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  1. I'm all for the John Williams state anthems, especially since the Maryland anthem is just "O Christmas Tree" but about the tyranny of Abraham Lincoln (we weren't even a confederate state, so why our song is anti-Lincoln is beyond me).
  2. I have a feeling that this time it's not the same kid from the first movie telling the story, but his sister. It's supposed to take place about five years after the first movie, so my theory is that the original kid is now a teenager and stopped playing with Lego (hence the Mad Max apocalypse), so his sister is taking his sets to her room (the Sis-Star system) to play with.
  3. That would work, although I think Thanos should have been too tricky for his own good (no spoilers I promise).
  4. My PS4 has the same feature. I called it Ralph.
  5. I guess I'll throw my hat (mask?) in the ring
  6. Hordaki

    Forced Puns

    These are simultaneously horrible and amazing. Bravo, good sir. Bravo.
  7. That's dedication right there. Now, for round two maybe it's time for the Okoto alphabet?
  8. I liked what JJ did with Force Awakens, so I'm glad to see him back. I think considering everything that has happened with Lord and Miller, Trank, and Trevorrow, Kathleen Kennedy wanted a director she could trust to not go crazy with the source material. And while I would love to see what Patty could do with Star Wars, I'd much prefer her to stay with WW2. DC needs her, but Lucasfilm doesn't.
  9. Honestly, this is probably just a stunt so he can promote the Terminator 2 rerelease. No publicity is bad publicity and all that.
  10. I'm surprised that no one has pointed out the the comic shop owner is wearing a GALIDOR T-SHIRT. Is this the first time Lego has acknowledge Galidor since it was cancelled?
  11. METROOOOIIIID Can't wait for 4, and I might pick up Returns if I have the cash.
  12. FINALLY Even though it's just a logo for now, this got me more hyped than any other new game at E3 (except maybe Spider-Man, but we already knew about that game). Also Samus Returns for 3DS seems pretty sweet from what they showed of it. Maybe Metroid Dread could finally happen?
  13. Spider-Man is the exception because Sony is in charge of their own marketing instead of Disney. Disney's been pretty good at avoiding spoilers, although their teasers are usually more focused on tone than plot anyway. I'm sure the full trailer will actually talk about the plot of the movie. Anyway, Black Panther was a surprisingly awesome character in Civil War, so I'm really excited to see what he can do in his own movie. Some of the CG shots don't look great, but 8 more months of post-production will probably iron those out. Seems exciting and I'm looking forward to it.
  14. If that's the reason I'll accept it, but I still wish they would at least acknowledge why they're ignoring Crystal.
  15. 1. Never really played Pokken, so I can't comment on that. I did enjoy the trollish "Pokemon is coming to the Switch... with Pokken Tournament DX!" and I sincerely hope that was an intentional troll. 2. Excited for these (probably getting Silver since I got HeartGold last time around), but where's my Crystal!? 3. I'm hoping these lean more toward Black 2 and White 2-levels of extra content instead of simple director's cuts like Platinum and Emerald. And I have a feeling that the legendaries are actually forms of Necrozma. I think that he's using his prism powers to become versions of Solgaleo and Lunala made out of light.
  16. I prefer Batman Begins, and I've always felt like I was the only person who didn't get the hype of The Dark Knight. I feel validated by this post. .... hold on a minute, let refresh myself. Out of all the good batman films, you have.... Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman, Batman Returns, and The Adam West Batman. I..... suppose I could understand ranking The Dark Knight below all of these. Just please tell me you aren't ranking it below Batman Forever or Batman and Robin. Don't forget LEGO Batman, Mask of the Phantasm, and (debatable but still) BvS.
  17. Hordaki

    Stupid Thought

    It means Pixar was trying to warn us the whole time!
  18. Now you just need to find Slizer.
  19. It's funny how three years ago, hardly anyone knew about the Guardians of the Galaxy and nobody expected it to be a hit. And now I just saw Geico, Hanes, and Ford all run commercials about them. Groot was hanging out with the Gecko and underwear will help you save the universe. Hollywood is weird.
  20. I watched the 4 dozen eggs one before. I immediately regretted making that decision.
  21. Something important to note is that whatever games come out next will probably have their own exclusives (maybe not new Pokemon, but probably new forms). Speaking of new games, isn't it interesting how out of the four Pokemon in the movie not from Gen 1, two are from Gen 4? I wonder...
  22. Hordaki

    Little Known Fact

    Sheer brilliance.
  23. If Elsa was willing to be ruthless, she could just freeze Korra's heart and just stall for time until Korra turns to ice. Otherwise, I'd go Korra. She could counter most of Elsa's ice attacts, and she has a better understanding of combat in general.
  24. A while back I accidentally came across some of my old sprite comics and decided to read them. I still have the nightmares.
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