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  1. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi nodded, “okay, then um, let us head out.” The Fe-Matoran began to head out of the makeshift village, but as he departed he turned to Pardehi, “I … don’t think the village can spare any Ussal Crabs, we don’t have the resources of Metru-Koro. So we will only have the one you had. Um, what was the journey from Metru-Koro like when you headed up here? What was your route?” OOC: @Toru Nui @Biological Chronicler Feel free to write us leaving
  2. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro ”Well, Karzahni,” muttered Dalu, “Things just keeping getting better, huh? Don’t worry, I’ll pass it along. Not just to Jovan, everyone ought to know this. In the meantime, I need to guard. If the Skakdi have wiped out one Matoran population, they are gonna find ours a bit tougher to take on.” Kanohi nodded to her, before walking away. Turaga Jovan remained away searching for that Skakdi, but the Fe-Matoran could not wait any longer, and someone needed to know, and as Dalu was a guard … he had told her. He only knew little bits, and wasn’t about to ask the Turaga for more information, but at least someone should know. Hopefully the camp would be okay in their absence. Regardless he came upon the assembled group and spoke, “um, are we all ready to go?” OOC: @Toru Nui @Biological Chronicler ready to leave?
  3. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro ”If that Toa Nale is okay, then yes we can,” then Kanohi hesitated, and spoke quieter. Toa Nale … did not need this burden. Not after everything, “there is something else. A Turaga of Earth is joining us. She apparently is a native of this island. She says this island used to be inhabited by Matoran, but the Skakdi-Xa … killed them all. Metru-Koro will need to know. Oh, I will need to inform Turaga Jovan too.” Then louder he said, “Toa Nale, I just wanted to say goodbye, hopefully this journey will be quick. Please rest. You have worked harder enough for us.” Then he bowed away and walked away, his staff tapping the ground as a third leg. He would head to inform the Turaga of Po-Koro, the camp needed to know. Given the knowledge he had just learned, they were far too close to that Skakdi fort to be unaware of the island’s history. OOC: @Tarn @Biological Chronicler
  4. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi nodded, but still could not match her gaze. “Thank you, Turaga, but it is okay. Um, if it’s alright, may I ask what your name is?” A thousand other questions spun in his head, but his guilt restrained him. There … there would be time for questions. Hopefully. In the meantime he pulled a stone tablet from underneath his armor, handing it the Turaga to shoe a rough map. “It’s little out of date, but this shows where Metru-Koro lies. In case we get separated or something goes wrong. I-I think I should warn you, I am not a fighter. During the invasion I rescued Matoran when their homes and bridges collapsed, tried to rescue them and repair damages to the city. But I did not fight. I … don’t have it in me. So um, I will not be much help if the Barraki do find us. Though I-I could try to be a distraction so the rest of you could escape. B-but it hopefully would not come to that.” He nodded to the strange Toa. Funny, he did not seem as troubled as the Turaga. But to survive a genocide unfazed, it was … if Toa were … if they could be b-broken, did that make Toa Ulkarr strong to endure, or did that make him even more broken? He … he spoke with emotion earlier, he surely did care. But it was … it must be strength. But all he said was, “You are right, Toa Ulkarr, I should say goodbye, and speak to the medic who is coming with us. Thank you.” He bowed his head low and then walked over to Nale’s hit, his armor jingling with each step. Finally he reached the door, and knocked against it. OOC: @Toru Nui @Tarn @Biological Chronicler
  5. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi stared at the two of them in surprise, not sure how to respond. This was … there were Matoran from outside the universe? The Skakdi weren’t natives but invaders who slaughtered the indigenous Matoran? There had been a second genocide of Matoran? But other Matoran existed, so there may be other Matoran elsewhere on other worlds? It was … it was so much to take in. And then it hit him, he had only reminded this Turaga of her people’s genocide. He had rubbed more poison into her festering wound. Made even the wisdom of a Turaga snap to anger. How … how could he be so stupid? So cruel? He couldn’t even match her gaze, his heartlight began to flash like a bioquake tearing apart an island, Finally he managed to squeak out, “I-I am sorry sorry, Turaga, Toa. I did not know Matoran had lived here once. I … and more of us are dead. Sorry I am not trying to make it about me, I cannot begin to imagine what you have suffered. I am sorry for my foolishness, I am so sorry. And I-I — listen, if there is anything we can do to help you, it is done. If you rather not travel with us, I understand. You … you have endured enough.” He thought of Toa Nale and shuddered, what had she faced in the Archives? ”Um,” his heartlight buzzed with his stammering words, “there is a refugee camp to the south where most of our people and other people have gathered. They call it Metru-Koro. I was going to head over there once we find the Vo-Matoran, see what help the village needs. Its not too far from the spot she vanished. Sorry um, what I mean is, if you want, you can take refuge there. And they … will need to know the history of the island. I … I thought the Skakdi might be hostile because our crash crushed part of their island. I was an exception, but others might have thought that. But if they … Metru-Koro needs to know the danger. I can tell them though, you don’t need to remember. Unless you want to I mean, it’s not my place to tell you what to — sorry.” His fingers shook like feathers on the wind, unstable and thrown about. OOC: @Toru Nui
  6. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro ”How … do you not know?“ Kanohi stared at the two strangers like Fikou were climbing out of their eyes, “I-I mean the League of Six Kingdoms, the warlords who conquered almost all of our old universe. The ones who were invading Metru-Nui, the last island that still resisted. How they slaughtered the Matoran, and then … I don’t know, maybe it was the strain of battle or the sheer deaths, but the universe just … broke and crashed. The remains of Metru-Nui and the chunk of ... the universe it was in still remain over there, blotting out the stars.” He pointed to the remains of Mata-Nui, the gigantic head just visible off in the distance. “The surviving Barraki and their armies took over the wreckage, they still live there now. I … if we have to get close to them, we will need to be careful and quiet. They are probably devastated by the fall, same as we were, if the war resumed, none of us would survive. And too many have died already.” Kanohi shivered, “I do not mean to be rude, but the ability to turn invisible could be the difference between the Barraki finding us, and us saving the Matoran.” ”How do you not know this though? You … we were all there, the rest of the universe was lost during the impact, only those of us in Metru-Nui are here, except the local Skakdi.” OOC: @Toru Nui
  7. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro “Oh, I didn’t realize,” Kanohi looked away, his fingers fluttering like a queasy butterfly, “I am sorry for the trouble.” “Oh … um, hello Turaga,” Kanohi’s head pivoted to the Turaga, “Some hours ago a maskless Ko-Matoran was flung into our camp by a Skakdi. When the Matoran awoke he … he said the Skakdi has ran over his companion, and broke his mask. Toa Ulkarr, me, and a medic are going to head south to try to reach her. It … it is probably too late, but she … so many are dead, she at least deserves rest.” ”Her companion also wanted us to find some sort of weapon that creates miniature Knowledge Towers, like the ones in Ko-Metru. The two of them wanted to use the crystals to build a Knowledge Tower here, as a shelter. It doesn’t matter as much as the Vo-Matoran though.” ”…Turaga, you are a Turaga of Earth, right? If ... if it’s okay to ask, the spot she went missing is … it’s mountainous, if you think you could help on that terrain, I mean, if it’s not a trouble, did you think you can journey with us. And if we get too close to the … domain of the Barraki, it would be good to have someone who can use a Huna.” And that reminded Kanohi, he didn’t know much about the Toa here. “Um, mister Toa, what is your element? And your mask I … am afraid I don’t recognize it.” OOC: @Toru Nui
  8. IC Collector - Metru-Koro Collector nodded, “I have traveled to the refugee camps in the north, the terrain is fairly mountainous. I do know a few routes through the mountains, I may be able to help . But there may be an issue. Where in the archives was the Great Disk? Mata-Nui’s head has crushed part of the island that corresponded to Onu-Metru, the location might have been buried by the impact, flooded by Liquid Protodermis, or might just be too close to the territory of the Barraki.” Then to Atamai they said, “If we are getting close to Barraki territory though, I would like to make sure I understand. I mean, after all, this might influence the danger we face on this journey. The empowering machine, when you saw the disks turned to slag, was the machine physically in sight? You said it was gone, but did you mean merely broken or missing? It would be … worrying if the Barraki had access to it.” OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Snelly @Tarn @pokemonlover360 @Onaku
  9. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro There were no real clocks in Po-Koro, but the Toa of Stone who had made must of the huts had also constructed a sundial in the center of the village, just within Kanohi’s sight. And as the Fe-Matoran had all but strangled his staff with impatience and guilt, he had stared solely at the shadow of the sundial. Finally he could wait no longer, enough time surely would have passed. Shakiling he stood up, using his staff to help take pressure off his legs. Kanohi stretched, before walking through the village. He would not leave yet, but he needed to make sure nothing else needed mending, and to reach the Toa. And there in fact was Toa Ulkarr, standing … perfectly still. “Hello, Toa Ulkarr,” Kanohi greeted the ‘Toa,’ “I am sorry it took so long. Do you know if the medic Pardehi has finished looking over Toa Nale, and if he is free to travel with us? I am afraid Supaka cannot travel with us, but he has shared this table engraved with images of the crystal impact launcher with me.“ He handed the stone diagram over. OOC: @Toru Nui IC Collector - Metru-Koro Collector startled as a colossal machine approached, its body ending with a massive stinger and it standing on many legs. And, the Toa greeted it as a friend? This robot had the friendship of Toa? “You … you know this machine?” they glanced at the Toa, then back to the robot, “Kilo, you said is it’s designation, correct?” OOC: @Tarn @Onaku @~Xemnas~ @Snelly @pokemonlover360
  10. IC Collector - Metru-Koro “I … see,” Collector did not see, “So, Dume wished to erase all of history? And the Great Disks we’re merged, but are now destroyed. And Toa Tuyet said our reality was a time … paradox. That is … a lot to take In. You said the machine was gone, but the molten slag of the disks remained? Did the machine physically vanish, or was it merely demolished when you saw it.” They weren’t sure how much they believed these Toa, their suspension of disbelief had its limits, and time travel was close to breaking it. Kanohi was too naive to lie, he truly believed the machine existed, but if he only had secondhand knowledge it existed… Then the machine might never have existed, and others had lied to Kanohi. It’s possible the machine did exist, and if it could be recovered, Collector needed to know. But if it was broken, then it would need capable engineers who knew the technology to repair it, they would need resources even Metru-Koro lacked to make the repairs with, They would need a way to get past the Barraki, and they would finally need a strong enough disk of freezing, in a world where no more disks could be made. The machine was … a goal. But not a reachable one. In the meantime, they should focus on these quests. And that was another issue. ”I have thought of a potential issue. You said you found two disks, correct? Were they on the districts on the west coast of Metru-Nui? As the late Mata-Nui’s head has … pulverized the west coast of Zakaz, going to spots corresponding to some of the Great disks may prove … difficult.” OOC: @Snelly @~Xemnas~ @Tarn @Onaku
  11. IC Collector - Metru-Koro “Wait a minute,” muttered Collector, and then they turned back to Atamai with a lurch, “If you were there when the Great Disks were turned in, and you saw them become one disk, did you see what happened to the machine? The one Turaga Dume had commissioned, that could empower anyone with the power of a Disk? The one to make an army of Matoran as strong as a Toa. What happened to the machine?” Their lips quivered like a Ta-Matoran in the icy wastelands of Ko-Metru. OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku Feel free to correct Collector on what Dume’s plan actually was, their knowledge is out of date. Also it’s worth noting Collector had mentioned he was a friend of Kanohi earlier, who Vashni might remember given that vision he shared with her.
  12. IC NPC!Sukahu -Sanso’s Saloon, Metru-Koro ”…You have an airship? A working airship?” if her eyes could glow brighter, it would have damaged both Triage and Knichou’s vision, “I … did not think one survived. I … I would very much like to join your crew, My Capt’n.” She saluted, as her heart pounded like a Matoran listening to tales of Heroes, much like she had been nine days ago. Was this destiny? The chance to go on adventure that she had always wanted? She didn’t dare question it, this was her opportunity, she dared not throw it away. OOC: @BULiK shes in.
  13. IC NPC - Metru-Koro, Sanso’s Saloon The Turaga of Plasma’s eyes literally glowed at the mention of adventure, her elemental power making them give off a bright light. “Anything, I want to get out of this city and actually do something. I can’t lead, and I guess I can’t fight as good as I used to, but I still want to see the island, travel from city to city, see the ruins, help Matoran near and far. Be the Toa I should have been. And I can still fly, the Mask is a little clumsier to control now, but I can make up for it by shooting jets of plasma from my hands. Let’s me balance. And I know how to fix stuff, worked as a smelter in Ta-Metru, I can patch up any ACR you have. She looked almost like an elderly Ussal crab who had just been told her owner was going to take her on a walk. “Oh, um, my name is Sukahu.” OOC: @BULiK for her flying, picture Iron Man using the repulsers on his hands to stabilize his flight. Huh, if Knichou is Iron Man, then is she Rescue?
  14. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro ”Oh good, Kanohi, you haven’t left yet,” the Fe-Matoran startled, before relaxing as Vakama ran up, panting as he clutched to a small pouch in his hand. “Um, no Vakama, not yet.” And while Kanohi wasted time, a Vo-Matoran was likely dying of her injuries, in the hostile wilderness. ”Listen, I was hoping to finish this for you, but we don’t have all the parts. It’s a telescopic lens, for your mask.” He thrust the pouch to Kanohi, who flinched ”Oh, um, others could use it more—” ”It’s not finished yet, the parts are in Metru-Koro, I hope. Since you are going down there, you can pick the parts up and assemble them. You need it, if you have them along with your mask’s hud, you could grapple around with ease. You could move quicker, spot Matoran in danger quicker, and find the safest place to grapple too.” ”…I have taken so much from the Matoran already.” Kanohi could not match Vakama’s eager gaze, the shame, the guilt. Was … was this how it was for a Toa to see Kanohi’s admiration? Was this why Toa Nale was so uncomfortable? ”You saved so many of us. And I know, even in a world where Nata-Nui is dead, you will use any tool you get to help the Matoran. And-and if you decide you don’t need it you can just give it to someone else.” Kanohi winced at Vakama’s wide eyes, before shakily taking the pouch. “I … I will try to be worthy of your faith, Vakama,” he squeaked, his face redder than the staff his hands now clutched tight. OOC: new quest, get parts for and make a telescopic lens for a mask
  15. IC Collector - Metru-Koro “You three found two of the Great Disks?” Collector startled, “I … had not realized. I suppose this is destiny as you might say. And you two were Matoran at the time, and turned into Toa as part of Dume’s reward? What is it like to be a … Toa? What is like to now have an elemental power? To be empowered?” To be beloved by the Matoran. If those two had been empowered by Dume, then these three would only have been Toa for eight days, maybe nine at most. If they were that new to Toa power, perhaps their perspective and friendship might be useful, help them understand the nature of elemental powers. “You have not heard of the Great Disks?” Collector turned to face the Skakdi, “They were the most powerful Kanoka, all six of them hidden in Metru-Nui. Before the League invaded the city, Turaga Dume had ordered the Matoran to search of them, with the promise of making them Toa. My friend Kanohi said that Dume wanted them for a machine that could give any living thing the power of a disk. He was planning to make an army of Matoran as powerful as Toa, to win the war.” Collector shivered at the thought of that machine. Imagine, if they could empower themself with a freezing disk, they could practically be a Toa of Ice already. But it was lost in the ruins of Metru-Nui, even if it hadn’t been destroyed in the wreckage, the Barraki ruled there. And if the machine would had worked, well, the Barraki would have been beaten already. Not that Kanohi had given Collector much detail on what happened to the machine, his mind practically shutdown when he brought up Turaga Dume and the device. Collector did not even know how Kanohi had learned all of this. But Kanohi did not seem one to lie, and it explained by Dume would seek the disks. OOC: @Snelly @Tarn @~Xemnas~ @Onaku edit: ninja’d
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