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  1. IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika stretched, her back ached, “Yeah I’m fine. I … tend to adjust to my injuries quick.” She paused, looking at the disk in her hands. She had lasted all these millennia, enduring, adapting thanks to Vokarda. But this disk… She looked to him and said, “Ollem, I am not familiar with Kanoka. My memory might be going, but I do not recognize disks with powers. But I think you do? They … they don’t run out do they? And do you know what the numbers written on it mean?” She held the Kanoka towards him, it’s paint had been stripped by sandstorms, but some blue paint still remained, as did the engraving of ‘223.’ OOC: @Burnmad
  2. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi nodded frantically as Arkius approached, and Sucodak slipped out to prepare, pausing only to stare back at Kanohi. The Matoran of Iron winced, before feeling Arkiys’s eyes on him. He managed, “I … any help you can offer could be good. I … I am not sure how much you are aware of, Jovan is mining what ore he can find in the tunnel, which is dangerous given the beast that carved them, but we’ve been making some of the ore he recovers into disks, mostly disks of regeneration, but Sucodak says he can make disks of weakening and freezing, to stop Skakdi rigs in their tracks.” “I … I have never fought, don’t have the strength for it, and I fear, I am unsure, I don’t know, it’s clear that Skakdi are extremely powerful. And if, if one of them is able to manipulate that beast that carved the tunnels, maybe using a Rahi control ability, we would be helpless. That might not be a danger but I don’t know if you are aware, this island used to be inhabited by Matoran. But almost all of them were wiped out by the Skakdi. And Varah believes the Skakdi still want blood, that they would wipe us out if possible. I … any advice you have in driving them off would be helpful. We are Already going to stockpile disks, wait, I kinda said that already, sorry. But I don’t know how..“ The Fe-Matoran looked away suddenly, “I … I know I am … not great at this, so um, even if we can withstand against a Skakdi Raid, I don’t, I know we cannot survive the League. I don’t think Metru-Koro can either. I know that if we fight, we will die. Maybe them too. And with fighting going to resume in maybe a few days over Metru-Koro, I don’t, I don’t know what to do. Other than fighting will only lead to more dead Matoran, and there are too many dead already. I-I think we might need to pay the League off to leave us alone, if that is even possible. I know there is a Toa in the League who tried to negotiate with Metru-Koro, she might be able to listen. But it’s, I don’t know enough. I don’t even know if I understand why the war happened. I’m a fool.” Still unable to match Arkius’s gaze Kanohi said, “sorry if all I am doing is complain. I’m not good at this, don’t know why Stannis wanted me in charge. What do you think we should do? I-I know we have some defenses from the ground, but the League has airships, they could bomb us easily. What do you suggest?” OOC: @Onaku
  3. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi swallowed and sighed. “I suppose I should have known that. Not sure if you know, but a Turaga came with us in that expedition to rescue the Matoran. She comes from this land. Many Matoran used to live here. But she said that the Skakdi wiped them out, slaughtered all but all of them, destroyed the island’s environment, and renamed their island to Zakaz. They have committed genocide on the Matoran once already.” He paused and rubbed his head, not so much as thinking as trying to massaging his pounding head. Finally he said, “one of the Skakdi of the island did help us rescue Voka, but then he came here looking for Ulkarr. If he knew Ulkarr could offer pacts, maybe he just wanted to impress him. But why did Ulkarr help then?” Kanohi turned to the Matoran of Plasma and said, “okay. Okay okay okay. Um, if the Skakdi can’t be reasoned with, we should prepare. The tunnel beneath the village, it’s dangerous, as a giant beast must have carved it, but if a Skakdi attack is on the way, it would be a better temporary refuge than being out in the open. At the least, we will need to be ready to evacuate those of us who were injured in the last raid down there. We will not do it yet, but if sentries spot them coming, we need to prepare.” Sucodak nodded and Kanohi rubbed his head again, “We still should make Kanoka, I can only make regeneration ones, but, can any of us make the more offensive ones? Freezing, weakening, reconstruct at random?” ”Weaken disks have similar principles with disks of regeneration. I can make them, probably teach it to you too. I have made disks of freezing before as well. Between the two of them, we could stall their rigs in their tracks.” Kanohi paced about, “okay, um, feel free to start. And, this might be futile, but do try to stockpile some regeneration disks, okay? At the least we might be able to have a supply in case the giant beast or the Skakdi attack.“ Then to Varah he said, “I am not sure if you are aware, but recently a Toa who served the League approached Metru-Koro to try to arrange peace, in exchange for the Mask of Creation. A high price, but maybe it could have been negotiable. I … I do not know all the details, but the Turaga insulted her and refuted any attempt at peace. So the league gave them two days before destroying Metru-Koro.” ”My island was wiped out by the League, as were so many. But, too many of us are dead now. I cannot let more of us die in a renewed war. I know I am a naive fool , I still struggle to understand why a Toa would join the league. I fear I know too little about the war. But if we try to fight both the league and the Skakdi, we will die.” ”If you mean to surrender…” “No,” Kanohi answered quickly with a shake of his head, “I am not that much of a fool. My people were destroyed, and we never had even met an outsider who wasn’t a Matoran or a Toa. But, Po-Koro is not Metru-Koro, we are not a proper city. We can’t survive the league. So we might need to prepare for if they come here. And if they sought the mask of creation to rebuild their captured city, offering disks of regeneration would at least be something they could use that would not endanger us. It’s … not a good thought, but it’s one to consider.” He swallowed and said, “I don’t know exactly what to do. Feels kind of like I am bandaging a severed arm. I think my heartlight is in the right place, but I can only think to treat the most shallow injuries. I … I have to focus on small tasks to survive, but if you have any suggestions, I will listen.“ OOC: @Onaku
  4. IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika threw her disk while she waited, freezing the ground before her. Might as well practice more. She began to skate towards it, still stumbling and swaying. With some strain she extended her arm, trying to grab the disk to throw it again. But she slipped, and smacked against the ice, sliding on her back. She heard a shout off in the distance. The Ga-Matoran glanced over to see Ollem calling out to her, but she couldn’t make at his words. “I can’t hear you,” she called back, even as she shoved against the frozen patch of desert to crawl back to the disk. Ollem groaned in frustration, and attempted to run to her. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator I doubt he can use the Kakama, but I figure it’s worth checking. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  5. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator hopefully using the artifact like this is okay. IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika stumbled and sweated along the ice as she skated, trying to practice. Her body was off balance, her long arms and stubby feet were not the stuff grace was made of. But still she tried, it was all she could do. But despite her inexperience she still was learning. Maybe it was Vokarda, or maybe it was Mahrika herself, but she fell less often, and was beginning to learn how to steer. It was clumsy and awkward, a lot of flapping arms, but she was improving. The ice below her was starting to melt under the desert sun, so she broke for the Kanoka. She reached out her hand, only to stumble and kick the disk as she fell. The Kanoka went flying, smacking into the ground fifteen bios away, freezing it up. The Ga-Matoran winced as she dragged herself upright, before waddled towards the disk. As she moved she mumbled to herself, “I … I guess the boots work then.” As she grabbed the disk she paused. ”Tuakana?” She thought, reaching out to her Aspect once again, “I do not know if you still live or are too busy. But me and another Matoran have unlocked a Suva in the region of Stone. It has given me boots that let me do powerful kick. I … I hope if you still live, you are any closer to conquering death and time. If I can help, me and my new friend already solved one puzzle. So if you still live, let me know what you need me to do.” OOC: @Eyru Mahrika is reaching out, if you think she can help you advance in Stage, she is willing. And it’s not like she and Ollem have any current plans.
  6. IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Ollem did not speak for a time, and for a moment Mahrika wondered if she had only imagined she had spoken. She only had Vokarda for company over the last few millennia, talking had always been a one-sided thing. Finally he spoke, “the Skakdi back home, they were scoundrels, warlords, brutes. But they were not the ones who almost wiped out the Matoran. That was the League. Some Skakdi were in it but,” he hesitated, “you are a Matoran of Water right? Guess you can’t tell if that canteen is poisonous?” ”I cannot,” she admitted, “but I … he left, why would he leave if he was going to poison us? And if he’s hiding nearby, used an illusion to trick us, why bother poisoning us? And he, he is from the head, yes?” ”I think so. Why did he let us go, just to mess with us?” ”[color=blue]I am not the smartest Matoran, but, before the Skakdi came, we knew of another race besides us. Trickster spirits. Our Turaga told us they would trick us, manipulate us, corrupt us. But the only one I ever saw, came to me on the worst day of my life, and saved my beloved. And they have never spoken to me since. Maybe, maybe if an Aspect can be good, maybe some Skakdi, from your universe, can be different.[/color]” ”It’s not like the Toa are as perfect as the stories say,” muttered Ollem. Mahrika nodded and then looked away, “sorry. I, well you can see I took the boots from the Suva. I thought I could use them to fight back, maybe freeze the ground and skate on it to get momentum, before kicking with that force. The great mask is yours if you want it. I know you can’t use it, but a Great Kanohi is valuable, maybe you could trade it to someone? Like give a Toa it in exchange for a powerless mask and some tools?” ”Maybe,” he answered. Ollem hesitated, and then focused to exchange his powerless mask with the Great Kakama. As the Onu-Matoran traded his mask, Mahrika threw her disk, freezing the ground. With a shove she slid on to it, trying to skate on her boots. Very quickly she slipped, smacking on her back. She grunted, before shoving herself back up, and attempting to skate again. She needed to practice, if she was going to use this technique. OOC: @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator
  7. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika stared after the Skakdi, trembling. Finally she collapsed to her feet, her heartlight flashing frantically she … she survived. Vokarda survived. And the Skakdi had given them water? It was … unthinkable. The only reason a Skakdi would keep you alive would be to play with you, give you hope and then dash it. But this felt different. As she laid there, sweating fiercely from stress, she realized while she didn’t understand, another might. She spoke up, “Ollem, why do you think he spared us? Are … he said he was a warlord, like the Skakdi who invaded by home but then he … he spared us? And gave us water? Wished us well? I … is this normal for the Skakdi of Metru-Nui?” OOC: @Burnmad … IC “Collector” The Ruins of Stone Collector swallowed, “Administrator, I … I only want this power for the Matoran. Is … this power, is it a mask? Or is it … a power to wield? An element maybe?“ They were blushing now, trying not to look at the others. They … they especially couldn’t look at the Toa. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  8. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika felt Vokarda crawl in his chest, squirming and thrashing. The Ga-!atoran could just about make out her own heartlight pounding too. Finally she swallowed and admitted, “It-it has been millennia since I left my hiding place, and I only left because of the crash, I do not know exactly what had happened to the Skakdi. They had elements but could not access them without help, vision powers, and they were strong. Had frills instead of your spikes. I … I remember stories during their invasion, before I hid, that they treasured teeth above all else, ripped them from Rahi, tore up masks to remove the Kanohi’s fangs…” She shuddered, “They have wheeled vehicles too, used them to swarm and raid villages. I don’t they they can levitate though, only drive. But I … I saw an unnatural dust cloud earlier, to the East, I hid so I didn’t get a good look, but I think they still have those vehicles, powering them somehow.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Burnmad … IC “Collector” The Ruins of Stone Collector spoke up now, “Administrator, I have a question. What exactly lies behind this door? Is it a sort of power? And can more than one of our group share in it, if a key is forged?“ They shuffled and said, “I will be willing to help make this key, but I need to know. If … if it is worth it.” They seemed a lot more skittish now, avoiding eye contact, their hand clutching their Kanoka Blade not to brandish it, but almost to remind them that it is there. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  9. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika swallowed it … it seemed impossible that such a gigantic being could exist, one so colossal their severed head was a mountain. She struggled to remember what she knew of her people’s gods, it had been so long ago. She remembered Tren Krom, Mata-Nui, the Kaita as a concept, but the details were sparse. The millennia lurking in her cave had ruined her sense of time and the past. She remained wary as her thoughts raced, even if he was not a part of the Skakdi who destroyed her home, she knew the powers they could weld. If he went aggressive, she would die. Maybe keeping him calm was the right move? After all, she had no practice using these boots, she wasn’t sure she could rely on them to escape or fight. The Ga-Matoran swallowed, “What do you want?” She was going to say more, when Vokarda thumped against her chest. She took that as a cue to stop talking, let him say what he wanted before she risked revealing anything too valuable. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Burnmad
  10. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika stayed mostly behind the Suva, but still spoke up, “What is the head, is it connected to the creation of that new … mountain…” She trailed off, as she finally saw the glint of the sun reflected on the colossal mountain, now finally looking at the mountain at a different angle. Could … could it be … was it possible? ”That mountain, it couldn’t … is it a head? You came from inside it?” She hung back, still wary, optics darting back and fortune. Whether or not he was not one of the Skakdi who destroyed this land, his breed’s natural power alone, and he talked of being a warlord, she had to be ready to bolt. Maybe he could control the worst of the Skakdi, but she only had his word. And she … she was too far out of practice interacting with people. She couldn’t reliably know if a Matoran was lying, let alone a Skakdi. But while she felt her heart pound, she needed to know, “Where did the head come from? I … there was a great quake, collapsed my refuge. The head it’s … it couldn’t be a Tren Krom, could it?” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Burnmad
  11. IC “Collector” The Ruins of Stone Collector shook their head, “It is more and more clear, our universe and this new one are connected. But perhaps not all is lost. There could be other Great Disks, if they were from this land. They are just Kanoka, high quality ones, but they were created, manufactured, though I not know by who. Might it be possible that more exist?” They paused, thinking. “Toa Atamai, you are a Toa of Iron, and you wear a Mask of Conjugation, yes? And you have exposure to those disks, you may have even handled them. Could you use your element and your mask to change a disk into a Great Disk?” Their knowledge of Toa limitations was itself limited, but it might be worth suggesting at least. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  12. OOC: GM said go ahead with the trade IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika felt the weight on her back vanish, as a pair of boots manifested over her feet. The boots fit oddly well despite her Matoran nature, did she really have feet like a Toa’s? Or could Vokarda habe adjusted part of her body to fit better? Mahrika knew she adapted to the cold of her underwater cave as well as a Ko-Matoran, though it had taken longer, and it had taken only a brief exposure to the desert to adjust to the heat. Vokarda helped her adapt. But could her partner change her body? Regardless that wasn’t important now. Mahrika … she had her plan. A crude one, but it was better than nothing. Shakily she peered her head around the Suva and startled as she finally caught full sight of the Skakdi. “You … don’t look like the Skakdi I remember…” She swallowed, where were his frills? “I … I couldn’t have forgotten that much, could I?” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Burnmad IC “Collector” The Ruins of Stone Collector glanced up, they had been dissecting the weapon when apparently Atamai solved yet another puzzle. They eyed the Skakdi weapon, they were no closer to unlocking its elemental unlocking capacities, a waste so far. Still, they would keep at it. But later. They reassembled the weapon crudely to at least be able to carry it as they spoke to Atamai, “Congratulations, Toa Atamai, you are highly logical and creative to solve both puzzles. I can see why you were able to find the Great Disks. I apologize for not being of much help on the puzzles.” They hastily stood up and followed after the others, hopefully not forgetting any components in their speed to keep pace. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  13. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone The Ga-Matoran swallowed, not coming out yet. Instead she answered, “I … I am Mahrika. This is a shrine of my people, one of our few remaining relics left after the … the Skakdi wiped us out.” She swallowed she … he might not have gotten a good look at her, and this staff was useless except for shoveling sand. It would not help her. Did she dare…? And then as Mahrika his, thinking, she almost could felt Vokarda press against her neck, encouraging her to turn her gaze to the Suva. If … if her beloved said so... Mahrika focused, and attempted to switch her Stun Staff for the Boots of Impact. OOC: @Sparticus @Burnmad I mean, Suva does mean shrine OOC: @Unreliable Narrator she’s using it.
  14. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika swallowed it … it was true, if this Skakdi already knew what a Kanoka was, it was entirely useless. But maybe these relics stood help? Or would that just make the Skakdi know about them and steal them? It’s not like she could use them, or at least use the mask. Matoran couldn’t use masks. Could they? She … she vaguely remembered the name Dume, was … was he a great craftsman? No she … she could not use a mask. But the boots maybe could help. Not that she could run far, but if she could use the Kanoka to make ice, and slid along it… Her heartlight flashed frantically she … she knew she was helpless, she knew that. And if she tried to fight, Vokarda would die. She had to protect her. And maybe if the Kanoka was useless, she could s-still stall for time. The Ga-Matoran lowered her disk, her heartlight a frantic drum. “W-what do you want?” She did not doubt he would still hurt her, but if he kept talking, that was time he wasn’t hurting her. She backed up further behind the Suva, grabbing the Vahki staff by its edge, not to brandish it. Without hesitating she sheathed it. After all, it was powerless. She began to pick up more of her objects, trying to get her precious mementos safe OOC: @Sparticus147 @Burnmad
  15. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika finished shoving the Suva in place, when Ollem cursed and vanished. She startled, what was wrong? And then she caught sight of someone walking from off in the distance. He was tall like a Toa, but those thrills and those teeth, he was no Toa. Her heartlight began to flash frantically, a mad beat so violent it made a terrible buzz. She … she couldn’t move at first, fear overwhelming her. “Vokarda what … what do I do?“ She croaked our, her hands shaking as the Skakdi advanced. As she shook she felt Vokarda press against her right shoulder, her arm? Arms throw - the disk? She dove for the Kanoka, her body rattling as she picked it up, before scrambling back to her feet. She dove behind the Suva, almost strangling the disk as she pulled it back. Mahrika knew the disk at best could only stall for time. The Toa of Xa-Nui had been unable to protect the Matoran from the Skakdi, even with all their powers. A disk with a fraction of a Toa of Ice’s abilities? At most it could freeze his legs still, to give her a chance to run. And he could outrun her, not to mention he would have many abilities beyond a Toa. She shook, her hands struggling to steady to aim. She … she couldn’t, if she died, then Vokarda would die with her. She … she had to live for both of them. Mahrika had to … she was going to die. She couldn’t fight a Skakdi. And she couldn’t hide like Ollem. “Tuakana, please, save us.” She thought, desperate enough to reach out to the Aspect who had saved her beloved once before. Would they finally respond? OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Burnmad @Eyru
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