps it needed more time to heal. But Nui, was his throat dry. It was like trying to inhale the entire Po-Wahi desert. The first sound he could make was a wracking cough, which in turn only made his torso burn. Someone had left water on the table next to his cot, and with great difficulty he propped himself up enough to grab it and swallow a few, precious mouthfuls. “Commander,” He rasped out, breath more ragged than he would have liked. “Where?” Krayn’s ragged cough snapped Dehkaz out of his reverie and the Toa of Magnetism moved to stand before it was clear that Krayn was, for the most part, not in any serious danger of keeling over. “Ihu-Koro,” he explained, sitting up straighter and folding his arms to address Krayn, “We pulled what refugees we could here.” “How’re you holding up Krayn?” “I’ve been better.” The De-Toa coughed again, but his voice was a little clearer. Actually, his head hurt more than anything now. The cough seemed deafening after his hearing loss, and mustering the focus to reduce it was… Difficult. He’d never experienced it before, managing it with his element had always been enough. “No disrespect, but I’ve had better stays in the Wahi. Fewer injuries. Less loud.” He grimaced, rubbing at his head and trying to clear his throat. “Actually sir, really, quietly please.” With an understanding nod Dehkaz continued, lowering his voice to a quieter volume, “To be expected, you gave us quite the scare there, glad to see you’re all still in one piece. Surprised to see you up so soon.” The Toa of Magnetism paused, giving Krayn a look of appraisal, before shaking his head slightly in almost disbelief. “You’re crazy, you know that?” His tone was equal parts respect and weariness, “Not many would be willing to pull off what you did… not many would be able to pull off what you did.” Krayn cocked his head a little, a gesture that unlike the rest had nothing to do with his condition. This one was born of confusion. He was thinking slowly. That at least was part exhaustion even if it was still frustrating. Everything a little after the Madu dropped was a little unclear, hazy and incomplete. It only got worse as time went on until he woke up here. He could remember the highlights, but… “I’m not sure what you mean, sir,” He said slowly, quietly. That was half true; he had an idea of what the other Toa meant, but he couldn’t begin to understand why. “And I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but what the Karz were you thinking?” “Krayn… they all made it out,” Dehkaz explained, “Kale and the rest, they made it here, they’re safe. From what I heard things were looking bad, and something had to be done if any of you were going to make it out of that citadel in one piece. You made sure of they did.” The Commander stopped to let Krayn process that for a minute. Well, that, and also for- “And, ah, apologies for the arm,” he gestured to the Toa of Sonic’s shoulder, addressing what he thought was Krayn’s second point, “Didn’t exactly have much choice. You were bleeding something fierce. Healers did their best with it, told me it should be fine in a week or two.” “No, not the-” He broke off the remark with a grimace, feeling the way it moved when he tried to hold up his hand for emphasis. Krayn rolled the joint almost unconsciously trying to find what exactly didn’t feel right, where in the motion it just felt wrong. The muscles ached from being knit together where they had been cut, the flesh was tender and new, but still something didn’t feel right. An imperfection in the muscles or in the bones where none had been before. “Not the arm.” The thought continued while he experimented slowly. “If you didn’t stop it I would have died.” “Which I was prepared to do.” Krayn’s eyes wandered back up from the foot of his bed where they had lain unfocused to meet the Commander’s gaze. Beneath the fatigue there was an element of puzzlement, the look of a man trying to turn the question around in his mind. “I’m glad it didn’t come to that. But it was going to. Kale and Four, the others, they were going to make it out. It was close, there would have been a little fighting. But they would have made it. I stayed behind because I was injured. If they stayed to get me out we might all have been killed.” “Like you could have been. You and the Lieutenant both. I could already have been dead, probably should have been. You both could have died trying to haul out a body that no one needed to bury.” Comprehension hit Dehkaz in pieces as Krayn spoke, and the understanding caused his brow to furrow in mixed amounts of concern, thoughtfulness, and mild confusion. Probably should have been. The words resonated in his mind for a moment. They were all too familiar, the meaning and sentiment behind them all too well known by his unconscious for it to let them go so soon. It was a headspace he’d found himself in before. It was, if he was being quite frank with himself, unnerving to hear the words spoken aloud by another being. “Ah.” He replied eloquently. “Maybe. Maybe we could’ve. You know as well as anyone else; better I think, after all this; that’s just another risk.” Dehkaz inclined his head towards the Toa of Sonics, “If it was anyone else we would’ve done the same. And you can’t tell me if you were in our position you wouldn’t have done the same.” “It was risky, sure, but there was a chance. Not one of us, you, me, Kale, Naona, Fourth… none of us would have let that chance slip away.” His tone, while no louder than it had been a moment earlier, had taken on a firm note. “You might’ve hung up the badge but you’re sure as Karz still one of us, can’t get rid of that. We don’t leave anyone behind.” Krayn wanted to argue. He half opened his mouth to do it, an objection already on his lips, before he made himself stop and think. Not an easy feat when someone had cheerfully been stomping all over his skull, at least it felt like it, but he did anyway. Not just listen to what Dehkaz had to say but consider it. He didn’t know the Commander particularly well. That was part of the problem. It was difficult to take what he was saying at face value, hard to consider that someone he had only worked with would take that sort of risk. But broaden it out and he began to concede the point. Naona, Kale, Four, Skyra, Praggos… For slightly different reasons maybe but not one of them would have left him behind if they could help it. He had seen even through his confusion the look on Kale’s face when he had to, and he couldn’t imagine how Skyra had reacted. No, he really couldn’t. That was something of a blind spot that Krayn had to admit to himself. The two of them had spent so long butting heads, then quietly adversarial, that it was difficult to comprehend how her opinion had shifted. But if she had been there she wouldn’t have agreed to leave him behind, either. Naona had to have been there. She had to have at least carried him, maybe him and Dehkaz, or he would never have made it to Ihu-Koro in time. Even that hike would have been fatal if he had waited so long for medical attention. And there could be no doubt which two had put him back together, pulling him back even from the brink. The surprise was disproportionate to so simple an answer. It shouldn’t have been, the thought was almost chiding, but had he held onto his problems for longer than they had? He would have run the same risk for any of them. Even Skyra, and he had run that risk for her and Kale. It wasn’t like Ga-Wahi. … Had he been carrying around that day for so long? Karzahni, he had some apologies to make. The low, weak laugh sounded more like a cough as the De-Toa found a less tiring way to prop himself up and shook his head. “I owe you an apology, Commander.” Another cough and a long drink of water. “I owe a few of them. What I should have said was ‘thank you’.” Dehkaz let out a short breath of... not quite disbelief so much as patience. He shook his head once more, though it seemed as though it was more to himself than from anything the Toa of Sonics had said. “Apology accepted,” He replied nonetheless. “I have a feeling however, call it a hunch from parallel lines of thinking, that you shouldn’t forget to apologize to yourself as well.” With that, the Commander rose from his seat, his tone slightly more upbeat than it had been moments before. “Now that you’re awake, I’ll get someone to come and make sure you’re all in good shape. Went through an awful lot to get you back here in mostly one piece, not going to let all of that go to waste.” He paused at the door, a hand resting on the frame as he turned slightly to address the recovering Toa. “And Krayn, you can drop the Commander, it’s just Dehkaz.” With that, he stepped out of the room. Krayn managed another rough and weak laugh, carefully propping himself up against the wall behind his cot. The bustling sounds around him were almost too loud even muffled by walls, but he could tell there were many more wounded and recovering people in the building than him. He couldn’t muster the strength to get out of bed. Even if he could it would be a bad idea. But his friends were out there, somewhere, and someone needed to pass the word. “Excuse me,” he managed, catching the attention of a Bo-Toa walking briskly by to her next crisis. “Somewhere in this building is a bunch of fools waiting for me to wake up. If you could let them know I have before I fall asleep again, if you see them. Please.” The medic seemed to look him over, thoroughly displeased by the notion, but relented and nodded. It was probably his seraphic smile. But he still slouched heavily as soon as she moved on, deciding not to fight sleep too hard if it came. Any visitors would have him up as soon as they stepped near the door.
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    IC Leklo | Ice Ruins depths A shiver descended Leklo's spine at the voice's words. It wasn't from the cold—his body somehow still retained the resistance to frigid temperatures even after his apotheosis to plasma toa—but distinctly emotional. This place, whatever, wherever it was, was ancient and rife with secrets none had witnessed in eons of memory. The former Alpinist knew little about the history of the land called Zakaz, his time there being short as it was and handicapped to findings from mostly geological surveying, but he had the same inklings, the same tickles at the back of his neck here in these ruins as he did in the portal in the Hideaway in Ko-Metru. And those similarities were finally catching up to him. The pristine ice, the trees, the sensation of otherworldliness, the geometries... the strange writings on the walls, the plinths, the riddles... the nagging at his belly, the titillation on his heartlight, the immaculate snows... Leklo abruptly realized all these things were the same, and that in turn revealed something he hadn't been able to fathom before: That he'd been to this land called Zakaz; that the portal for the Great Disk brought him here; and that Metru Nui and this land were somehow connected. It awed him to think of himself as a pioneer, touching, albeit briefly, upon a small section of this place which was so steeped in lore and danger. He nodded to Sidra with a strange glint in his eyes and took a step forward towards the newly revealed hallway, stopping a few paces in and touching the hieroglyphs carved upon them. He chose to engage with the Administrator, hoping it could share some further knowledge since it seemed quite capable of dialogue so far. "Administrator," he said, timidly but loud enough to compensate for his hesitations, "what do you know of a man named Dume? And tell us about the writings here." A beat. "Please." Even a Ko-Matoran should maintain his manners in a wasteland. IC Hiripaki | Archives At the barest contact of tool upon vault door a powerful electric bolt arced out, marking wherever it went with a black streak of char and turning the spoon in particular into a wilted nail. Those who held such implements were thrown back and tossed to the ground unceremoniously, thoroughly rebuffed by the sudden and incredibly forceful shock. Within the motherboard, the intelligence of Hiripaki giggled with glee at the use of her toys at long last. Protecc! she electronically thought. Hee hee!
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    IC Yumiwak | Panda II As soon as Korio took my hand our wills combined and summoned the elemental powers within us. In an instant, psionics and lightning fused together and stretched out across the sky in a brilliant flash. Korio's element became a conduit for my own, finding the paths of least resistance and carving swaths of the horizon for my powers to inhabit. Just like lightning sought out the tallest points to strike my psionic arms scanned for minds of the most intelligence, far faster than my mere eyes would have been able. And I found it. I found one. It was the only sentience in the entire grid, a powerful brain radiating with strong emotions of purpose and anger. It was the mind of a warrior, a commander, a... queen. And thanks to Korio's sharing I could tell exactly where it was. I let go of his hand and then pointed it in a specific direction. "Turn us there, thirteen degrees south-southwest! Ysocla! Lower elevation to fifty bio!" I clasped my hands together and rubbed them quickly with gleeful anticipation. It was not far. Soon she would be mine. But nothing could prepare me for the sight of her when we finally caught view of her... IC Stannis | Coliseum "It probably was exactly that," was all Stannis flatly said as he led the pulled the group away from the sight of death and further down the corridor, potentially to their own slaughter. The Wanderer had many names and titles, but he was not a soldier—the gore and death was not what he was used to, and that set him apart from people like Rose and Skyra who had become accustomed to it all. To the old man, it was waste, negligence, a symptom of a uncaring god who had long since set his universe on autopilot. Perhaps, he reflected, that was what Dume was truly attempting to achieve, to reset things to how they were before, when Mata Nui gave a shred about being the god people took him as. It was too late for that now—for now. He set his mind on the future, ever forward, always upward, to make things better later. Their footfalls sounded like hammers pounding at the protocrete floor, lit starkly by flickering white fixtures at regular intervals along the walls, but curiously even in the wash of colorless light the space seemed dark and oppressive. Shadows were restrained to thin triangles there, slicing like thin daggers across the floor and walls as the beings ran down the length of the tunnel, but were more concentrated and darker despite—and indeed because—of the lights. Stannis could feel their forbidding cuts as though they were real even under his heavy cloak. Everything in the subterranean sections was strained and claustrophobic, making it seem as though these base levels truly were foisting the whole weight of the Coliseum and the dense history of macabre lies belonging to the building's institution. Finally they came upon the door Stannis sought, and the old man extended a bony finger and pressed the call button. The door opened with a small chime, exposing the grimy car often forgotten by all except the maintenance personnel and cleaning crews who were so tired of keeping everything else immaculate that they neglected to keep their own areas in as pristine shape. Nobody cared to check on it, and there was none who would care even if they did see the neglect; not even the Vahki used these lifts for they hadn't any need for them. Stannis said nothing as he stepped in, or as the lift ascended through the core section of the massive tower. Whatever plan he had was ready to be shared yet, even as he touched the button for Level 49.
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    IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat "Green!" Poroka says. Really confused why big gun not make big hit. "That hit! Why ship not go boom?" "The Inferno is a military-grade airship, captain. Unlike our craft, which was retroactively refitted for combat, the Inferno is designed to withstand the rigors of war. It will take multiple direct hits to cause significant damage." "Well, okay." Poroka not sure what all words mean. But sounds like big gun need more shooting. "Then fire more, please." "Affirmative, captain," says Green. "Do you wish to override weapon cooldown subroutines?" "What?" Green make whirring noise, then stop. Beep two times. "Urgent. The Tranquility appears to have sustained damage and is losing altitude rapidly. Supersonic communications with the crew indicates this is a ruse." "Ruse?" "They are attempting to trick the Inferno into believing the ship is more damaged than it is." "Hmm," Poroka not sure how feel about that. Tricks for rabbits. Poroka like swords and guns better. Not really smart for tricks. "Weapon cooldown period expired, captain. Ready to fire." Poroka sit back. "That more like it." Blue still drive ship good. Far up over big ship, so it not shoot back. Ship make rumble noise. Big gun charge. Then shooting sound. Poroka try look out window and see blue light go down to big ship. OOC: The Wombat is maintaining altitude and firing on the Inferno a second time. @Onaku @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler
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    Just for fun, here's a lore quiz with twenty questions about SK:E! I'll make a bigger one later, and one that also includes SK:R so you can flex what you know of the game so far too. THE QUIZ
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    The matoran are the 2nd sets i made for bionicle animated. This is what i do best. Matoran Kaita of loyalty mahuli Fastest and smartest, also kind. Kaita of courage hakato Strong in 3 ways, its determenation is durable Nui kaita akachi Strong and fast, but the only downfall is its temper
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    IC: Nale Vella - The Taku "It's...quite the plan," she said to the captain, perhaps a bit nervous about what they were going to do. "But whatever we do next, you know how I feel, Knichou. I trust your judgement." @BULiK@TL01 NUVA@Sparticus147 IC: Triage - Van (New Archives) The medic glanced to Mega, before turning to Navu and clearing his throat. "Uh, Yaushe kinda--and I know you won't believe this--is the van. Maybe you've gathered by now." @Toru Nui@ZippyWharrgarbl@A-tak-nid
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Northern Wastes, Ruins of Stone Peering into the chasm, Atamai saw that the waterfall obscuring the pathway on the far side fell into a series of pools, like a hot spring terrace, before collecting in a clear lake the very bottom of the canyon. In fact, the water did appear to be hot, as there was steam coming off of the highest pools. On its way down, the water cascaded into every pool - except one: In one of the natural basins the Toa spotted a generator powered by a water wheel. He also spotted the reason why: the pool above that would have fed into this one wasn’t filled high enough. Leading towards that pool was a halfpipe, or slide, emerging from somewhere in the rock face below the ledge the group was standing on. It seemed to line up with one of the three holes, but which one exactly was unclear. While tracing the slide, the Toa also spotted a line of submerged pillars below the clear water at the bottom. They led in a straight line towards the far side and the last one, partially obscured by the steaming mist of the waterfall impacting on top of it, wasn’t entirely submerged, because it didn’t have a flat top. Rather, a rounded arch was built on it, acting as a shield from the scalding downpour. And he saw one thing more below the rippling surface: Scattered spheres of rock laid at the bottom, either by themselves or in small piles of two or three. They were smooth, except for a series of geometric lines wrapping around them. OOC: Artwork for quick reference visualization, but it's not necessarily to scale. IC descriptions take priority in regards to size and distance. @~Xemnas~
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    IC: Korio Karasha - Tactical Panda II "The head?!" Korio dropped his mop and moved closer to the bow, getting a better look at the Zakaz horizon. "The great big noggin' from the stars? Well, I've been wantin' to get a better look at it meself...must be a great tourist spot," the Vo-Skakdi said, smirking at that last part...although, when wasn't he smirking? "Our mark must think so, at least." @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360 IC: Triage - Metru-Koro (Navu's Hut) "I think we should, too," Triage said, grabbing up his satchel, although something felt very wrong about leaving the body like this. Wasn't like they had much of a choice in the matter, unfortunately. Taking one more look at Datrox, he noticed that the ice had melted away in other places, apparently from what body heat the Toa of Fire had left before going cold, exposing a small sheathe around his back with a knife still in it. An odd curiosity drew the medic to pull it out and observe it. "...Vella?" Wasn't that the name of the captain's...? Yaushe's honking reminded the medic of the imminent danger approaching, and he hurriedly put the knife away in his satchel in a panic, before running outside to the van. "Wegottagowegottagowegottago--" @Toru Nui@ZippyWharrgarbl@A-tak-nid
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    IC: Xane - Ruins of Fire "I am Xane," he replied, frowning at the voice's choice of words. Three in one day? There were more than three of them here, and the Administrator had mentioned chambers, plural. Were there other temples, other puzzles? It made sense; this was a large island, and if one structure had survived all this time, others could have as well. But he had a more pressing question: "What lies through this portal?" @Unreliable Narrator IC: Zaliyah – Airborne Armada As she moved away from the other ships, Zaliyah leaned forward to glance out through the viewport before her, to make sure the other vessels were following her order. They weren’t. Instead of breaking away from the others, the Inferno was instead inching towards the Tranquillity, and its pulse cannon was- “Right!” She shrieked into her headset, even as the Inferno fired its artillery. A combination of factors saved the Razorfish’s pulse cannon from immediate destruction. Both airships were in motion, the Inferno moving slowly forward, the Razorfish moving more quickly, diagonally away from the other ships. The Inferno was firing from above and behind the other ships, its artillery cannon mounted underneath. The Razorfish’s artillery was also attached underneath, meaning it was already somewhat shielded by the rear end of the vessel’s fuselage, and the curve of its hull, not to mention the bay doors of the compartment it was recessed into. It took only a split-second for the Vahki in the cockpit above to comply with Zaliyah’s order, pushing the dial that increased the flow of liquid protodermis through the right-side outlet, swinging the ship further to the right in the instant before the pulse blast struck. Still, the bolt succeeded in slashing open the airship’s side as it cleaved down across the wall of the crane compartment, reducing a section of the hull to flaking fragments. One half of the bay door broke loose, its hinge disintegrating. Damaged Kanoka tumbled out into the void, and the ship listed, thrown off-balance by the loss of the disks. “Full ascent!” Zaliyah ordered, raising her voice to be heard over the screaming of the air rushing right into her face through the ruptured cabin. Protective lenses morphed into place over the eyeslits of her kanohi, shielding her eyes from whipping detritus. “Cut thrust.” Her stomach lurched as the vessel rapidly shifted upwards, weight increase disks retracting away from the framework. The engines sputtered to a stop as the vessel rose, momentum causing it continue swinging in a slow circle. “Stop! Level us out and bring us around to face them.” The ship swiftly steadied again, the placement of weight increase and levitation disks being adjusted to compensate for the lost ones. In another time, she might have tried to make contact, demanded an explanation, but there was no time, and no point. There had been no enemy vehicles nearby, no call for help or signs of struggle from the Inferno. For reasons unclear, Druu had chosen to turn on them, leaving them vulnerable at a pivotal moment in their campaign. Whatever his motivations, he had chosen his fate. There would be no mercy. Zaliyah could see that Poroka had opted for the same strategy as she had, and was already firing upon the Inferno. She joined him, firing the plasma cannon and pulse weapon both down towards the bridge of the traitorous vessel. @Onaku
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    IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat "Captain," says Green. "The Inferno has altered course. It has fired on the Razorfish and appears to be attempting to ram the Tranquility." "What?" Poroka says. Grip chair hard. Accidental squish chair handle. Oops. "Why they do that?" Green beeps. "Unknown. Attempting supersonic communications with the Inferno." "Super what?" "Supersonic. Messages in frequencies that only Vahki can hear." "Okay. What robot say?" Green make whirring noise. "No reply, captain. It is likely that the onboard Vahki have been disabled. The ship is under manual command." Poroka look out window at big ship. Feeling angry. Eyes go squinty. "New person." "Presumedly," Green agrees. "An attempted boarding would have provided enough time for the Inferno to send out a distress signal. This is an inside job." Poroka lean forward. Sword hand getting itchy. "Silly robot. We outside now." Green don't say things. Just tilt head. "Blue. Steer ship up, please. Not get close to big gun." Blue make beeps. "Affirmative, Captain." Ship start go up fast. Poroka tummy feel funny. Big guns all on ship bottom, Poroka think. So if ship go up, big gun don't see it. But Poroka big gun see big ship. Even not-so-smart Poroka know high ground really important. Ship get high ground, it over. Now Poroka ship got big high ground. Big ship start look small up here. "Blue. Make good moves, okay? Don't hurt ship." Blue beep yes. "Green. Fire big gun, please. Green make bird sound. "Targetting the Inferno, Captain?'" Poroka smile. "A firm active. Rain fire." Ship shiver little bit. Feel gun charge. Then big noise, and light go straight down toward big ship. OOC: @Onaku @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler
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    OOC: I'm assuming that the Taku has levelled out, will edit if this isn't the case IC: Yaushe and Mega - Taku To Navu, Yaushe rumbled and ground out, "I guess. Don't like being tied down, but... not much of a choice." "Wanna hop in my gun again, hun?" Mega asked Yaushe, climbing out herself. If Triage was looking her way, she offered him a smile and a wink. "Thanks, but guns don't really move on their own all that well, either. I'll manage. Not much else I can transfer into. Besides, even tied down, nothing beats my van." @Toru Nui @A-tak-nid @Tarn
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    IC Hiripaki | Archives The bullets pierced the vault door with ease and sliced their way into the metal as Achro expected. Past the door, in the intermediary chamber, the bullet fragments bounced about as shrapnel, harmlessly shooting dozens of spark showers from the walls they struck but were too spent of velocity to do anything damage. What Achro realized, or would realize if he possessed the perception, was the holes he had shot in the vault door lingered for a moment until a faint humming sound could be discerned. The source of that noise was unplaceable, but somehow it was how the vault door seemed to repair itself. The holes, there an instant before, suddenly closed up until all there was left was a tiny mark of welding, like a scar, that was sure to vanish in time as well. The Intelligence, however, said nothing. In response to the shooting, however, the clearly threatened Vault intelligence activated another protecc function. On either side of the door small parapets opened and revealed twin faces that looked like diminutive matoran faces without their masks. The eyes of these faces abruptly lit up and then flashed red laser beams that swept the ground around the vault exterior, slicing through everything and everyone they came in contact with as far as the laser power permitted. One of Archro's mooks, not realizing the danger fast enough, was caught across the waist by a beam. It did not cut fully through the soldier and passed by just as quickly as it struck, but the mook's relief quickly transformed into terror as he tried to take a step and his upper body fell away backwards with the uncut section as a gruesome hinge, like a tall book thrown open. He flopped to the floor, screaming as he did, and then his cries subsided. Protecc! Hee hee! the AI thought. It had been a long time since it had been this in danger.
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    IC: Apex and Zak-Yak (Fire Ruins) Zak-Yak was glad to be free from the tunnels, the wrath of a Shagrak Spawn was nearly as legendary as Shagrak himself. Upon reaching the surface, Zak-Yak was greeted by the blinding, searing, and horrific light of the sun. At least, that was what Zak-Yak was told it was like, but when Zak-Yak was exposed to the light of the sun, he only felt, big, powerful, and warm. But Zak-Yak didn't have time to bask, as it seemed that Providence had his attentions caught onto something and so, Zak-Yak followed alongside his master Varian. ... Apex was beginning to get annoyed at whatever this being was, their talk of heretics and apostatized meant nothing to her and their refusal to reveal themselves did not help the irritation that was gnaw at the back of her mind. Her thoughts were only dragged away by the sound of another one of her kind making their appearance, alongside an entourage with some..blue creature, a..machine?..and a...Skakdi! The pale, pathetic thing was seemingly hiding and clutching behind the legs of this, machine, and it was this skakdi that reminded Apex why she was here. "Alright then administrator! If the promise of power and strength that I came here for is not to be given, then I have other places to be instead." And with that, Apex exited the chamber, giving a snarl towards Xane and Enra and a glower towards the pitiful Zak-Yak, eliciting a yelp of fear from the wretch. Exiting the Ruins, Apex took a moment to survey her surroundings, breathing in the ash and char filled air and the sight of barren trees and rock, the now hideous volcano bellowing out its stacks of deathly air. All of which reminded Apex of her goal, and the falsehoods that the Skakdi Xane spoke of. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Keeper of Kraata @Nato the Traveler @~Xemnas~ @Eyru @Onaku @Toru Nui @Burnmad @Vezok's Friend @Snelly @xccj @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva IC: Drukarus (Stone Suva) "Good, good, these matoran were willing to speak, if not reveal themselves. That was...acceptable, for the moment." As Drukarus thought to himself, thinking upon the matoran's words, the sun bore ever on against his back. Although Drukarus had endured the sun's heat, simply standing as tall and as proud as he did, did not make it feel any less hot. Pulling out his maul, Drukarus dropped it, head first, into the sand. His hand slidding down the thick metal handle of it has he allowed his full weight to drop into the sand, him landing in a crisscrossed position as he sat a distance away from the matoran. Drukarus could at least trust that this matoran was willing to speak with him, but their invisible companion filled him with far less trust. With an ease garnered through experience, Drukarus ever so subtly channeled his elemental strength through the head of the maul, making a several bio radius around him increase in gravity by three times the normal amount. "That should stop any wanna-be assassins." “You … don’t look like the Skakdi I remember…I…I couldn’t have forgotten that much, could I?” "No Mahrika, your memory does not fail you. If you are a native to this island then I would be considered a foreigner, as I hail from a world far-off and now displaced from here." Drukarus spoke, smoothly and calmly, a matter-of-factness lining his tone as he pointed towards the head in the distance. "You say the skakdi of this land destroyed your people..." Drukarus paused once again, taking in the words they spoke, thinking them over and formulating a proper response. "That is...unsurprising. If the skakdi of this land are like the skakdi I know, then destruction is most certainly within their nature. To be honest, I can guess the destruction they have caused is more then just towards your people, I can guess at how this island has suffered from their hands...Senseless, wasteful, disappointing...Truly a shame what they have done." OOC: @Harvali @Burnmad
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    So I have been gone from BZP for a few years now, up until last week. There haven't been too many changes in my life in that time, but I figured I post about some things that have happened in my absence. 1. I'm still working at my job at my local amusement park. Thanks to my position there, I spent A LOT of time working. In fact, the biggest break I got from it was when the pandemic hit the world. I went six weeks without working at all. In a way, it was kind of a nice break. But in the last month things have slowly been opening back up, so I have been going back to work because of it. (Fun fact, I was going to type this up a couple days ago but my schedule changed to where I got to work back to back doubles, so I had to move it to today.) 2. I'm still playing Pokemon GO. It's one of the main reasons I go out on walks, because I wouldn't walk without it TBH. I have almost everyone Pokemon released in that game up to the posting of this entry. I also have various shiny Pokemon and ones with 100% IVs. There is a big group of players in my local area, which definitely helps with taking down raid bosses. Even though it does have glitches from time to time, I still really enjoy the game. 3. I have an Nintendo Switch, with online access and all that. I'm picky when it comes to the games I get for it, but I've gotten some good one IMO. They are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokemon Sword, and the newly released Bioshock Collection. I've spent many hours playing all these games, with the exception of the Bioshock games because I literally got it at the day I'm posting this. I've also spend time on Tetris 99 and the games from the SNES online deal. I'm definitely glad I got my Switch. 4. I haven't really written or typed any stories since I've been away. My job and other hobbies have really taken up my time, along with other responsibilities in my life. I don't know if my returning to BZP will spark that urge in me to write. I admit my knowledge of Bionicle lore has left me to an extent because I have been away, and I'm not the writer that I used to be. But I guess time will tell on that. That's about it. I admit it's nothing too exciting, but it is what it is. And it feels good to be back.
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    IC: Triage - Metru-Koro/The Taku Triage looked up at the rope ladder leading into the cargo bay, then at the haunted van he was currently seated in, and sighed. "I...yeah, but getting Yaushe aboard might be a bit problematic. The captain doesn't really follow regulation...uh, well, I guess there isn't any airship regulation to follow anymore, now that I think of it. I'll be right back," the medic said, then was promptly slammed back into his seat upon realizing he hadn't undone his seatbelt. Making sure to unbuckle this time, he hopped out of the van, climbed the rope ladder into the cargo bay, and made his way to the bridge. Here he found Knichou, Nale, some others he recognized from before and some he didn't. "Captain, we have a van situation," was the first words out of Triage's mouth, which he quickly regretted but pressed on. "I've got a vehicle out here that needs to come aboard, my friends are in it. Mega's group." @BULiK@Toru Nui@ZippyWharrgarbl@A-tak-nid IC: Korio Karasha - Tactical Panda II (Kuwabara, kuwabara...) Lightning crackled off the Skakdi's body as he stepped away from Yumiwak, the euphoria of using his element (and working in tandem with his queen), long-dormant and out-of-use, overtaking his senses. He cackled to himself watching bolts travel between his fingers, standing tall, but his excitement was quickly cut short by a sudden spike of back pain that forced him to bend down into his usual hunched position, grabbing onto the bow for balance as his powers faded again. "Bloody 'ell..." he gasped out. "Been a good while since I'd done that. If I could shock blokes all the time, most of the Rig would be charred corpses by now I'd say..." Looking over the side of the ship now, Korio watched as it descended, down upon the location of their prey... @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend
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    IC: Yaushe and Mega - Nyoom After a harrowing high-speed drive through the streets of Metru-Koro, Yaushe came to a controlled halt before the Taku. "... Thanks, Yaushe," Mega said after a few minutes, evidently a little rattled. She shook her head, peered up at the airship, and then turned to Triage. "Y' got a way of having 'em open up for us, darlin'? Or do we just give 'em a holler?" @A-tak-nid @Tarn @Toru Nui
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    I feel like they're going to kidnap my grandpa, challenge me to a children's card game and then yell "screw the rules I have green hair" at me.
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    IC: Korio Karasha - Tactical Panda II "Ah, Miss Yumi...!" C...could it be? Korio remembered back at the Rig, when he was so busy daydreaming that Zai took what should have been his moment. The Vo-Skakdi's red optics stared at his queen's hand, his heartlight racing, then he glanced around to ensure no one else would attempt to steal this from him again. His moment. Without a second thought, he took it and braced for the surge of elemental power they'd both feel. @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360 IC: Triage - Van Time Continues "It'll be dangerous, are you sure you wanna come with us?" the medic asked Navu. @Toru Nui@ZippyWharrgarbl@A-tak-nid IC: Rose - Coliseum Rose continued to follow Stannis, grimacing at the state of the corridor they were in. It was a level of carnage she'd become accustomed to during her time with the military, unfortunately. "Place looks like a ###### slaughterhouse," she said. It reminded her of how the Metru Nui forces had left that island during the Silver Sea conflict, the blood of League heretics marking the walls of the temple... @Snelly@Toru Nui@EmperorWhenua
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    IC: Barius - Nightmare Pits Barius hit the Skak's pillar-like legs head-on. Head tucked down, his shoulder barreled through Boss' bad leg, sweeping him off his feet and laying him on the ground. Barius joined him there, arms in front of him, already reaching for his-- A brief moment of painful pushing on his skin gave way to a squelch, followed by a surge of white-hot pain, as half a foot of metal slipped into his abdomen. Barius' face contorted into an expression of pained rage, as his blood poured from the wound. But he wasn't dead yet. Driven by rage-filled determination, his hands still moved for their original target: Boss' thrice-cursed dome. "You've always thought you were something special," He growled, as his hands clasped his opponent's colossal head. His thumbs, guided by instinct and the clear memory of Boss' ugly face, found his empty eye sockets, slipping into them like the holes on a bowling ball. He drove his claws as deep into that tender scar tissue as he could. He was yelling, now, spittle flying from his mouth as he laid atop the Skak, legs gripping him, making sure he couldn't be thrown off yet. Torsos pressed together, keeping him from pulling the knife out for another stab, even as it pushed the weapon an inch or two deeper into Barius' guts. "You may be big and tough, but you're weak." He pushed his head into the ground, emphasizing where the weakness lay. "In here." Speaking was pain; but pain was their language, and Barius wanted to get his point across. "And I'm gonna dig through your skull and show you." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Stone Once the suva locked into position with “I Rise” in the East along the silver line, both matoran felt a tug in the backs of their minds. They suddenly felt connected to something greater than themselves, somehow able to tap into a reservoir of information up until then lost. They felt rather than heard a series of phrases in their mind, followed by; Matoran Mahrika-Vokarda registered. Element water. Maker Tuakana. Matoran Ollem registered. Element earth. Maker expunged. Their minds broadened, realizing as long as they remained within the deserts of Zakaz they could recall this space and stow or retrieve objects from it. Already hidden within the suva of stone were the following items: THE STONE SUVA CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: Mask of Speed, origin Forgemaster Dume, power of increased speed. Boots of Impact, origin unknown, power to withstand great speeds and transfer momentum to objects. Even as Ollem vanished and Mahrika cowered, they learned this information. The flickering image of the toa of water disappeared. OOC: Congratulations, @Burnmad and @Harvali on solving the puzzle of the stone suva. Both Ollem and Mahrika are now attuned to the stone suva. While within the region of the Wastes they are able to use their connection to the suva.
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    Prototype #1 of a life-sized articulated Gali hook. Rough vector design in Inkscape and laser cut on 5 layers of 1/8 inch plywood. The two pivot points aren't actually connected yet, the idea is to have pvc pipe segments through them so it'll act as a hinge while preserving the hollow nature of the original pin connections. At some point I need to figure out a good 2d design program that'll let me do actual measurements and put some m e c h a n i s m s into it.
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    Hello !!, for some years I have been doing some drawings in relation to bionicle, as far as possible improve some aspects of the drawings I make. VORIKI. Voriki is the most recent of the drawings, trying something different from the canonical characters, he was looking for a job more associated with developing a style of drawing based on a comic PIRAKA FUSION. the second drawing is an interpretation of Bionicle ignition, from 2006. Recreating this drawing from the comics was interesting, the difficulty of this composition was strongly in the drawing of each of the piraka. I hope you liked my work, I invite you to share your opinion, if you have suggestions welcome. and I invite you to see my other works, thank you very much. https://www.deviantart.com/gerou100
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    I really love the way you're utlizing colour for these. And the perspective in the first one is spot on. Looking forward to seeing more of your art around!
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    IC: Druu Arkkan The Inferno - Now The manoeuvring thrusters reversed, pulling The Inferno back out from between the three ships as their blasts flew forth. The entire ship lurched and trembled as the blasts from Ostrox's and Poraka's ships impacted its hull, the blasts leaving clear impact marks in the hull with the surrounding paint entirely stripped, the plating horribly indented, charred and cracked... but they had not broken through. Just barely however, the ship's abrupt air braking allowed it to avoid the two blasts Zaliyah had sent the way of its bridge, the immense energies whizzing past its nose as the ship let the three pass him by. "FIre again! Aim for the propulsion engines of the Razorfish this time!" Druu Arkkan was tense. The expression of determination had not wavered, but a smidgen of frustration now crept into his features. A bit off the mark. He had only barely missed the Tranquility. The scrapes and tears in the hull of that ship showed clear as day Druu had almost gotten him, but even fully cognisant of the danger posed by Ostrox he'd still somehow underestimated him. He endeavoured not to make that same mistake again. As the gun once more fired on the Razorfish, the Inferno blasted upward, its immense engines carrying its ascent at speeds where the levitation engines alone were insufficient, and once more the Inferno attempted to ram the Tranquility, this time making certain to adjust for any evasive actions Ostrox and his Vahki might attempt to pull. Internal Affairs HQ, Metru-Nui - Earlier today Toa Jorak sat slumped over the table. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but the chair was softer than the ground and he'd been given no bed to sleep on. A sound stirred him from his sleep, as a Toa of Sonics he was immensely attuned to sounds even without his mask. Opening his eyes, he looked up to see the door to his cell open up, and the familiar violet eyes of the Vortixx, Amarth, staring back at him. She did not linger at the door, walking inside carrying a bag. She silently regarded him, and Jorak said nothing in return, nervously looking at the Vortixx, their eye contact maintained for what felt like a minute before she tossed the bag to the floor, before turning around and closing the door. Jorak looked to the floor. The bag had made a clanging noise as it hit the floor, indicating something metallic inside it. Notably how ever, he had also noticed that there had been no clanging from the door to indicate that it had been locked. Jorak was now nervous. Was this some sick trick being played on him? Giving him the hope to escape just to crush it by capturing him again to stomp out the remainder of his willpower? Not that he could call any claim to having willpower to begin with. He'd told them everything they'd ask. Looking back, he felt so stupid. They were the enemy. They were the League. He was supposed to be here to give Metru-Koro intel on the League, not the other way around, yet here he was, a snitch trapped in a cell. Dejectedly, he stood up, daring not hope as he reached for the bag and put his hand inside... Yet as his hand felt the familiar contours of a Kanohi Huna, his Kanohi Huna, Jorak couldn't help but feel a twinge of optimism. If he had his mask, he had his power. If he had his power, he had a chance. Putting the mask on again after several long days without it, his entire being was overwhelmed with the feeling of being energised again, his elemental power returning to him in full force, and a slight gasp escaping his lips as he felt every muscle in his body swell with familiar strength, made all the more potent in his mind after being deprived of it. There was only one thing to do now. Make his escape. Approaching the door, he stopped mid-way as he reached for it. He closed his eyes, and he began to focus inward. As his consciousness moved to within, he began pulling his mind through himself to the outside, and then back within, then back without, repeating this process as he established a field around himself. He opened his eyes again. He snapped his fingers. Nothing. No sound. He knocked on the door. No clanging of fist on metal. He pushed it open, and the creaking he normally associated with the rusty hinges was entirely absent. With the door open only to a crack, he carefully looked outside his cell. An empty corridor, sporadically lit with white fluorescent lights that seemed to flicker or have failed entirely. This place was run down. Just as the rest of Metru-Nui was. So all things considered, not bad. He couldn't risk being seen, though, and so carefully he activated his Huna, still maintaining the field of silence which enveloped him and extended from his touch. Without a single sound, he began making his way out of the cell, looking both ways down the corridor and yet again seeing no one. Apparently Amarth had better things to do than hang around for his escape attempt. He still wasn't entirely sure why, and he very much questioned it, but for now he'd have to focus on making the best of it. Looking back at the bag, he wondered if he had forgotten something, and as he reached inside, his eyes went wide, pulling out a slick looking keychain holding what he recognised to be the keys to a vehicle's ignition. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro Turning a corner, Iradra panted as she continued to sprint, coming to a sudden halt upon her eyes meeting with a worrying scene. There, standing in front of Sans' hut, were three figures. The first one she recognised, the one she'd been looking for, obviously, Toa Taja. But she was not alone, as there stood(?) also the creature Whipser, who had performed the dark ritual resulting in Taja's condition. But thirdly there stood Nixie, the astrologer whom Iradra had only briefly gotten acquainted with during her stay in Metru-Koro. Carefully, she approached the scene. @Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui@Eyru@Vezok's Friend
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    IC: Triki (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Vahki Transport) "We could make our own opportune moment," Triki suggests. "A little distraction here, a little boom-boom there... Beats wait-sitting here." @Toru Nui @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva
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    IC Hiripaki | Archives The door itself remained still. It was, after all, just a door. From the vantage afforded by the cameras outside, however, the AI of the vault surveyed the scene with narrowed eyes, which would certainly be narrowed if it had eyes, but since it didn't it... imagined itself as squinting, or what it thought would be what squinting was, which it could not, but tried. Its defensive protocols were getting ramped up. These people, especially the Smoke Monster, were certainly not made of friend, and Hiripaki had already identified them as Not Friends. Protecc mode was on the verge of being activated, but it still had not yet been triggered—these Not Friends, mean as they may be, still had not actually done anything, not to the massive door, not to the myriad of sensors and cameras, and definitely not to the impenetrable living basalt walls that served as Hiripaki's "body" (sans eyes, which she did not have, as previously established). And so, like a brave elementary-school teacher bravely clutching her pupils close in the face of a shooter scenario, mentally prepared to die in the defense of the children under her protection but still not directly threatened by the would-be murderer, the Hiripaki intelligence held its hypothetical breath in anticipation for the coming storm. IC Stannis | Coliseum Waveahk, Rose, and Skyra all followed the Wanderer seemingly without reservations, and the old man was pleased by that even as he rappelled down the length of the elevator shaft. The whine of the cable as it slid through his hand echoed dramatically around him, steadily increasing in pitch the further down he went until it reached its highest note right as his feet hit something solid. He felt around a moment in the darkness until his hand seized a latch and he opened a hatch, still just barely big enough to admit Rose, and fell through into the car of the elevator resting at the bottom. Some people would activate the lift and head up, perhaps in an effort to preserve strength or take an easier path, but this particular elevator would not take Stannis to his objectives. He pressed the open button and the lift doors parted, revealing a narrow corridor that went left and right. This was one of the subterranean passageways that connected a myriad of nonpublic sections of the Coliseum. Just as he stepped out into the corridor, however, he stopped in his tracks and looked at the floor aghast. Bloody streaks, by then dried to a sepia hue, went off in a uniform pattern. They were long, and their number was disguised by their age and sameness, though it was screamingly apparent that this was representative of many bodies, unshrouded by the cloths of burial, dragged away somewhere... and he instantly knew where. There was no place else possible besides one particular area down that direction, after all. Stannis' eye twitched. He had seen some terrible things and realized all along there were no good guys in the Six Kingdoms War, but the sight of this evidence filled him with a sense of frustration at the corruption and stagnancy Metru Nui was infested with all along. Stannis was erudite enough to realize there was no proof Dume knew about this horror, but someone—or something—knew, and Dume had been responsible for the decency of Metru Nui in the end. He had somehow failed. "These marks," he bitterly narrated finally as the others piled up behind him, each gasping in their own time at the sight of it, "all go to one place: The Coliseum waste compactor." He inhaled slowly, barely catching whiffs of the bittersweet smell of organic decay and putrescent blood that lay increasingly fetid further down. The garbage processors did not have time to finish their tasks of grinding and destroying the corpses offered to it before the world came crashing down. Stannis grimly considered that it was a fate better than what Mata Nui would have given the dead instead. "I believe this was the final march of Kalmah's army." He sounded angry, dismayed, and incredibly saddened, like it was in some part his fault as well for not doing enough to preserve life. Death was a part of life, a stepping stone in the cycle of destiny, but there had to be a reason for it, some greater cause. What he realized had happened, however, was not beautiful in any way but the stark viciousness of betrayal; Kalmah's army, Stannis had learned from allies, had surrendered and expected imprisonment, yet this was what they received. He turned and pointed at the corridor that went behind them, in the direction opposite the smells. "That way. There should be an elevator on the right a ways down." He wordlessly turned on his heels and led them onwards, away from the incalculable massacre that still haunted the floors and walls and left the small assassination squad heartbroken. IC Yumiwak | Panda II I dropped the telescūpe in frustration and threw it off to the side in frustration. I couldn't find tracks in the land up ahead, let alone follow them! But I was not about to land the Panda just to send out a land party, not until I had a bead on this warrior woman. I had a plan to stick to! We had no sonar, no radar (whatever that is), but we did have... me. I stuck my hand out behind me, palm open, beckoning for someone to take it. Whether Korio or Ysocla took it didn't matter, wither one would do, and we would bind out powers and wills together, stretch our elements out over the land and we would find a mind that thinks. In a wasteland such as this, and with a psychic as strong as me, anything more sentient than a lizard would pop up like a lit torch at night.
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    IC: Keitara (Bridge- the Taku) A small squeak emanated from Kei at Irna's statement. She fought to keep her face neutral as the carefully stacked, yet still fragile, blocks of her confidence swayed. Skorm and Irna both undertaking a dangerous mission? Her stomach soured at the thought of losing both of them, and her hand instinctively tightened around Skorm's. She wanted to say she would go with them, to try and keep them safe. But the events of the swamp played across her memory: the agony on her friends' faces. Skorm's desperate pleas, and possibly worst of all the agonized scream of the crab she had poisoned. So, as Knichou spoke, she nodded affirmingly even though behind her shield her hand was knotted in the fabric of her impromptu cloak. The Taku needed her help. The best she could do to keep Irna, Skorm and the others safe was to help Knichou disguise their approach. (OOC: @BULiK @Keeper of Kraata @Toru Nui @Conway)
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    IC: Yaushe and Mega - Yaushe Navu would see Mega soothingly patting the dashboard of the van, which was curiously devoid of any disfigured Toa. There was a soft chuffing-wheezing, almost like hitched breath, after Zsann spoke. Mega turned to Navu. "If you wanna hop on out, ain't nobody gonna judge. I think... we're gonna go with our first plan. Helpin' to defend the city." @A-tak-nid @Tarn @Toru Nui
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    IC: Jutori - Ruins of Stone These ruins were certainly intimidating. Did that justify Jutori's hesitation to help with the current puzzle? Maybe not, but the Ba-Toa had taken one, two, multiple looks around the room and taken in all its features, and found himself mostly scratching his head. Atamai and Kilo were on the case, however, and there was something charming about watching the Toa of Iron work alongside the Kralhi. A boy and his...robot? Collector had sat down to observe their tool they'd recovered from the fort, which made Jutori feel only slightly better about his own inaction. Vashni was also just taking a look around the ruins. Jutori leaned on his sledgehammer in the way he'd come to habitually do, and watched Atamai place a cube down. "If this doesn't work, I guess we can always take a swim," he joked. @Snelly@~Xemnas~@pokemonlover360@Onaku@Harvali IC: Rose - Coliseum Rose grinned as she watched Skyra descend, before grabbing onto the elevator cable and riding it down to the floors below, the weight of her mechsuit pulling her down at a considerable speed. @Snelly@Toru Nui@EmperorWhenua
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    Anyone wants to chat, my inbox is always open.
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    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that 2005 was the only year we got 14 canister sets instead of just 12? While we've gotten canister-sized sets on more than one occasion throughout the years, we never actually got bonus canister sets outside of the Toa Hagah, and that is super special when you think about it. I read some complaints recently as to how the Toa Hagah are an "incomplete series" and were also clearly meant to be Toa Dume and Toa Nidhiki. The former statement is downright absurd for the aforementioned reason; did you expect that LEGO would produce 6 extra sets one year for no reason? No, that would've been at the expense at either the Toa Hordika or the Visorak and we would've gotten 2 sets less, not 4 more. Also, while I somewhat enjoy the notion that Iruini could've been Nidhiki (because of his mask shape), if we're being completely honest, Norik would've been a lazy Dume. No change of mask type from Noble to Great? Lazy. Besides, Dume and Nidhiki were from two different "generations" of Toa and they'd have had to be marketed as having lived and worked separately. And they would've had to be given different tools from one another. Given the circumstances, they were handled well enough. What I'm basically saying is that we got a treat and I for one loved it. Especially considering the pair wasn't available in Bulgaria and I had to seek them out abroad; it felt like a treasure hunt.
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    IC: Most educated lizards new to stay away from a fight. This lizard, however, grew up on the comics of Toa JOJO. This lizard knew they needed to get closer to hurt the big almond ships in the sky. This lizard considered sticking a tongue in Knichou's audio receptors. Tasty snacks could be inside... ... but when was the right moment... ... .. .
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    IC: Vulimai (Taku) "Who the Karz are you?" "I am Guard Captain Vulimai of Metru-Koro and I request access to your ships radio if it has a working one. It appears that one of the League ships has turned against the other three and this might be the chance we need to settle this conflict with as little loss of life as we can." … Making their way through the stone halls of the garrison, Juno and Sorilax headed down the stairs into the lower levels of the garrison and into the armory. Entering the dimly lit armory, rows and rows of stacked kanoka disks and masks and weapons filled the space as multiple matoran went to work at high alert, taking supplies to guards on the walls. One onu-matoran stood out, for unlike the rest, he was standing in one place, surveying the whole scene delivering commands to the rest of the matoran working within it. Approaching the onu-matoran, Juno spoke to Bronk, "Bronk, what's the count on kanoka's? How many of them are useable against an assault?" "Oh Juno, well we've counted and recounted them and we got around eight dozen disks, about half of which can be genuinely or potentially useful in a combative sense. We have mainly onu-disks but we are lacking in po-disks with a roughly equal amount on the other four types." Turning towards Juno after giving a quick command to a duo of matoran moving a crate, Bronk took notice of the other figure within the chamber. "Whose this Juno and why is he in my armory?" "Oh he's..." "Oh, I am Sorilax, I am here due to several variables. One being the severe structural damage inflicted upon my vessel by a giant centipede located within the Fau Swamp, which is south of here. Very nasty creature, I might add. you should do your best to avoid them...Do you have anything that might be able to help? Your Turaga implied as such." Bronk looked at Sorilax with the same disinterested look that he gave everything else for several second before finally barking out to a passing matoran, "Go retrieve me a regeneration kanoka, no special type, level...6 if we have one. Hopefully that'll be enough to repair the damage. You there, uuuhh, Sorilax, stand where you are so you don't get in the way of anything, we'll get you fixed up in a second." And so, Sorilax stood there, not wanting to offend these helpful lesser... equal beings who have so kindly dedicated a portion of their time in his assistance. Eventually, the matoran returned with the disk as requested, although it was one level lower than sixth. With a grunt of dissatisfaction at the failure to get his exact request, Bronk waved the matoran off before turning towards Sorilax, "Ok now, hold still, this might...hurt?" Tapping the disk onto Sorilax's chest, a sudden effect immediately took hold, as servos and motors and bolts and plates and pistons all began to mend and heal and realign. The melted patches from Torch retreated, the chest cavity ballooned back to its full size, the color even partially returned, till at last, Sorilax was once again restored to his full range of motion. Sorilax's mind was left racing at that moment, just the miracualousness of such a seemingly simple device. A simple disc could do this much? It was outstanding, something that he would have loved to examine himself if it wasn't for another thought that stopped him...Sala, his apprentice, he needed to get back to him. Thanking the Bronk (Either the Matoran's name or rank, he wasn't sure), Sorilax was guided back up the stairs of the armory, into the garrison, to meet with Sala when the Matoran of Plasma returned. As he waited, Sorilax inwardly thanked the Matoran again. The amount of money needed to repair his body would have been immense. It was custom, delicate work, and most Skakdi mechanics wouldn't have been able to handle it. Either due to temperament or skill. Yes, he owned much to the Matoran species and his friend Sala, who helped him navigate where he might otherwise be shunned. One simple disc fixing so much. Incredible. Le-Metru Nuva needed supplies like this. The Kanoka they had currently were not of much help he had been told. Hopefully the mines they had been preparing to dig when he left were faring well and they could figure out someplace to set up a forge. OOC: @Tarn @The UltimoScorp @BULiK @Keeper of Kraata @TL01 NUVA @Kal the Guardian Jammed out with Kal.
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    IC: Yaushe - Yaushe "Attacked?" Her attention moved to the house. "We need to go. I'm sorry, but your, uh, dead body problem has to wait." She honked the horn at the other two, trying to get their attention. They likely heard the horn, but she couldn't be sure they knew what it meant. @Toru Nui@A-tak-nid@Tarn
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    IC: Druu Arkkan Internal Affairs HQ, Metru-Nui - Three days ago Darkness loomed over Toa Jorak’s eyes as he slowly opened them, groggily coming to his senses as he began to feel the pain of his shackled wrists by which he was hanging on the wall. His feet barely touching the ground, the weight of his body caused the tight shackles to chafe his wrists. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought he even felt a trickle of blood running down his arm and shoulder. As his eyes regained their focus, Jorak noticed a maroon and orange figure sitting in front of him, a wide grin on his face as he looked upon him with amber eyes. “Ah. Toa Jorak. Glad you could join us this fine evening.” The figure, whom Jorak now recognised as a skakdi, stood up and walked up to him. Even hanging higher than his feet could reach, the skakdi towered over him, his amber eyes regarding him with a cold glare that betrayed the authenticity of his grin. “Now, you might be wondering why you’re here, hanging by your wrists in a dark windowless room while some Skakdi brute looms over you, but I’ll save you the trouble of thinking too much about it. You, my friend, were broadcasting information about our operations here in Metru-Nui. I believe an equivalent exchange is only fair, and you happen to have information I’m very interested in. Information which I’m going to persuade you to tell me.” The maskless face of Jorak betrayed his fatigue and his fear, but surfacing from underneath them was a resolute expression. “I’ll never tell you anything, League scum.” A visible sneer twisted Druu’s insincere grin. He began reaching for the shackled toa’s neck. “I believe you’ll find I’m very persuasive, Toa Jorak.” For a moment, Druu’s hand held Jorak’s chin up, before moving it up to the shackles, unlocking them and letting the weakened Jorak fall to the floor with a grunt. “Please, Toa Jorak-” He began, gesturing the disoriented Toa to a chair next to a table at the other end of the room. “Have a seat. We have much to discuss.” The Inferno - Now Druu sat calmly in his chair, overlooking the operations of the vahki piloting the ship in his name and keeping a keen eye on their heading. The Inferno was hanging just above the three other ships, trailing behind them closely though with just enough space between them so as to not be considered uncourteous. Outside the cockpit, the three other vahki stood at the ready to operate or repair the various mechanisms of the ship. At the very back of the ship, the engines of The Inferno lived up to its name as they roared with power, the thrust they provided the immense levitating hulk keeping it in pace with its smaller counterparts. One of the vahki kept watch of the dials and monitors detailing the status of the engines’ myriad components. With little else to do, it simply stood in place, the only components in use being its optical receptors, as well as its internal balance sensors to keep it upright. Any being would surely be bored out of their mind just standing around and watching the dials for more than a few minutes, but the Vahki didn’t know boredom. Boredom was counter-productive. The engines’ dials needed to be watched, and so the Vahki would watch the dials without complaint. Unfortunately for the Vahki, it would have little opportunity to benefit from its lack of boredom as it collapsed to the floor, its core processor pierced by a long blade up through the back of its head, and the sound of its impact with the metallic catwalk inaudible over the roar of the engines. Unconnected to its Vahki hive back in Metru-Nui, it would go unmourned and unnoticed by any fellow Vahki as it laid there motionless. The violet eyes of the Vortixx coldly looked the disabled machine over, before silently moving off. Internal Affairs HQ, Metru-Nui - Two days ago “Fascinating. Now, moving on, I’m interested to hear how your people provide food for those living in the… settlement. I’ve been led to believe the settlement is located in a rather barren region, is there any wildlife there to hunt?” In that very same windowless room, Druu sat at the table across from Toa Jorak. Despite his still mask-less state, the Toa of Sonics looked markedly better than the day before, the chafing on his wrists reduced to bruises and emergent scarring, his fatigue residual at most. “We… we do hunt wild game from time to time, but it’s not our only source of food. There’s…” Jorak frowned. Clearly he was debating whether to tell Druu anything more. “Take your time, Jorak. We have all the time we need.” Jorak sighed, his body language relenting from the tension it had before. “There are greenhouses. They grow crops there for the village. It’s not much, but it’s enough that we get by.” Druu hummed thoughtfully. “Interesting. Agriculture. I suppose Toa of Plantlife are an advantage in that regard…” “Y-yes… but... “ “But?” Druu raised an eyebrow. “There’s… also a skakdi. A skakdi of plantlife managing one of the greenhouses.” “A skakdi, huh?” Druu grinned with amusement. “What’s his name then? Maybe it’s someone I know.” Jorak shok his head at this. “N-not a he…” Druu’s eyes widened. “She??” The Inferno - Now The third Vahki fell unceremoniously to the ground, its core processor broken apart as the others had been by the swift strike of Amarth’s blade. For a moment, she coldly regarded the motionless heap that used to be a functioning Vahki, before kneeling down to detach its head. Druu Arkkan continued to monitor the Vahki controlling the bridge, a sigh escaping his lips as he calmly waited. It was then that a pneumatic whirr alerted him to the bridge doors opening. With his signature calm confidence, Druu turned around in his chair, his eyes moving about the bridge before falling squarely on Amarth, who stood in the doorway with the detached head of a Vahki in one hand, and an oil-stained blade in the other. A calm grimace came to his face as he regarded the Vortixx, his eye moving down to the Vahki head before returning to contact with her eyes. Druu was not alone in noticing the new arrival, as the Vahki operating the ship’s controls, turned to briefly regard the Vortixx, before shifting focus entirely upon noticing the head she was holding. With little regard for the head, Amarth tossed it to the ground, the detached Vahki part rolling across the floor before it came to a stop at Druu’s feet. The still functioning Vahki took a step forward, its optics narrowing in on the Vortixx, the clear flashing of its processors firing indicating its attempts at rationalising the situation and deciding a course of action. “It’s done, then?” He suddenly asked, his voice devoid of pleasantries as it so often had been marked by prior. The Vortixx simply nodded, while the Vahki turned to look at the ship’s captain, finding he was already looking squarely at it. A moment later, a blast of impact vision sent it skidding back, the machine falling off balance against the bulkhead, before another impact blast cracked open its face plate. A third blast finally rendered it motionless, and for a moment, Druu silently regarded the scrapped Vahki. “It’s a shame. They’re efficient workers, if nothing else.” Internal Affairs HQ - Two days ago “Yes. She. I-” Jorak found himself cut off by Druu, who in lieu of his usual calmly confident demeanor had an intense look to his face. “Tell me her name.” “H-her name?” Jorak was confused. Why was- “Yes, Jorak, her name. Tell me her name!” “Z-Zadred! Her name is Zadred.” Druu Arkkan’s eyes widened. For a moment, his breathing became heavy, conflicting micro-expressions crossing his face as he tried to keep his composure. “Excuse me for a moment, Jorak, this conversation will have to continue at another time.” Jorak remained silent as Druu stood up from his chair and walked to the door, knocking in a certain pattern that the Toa noted was different from last time. The door soon opened, and as Druu walked out, he could see the violet eyes of a Vortixx wearing a Kanohi Shelek regarding him with minuscule interest before closing the door again, clanging sounds indicating it had once more been locked from the outside. Druu meanwhile had taken only a couple steps out of the room before he lost balance, bracing himself against the hallway’s wall. Fluorescent lighting cast a cold white glow over the corridor, the occasional flickering and several broken lights giving the whole place a rather run-down appearance, which was only to be expected from a building that had survived a veritable apocalypse. The Ta-Skak breathed heavily. His heartlight flickered rapidly. Away from the prying eyes of someone had to project a calm persona for, his expression was entirely contorted by conflicting emotions. A sliver of hope, combating intense despair, mixed with overwhelming guilt. Amarth approached him from behind, stopping a few paces from him. “Sir?” Druu took a deep breath. Narrowing his eyes, he quickly returned his expression to the calm composure he normally projected, before turning to look at the Vortixx. “That will be all for now. Return to operations as normal.” Amarth nodded, before silently making her way off down the corridor, Druu maintaining the facade of calm confidence until she was out of sight, at which point he collapsed against the wall, sliding down to sit with his back against it, a defeated look on his face. The Coliseum, Metru-Nui - Earlier Today “Go to Le-Metru, get on the airships we’re prepping. There’s a stain on my view and I want it cleaned up by nightfall. Ostrox and Zaliyah are working on it but… The more the merrier. If someone else is waiting to chat about what to do in the lobby tell them to go bomb Metru-Koro. Can you do that on your way out for me?" Pridak’s words as the ivory warlord lounged on his throne came like a sledgehammer to Druu Arkkan, but he was long proficient at taking surprises in stride. Most of them, at least. Instead, then, of genuine surprise, Druu simply raised an eyebrow. Wouldn’t look good to seem not at least a little surprised. Without as much as an errant twitch of a facial muscle out of place from his usual calm and confident expression, the Ta-Skak grinned and nodded. “Yes, m’lord. I’ll see to it you’ll have a nice crater to view from your balcony. Will that be all?” Internally Druu was seething. Externally there was no tell. Druu had learned the hard way how to press down his emotions and put on a face. It was in part the reason he was so good at his job. "I mean yes I am done. Unless you want to tell me how things are going instead of writing them down. But I have a suspicious feeling making a crater out there is more useful. And fun." "As you command. I take my leave then." Bowing respectfully, Druu calmly made his way out of the throne room, his facade maintained all the way until the elevator doors closed, and his grin dropped immediately. A bombing run. A bombing run on Metru-Koro. Pridak wasn’t one to back down from decisions he’d made, Druu had found. Not unless by the intervention of some soothsayer type. Unfortunately, Druu Arkkan did not fit the bill for that particular play. There was no one he could turn to for this. He only had one option. Fortunately, Pridak had just handed it to him gift wrapped on a platter. The Inferno - Now “Man the gunner console. Fire to disable The Razorfish’s cannon.” Wordlessly, Amarth took a seat at the console. The hatch normally concealing the harpoon gun and the newly attached cannon opened up, the weapon lowering out before it began turning to aim at Zaliyah’s ship. Meanwhile, Druu was already at the ship’s helm, flying his ship just a little bit closer, crossing the boundary of courtesy into properly violating their personal space. The immense hulk of a ship called The Inferno loomed over the three smaller ships, and the very second after Amarth fired the cannon at The Razorfish’s identical weapon, her aim accounting for the small ship's new trajectory, Druu pushed the ship into full throttle and aimed it down, the ship lurching into a dive to ram straight into The Tranquility, as piloted by Ostrox, so as to drive it down into the approaching coast. As his airship plummeted toward the smaller ship, Druu’s face betrayed only a fierce determination. @Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui@Eyru
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    Name: Ultan Breed: Ta-Toa Breed Quirk: Resistance to extreme weather and temperatures Faction: N/A Brief Description: Ultan is adorned in obsidian, jet-black armor from collar to heel, intertwining lines of runes running along its grooves and surface. When his passions flare, these runes begin to glow with a vibrant green smolder. The runes are in a pre-Matoran dialect, and even Ultan is not sure of their origins. Since his awakening as a Toa, he has appeared as he has. Ultan wears a radiant neon green Kanohi, hewn by hand in sharp, immaculate relief. Ultan had long suspected it as defective, though kept it as an heirloom of his forgotten past. Over time, he began to suspect its identity as a Kanohi Olisi, a pseudo-legendary Kanohi with the ability to foresee alternative futures. Ultan had heard stories of only one such Kanohi in existence, worn by a fearsome figure of legend. Only after deep study in the Archives of Ko-Metru did Ultan come across records of several such masks existing elsewhere in the known world, though few in number. Still, he knows not how he came to be in possession of this one, if that was indeed what it was. Since his awakening as a Toa, he had experienced premonitions of alternative paths, alternative futures, and alternative pasts. He seldom knows what is the doing of his own mind, or that of the Kanohi he wears. Gear: Ultan carries two plain duel swords upon his back, and travels with a walking staff that can channel elemental energy. When he wants to avoid an unwelcome gaze, he wears a thick, white cloak that covers his outlandish armor, which more than once has attracted unwanted attention. Powers: Perhaps most curious about Ultan’s appearance is that which he keeps hidden within him. Unlike any Ta-Toa he has come across or heard of, the flames he conjures from his core appear bright green, as vibrant as a lush canopy beneath a shining sun. While his flames give off less heat than typical flames, they emit greater light and can create a gale of devastation when put into full force. Even when expelled from his frame, the flames remain green, and seem to rely on less fuel to stay alight. Ultan has long been on a search to find the source of his strange affliction, and has been shunned as an unwelcome mutant by fellow Ta-Toa in the past. Whether it is from his Kanohi or his training, Ultan possesses a unique ability to predict the routes of approach and attacks of his foes, making him a formidable force in combat. However, he has come to avoid violence wherever words and wisdom can do better. Psychological issues: Poor memory, disconnection with reality, thirst for historical and mystical knowledge, sometimes at personal expense Physical limitation: Ultan is largely unable to swim without artificial aid due to the weight of his armor. Because his flames radiate less heat than typical fire, he possesses a unique disadvantage to Ice-wielding entities. Background / Occupation: Ultan was a traveling monk and historian before the Great Cataclysm, trained in the fighting style of the Warriors of Light. He had traveled the world over in search for answers about his lost past, meeting a great number of strange figures in his travels. He sought to understand his place in the greater history of the world, and to help educate those around him to the higher mysteries of the universe. His premonitions made him distant, however, and he grew more seclusive in age and experience. Ultan has no clear memory of who he was before awakening as a Toa, an identity crisis that sent him on many a journey across the known world. After wrestling for centuries with visions of strange Toa he did not know or remember, he had come to believe that he may be a reincarnation of these previous figures. These visions seemed that of vague memories of a past not his, and ancient texts in the Archives of Ko-Metru indicated that ancient Matoran had once believed in such things as not only possible, but the highest truth. Already centuries struggling to understand his faded memory and reality, Ultan was thrown into physical shock when the Great Cataclysm occurred, finding himself washed ashore on a strange island overrun with even stranger creatures, the Skakdi-Xa. Strangest yet, the colossal skull of a machine of immeasurable size lay smote along the storming shores of this land, eyes empty and lifeless. Like many refugees, disoriented and confused, Ultan made way for Metro-Koro to gather his strength and to find answers. After recollecting himself from the throws of the Great Cataclysm, Ultan hazily recalled a strange, towering figure washed upon the shore beside him, rising and lumbering away into the jungle without him. He does not remember who this figure was, or why they were together during the event. He suspects that finding this figure will reveal to him his whereabouts and mission before the Great Cataclysm, of which he remembers nothing. What little Ultan remembers of his previous life before the Great Cataclysm comes in small, unwelcome bursts. He recalls searching for a fabled Mask of Elemental Energy, part of his search for rare and historical artifacts to make sense of his past and powers. In the before times, he had long been visited by vivid dreams of a blazing red star throbbing high in the night sky like a beacon. His life was given a new purpose when, as he awoke on the fateful shores of Zakaz, he looked up to find such a red star lingering high above. Now, he seeks to learn more about this strange celestial object, to learn what caused the Great Cataclysm that turned the world upside down and inside out, and to hunt down the strange figure that awoke beside him upon the shores of Zakaz.
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    IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro (Sans' Hut) Nale's optics widened at the sight of the mask, it giving off the aura of something arcane and legendary. Before she could say anything, her mouth opening to speak but nothing coming out, Knichou sped off, and immediately more questions swirled in her mind. But first, she had to get to the airship as well--the League had arrived ahead of schedule, and things were about to get serious. She bolted out the door, aided by her own Kakama, and caught up to Knichou as he arrived at the Taku, skidding to a stop beside the Fe-Toa. "I know this isn't the best time, I really do, but--what did the Turaga just give you? What are you going to do with it?" @BULiK IC: Rose - Coliseum Rose did indeed fit in the narrow corridor, with some audible scraping of metal from her mechsuit squeezing against it, and watched the Toa of Stone disappear into the darkness below. With a smirk, she looked to Skyra. "You first, hun." @Snelly@Toru Nui@EmperorWhenua
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    IC: Gore Fury (McGrokk's Shop) "What do you mean by strange, you don't like Takea tacos? Hah, I'm just messing with you. Listen, I don't think I've even introduce myself honestly, names Gore Fury great to meet you." As Gore introduced himself, he took a bite out of the taco, the mixture of vegetables creating a sensational feeling within his mouth alongside his flavor sauce exploding from the tender Takea filet within it, a sound of satisfaction coming from his mouth. "Oh, that's a good taco, mmm yeah, but, back on topic. The reason I came here is because I need help. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm not from here, I'm from that big head, crazy right? And, for my entire life, I've had one passion, food, and now, I've been given a whole new world of food to explore. But, I don't know if there is anything to be found to be honest. And yeah, I know this place got itself a fair few food dens, I was just at Yumiwak's just a second ago, but I could tell that the cooking spirit wasn't quite there, the showmanship of it all, it's missing. So I think, it might be time for this old skak to set up shop and open an establishment of my own, to show these skakdi how it's done, one where I can show everyone the real meaning of food, and I need help getting something like that set-up. So what do you think?" Gore finally ended, standing from the table, a half-eaten taco in one hand, his hands spread out in an odd gesture as a feignly confident grin was plastered on his face, his shade starting to slip off his snout. OOC: @Vezok's Friend IC: Apex (Fire Ruins) Apex laid there on her side of chamber, curled upon the floor and sulkily thinking over her situation and the words of that foreign skak. She laid there unmoving, unbreathing even, until the shocking feeling flowed through her form, the sense of entrapment leaving her mind. Rising to her feet, Apex let out a joyful trill, the sound reminiscent of the tropical birds that once dwelled within the jungles to the south. "Maybe I will allow those skakdi to live..." Apex thought to herself, before being interrupted by some new and unknown voice. “Wow. Three in one day. You all decided to get a life again? Oh. Oh no no no. Why do you keep bringing apostates and heretics into these hallowed chambers? I am the Administrator. Please state your names. And while I can’t make you leave, you heretics are not welcome.” "RARGH! Who are you, are you the one that attempted to trap me within this prison?! I am Apex, predator of the skakdi, and I shall not be trapped, by skak or by whatever being you are, now reveal yourself!" Apex roared out into the chamber as a whole, trying to illicit a response from this administrator. OOC: @Onaku @~Xemnas~ @Eyru @Nato the Traveler @Keeper of Kraata @Toru Nui @Unreliable Narrator IC: Vulimai (Metru-Koro Garrison) Vulimai blew on the horn with all her breath, till she couldn't blow on the horn anymore. Slumping over the railing next to the horn, Vulimai looked down towards the whole of Metru-Koro for one last time, the sight of the matoran and inhabitants making their way to the New Archive, just as she ordered them to practice that day. Her matoran guards were quickly moving into position, taking up the walls and preparing to sling out their kanoka's if the enemy dared to get in range, she just hoped that they could do something, anything, against this threat. As she looked across the whole of the settlement, she spied the Taku, located by the northern gates. She knew that she should stay with her matoran, to command them against this threat, but that airship...if it has a working radio, then maybe, just maybe, she could perhaps, at best, buy the matoran time. Turning back towards the hatch, Vulimai quickly descended the stairs, stopping by her office to grab her halberd, and taking the exit that ran along the walls, she made her way towards the northern gate, towards the Taku, as fast as she could.
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    IC: Sans, Turaga's Hut As Sans considered a reply, the alarm sounded. The old leader stood defiantly and looked Knichou in the eyes. "You have whatever you need, but first our time has come. It seems the League is still as untrustworthy as ever. That alarm can only mean an attack; the time for battle has come. I need to lead the Matoran into the new Archives... and I need you to take charge of the defenses." Sans walked to the chest by his bed, and removed a sack form within. "You two, don't let anyone who isn't absolutely essential know I'm giving you this. Everyone thinks this mask is destroyed or forgotten, yet I've had it here. If you weren't here, Knichou, I had other plans for it, but given the circumstances, you may be the single greatest hope for all the Matoran, young Toa." Sans revealed the Legendary Mask of Creation from inside the sack. "You alone have the wisdom and intellect to use this mask. Promise me you would sooner destroy it than let the enemy get this. All hope is lost if evil gains this power." Sans thrust the Kanohi into Knichou's hands then hurried to the door without waiting for a response. "If we survive this, come find me again, huhuhuhuhuhu." Sans ran through the streets as fast as his legs could carry him. He used his mask to grow several feet taller, increasing his stride and making him easier to follow. "The Archaves! The Archaves! Everyone, we practiced this, go an hide in the Archaves!" OOC: @BULiK
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    IC Stannis | Coliseum "Naturally," Stannis jokingly said, though it was heavily betrayed by the foreboding tone of his voice that fit the circumstance, "follow me, graceful and swift flying fish." With that, the old man moved with surprising quickness from the cargo bay and towards the Coliseum, hopefully with his three companions in tow. His objective was entering through one of the many ground-level service elevators, usually used by repair matoran workers and vahki enforcers, and move around the ancient redoubt just as he had when he sought out Dume's private offices. His memory was no better that it was before and was not the most up-to-date on the architecture of the Coliseum, however he still mysteriously possessed the ability to always be headed in the right direction. Despite appearing aimless, he held himself with a sense of unerring confidence, and sure enough, as he effortlessly elementally heaved aside a boulder that had fallen from a higher ledge sometime during the cataclysm of the Great Spirit's destruction, he revealed a narrow corridor just wide enough to admit Rose with some tightening of the shoulders, and a security elevator just beyond the exterior portal. "This is the way," he said and tore the elevator's double doors open with his hands, exposing the vacant shaft. And then he jumped into the shaft, grabbed hold of the cables, and descended into the darkness of the tunnel. IC Yumiwak | Panda II So the corpses were a little old, but that was fine. Even by the best intelligence I could get—Kunok McGrokk's—I still had to anticipate some lag. I took a moment to admire the death and mayhem evident by the strewn about corpses, an entire party of Mesi gruesomely laid to waste, and was ensured of the prowess of this warrior woman. This was truly a challenge worthy of my attention! I gleamed. Now where would this warrior go from here? If I were her I would try to go home, to the thing I knew best of all in this land. I turned my telescūpe to the land between us and the severed head and pointed towards it. "Over there!" I barked to the helmsman. "We're going to the ####### head." IC Hiripaki | Archives The Vault door, being just an inanimate object, did not respond to Achro and instead just let the rogue toa of mist look like an cool dude talking to nothing.
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    OOC: Assume you've been tagged, missing posts in this roundup: ruins of ice and Pridak. My brain needs more time on both. IC: Reliable Narrator | Near the Aqua Sphere (9,12) Strangely, they found no hut in the woods. They did find a dank cave with a boulder turned to dust near its mouth. Weeds grew over the lip of the cave mouth, trying to hide the restful space. It seemed deserted, but something very large used it in the past if the claw marks on the walls indicated anything. OOC: This was Apex’s prison until recently. Feel free to rest. IC: Reliable Narrator | Stone Suva Mahrika brought her tool down into the sands, using it as a makeshift shovel. It didn’t take long to reach the lava rock flooring as Ollem did before turning the suva. The more they revealed together, the more things seemed to be heading in the right direction. After several minutes of digging and shifting sands, they noted a silver metal line running like a thread of a spider’s web along the floor of the gazebo towards the East… IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire Whira examined the carvings on the wall. The dark shadows in the recesses of the carvings clung to her hand as she wiped away the dust. The hieroglyphs were mainland in origin, but similar enough to the glyphs on the Kumu Islets to understand the general scope. The chamber she stood in seemed to be a wall of stories, full of the tales of wild, dangerous rahi being bested by brave matoran. It mentioned Xa, the dark primordial hunger in the heart of all. As she continued to read, her eyes found a symbol unseen on the mainland: a counterclockwise spiral with four small lines radiating outward. She knew the symbol. It covered every surface of Desecration Rock on the southernmost point of the mainland. The symbol stood for the taboo, the workings of her kind. The longer she stared the darker the symbols seemed to become, absorbing the shadows around it. She knew touching it would burn her, marking her with the same symbol of the taboo. There was something hidden in this ruin. Something unspeakable, hidden in plain. Something she could learn. Xane wrote the charms in blood on the chunks of armor, and then tossed them in the basin. The lava bubbled and hissed as it melted through each piece of metal. The bloody symbols remained at the top, turning golden at the surface of the lava in the basin. The words written on the wall turned golden as well. With the churning of stone form somewhere far away, everyone inside the chambers felt an electric tickle and realized, without a shadow of a doubt, they were free to leave at last. Whatever powers held them within lifted. The carved doorway in the wall became a glowing portal of gold and red. A voice echoed from nowhere in particular; “Wow. Three in one day. You all decided to get a life again? Oh. Oh no no no. Why do you keep bringing apostates and heretics into these hallowed chambers? I am the Administrator. Please state your names. And while I can’t make you leave, you heretics are not welcome.” IC: Ehlek | Metru-Nui, Le-Metru The Barraki inventor spent the next several hours fiddling with his friend. Mantax never approved of the experiments Ehlek conducted during their war. He said the ideas Ehlek imagined were “dishonorable” and “apathetic for the life they consumed.” Ehlek couldn’t understand Mantax’s code of honor. Mantax justified murder, but not using the raw materials created in murder’s wake? Ehlek’s people lived on the bottom of the protodermis seas for thousands of years before their uplifting. They desperately fought for survival against zyglak and other aquatic beings. You used everything in the watery depths, down to the last knuckle. To not use everything was wasteful, and, in Ehlek’s system of thought: dishonorable. In a way, remaking his friend was the honorable thing to do. Ehlek’s standards made the creation of some gorish abomination impossible. Mantax needed to still be powerful, distinguished, and awe inspiring. Luckily, hundreds of mass-produced mechanical dolls ready to accept a new host consciousness worked tirelessly around him. Earlier experiments proved partially successful. He moved personalities, not memories, and it worked. The vahki wearing masks on necklaces were nearly indistinguishable from their old forms. In a way, the matoran seemed happier now. They didn’t remember a time before the crash. But Mantax needed his memories. Ehlek just needed more time, but time came in short supply with Pridak devolving day by day from a proud and powerful ruler into an apathetic and depressed husk... IC: Boss | Nightmare Pits Boss heard his knuckle duster scrape across Barius’ cheek plate and audio processor, the thin line of drawn blood making the ivory weapon in his hands cackle. The elemental weapon found during a journey to the Kumu Islets wasn’t alive per se, but it laughed each time it tasted blood. His arm grasped around Barius’s shoulder successfully, hand finding a grip on the armor as Barius’s kick hit him in the leg. They tumbled with Barius on top. The two of them fell onto the stone ledge, snapping and grunting at each other. Boss felt one of his canteens break when he hit the ground, and the water inside spilled out. The nearly empty glass jar of spice crunched into powder. “Got nerve, I’ll give you that,” Boss said while he repeatedly slammed his knuckle dusters toward Barius’s ribs, hoping to pound through the rough protodermis plating made by the kraata powers bestowed by Parnassus, or catch Barius’s sensitive armpit. With each blow he willed the puddle of water to form an edge along his knuckle dusters, one of the perks of having a small elemental weapon clutched in his fist..
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