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  1. IC Kanohi - Kini-Nui Kanohi had not really noticed Vulimai’s reaction, he had been uncomfortable gazing at the mask and had turned away. But Nale’s reaction reached his sensors, as did Vulimai’s reply. Had he made her uncomfortable, drawing attention to her mask? “S-sorry, did not mean to be rude,” he said as he followed them out of the airship. He shouldn’t have said anything. It was cruel of him. Though, he had to ask for Collector. Though, if Collector had a desecrated mask, would he be similarly uncomfortable. And was this more of the Matoran fear of things unlike them? As he followed Vulimai he found Stannis standing besides the Aspect Whisper, along with the Toa Taja. He … he had a duty to their unity. He swallowed and apologized, “Toa Taja, I am sorry for blurting out a request earlier only to leave. It … it was rude. Toa Stannis, I am sorry for not taking the time to speak to you in length, I have no excuse for either.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Nato the Traveler @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui @Tarn @Eyru
  2. IC Kanohi - Kini-Nui The Fe-Matoran Councilor paused, “Toa Stannis has influence on Barraki Aurax? I … was not aware of that. That could affect things, depending on what his influence is. If it is alright, can you tell us a bit more about it? I am not the most familiar with the League’s new leader. Or, it’s older leaders.” He swallowed and continued, “And about sacrifices, sorry. I know I am naive. I … I know that sacrifices must be made. I know that rationally at least, if not emotionally. I just … in all honesty I am a bit uncomfortable with mentioning them so casually. But maybe if it was subtle, it would be easier to ignore what we were discussing.” Kanohi sighed, and then once more caught sight of Vulimai’s rusted mask. He tried not to gag, he could practically feel the jagged texture against his skin. He swallowed though, he had a duty. ”A-Akiri Vulimai, sorry. Just, textures can mess with me. But, do remind me to ask you a question after we finish this decision. It’s not about the Vahki.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui @Tarn
  3. In other news, in before a bunch of people start sprouting tentacles in Kini-Koro since Viltia may be teaching them her taboo.
  4. IC Kanohi - Kini-Nui Kanohi flinched, but not because of Vulimai. The Akiri had asked only to delay for now which … made sense. It was disheartening, but it made sense. Kini-Koro would need to prepare for the worst, as would Tobduk-Koro. They would both need defenses, shelters, and plans in case the league bombed the portals to sever the two villages. They would need plans to protect life. They would need stockpiles onto survive on if they couldn’t shepherd, water to live on, it would time. And with that beast out there, they needed to be ready even if they succeeded. No, instead he was disturbed by Councilor NU’s casual suggestion to dismiss any people sent to free the Vahki. To deny any involvement. To abandon them. He … he had just praised the virtue of Unity. It was … he knew Mata-Nui was no kind god, he knew that it might even be smart to deny that they had broken the truce. But th-the ruthlessness. Memories resurfaced, Vahki marching in Metru-Nui, guarding all ports, when he was there he saw them prevent a few former slaves from Stelt, the panic attack and them blasting him. The weeks of interrogation, study, the staves made the memories faint, but as the vigilante Kanohi he could remember Vahki brainwashing Matoran, enforcing constant labor, hunting any stragglers, how they hunted Toa Stannis… He shook his head. That … that was the work of Dume, the Turaga who had at least one Matoran killed. And he … Matoran society was prejudicial, he had a bias, he probably misremembered the details. He had never been smart or able to handle conflict he … his perspective was not reliable on this. Finally he said, “I … I so many died in the Impact. I … I don’t think we can sacrifice more. I … I suppose if we could have Toa use Iden to puppet mindless drones, have them do it. I … I think Knichou could make drones easily enough. Or maybe backups of the Tobduk-Koro Vahki. If it is important enough.” He swallowed and looked at Nale. “I … I am not a good mask maker, I am better than I was in my homeland, but even then, I know at least what masks are meant to look like.” Meaning he was pretty sure Knichou now wore a Legendary Mask, and well, he knew one had last been in Metru-Koro, and given all the things built in Kini-Koro, well, Kanohi was a fool, but not completely oblivious. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui @Tarn
  5. IC Kanohi - Kini-Nui Kanohi winced, and looked away, embarrassed and ashamed. The repercussions of this idea was starting to really hit him. It was … he wasn’t sure what to do. But he … he had a duty to continue. N-no, he and the Vahki had Unity, they were kin from the flood. He … he had to honor that unity. “I … I realize now just how important this is. I do not know what to do, and it would affect many lives either way. And I am sure Councilor NU will explain this better than me. But, it’s … Councilor NU has alerted me to the fact that most Vahki still are slaves of the League.” “We M-Matoran have little right to judge. It … I do not know if you know of Kilo, he was one of the explorers who found where Tobduk-Koro was founded, as well as helped find the Great Disks of Earth and Stone. He also was an early model of robot called a Kralhi that were replaced by the Vahki. And when the Vahki replaced his people … the Matoran ordered them to slaughter any Kralhi who refused to die. We … we ordered a genocide because we decided a people had become obsolete. And we that a people did not count as alive.” The Fe-Matoran swallowed, “the Vahki should not be forced to keep serving anyone, including Matoran or Toa. We … I wish to liberate the Vahki from control of the League. This would likely violate the truce between us and the league. Unless we could convince Barraki Aurax to free them, but I do not know how. Nor do I know how we could free them. If we built a new hive, it would likely have less influence than the Metru-Nui ones. It might be possible to have the hives, but I am not tech savvy enough to know how.” Councilor Kanohi leaned on his staff, “I … I do not know how to proceed. I … I do not want a renewed war. I do not want more d-death. But the order of slavery is no peace at all. At the same time, if we did try to free them, Barraki Aurax might blame you too. Kini-Koro could be caught in the crossfire, regardless of whether or not you agree to help this plan. And that would not be fair to you.” He looked at Vulimai’s feet, unable to match her gaze. “I … a wise Vortixx reminded me once that the greatest virtue of ours is Unity, the bonds we have together. I … I am sure that something must be done, but I believe it should be done with consent from Kini-Koro as well as Tobduk-Koro. So p-please, any advice, any suggestion you have, any concern, please let us work through them together.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui @Tarn
  6. Karzahni, might as well explain that old plot point. Not sure if I will use her sooner than later, just giving me the option. Name: Kardaka Breed: Turaga of Stone Faction: Life Brief Description: a Yellowish-Orange and Metru Gray Turaga, her build is fairly muscular with somewhat thick armor, she has light green eyes and heartlight, she wears a Noble Kiril and has a pair of big feet, her running speed is slow and lumbering. Carved into her armor are simple words like “compassion” “peace” and “penance.” Dangling from her thigh are a few pouches filled with pebbles. Background: A Turaga of Stone, only a few months ago she was a Toa of Stone wandering Zakaz. Haunted by a past she barely remembered, she believes her fellow Toa were slavers and abusers, whose cruelty and greed doomed the world, before the richest of her kind fled in an ark. Out of guilt she had traveled the island since then to help anyone in need, weathering sand storms and the swamp as her penance. When the Impact happened, she found many survivors suffering and wounded in the north. Taking pity on them she used her element to build them huts made of stone, used her Kiril to mend their tools, and used her Toa Power to heal their injured. In the end she used the last of her Toa Power, turning herself into a Turaga. She then left this “Po-Koro” and resumed her wandering to help others across Zakaz. Since becoming a Turaga she is weaker in many ways, and despite more than a month passing she still struggles to adjust to her current stature. Flaws: Kardaka is pacifist to a fault, unwilling to hurt another being. To this end she relies on using her Badge of Office and her power over pebbles to herd Rahi and other enemies. She also is unused to her status as a Turaga, both in her proportions and her more limited power. She believes her people have committed horrible things, and while stoic about it, she believes she is evil and therefore must constantly make amends. She also is physically slow, as her big feet and shorter legs to not lend themselves to sprinting. Powers/Equipment: Kardaka is a Turaga of Stone, giving her limited control over the element of stone, which she mostly uses to control small pebbles and make them into loose constructs. She wears and can access the powers of a Noble Kiril, letting her repair her equipment. She carries pouches of pebbles to supply herself with her element, and has a long pinching staff for her Badge of Office that she uses to keep Rahi at bay, as well as to rescue people, artifacts, and Rahi she cannot reach. She carries a few supplies on her back like a bedroll, a Lightstone, and a canteen. As a breed quirk she is stronger than most Turaga, letting her carry her tools more easily.
  7. Analog time? Wait, should I be viewing the Suva as a clock, with The four/Red/Muaka representing 0/12:00? I did consider that, but I wasn’t sure how it would fit into the puzzle.
  8. IC “Collector” - Tobduk-Koro Collector sighed, that was not much help. They couldn’t exactly abandon this place to go on an adventure, they recalled what happened last time. They had a duty toTobduk-Koro. But more than that, the village needed unity, they needed to be unified, and everyone cared for. They could not leave on some errand. Still, it was interesting that the Admin relied on a network of Suva and Ruins for its computing power. Given what they knew, there were likely twelve servers, and if only two were unengaged, that suggested the rest had all been activated, at least partly. Which suggested a lot more treasures hunting than they had suspected, Still, that was not relevant to now. So instead they began to look over the walls of the temple, tracing the ruins with their hands. As they worked they tried to keep their back to Ulkarr, hopefully letting the Aspect find whatever secret the ruin held. It was regretful they could not help, but they assumed their forced ignorance would be payment enough for the information earlier. As Collector felt the walls and looked around, attempted to use their Kiril to patch up scratch or dent they saw or felt, particularly in the chamber of the NUVA Door. The leak that transformed Arkius had been there, if it happened again… ”Now that the Nuva Door has been activated, can you tell us more of this ruin’s purpose?” They asked abruptly, “I believe you claimed that what happened to Toa Arkius had merely been a side effect.” A thought struck them suddenly, “And why were you deactivated anyway? If each ruin and Suva needs to be manually turned back on, what had turned each of them off?” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Toru Nui … IC Mahrika - The Suva of Fire The Desecrated Ga-Matoran rubbed her head, trying to think. As she paced she heard a groan, and looked up to see Ollem sweating extensively, even as he slid on the boots. “Take a break,” she encouraged, “I will keep working on the puzzle, you take care of yourself.” He nodded vaguely and left the boiling hot center of the Suva, leaving her alone with Vokarda. “Four is red, two is cream, one is dark green. Red/four is the only one to face a cardinal direction: north. There are three rings in the temple that are color coded to the statues. Lining the rings up with the statues and spinning them in complete circles did nothing.” She muttered to herself, trying to provoke an idea. ”I suppose the rings might need to be turned a certain amount from the starting position of the statues. Like maybe green needs to be turned one segment, cream two, and red four. Not full rotations, at least except for red, just moving in thirds of the ring. But what would that have to do with north?” She supposed maybe north divided the Suva into east and west, sunrise and sunset. Maybe that was the direction to go? But both clockwise and counterclockwise would return to the east from the west eventually. Well, at least she could always try again. Mahrika began to rotate each ring counterclockwise, so that the red ring and the cream ring aligned with the green salamander, and the green ring and lined up with the Cream bull If that would not work, she would then rotate the rings clockwise, so that the cream ring and green ring aligned with the red Muaka, the red ring aligned with the bull. Did any of those techniques work? OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad
  9. Still, we have over five months left of the game, with that length hopefully Collector will get the chance, maybe pairing with Jutori or someone. I … do have some rough ideas I would want to do with my Vortixx, depending on the prompt I get.
  10. In other news depending on how things go, I might want to have either Collector or Mahrika go on a Far Shore adventure at some point. I just read over Sidra and Sala’s stories, and congrats folks, I’m into it. The only issue is Collector might end up leaving to deal with the Vahki situation, and Mahrika is busy with puzzles and the Aqua-Sphere.
  11. Me: excited that Mahrika now can physical adapt Also me: wait Tuakana can do what now?
  12. IC Kanohi - Kini-Nui Kanohi nodded, face reddening, “Thank you. I … I will try not to degrade myself. And thank you for taking care of the Matoran.” It was hard not to critique himself, it was even practical. Arguing, conflict; that was nerve-wracking and stressful. It was far easier to just admit he was probably wrong. And well, he was a fool, he made so many mistakes, failed to understand things, messed up frequently. The only reason he was in a position of authority was because Stannis appointed him there. Though he supposed he was getting better at things. He had learned to forge two kinds of disks, had finally made a powered mask, he had finally learned some of the crimes of the Matoran, and was trying to address that, haphazardly as it was. And Tobduk-Koro could be worse off. He shook his head of such thoughts, and began to walk after the rest of the group into the Ampling Alps. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui @BULiK @Tarn
  13. @Unreliable Narrator last game Ollem scavenged two Noble masks from the Ruins of Water after freeing Kas. He then gave them to Mahrika. I had forgotten to mark them in her SKA profile, and I was checking that my forgetfulness had not screwed us over. Link to the post here.
  14. IC Kanohi - Kini-Nui Kanohi winced, “that … I know I am naive, sorry. Just, well, well we all know I am cross-wired,” he looked away, drumming his staff, “I … Metru-Nui … when I fled to the city of legend, it hit me my home was gone and I had a panic attack and that scared the guards… well, it took a month before the Vahki released me.” And that month was … not fun. ”I … I don’t want the sick to feel like prisoners. Or like they are monsters. I-it’s not their fault. And even if they aren’t proper Matoran, they are still people. I just I want them t-to be…” He sighed, “I know, I am naive. I apologize if I seemed judgmental, I am just projecting I suppose.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui @BULiK @Tarn
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