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  1. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran winced at Sorilax’s words, and cleared her throat, “I am not sure how much help I would be either. Most of the time since the head crushed my … home, I have been solving puzzles with Ollem. Well, Ollem did the bulk of the work. I did solve the Fire Suva puzzle though.” She smiled at that. Ollem finally rematerialized, it was clear Sorilax was not an immediate threat. And he clearly knew many secrets, maybe some of the secrets behind Mahrika’s strange behavior. He approached the Aspect, “I am not familiar with your breed. What exactly can Aspects do?” ”They can give powers,” Mahrika said suddenly, “My p-people were … they feared them as temptresses who encouraged murder and death. I feared them too. But … the good ones, they can do the opposite. They can preserve the souls of the dying, keep the ill and injured alive, stop their stars from snuffing out. If their partner or family is willing.” Ollem startled at her, as she said abruptly, “So, Toa Kas? Where do we head next?” She had … maybe said more than she meant to, but she … it felt like the Aspect was wary of her. And if he was an Aspect, he could possibly recognize Adaptation. He might know she was Desecrated, and … it made her freer to be more open. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
  2. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran nodded faintly at her brother’s thoughts. She … she should indeed be more cautious. Sorilax could have a Kraata power of mind reading, he could just be saying what she wants to hear. But … if he was of Life, and Tuakana was Time, then her dreams grew closer to reality. Mahrika wondered what that would be like. If Vokarda had never died, she likely would lose the power of Adaption. Vokarda would be there to help her adjust, but it would be strange being so vulnerable to cold and heat, let alone losing her newer powers. It might be rough. But it would be worth it. Although Tuakana wanted to render time meaningless, so maybe both versions of Vokarda could coexist? Time seemed to be a confusing element. She shook her head of her meandering thoughts and said, “I would be willing to help you find this secret of restoring life without a taboo.” For now at least. Tuakana was right, she needed to be careful. At Sorilax’s reaction to her list she tightened, “I … I , no wonder the island has suffered so.” If he was not lying. She clenched her Flame Sword tight, “I … I vaguely recall Mata-Nui being known as a Lesser Spirit of our island. But if he was an Trickster who ascended … a Spirit of Death…” There was a faint bitter laugh. Ollem shook his head. Of course Mata-Nui was a God of death, why else would the Turaga and Toa enforce his will? He should have known. Still, Ollem did not reappear. Mahrika had said nothing of these Aspects or Tricksters until now, but hearing her, that huge being she was close with. They looked almost nothing like Sorilax but, was that an Aspect? What exactly were Aspects? And if Mata-Nui caused all the suffering getting powerful, what did that Tuakana and Sorilax need to do? Mahrika meanwhile looked at Sorilax, “I am not sure of the details of this place, Toa Kas knows more about the Admin than us. From what I understand, this floating sphere traveled to Tren-Nui from somewhere else, carrying the Admin in it. Like a disembodied spirit. They then telepathically infiltrated the Ruins and Suvas, like they were using an Iden. I know very little else.” OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
  3. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro The cross-wired Councilor shivered too, the cold … it lingered in the air, almost reminding him of Komisti’s blade. Hopefully … hopefully they were okay in Kini-Koro. Hopefully everyone was okay in that village. They had more Toa and Skakdi with access to the elements, maybe they could endure. He shook his head of those thoughts and said, “I … I don’t know if we should hang up on Kini-Koro while they face this Tahtarok. Maybe open a second line to reach Ko-Pou, if we can. I … I don’t fully understand the limits Of the radio tower.” He was not the greatest engineer.Though not the worst either. He turned to the Skakdi, “Enra, if it’s okay, ask Kini-Koro if they want us to clear the line so they can converse solely with the Taku. If so, we will switch to Ko-Pou. But the beast is at Kini-Koro now, we need to p-prioritize them while they are in danger and want our aid.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro The Vortixx stumbled, not just from the weather and poison but the weight of the claim. “This … this thing serves the Skakdi of this land,” they muttered, “the raid on Po-Koro was costly, but they were driven away fairly quickly. Maybe they were … upset at being pushed back.” They shook their head, “You are right, this … they cannot make more of these beasts.” Komisti shuddered like a Muaka after a swim, the poison was being flushed from their gears and pistons by the rain, the sluggishness was less overwhelming. Komisti stabbed their Kanoka Blade into the ground, freezing a patch of it solid. The monsters of the volcano could wait, it was beyond them. The Vortixx knew that. They would try to freeze and shatter the puddles of poison, as well as trying to freeze the molten landscape back together. They could handle that. But did they have the luxury of accepting their weakness? Terrible beasts were being unleashed on the island, they needed help. As they worked they said to Ulkarr, “I do not think I would be of much help on such a mission. But I hear there is a way in this village to gain powerful tools, like elemental weapons and masks. Maybe … maybe I could acquire the resources for us to descend into the volcano that way.” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere Her Brother Tuakana had not replied yet, perhaps it was the time distortions. Maybe that’s why they had not responded much until recently. But that he was the Aspect of Life? Her heart began to pound. The stories of her people said that Tricksters might lie, but they had rarely encountered the Tricksters besides driving them off. And if he was not lying… ”If you speak truthfully, Sorilax,” she said, carefully, eyeing where Ollem had stood, “Then you share the goals I follow. The Skakdi wiped out my village and tribe, millennia ago. I would … I would see them brought back.” She paused closing her eyes tight, “I … I do not want the Skakdi killed for it though. Not anymore. When I saw their bodies floating lifelessly in the ocean, after the Taktorak destroyed their city … their limp corpses, they were too f-familiar.” She shivered. Mahrika cleared her throat, shaking her head as Vokarda massaged her spine to calm her. She continued, “On our island vanishing, I have a possible clue. In the Suva of Fire I uncovered a handwritten list of tasks. First, ‘release the Tahtarok, Zivon, and Kanohi Dragon upon Tren-Nui.’ That was the term this land was called before the Skakdi conquered us. Next, retrieve the Staff of Artakha from the Great Spirit of Nightmares. Replenish the Krom Sphere by walking the Mangaia. Assemble the Makoki Stone in Kini-Koro, which is made of six shards. And finally, look through the Great Telescope and record the position of the Red Star.” The Desecrated Ga-Matoran continued, “At least one Tahtorak has been unleashed on the island recently. I … I do not know if that is the reason the island is vanishing, but to want to unleash three terrible beasts on our dying island, I cannot imagine that is the plan of someone who cares if the island is d-destroyed.” She did not mention the other detail, that a sword capable of slaying Aspects had been left at the Suva too. That was in the safe hands of Tuakana, and she did not think it should be repeated to an Aspect. Just in case he was lying. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone paused as Klawne spoke, and her eyes unfocused. Something was wrong. There was … there was a coldness in the air, and a salty smell around them. Kardaka leaned on her Badge of Office, closing her optics as she listened. She knew these sensations. She should not be hearing them now, not this far inland. Kardaka cleared her throat, and looked towards the Toa who had been willing to give up his power. She trusted him more than most, and she said quietly. “Okuo, I think something has happened to this village. I believe the sea is closer to us now. More of the island has vanished.” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend … IC Minion Avka - Ruins of Stone The Av-Matoran leaned back, admitting, “I … I cannot believe … I … Maybe … maybe there is something to the stories of the circle. I tried to recount the story of a lowly Vortixx that was a tiny bit of help freezing the quagmire of Po-Koro, to prevent it from collapsing. I … I suppose that story did have power.” But they were just a Vortixx, a conniving greedy merchant. But … their story had power? These ruins, this Matoran ruin responded to it? That … it … it didn’t make sense. Why wasn’t one of the stones like the Toa who saved the villagers? Or even the Vahki? Why respond to the tale of a lowly Vortixx? They … Avka might need to learn more about this Vortixx. Maybe they hacked the ruin or something. That must have been the cause. Right? OOC: @Toru Nui
  4. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran relaxed a bit, “Time is … changing?” Could Tuakana be that far into their Great Work that time was beginning to lose its meaning? Then … would Vokarda… “W-wait,” she startled, nearly dropping her blade, before reaffirming her grip on it, “The island is vanishing?” That … that not was the goal of Tuakana, it couldn’t be. The island, if it vanished, then Vokarda would have nowhere to live. She … she could not come back. This was not her Brother’s work, thus was something else. Mahrika felt Vokarda prod her neck towards the sky, and she glanced up. The sky, where Ollem tracked the Red Star. She heaved her sword onto her shoulder. That strands list, it started with a Tahtarok being awoken. That was the beast that destroyed the Rig. It … it might be related. She needed to know more. And two Aspects could accomplish what two Matoran could not. She stared back at the Aspect and said shakily, “You do not need to leave, Sorilax. It … it would be good to have others here. There are strange machines about, I know little little about them, so a being like you would be … at least more familiar. We came here because this Toa claims the Admin of the ruins actually resides here. That the ruins they just project their mind into. It’s possible you and us could work together, depending on things.“ She continued, “I ... uncovered something in a Suva possibly related to the island vanishing. I don’t know. But I need to know something before I tell you. My allies are not from Zakaz, they do not know of the Tricksters here. But I am from this land, last of m-my tribe. I know your breed are compelled to complete a Great Work that would change the world. What is the Great Work you seek to accomplish?” Are you a threat to Tuakana and our goals. Then to Tuakana she telepathically reached out, “An Aspect known as Sorilax is here, he claims the island is vanishing, and that time had become unstable. He is here to accomplish his Great Work. Do you know him? Is he trustworthy?” OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
  5. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere Of the two Matoran, Ollem reacted first. He was looking indoors when Sorilax … walked into the room. It … the strangers movements hurt his eyes, but maybe it was the bright lights of Mi-Kiri blinding the Onu-Matoran. Regardless, a stranger suddenly just … appearing among them, with a reptilian face and a back of spikes? Ollem gasped out and vanished, and ducking away with his invisibility to protect him. Mahrika heated Ollem gasp, and was already turning when the stranger spoke up. Tightly she gripped her Flame Sword, but resisted the urge to ignite it for now. Still she brandished the blade, and fear the plates and pistons of her arms shift, growing denser and stronger. Her balance adjusted for the weight and size blade, even as her eyes began to adapt back to their normal abilities. She has little need to see far now, so her body allocated the resources. As his words dawned on her, her optics narrowed. The Desecrated Ga-Matoran kept her blade at the ready and asked, “Who are you? How … you said you are lost? How could you get so lost to end up kios in the sky?” Was this strange reptilian connected to that Vahki thing she saw? OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
  6. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran gestured to Ollem, who came closer. “Can you keep him company?” She asked in a low tone, “My eyes … my telescopic lens will let me see farther and clearer. If more of those Vahki come close, I will see them.” Ollem nodded shakily, but still kept close to Mahrika even as he eyed the Toa. He … he was growing weary of her, though he still trusted her more than Kas. He did not know if she knew he had noticed it, but her body kept changing. Only slightly, but her arms might lengthen or thicken, her feet might shift to have longer toes or harder soles, she was … it was not a power Matoran were meant to have. He had no idea how long it had been happening to her. He only started paying closer attention because of her ‘brother’ and her habit of talking to herself. And their bond, the range they could feel each other, she had a connection to them. And it was troubling. In the meantime, Mahrika headed towards the balcony. She gazed outside, her telescopic lens and her adapted eyes probing the landscape, looking for movement among the overgrown ruins of the city. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone spoke back up, “I recall Energized Protodermis having a dual nature. Like the sides of a Widget. It can empower or destroy. Corrupt or heal.” She hesitated though, both to try not to overwhelm the Matoran, and to think things over. Finally she resumed, “I … don’t recall it being a matter of purity, but I have forgotten much these millennia.” Kardaka added, “I … am not familiar with the Temple Village, I think I will join you, Okuo. There may be some who know where to find pure Energized Protodermis. If it is not in the abandoned village, others may have heard rumors.” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend plus it gets her to Kini-Koro which gets her to the Far Shore.
  7. IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro Komisti continued to help solidify the ground and dispose of the poison puddles. They tripped against the shards of frozen poison and the frozen ground, their feet were unsteady. They were still worn out from the poison slamming into them, corrupting their strength and stamina. Speaking of which, they looked over to the distant reaches of the valley. The scorpion appeared to have vanished? That was troubling, where had it gone? They shook their head, the Toa could handle it, they had a much better chance fighting it than a Vortixx. They should focus on helping the Matoran. Then the rain began to fall with renewed vigor. Poison washed off Komisti, but they did not have the luxury to relish some of their exhaustion easing. As they stood up straighter they could see the landscape beginning to deform again. The ground began to turn to a brown soup, the trees began to quake and the buildings began to fall. The evacuees. The Vortixx ran about in a staggered sprint, thrusting and swiping their Kanoka Blade about, a chan mist whirling behind it. They slammed and slapped it into huts and the ground alike, freezing the ground back together, trying to keep the buildings from sinking. It was too optimistic to think the village could be kept intact. But they … they still had to save what they could. And it would … would buy the Matoran more time to evacuate. They couldn’t use their Kiril for this, they were unpracticed with their mask, or any mask. It would take too much strain and effort to use it, that could come later if the village had the chance to rebuild. But for now, their Kanoka Blade was far faster. They were breathing heavily, growing more and more tired. They … they hoped they could still help Kanohi build Kanoka Blades for the refugees. B-but right now … now they had … had to … they had to try to buy time for the evacuation. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone blushed, and meekly muttered, “I am sorry.” She had been thoughtless, selfish. She had given in to her crueler instincts, and been apathetic to the pain she caused the ill. She was monstrous. She … she needed to be more mindful, to serve. It was her duty to serve, after all the harm she and her people caused. She had to serve her penance. Until Tren Krom brought this cycle to an end. Still, whether or not the island was doomed or if it could yet be saved, she would lessen suffering. She could not save the world, even as a Kaita, she should know better. But she could do what she always aspired to, and make the island a little less cruel. Make the end a little less horrid. Kardaka leaned on her Badge of Office, trying not to say more. Or at least, to wait for now, until others had gotten a chance to speak. If no one else brought it up, she could share the few stories she knew of Energized Protodermis. But it was more important she not overwhelm them. OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  8. IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone nodded, and starting to ask, “What were…” before trailing off when she caught sight of the Matoran. Confused, stressed. She … should she really risk adding to their stress? A few careless words, and they might spiral. She could cause so much pain if she was not cautious. Maybe she should ask him in private, later. But they had a right to know. And it might reassure them. But it could make things so much worse. And it would ultimately just be to assure Kardaka. And she … she should not put her shallow wants above the needs of others. That kind of cruelty was what caused this island to decay. And besides, if he knew two of these Matoran, and did not seem to react that much to their new appearances, only the Kaita’s words, then maybe … maybe they were in their original bodies. And the Kaita had not reformed them to match their opinion of what people should look like. So quietly she said to Okuo, “I am glad you were there for them.” She could ask later, in private. Instead there was something else needing saying, “Okuo, Klawne, and … Kaita. I … do not know how much you remember of this island, but up north I saw canyons that had been cleaved in the land by a giant tail, and saw the effects of powerful elemental water. I believe a Tahtarok has been unleashed. If you do not recall them, they are powerful beyond any being, compelled to obey the masters who created them. It … I do not know for certain if the Tahtarok is why the edges of the island are vanishing, but there is one thing I know of that can handle the power of a Tahtarok. A Kaita.” Kardaka shook her head, “I … too much power is dangerous. A mere Toa can be corrupted by their power, and a Kaita is overwhelmingly powerful. But if you formed to … if you formed to treat the ill … I don’t know. I don’t know. But if you can heal instead of break, maybe you can save the beasts and people endangered by the Tahtarok. And maybe … if Okuo becomes a Turaga for these Matoran, I … I think we could serve life and reduce suffering too.” She fidgeted with uneasy, drumming her Badge of Office. She … she should not seek power. But she would not have the power, and right now, she was helpless to help. She had been unable to do anything for the ill Matoran. She swallowed and continued “Fire, Stone, and Earth, maybe with that volcanic power … we could begin rebuilding the island in a small way. Make fertile land for plants to take root. It … there would be worse uses for a Kaita, far worse.” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  9. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi felt his heartlight stop, the light stunned into blackness. Then it began to speed up again, growing more frantic. “What do we do what do we do what do we do…” He rambled to himself, only standing thanks to the support of his Kiril Staff. He could feel his fingers trembling, her heartlight flashing violently enough to make him shake. He … he had to do something. He had to help he … he was the only Councilor in the village, he had to … he was a leader. E-even if Stannis was untrustworthy, he had put Kanohi in charge. He had to act. Finally he said, “O-okay. Th-that is not good. First thing we should do, learn more about the Tahtarok. If something drives them away, if they can be coerced into leaving us alone, where they come from, their abilities and features.“ “We also must figure out why the island is sinking. Our village also is not not the farthest from the shore, we might get hit by the r-rising ocean sooner than later. We might … we cannot e-evacuate through Kini-Koro’s portals, of course, s-sorry.” The cross-wired Fe-Matoran swallowed, “we need to study the sea level, see if we can contact Ko-Pou, they are closer to shore, ask them to research it, see if the Impact might have destabilized them ocean floor. And try to come up with a plan to evacuate them and Tobduk-Koro farther inland. There is a massive floating ball of water I have heard rumors of, maybe we could evacuate to there?” OOC: @Toru Nui … IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro Komisti faintly was aware of Ulkarr leaving them with nary a word. The Vortixx ribbed their head, had he even been here? Or had he been a hallucination? They wiped their brow, the poison had mostly soaked into their chassis now, though their hand still knocked free enough fluid to splash the ground below. They shook their head the … they could hear cries, shouts. They tapped their Kanoka Blade to their neck, and some of the poison froze into a layer. The cold snapped them awake, even as they scratched off the noxious ice. The Vortixx looked around the huts near them, the Matoran, they were panicking, shoveling towards the portal. The rain seeming had stopped, but puddles of water and poison still remained, splashing and soaking into the legs of the crowd. Komisti heaved around their Kanoka Blade and froze a puddle, turning the poison into a slick surface. Then they stomped, shattering it into chunks of ice. That should be safer, the Matoran would not soak in it, nor trip as easily on the ice. They headed towards the crowd, still unsteady on their feet as they froze and shattered the puddles, trying to protect the Matoran from the toxins. Somethings they would freeze the muddle ground too, try to keep it solid. It was a small way to help, but maybe it could help make evacuating easier. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou Kardaka paused as Klawne and Okua spoke, and she felt a long held sign slip from her lips. To give up his Toa Power, and he didn’t even want to be a Toa? That was … it felt different. He would not be forcing his will on the Matoran, he was not deforming a being to conform. Not fixing what might not be broken. It was a gift, giving up a dangerous abusable power to save a life. Trading that power, sacrificing it as an offering. To let that life heal as it saw fit. It was different. Right? Finally she said, “I am glad you were the one who found me, Okua. I recently gave up my Toa Power too, healing one of the injured survivors of the Ark’s crash. I will warn you, being a Turaga is a dramatic shift, your body is slower and smaller, your balance shifts as well. I … am still getting used to being a Turaga after two months. But if it can save lives, and lessen suffering, it is worth it. And I will help you adapt to your form.” The Turaga of Stone paused. Okua, she … she would ask. “Okua, I … did you know these Matoran before?” Did they look this way before? These proportions, this style of masks? OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  10. IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou Kardaka stumbled as light radiated from the Matoran. Her stubby legs tripped over themselves, and she fell to her back. The Turaga of Stone gasped out, laying limp, her breathing dazed and her heartlight flickering. Gradually she recovered as the light dwindled, and she used her Badge of Office to push herself upright. As she stood up her optics widened, the Kaita … their power had changed the ill Matoran, made them seem … normal. She shuddered, she … she had not known what she had expected, but suddenly, this felt wrong. Twisting and deforming the ill until they fit back into the mold of a Matoran. It … it reeked too much of the old sins of Matoran society, that all must bend and contort to fit in with what the Matoran demanded. They had obviously been sick, but the Matoran now seemed confused, unsure. Fearful. Like they were not sure they were the people they had been. They could talk now, but … she worried. And their unpracticed unsure voices, it made her remember her newfound clumsiness and shrunken body. Kardaka slowly approached the Matoran, speaking off balance. She tried to speak with wisdom, but kept adding new comments, as she thought over her prior words. “What worries you? If I may ask. Take your time. I know that kind of transformation can be jarring.” She winced at her lack of finesse, she had not talked to people much in the last few millennia, maybe her skills had atrophied. She looked away, turning to Okua and Klawne to ask, “Can we get them water? For their throats?” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  11. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi relaxed a bit, Enra knew what she was doing it seemed. He leaned on his staff and drummed it’s hand … what should he say. Was there anything else needing saying? He supposed they should share the details about the ruins possibly affecting the Tahtarok, but he was unsure even if such a Ruin existed near Kini-Koro. The big temple was there, but were they the same thing? He … he wracked his mind to think of what to say, before he heard a chirping sound. The two Vahki present were chattering quickly. He … where they aggregated? He was bad at reading Matoran, let alone other breeds. Swallowing he said. ”Obedient, Impressionable, has anything happened?” OOC: @Toru Nui … IC “Komisti” - Stone Ruins of Tobduk-Koro Komisti staggered and stumbled, barely able to stand upright. They struggled along, their body felt weighed down by the carcass of the Rain Demon. Their heartlight beat slow, their feet stumbled over the rough terrain, as they tried to … to reach … what were they trying to reach. They weren’t sure where they were walking, just stumbling. It was hard to keep their optics open, hard to tell where they were walking. Then they heard a cry. M-Matoran. Right, they … they had to protect the Matoran, their unity was … was … they needed to protect them. The Vortixx tapped their Kanoka Blade to their side, sending searing cold over their side. They staggered from the pain, but the pain kept them awake, kept them lumbering forward. They … they could regenerate the wounds later. No … no, their mask would not work on flesh. They dragged themselves forward, their blade freezing the molten ground to keep it solid. As they walked they could see … see movement. ”Ulkarr?” Komisti managed, leaning on their blade as they reached the Aspect, though they quickly fell behind, “What … what is that thing … it’s not … it’s not the beast that attacked Po-Koro. It’s … there are two? What … what do we do?” They mostly spoke to themself, barely able to focus enough to keep the ground frozen together. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui
  12. IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro Portal The Vortixx winced as they crashed to the muddy ground, shoved down by fleeing refugees. They swallowed and pushed themselves up with their Kanoka Blade, before sweeping their optics to search around the landscape. They did not have the time to worry about the portals. It was … the landscape had liquified, the very earth melted into a pool of mud. Trees were wrenched free of their roots, their bark splintered and shattered by lightening. There was a awful smell, like the polluted skimpiest of Xia. Komisti winced at the memories that followed that scent. The storm was close too, loser than it had been in Po-Koro. And as they turned, they could see shadows blurred by the rain and clouds. The shadows seemed to lumber and shake, mixing and merging with each other. Could … could there be more than one? Still, it was less hopeless than Po-Koro. They could see Matoran and other breeds digging trenches, see Toa trying to repel the landslides. There were more people here, and many of them seemed more powerful and experienced than the heroes who fought to save Po-Koro. Komisti shook their head and began to sprint towards the trenches. Their ice might be able to support the walls, keeping them from collapsing. As they ran their Kanoka Blade trailed against the ground, solidifying a trail of ice across the molten terrain. Hopefully that would buy the villagers fleeing to Tobruk-Koro time. But as they reached the trenches around Kini-Koro, everything changed. For a split second they saw a shadow engulfing the village, before a sudden force slammed into them. The Vortixx fell to the ground from the blow, drenching wet. They staggered, leaning on their blade. “What … what … rain?” It was … it was hard to speak, exhausting to … to stand. They swayed as a foul-smelling fluid dropped off them, it was … it was hard to stand. Fumes burnt their … their optics, this … poison? The rain demon of Po-Koro had … had poison? They struggled to stand, even as they spotted a colossal beast leering over the valley. One alien to the rain demon. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC Mahrika - the Aqua Sphere Mahrika followed behind the Toa, resting her Flame Sword against her shoulder. As she walked up her telescopic lens swept around her, searching for danger. If that was indeed some sort of Vahki, something from Ollem’s world, had someone else broken into this water district? Ollem kept close to Mahrika, that thing, she might have been right. It had looked like some terrifying version of a Vahki, one whose designers had seen no reason to make them tool-using bipeds. He … his fingers strayed across his cloaking device, preparing to vanish at any instant. Not just from the Vahki, but in case Kas betrayed them. The Desecrated Ga-Matoran could feel Ollem press close, and said, “I will keep you safe, brother.”Ollem seemed to wince at that, did he no longer trust her. Or was the term too silly? Still she meant her words, she would not let her friend die. She continued to look around as she climbed the stairway. If there were others infiltrating this ruin, she needed to be ready at any moment. And as she looked about she felt her optics shifting, their lens reassembling and unfolding as they refocused. Her optics were adapting for better sight. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
  13. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi nodded reassuringly at Enra, but leaned on his staff. Quietly he drummed to himself, muttering, “Refugees, floods, unstable terrain, cavern collapses, Toa and Skakdi stabilizing ground, stones. Refugees, floods, unstable terrain…” This continued as he spoke under his breathe, reviewing the topics he had advised Enra to say. But he was not entirely chanting to only remind her. For one was trying to recall all the details he had shared with Enra for his own sake. Just in case he would need to speak up. And for another, he could hear the radio crackle with static as rain and thunder pounded Kini-Koro. The village was in a maelstrom, it was even audible from here. He should be out there, rescuing Matoran, carrying them to higher ground, regenerating crumbling buildings. Kanohi was needed. But he … he was the only Councilor current in Tobduk-Koro. He could not a-abandon the village. He … he had a Duty. His fingers tapped his Kiril Staff frantically, trying to stay calm. He should be out there. He should be helping the refugees. But he was just here, far from the horror. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC “Komisti” - Stone Ruins of Tobduk-Koro Komisti dragged themself upright, brandishing their Kanoka Blade. They … they had to protect the Unity of the Matoran. The friendships, the bonds. Lawful and the Big Bruiser were helping guide the refugees, and it was better they handle it. They were … the Vahki and Steltian could handle social issues easier than they could, Komisti would only scare the Matoran more. Right now they needed comfort. More importantly, Komisti had … their self pity and self loathing did not matter. It was irrelevant. What mattered was that these Matoran were terrified, them and the other refugees. Their heartlights were flashing in a frenzy, their optics bulging with terror to almost rip apart their masks. They were drenched, their chassis bent and deformed from pounding water. The rain demon was … it was worse than Po-Koro. They … they had to help. And with their Kanoka Blade freezing the ground, their Kiril regenerating the landscape l it could buy time for the refugees of Kini-Koro to escape. They could save lives. They looked at the portal, their heartlight pounding. They did not trust this gaping hole in reality. But so far no traveler had been damaged by it, at least visibly. And … the life of a Vortixx creep mattered little compared to the lives of Matoran. Turning to Lawful they said, “I … I will try to buy time for more to evacuate. The Matoran matter more.” And then shoving their feet down, they plowed through their fear and through the portal. Elsewhere Avka looked at the stones, how would one tell a story with this? There was so little detail. How could they represent a Toa, or even the Vahki? The Desecrated Av-Matoran winced as Komisti spoke, but they were right. And as much as Avka hated to admit the Vortixx helped, their Kanoka Blade did buy the Matoran time in Po-Koro. Looking at the stones, they saw one with a crystalline surface, its color a sharp cyan. Like ice. They placed the Diamond gemstone onto the Amaja Circle. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui
  14. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro The cross-wired Councilor winced, shuffling awkwardly, “S-sorry, I did not communicate well. I had … Enra had heard the message of the Admin regarding the stones, I was hoping she would remember more details when we broadcasted.” He paused and swallowed, “but maybe she should broadcast. Make it more … coherent for Kini-Koro.” He winced he … he did not feel like he had better self esteem. But his voice being an error, if the age-Matoran himself had said it, that would be fine. It would have just been a joke or, a simple truth. But hearing it from another, it sat ill. Especially since it was not a problem with his voice processor. It was his anxiety, making it hard to trust his own words. Trust he did not seem a fool or a failure. Still, as uncomfortable as he felt having his voice called ‘an error,’ lives were on the line. That mattered far more. So swallowing he said, “We will need to inform Akiri Vulimai that we will accept their refugees in this … crisis. I do not remember if you were in Po-Koro when the rain … the Tahtarok attacked, but it’s power was w-water. And during the flood, it turned the village into a quagmire.” He paused, “They need to avoid hiding in bunkers or tunnels, they will only collapse and flood. Likewise as the ground is eroded the landscape will crumble, especially around where caves and tunnels lay. They will need people with the power of the ground to stabilize the terrain. Toa of … Toa and Skakdi of Stone, Earth, Iron, Magnetism, Jungle, and even ice should be able to plaster and hold the land together. Psionics might help to. During the Flood of Po-Koro Komisti used their Kanoka Blade of Freezing to slow the village sinking.” Kanohi swallowed, drumming his staff as he drew it. He … he did not believe the people of Kini-Koro could actually fight the beast. Only weather it, survive it as it wanders past. And if it actively wished to destroy them? There was nothing he could do. Finally he added, “then explain the stones, as best you can.” OOC: @Toru Nui … IC “Komisti” - Stone Ruins of Tobduk-Koro Avka nodded, “He indeed ran through in a huff. I tried to stop him, of course, but he got past.” Komisti paused, they were not sure if they fully believed that the Av-Matoran tried to stop Ulkarr, something in their wording, but it mattered little. Then the Admin spoke, and the Vortixx winced. “I … we have to invent a tale? I … don’t see how that would help. And I am unfamiliar with stories. What about you two?” They asked the two Protoderms, before pausing, “Lawful, Reckless, are you familiar with this art?” “I could try, never got a chance to tell stories in Stelt,” the Big Bruiser offered. ”If it’s storytelling we need, I can handle that,” Avka boasted, “I have watched many performances of the Dance of the Rain Demon.” Komisti nodded slowly. Of course, that dance the Matoran of Tobduk-Koro perform to celebrate the Toa and others saving them during the flood. It was appropriate to the situation, maybe it would— And then the portal erupted with refugees, scrambling over themselves. They were mostly Matoran, but there also were Vortixx, Steltian elites, and an assortment of other Protoderms. They barreled through, their armor and clothes soaking wet, their optics wide in fear. Komisti was shoved to the side, slammed into a wall. As they stood dazed Avka leapt behind a doorway, hiding out as the refugees fled. The Big Bruiser handled the swarm best, her body was a wall of biomechanical muscle. As they scrambled past she called out, “I will handle them, Avka, go use the circle.” She began to walk among them, trying to herd them and reassure them. Avka meanwhile squeezed their way towards the Amaja Circle’s room. Their hands glowed pearl gold with fiery light, helping ward so of the retreating villagers from colliding with them. They would protect Kini-Koro and Tobduk-Koro. And what other way could defeating a monster be done than with the act any Matoran could do, and do better than any breed. The Principle of Creation would guide them now. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui
  15. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere Mahrika followed after the Toa but silently mouthed to Ollem, “Locus Aebo? Durrem? Mi-Kiri?” He shrugged in response, neither of them knew of these places. Either these floating cities were something that the Desecrated Ga-Matoran had forgotten, or it was instead a third world, separate from Tren-Nui and the universe of Ollem. Then they shears the sound of pounding stomps and shrieking metal. Mahrika gripped her blade tight, holding it over her torso as she stepped in front of her Onu-Matoran companion. Neither Vokarda or Ollem would be hurt by this thing, she would not allow it. Kas led them away however, and they hurried after him. The two Matoran silently trembled as they followed the Toa into the building, keeping low. The two of them shuddered, Ollem fighting the urge to become transparent, Mahrika fighting the compulsion to use her Flame Sword’s powers. They stood there, backs pressed trying to be quiet Then, gradually the roar faded. As it clattered away Mahrika poked her head up to look at it. The sight was … it was hard to see through the foliage, she focused her telescopic lens on it more, before whispering to Ollem, “I … I did not get a clear look, but it’s pincers looked … looked something like the head of the Vahki I saw? Are Vahki … are there six legged versions?” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone nodded, making her way Okua. She recognized him at least, and Toa he was. He was not as terrifyingly strong as a Kaita. “The three healers here formed a Kaita. I … from what I overheard, these Matoran were poisoned by Energized Protodermis.” She hesitated, “I … I do not remember much of Energized Protodermis. I … I had forgot it existed. I … I can vaguely remember something though. I believe it has a dual nature, corruption and healing, empowerment and destruction. Good and bad.” She frowned beneath her Noble Kiril, her memory failed her, but the dissolving shoreline, the crash of the Ark, the mutated Matoran who came from the abandoned village, and the strange colored waters around the Ark. Was Energized Protodermis leaking from the Ark? Could that be what was destroying the shoreline? OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
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