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  3. IC: The Fourth "It'll be okay, it'll be okay, it'll be okay ..." Whether those words for the sake of others or for herself, Four had long forgotten. Ever since their arrival, ever since the hospital had recruited her into their efforts to help everyone, she had been constantly on the move, attending to the bedsides of all who had been injured. She hadn't a single moment to rest, not even to recuperate with the Fowadi crew that she had fought alongside. She could only give those comforting, reassuring words, provide as much healing as possible, and keep moving. And it was her who reached Krayn first. For a moment she hadn't even recognised them. It was only after she dropped down to Krayn's side, drawing out her elemental essence and funnelling it into the badly wounded Toa of Sonics, did the realisation come. And with that realisation, both relief and panic. Relief that he -- with Naona and Dehkaz beside him -- had made it out of the warzone alive, and panic that it would be her actions that decided whether he lived or died. It was selfish of her, perhaps. Unfair, perhaps, on everybody else she had healed that day. But because it was Krayn -- because it was this stubborn little boy who she had chosen to call a brother -- she put just a bit more effort into it. Channelled just a little bit more of her power over Water. Because she could save him. Because she could stabilise him. "It'll be okay, it'll be okay," she spoke softly, gently. Her hands were glowing over his unconscious body. "You're safe now." And slowly, surely, health was beginning to return to that Aggressor. OOC: @Krayzikk
  4. I don't think the staff would've noticed either. They've been taking some time to rest, after all.
  5. IC: Prei Prei got some doughnuts.
  6. Krayzikk probably wouldn't have noticed if your character just turned up without having ever been in jail at the start of next arc lmao. Would've missed out on actually RPing a cool prison break, but that's the easiest way to pull off a prison break.
  7. do not trust onarax to finish things on time
  8. @Pteronura Brasiliensis lmao look at this uncreative trend-chaser
  9. Pretty wack to see you back into the BZPRPGroove, my dude.
  10. IC: Zomma Caruchi "Wack."
  11. IC: Ophaim "First, let me establish something: do you ... know how to make pasta?"
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