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  1. If Bionicle did return, do yall think the sets would have the HF style joints or the previous Bionicle joints (but less easily broken)?
  2. Preston Stormer was my first set. I thought his weapon was interesting so I eventually got him at TRU.
  3. "Light has revealed the will of Mata Nui. Our brother must be awakened." — Takutanuva, Mask of Light
  4. I used to read/lurk here but eventually, I couldn't help joining BZP.
  5. Not sure how the minifigs are supposed to be a reason for Hero Factory becoming worse, personally I find them very original and a good move. And I seriously doubt they'd do the latter.-Gata Haha, I guess I'm just used to the previous HF sets, where each character was similar in construction and size to the Bionicle action figures. That's just me though lol.
  6. Hopefully, because HF is getting worse and worse. (Minifigs??? What on earth???) Also, not sure if this has been mentioned, but if they mix HF and Bionicle into one toyline next year, I'm done.
  7. It's okay, above average.
  8. I guess I won't be able to see my first post on bzp ever again.
  9. Lmao, BZP is desperate because they know discussion is slowly dying down and people are becoming more and more inactive. First it was the new member policy and now this.Don't get me wrong though, I think this is a great change.
  10. It's not the staff's fault. It's the rules and regulations, which are somewhat harsh in my opinion. The staff are only here to enforce the rules, which, more often than not, rubs people the wrong way. There are times when the staff can be a bit inconsistent in doing their jobs, and unfair, particularly in debates where they might agree with someone who is clearly attacking you and being immature instead of actually debating. Considering my case, I used to always participate in HF/Bionicle debates and a certain group of scumbag comic-makers would always be flaming incessantly towards me, yet a certain forum assistant blamed me for initiating the argument. Another time, I got my proto lowered for doing absolutely nothing. That's part of the reason why I'm less active and I've never participated in another debate since then. But the main reason is not the staff or the rules, it's because people like me are more interested in other things besides a dead toyline.
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