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  1. ...and this is the collection of helmets I've acquired from my various conquests.
  2. My goodness this stuff is absolutely goooorgeous!! The shapes, poses, patterns and silhouettes of the sketches are really engaging. Love the composition in that first illustration. The values and colours in the first illustration on the second row.... I can't stop staringgg. <3 Nice work with the 3D sculpts! Hard edge sculpting is fiddly. If this was last years work can't wait to see what you do this year!
  3. Film Trailer voice: "He's one angry Metal Maniac, and he's prepared to do whatever it takes to get back the other half of his cool mask frills!"
  4. It's amazing to see just how well recieved Terrible Comics has been so far!! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next. @Inferna Thanks Inferna! Not a happy little Bohrok at all. Not like the little black one. @Taka Nuvia I'll admit, I'm a fan of drawing Bohrok cuter than they should be. XD
  5. I loved the building aspect of the sets and the cool designs. Also, having played with other kinds of dolls I loved the different look. But the adventure and mystery! Exploration and magical powers! Love those themes for sure! (Don't know much of the story though, need to read through it sometime. Mostly a film and set based fan)
  6. It had to be done! XD Zahaki, too cool for the rest of us nutters? ;p (Psd can be downloaded here, now. Looks like dA's stash can handle .psd's as well!)
  7. Oh! Haha! Okay yeah, I can easily go change that I mean the pose would work for startled too. Zip! Yours is adorable! But I wish you good luck in you war against the Art Programs! *waves flag* UPDATED VERSION Also, BONUS IMAGE! She was just too zippy to dodge.
  8. *Sneak sneak sneak* Sorry Zippy, couldn't resist! Will change if you want me to. c: Used the png and worked on that (made a .psd as well, yay for backups!) http://sta.sh/01rnqht6ng69
  9. I like the "Mspaint Monday" idea! "From the depths arose a creature most peculiar, and from its jaws a torrential rain of Bionicle comics fell upon us! Devouring our time and sanity"
  10. Heheh. One of your characters winking at us? Maybe a stand in for yourself? Wearing a silver kanohi avokii?An X sits in the corner. Therefore one can only assume that the characters name is 'The' so your avatar spells your username. ;p
  11. Yes. Mosquitoes. >:CTPBM is feeling tired.
  12. Oh you curious winking Takanuva, you. Actually, it's Takutanuva, a good guy.Oh really? Cool! Better go do me some research. :BAnd yeah, it is hand drawn. Did it myself. Haven't sized it up since the forum switch though.
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