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  1. IC Kanohi and Bode and “Collector” - Po-Koro Kanohi grappled back to the Le-Matoran, and slammed his Kiril Staff to the hut. The stone roof and walls regrew from his touch, that should buy more time. Bracing himself, the vigilante turned Akiri hoisted the next Matoran onto his back. He strained under the weight, stumbling in place. “H-hold on tight,” he urged the Le-Matoran, even as he struggled to aim. He dropped down, using his Kiril Staff as a cane. His optics squinted as his back ached, before he fired his Volo Lutu Launcher. A ball of gravitational force launched from it, smacking into a hut. Kanohi swallowed, before being ripped from his perch over the flooding buildings. Below, Collector waded through the mud with two Matoran sitting on their shoulders, clinging to their head. On their waist a Le-Matoran clung to them, holding for dear life. As they approached the transport they periodically stabbed their Kanoka Blade into the mud, freezing more of the ground. ”Do you have an instinct for the direction of storms?” They turned to ask the Le-Matoran cling to their back. She shook her head, and they mused, “Shame. It would be nice to have confirmation. I think the rain is beginning to thin out, the storm may be moving away.” Overhead Kanohi soared through the air, before grappling onto another hut, and another. He swung across the sinking village, before tumbling onto the Vahki transport. The Le-Matoran crawled off his rescuer, but Kanohi just laid there, panting. “I … I need a moment,” he managed, “I am sorry, I h-haven’t done this really since the Impact. There … there is a Le-Matoran who climbed up onto a roof in the west side of the village. If … if someone … can get them…” The Fe-Matoran couldn’t distinguish the pain he felt much, but was vaguely aware that his foot ached worse than the rest of his throbbing body. The same foot that he had sprained in the impact. Was the injury acting up on him again? The same injury that had kept him from grappling much after the Impact, the reason he was rusty? Suddenly he felt someone lift him up, and cradle him in their left arm. “We will go together, friend, I will carry them, you will help me keep the terrain stable, and scout for trouble,” Collector said as they carried him. They had dropped the three Matoran on the transport, they should be safe there. ”Funny,” Collector smirked a toothy grin, “You are a Matoran, a great Matoran. You should know the greatest power you have is friendship, your Unity. We are stronger together.” Kanohi didn’t reply, still panting but he still made a faint smile beneath his many masks. He … he would take this time to rest, then scout. Elsewhere Bode was dragged out of the mud, his feet off the ground for the first time since the raid. He looked up in front of him, to the Toa who saved him. Even after all he had done. A shiver went down Bode’s spine and he whispered “Th-thank you, Toa. I … I am so sorry.” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Toru Nui @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn … IC Mahrika - “The Mask of Water(fall) Breathing” Mahrika ran over to look at the basin, Though she tripped and hand to fling out her arms to rebalance. Then she walked over to the basin, too late to see anything but the few last ripples in the water. She paused, and said, “I can freeze the water, but I don’t know why we would want to. And it might take a while to thaw. And I’m not sure the puzzle would depend on the solver having ice powers. What do you think we need to do?” This was directed not just at Ollem but at Vokarda and Tuakana, in the hope one of the three would have an idea what to do. As she waited she swept her telescopic lens around the room. The last puzzle had details buried under the sand, they had almost missed vital clues. Were other hints to the puzzle somewhere around the chamber? Or were there places were a hint could be buried, to be uncovered? OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
  2. IC Kanohi and Bode and “Collector” - Po-Koro Kanohi grappled over to Collector and called out, “I can carry her to higher ground.” The Vortixx nodded and held out the Ta-Matoran, who Kanohi hook with his arm as he sailed past. He made his way back up the tower, dropping her off. She and the other Matoran huddled in the Knowledge Tower, even as the village was destroyed. The vigilante turned Akiri panted, his arms sore from lugging around Matoran. But he couldn’t stop. Below he could see Ga-Matoran helping carry their fellows to the Vahki transport, some climbing on top, others ducking inside. And was that, Dalu? The Ga-Matoran warrior had been carried onto the transport, and now hung by the edge, using her scavenged Vahki staff as leverage for Matoran to climb on. She still looked pretty busted up from the raid. Kanohi sighed out in relief, at least some injured were already being helped. Maybe, maybe he should prioritize them, look for the Matoran who were injured in the raid, the most vulnerable to the storm. He aimed his Volo Lutu Launcher and hurtled down, heading to search for more Matoran. Meanwhile Collector was thrusting their Kanoka Blade over and over into the ground around the Knowledge Tower. It was a sturdier building, but it’s size put it at risk of sinking into the growing quagmire. They needed to freeze the mud before it could spread too far. As they stabilized the ground they heard flailing, a Matoran of Plasma was flailing in the water. They lumbered over and scooped him up, and Sucordak spewed water And mud, struggling to clear his mouth. “Collector, thank you,” he managed, “listen, the disks we have been forging, and the Forge, if it’s at all possible—” “Karzahni,” Their optics widened, “the disks, the forge. Without them we will be back to where we started. It was so close, that power…” They sighed, looking over the village. Any forge was likely ruined by now, only good for spare parts. The disks might be salvageable though. But once again, their plans were dashed. Then Collector heard the cries of the Matoran, and tightened. Power or not they … they should help the Matoran. Support them for nothing in return. Like the friendship they craved, “When things are stabilized I will try to recover the disks and anything else that can scavenged from the Forge. And where ever the Matoran go, I will try to help you build a forge there. But right now, it is more important the Matoran evacuate to safety.” Sucordak swallowed, “I … I suppose you are right. But please, at least take up the ones I was carrying.“ Collector nodded and reached their long arm into the water, dredging up four disks, two of regeneration, two of weakening, the latter would be useless now, but they still would take them. They slid them away, before resuming their task keeping the ground solid. Elsewhere Kanohi hurtled over to a hut a few Le-Matoran had climbed atop. As the stone structure cracked he drew his Kiril Staff, regenerating the shelter’s walls. “I can only carry you one at a time,” he swallowed, and leaned down to let one get on. One almost pounced on him, her long ape-like arms clamping on. He struggled under her weight, before he grappled away, heading to drop her off to safety. Below the grappling Matoran, Bode could barely focus on anything But the overwhelming roars of gushing water. As he huddled water filled his mouth, making him gag and lurch. The motion helped him catch sight of a Toa, leaning over him with wisdom and kindness, his hammer extended. Bode shakily grasped the handle, letting the Toa pull him upright. As he pulled, Bode felt his body quake. It was all consuming, the screams and boiling water, the violent rain, it was like the world was ending. Was … was this destiny punishing him for his crime? Was the village suffering because of his murder? And … and the raid, did his evil cause it too? He … he thought he killed her after the rays, but now in this storm, his already breaking memory failed him. Kanohi meanwhile laid the Le-Matoran onto the Vahki transport. “M-more will be coming,” he stated, before hooking a hut and grappling away. As he hurtling through the air he brandished his Kiril Staff, striking the huts as he ricocheted between them.the buildings mended under his touch, buying the village a little more time. And they needed all the time they could manage. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Toru Nui @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  3. IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika leaned against the cave wall, panting. The climb was rough, and her body had been shriveled by time and neglect. She had made the climb, but as far as she was concerned, she made it solely thanks to Vokarda. She breathed heavily as she rested, pulling out a canteen of water salvaged from the wreck of the Skakdi kingdom. She drank it, drooling it over her face, before gagging. The water tasted foul, It was not poisoned, not dangerous, but the quality was low after being polluted by years of the Skakdi mutilating the landscape. As the Ga-Matoran coughed she paused, staring at the door, and the canteen. Shakily she stood up and waddled over to the obsidian door. She her hand to the words carved into the glassy barrier, tracing them. “I … ‘without flaw.’ I-I do not remember much of my people’s culture, but I think there was a principle we respected. The Principle of Purity. I think it was associated with the three breeds of our tribe but other … other tribes only connected it to the Ga-Matoran. Given the Mask of Water breathing built into the waterfall, and that it’s a waterfall, could this be a puzzle involving that principle. Maybe to open the door?” She felt Vokarda massage her spine, it must be approval. Mahrika smiled and reached over to her back and scratched, trying to show affecting to Vokarda through the layers of Mahrika’s metal skin. As she scratched her girlfriend Mahrika tried to focus and remember the superstitions of her people. The superstitions that ultimately failed to protect them, “‘Many Together,‘ I think our tribe also believed in a virtue called Unity. And ‘Hastened Arrival,‘ I think, I think they believed in a Skill of Speed too? I … I think that fits the phrases? Though I have no idea how to use those phrases. Or what to do with the basin. What do you think?” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
  4. IC Kanohi and Bode and “Collector” - Po-Koro Kanohi flinched at the Vahki’s word of ‘evacuation,’ but quickly nodded. He let out a whimpering sign, his fingers drumming his armor anxiously. It … it was the right thing to do. The Vahki, maybe Nu only meant for them to evacuate temporarily, get to high ground, then return and rebuild. But between the Skakdi raid, the threat of another raid, and this horrible beast ruining the landscape, Po-Koro was not safe. They might have to find a new home. The Fe-Matoran trembled in the storm. Maybe they could come back and salvage things, or maybe they could only scavenge the remains, the village too ruined to rebuild. M-maybe they would find refuge in Metru-Koro. But it was going to be attacked by the League. Would they have to start over from zero again? Could they? Even if they scavenge the remains and carried them elsewhere, how could they rebuild the forge, the fields, the knowledge tower? He had failed this village even faster than Metru-Koro and Okoto. Then Arkius spoke, and Kanohi’s optics widened under his mask. He had to focus on the here and now. The Matoran nodding frantically. “I … I hadn’t even, A-Arkius, c-can you try to save him? If possible, you c-can try to stabilize the ground while you are there, keep the village from collapsing.” Kanohi did not wait for an answer, hearing a cry from the village. Quickly he aimed his built-in Volo Lutu Launcher and fired, hurtling himself at the gate. He flew over the wall before hooking a house, flinging himself back into the air above the quaking ground. With a lunge he shot out his arm, wrenching a flailing Po-Matoran from the growing quagmire. The vigilante’s arm strained under the weight, Kanohi hadn’t been grappling as much lately, but he managed to hold on. With a tumble they landed on a stone hut, which immediately began to crumble. Kanohi’s heartlight pounded as he drew his Kiril Staff, tapping it against the hut. The crude shelter strengthened, at least for the moment. Below Collector waded through the growing quagmire on their long legs, brandishing their Kanoka Blade. A smile was on their lips, like a Muaka spying an elderly sick Kane-Ra. As they approached a crumbling patch of ground they stabbed their Kanoka Blade into the mud, freezing it solid. They nodded and shoved through the flood of mud, using their ‘element’ to stabilize the earth lives. Kanohi panted on the hut, his arm aching from the strain. As he looked about he spied the Knowledge Tower, it’s crystalline walls up scratched by the rain, and fairly far from the crumbling tunnel. Mustering his strength he squeaked out a shout, “head to the Knowledge Tower, it’s withstanding the storm.” Then he dropped to his knees, saying, “climb on.” The Po-Matoran nodded and clung to the vigilante’s chest, who grappled away. Kanohi hurtled through the air, before latching his Volo Lutu Launcher to a relatively flare part of the roof of the crystal. He leaned over, letting the Matoran of Stone climb off, before grappling down. As he landed on a hut he tumbled, still out of practice. He hooked his launchers to stop his careening, before scanning the reaches of the village, looking for more needing help. Then Kanohi launched away, passing over Collector as the Vortixx froze more of the ground. While Collector shoved aside the flood they spotted flailing. They leaned over and scooped up a drowning Matoran, lifting her onto their shoulders. They smiled a massive grin at her, before continuing to wade, blade at the ready. Kanohi meanwhile scooped up a Le-Matoran onto his back, before grappling away. As he hurled and flung across the village, they passed over the field. Kanohi passed overhead without stopping, he had to return to the tower, and in the flood of mud, the gray of a Matoran of Sonics was all but invisible. Bode fell to his knees in the mud, clutching at his head. His mind was flooded with screams and pounded by thunder and rain, the raw sensory power of a De-Matoran overwhelmed him. He struggled to speak, shouting both mentally and verbally, “Ulkarr, please, it’s … it’s too much. The screaming is too much.” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Toru Nui @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  5. IC Kanohi and “Collector” - Po-Koro Kanohi began to pace, his mask-like armor jingling with each step. Finally he said, “I … we can pay a tribute if we have to, and the Skakdi might not even come back for some time. But Metru-Koro, they are in immediate danger. I … think it’s best if you and your squad go to them with Toa Jutori and Vashni. If you wish to. Um, Collector and Kilo, if you wouldn’t mind staying behind—” And then came a sound like the mad beating of a thousand drums. Kanohi turned to see a darkening as thick droplets pounded into the wasteland, deforming and mutilating it. The layers of dust from the impact were pounded by the rain, flung skyward before mixing into a torrent of mud. The landscape peeled away, the ground ripped asunder. Mahi sprinted madly in an attempt to flee, as the sparse desert vegetation was swallowed. The sun was devoured as thick storm clouds dominated the sky, leaving the world below an dull haze. And then came the echoing roar, Kanohi trembled, as he saw a massive shadow tower over the wastes. “Th-the beast,” he managed, as the rain began to pound against Po-Koro. This … this must be the beast that dig the tunnels. It had to be. It was the only thing big enough. The raw intensity of the rain was not upon the village though, it was the fringes, a rough onslaught, but not the full rage of the maelstrom. That was surrounding the beast, seemingly obscure him like a fog. Collector drew their Kanoka Blade, standing in front of Kanohi. They tried to stand firm even as their heartlight matched Kanohi, and their hand rattled. They had to be strong and protect the Matoran, like they imagined a Toa would. As they stood guard the beast lumbered in the distance, seeming to walk past the crude village. Kanohi stared up at the distant beast, his optic’s wide, his body threatening to shatter from his trembling. He … he never imagined such a beast, such power. Was … was that one of those Kaita? Then he heard cries. The Matoran. He swerved to face the village. They were on the outskirts of the storm, but even then the stone buildings of the village were pounded by rain, and the ground was begin to turn into a quagmire. He swallowed and brandished his Kiril Staff. As he readied to grapple he shouted over the storm, “We-we need to move. C-Collector, can you freeze the ground solid, keep it from crumbling? Vashni and Jutori, do you think you can help reinforce the buildings and try to block the flood? Kilo, Nu, other Vahki, would you be willing to help me rescue the Matoran?“ OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Toru Nui @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn … IC Bode - Po-Koro Bode trembled as the roar filled the crumbling ‘streets’ of Po-Koro, and the very sky began to unleash its full fury. The De-Matoran swallowed and thought, “M-Master, I … a storm is brewing, a massive one. And I … I think I can see a colossal monster marching through the epicenter.” Elsewhere the Matoran at the Po-Koro radio tower suddenly interrupted the conversation that had been planned. “Taku, Taku, there is some sort of massive maelstrom ravaging Po-Koro. We are only in the fringes, but it’s devastating the wasteland … Taku, there was just a massive roar. I … any help you can spare, please.” OOC: @Toru Nui @BULiK … IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika waddled after Ollem, her telescopic lens probing the surrounding waters as she climbed. She … she did not see the beast returning, nor spy any Skakdi moving, but she held her Kanoka at the ready just in case. As little as it would do against even a Skakdi. Strange, to think of a Skakdi as the lesser of two evils. The weaker of two powers. Only a few hours ago, she feared nothing more than the Skakdi. And now? They were barely stronger than her. All but helpless. She shivered, and continued up the path. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
  6. IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika looked around as they landed, stealing a glance at the storm clouds in the distance. “You … you are right. There is no way we could get there in time. And we are already here, it would not make sense to leave this ruin as swiftly as we arrived.” She climbed off the raft, helping to secure it to the beach, even as she mentally reached out to her master. Her god to be. “Tuakana I … I know you wish to prevent death. If it is at all possible, if you find refugees from the gigantic head, please warn them about that beast. It … I don’t even know if the Skakdi who butchered my people deserve to face that monstrosity.” The Ga-Matoran paused and mentally added, “I … I do not remember the ways of my people much, but I recall what your Great Work was. And I think I remember that great works require different steps to be completed. If I may be so bold, what do you need to get closer to becoming the master of time and death? Is there a way I could help?” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru not sure if Tuakana is allowed to just say what steps they need to do to grow stronger, but I figure since the desecrated are meant to help their master complete their goals, I might as well ask.
  7. IC Po-Koro As the radio operators of Po-Koro peered outside their window, searching for signs of the Skakdi or the League, there was a buzzing of static. The operators scrambled to react, “Yes this is Po-Koro, what is the situation at Metru-Koro?” As an operator replied Onunui stood up to ready herself to sprint to Kanohi. OOC: @BULiK … IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika tried not to look at the rocking water as they passed the many bodies of dead Skakdi. She swallowed, gripping her Kanoka tightly as she asked, “Ollem do, do you think we should try to send a message to other survivors from the head? If … if they are unprepared for that beast, they will end up the same as these Skakdi.” In the meantime their boat drew closer and closer to the great whaterfall. Strange, that it seemed untouched by the Skakdi here. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kanohi and “Collector” - Po-Koro Kanohi nodded, wincing, “I more than understand, Toa Jutori. Metro-Koro is more important than a Great Disk. Before you depart, would you like to check our village for supplies. Again we have begun making disks, a disk of weakening might help disable an airship’s engine, and a disk of regeneration might help rebuild any damages Metru-Koro suffered.” Collector spoke up as well, “There is something else we need to consider. Metro-Koro has many Toa to protect it. Po-Koro seems to have fewer warriors. If the League or the Skakdi decide to attack the village, it might be wise to leave some to guard it. I will be staying behind to try to forge the disk, would anyone else wish to stay behind to help?” The Fe-Matoran winced, his mouth shifting and opening beneath his mask. Finally he said, “I … I hate to bring this up, but um, when I went to Metru-Koro and heard the news of the league attack, there was a Skakdi raid on Po-Koro. Twenty five Matoran died in the attack, many more were wounded. And the Skakdi demanded a tribute from the village. That’s partly why we starting stockpiling disks. To either drive them off, or to … to pay them off.” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Toru Nui @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  8. IC Kanohi and “Collector” - Po-Koro Kanohi nodded, “Nale left to help Metru-Koro, Arkius remained behind to help us. We have begun making disks, I … can do a little of it myself now too. I have only made low level Regeneration disks so far, but an experienced Matoran of Plasma is going to teach me how to make disks of Weakening. Apparently it’s a similar process.” ”And the lock we found is for a Disk of Weakening,“ Collector breathed out a sigh they had not even realized they held, “Kanohi, we discovered a ruin full of puzzles. After solving them we found a device with a slot of a Disk. The Disk you and the Odd Company found. The Great Disk of Stone. We need that kind of disk to unlock whatever lays inside. It’s a power labeled ‘Nuva.’” Kanohi’s optic widened, “A-a Great Disk? That’s … thats … there is no way I could forge one. I am too novice, only six were ever forged. I don’t think anyone alive could make it.” He paused, “but … if you think it could help the Matoran, I will do my best. Nuva, it meant ‘new’ in my home dialect, I … I shouldn’t speculate yet. Any of you are more than welcomed to help try to make the disks, those who do not leave to help Metru-Koro.” “I can help,” offered Collector quickly, “and I will make your telescopic lens in between the work.” “Oh um, thank you. I will try to make you a mask too. Um, Jutlin or Kiril?” “We have time,” answered Collector, looking away, “but a Kiril might make more sense, I do need to repair my bike frequently, and it could help out the villages more.” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Toru Nui @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  9. IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika had traveled about, diving and dredging up the wreckage of the Rig. So many Skakdi were floating dead in the water, their armor deformed from the rain and waves, their frills punctured. Their bodies were ravaged by the elements, their eyes were ruptured, all this from the power of water. As she swam they would brush against her, their twisted faces and shattered teeth burned into her mind. Finally then the Matoran started to ride the raft to the waterfall, Mahrika spoke up. “I … I would have thought once that this would be a relief. To see the butchers who slaughtered my people be crushed like we were crushed. To see the slavers and monsters die. So that no one need fear them again. But I … I feel no relief. Only … only that they were as helpless as we were to them. Their bodies mangled by elemental power like ours were. It’s … it’s horrible. This … this mass death is horrible. Death is horrible.” Then quietly, more to Vokarda than to Ollem, she whispered, “They have to succeed.” OOC: @Eyru @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator … IC Bode - Po-Koro The De-Matoran nodded, “I … I will keep you informed. And that … that reminds me. The villagers have been using me to terraform the village, use weeds to grind up the rock to make soil. They have built a tower using an old weapon, and they have begun to forge disks. I believe they can make disks of freezing, weakening and regeneration now. I … are you able to wear masks, master? Well, not just wear them like a Matoran, but actually use their powers? I think the village could make the Jutlin;, mask of corruption, or the Kiril; mask of regeneration.” He paused and said, “there … there may be a way for you to inform the village conventionally that Metru-Koro survived. Forgive my arrogance, but some Toa built a special type of tower here, one that could receive radio signals. If Metru-Koro can send those signals, then Po-Koro would know instantly. They would be able to send complicated messages too, in case one was attacked or if one needed supplies.” OOC: @Toru Nui
  10. OOC: currently waiting to post Kanohi/Collector until others have had a chance to respond IC Bode - Po-Koro. The De-Matoran shuddered as his master’s thoughts breached his mind again. He was being walked by a few Po-Matoran, led about the village with his arms restrained. With each step his weeds would erode and shatter more of the wasteland into something akin to soil. As he was led back to his cage of a field, he answered with his thoughts, “Po-Koro is still standing, I think. Well, it is standing, there had been no new attacks, but a number of vehicles have approached the village and have stopped on the edges. I do not think they are Skakdi though, from what I hear the Matoran discuss, the strangers are made up of Toa and their allies. And there is no sounds of violence.” Bode paused, and thought again, “Master do … do you want me to tell Po-Koro that Metru-Koro has survived? Tell me what to say, and I will pass it on.” OOC: @Toru Nui
  11. IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika did not reply at first, instead using her telescopic lens to search the water. Finally she spoke, “I … I don’t see Matoran bodies in the water. Only Skakdi. I think they took over this place, I … I’m starting to remember that I avoided this place when I went into hiding.” She looked out to the water, “I am a good swimmer, at least I think I am. I could try to gather us the materials for a raft. And if I … I do find something of value among the dead, I will bring it here. I … I don’t remember much of the Skakdi‘s tools, though I believe their technology was more advanced than ours. One reason we were helpless.” She shuddered as she searched for materials, but not out of fear of the Skakdi, nor out of distaste to loot the bodies. The Skakdi had crushed her people, even overwhelmed the Kaita. And even they fell before that monstrous beast. The island had been devastated by the Skakdi, barely any life remained. But this new beast, it’s very presence had slaughtered the Skakdi. Would … would anything be able to survive this time? Her hands drummed the air like a frantic heartbeat, as she continued to look for debris to make a raft, or tools to scavenge. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
  12. IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika nodded shakily, “You … you have a point. Why go back to a place it destroyed? At least so soon? Unless it wasn’t after destruction, and was looking for something. But it … where could something so vast have come from? I know it was not on this island before, at least that’s what I think. Just, the island would have been turned to mud by now if it had always been here.” She swallowed, “Maybe it’s not intelligent though. Looks so beastly I … I can’t imagine it as something other than Rahi. And well, if it was looking for something, if it’s leaving, it didn’t find it.” She clutched her Kanoka, “I … I think I can see some debris down in the water.” She began to slowly creep towards the ravaged shore, clutching her disk of freezing. It would be useless against that beast, but m-maybe if it came back she could freeze a barrier, to buy time to escape away from the beast while it tore down the obstacles. OOC: @Eyru @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator
  13. IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika nodded shakily, one hand futilely clutching her Kanoka, the other embracing Vokarda for comfort. She watched as the beast lumbered away, her optics all but hypnotized by her terror. That thing … it could turn the wastelands into quagmires, erode the land into a paste. Any cave would be flooded, any refuge torn apart by the torrent. That thing, it would cleave the island in a way even the Skakdi could not. Where even could they go? She swallowed, “I … I can’t think any cave c-could be safe from that thing, no matter how remote. And I … I think it created that terrible rain. If it can flood the island by its presence alone, not even trying to harness its element, then what could it do if it tried? I … no one can be safe. Not your people, not the Skakdi. N-no matter where we hide, if it got close, we would … would be destroyed.” As the titanic monster thundered away, she asked in a small quivering voice, “D-do you still think we should try to investigate the ruins? I … I can’t imagine many relics survived, but i-if you think there is something to be learned or scavenged, after the beast is far enough away, w-we could look…” OOC: @Burnmad @Eyru @Unreliable Narrator
  14. IC Kanohi and “Collector” - Po-Koro Kanohi nodded, and swallowed, his fingers drumming his armor of broken masks. “I will t-tell what I know, but f-feel free to read my mind regarding Toa Zaliyah, Vashni. If I misremember details, maybe you can correct me.” He all but gulped, his body trembling. “Roughly a day ago I think, a Matoran medic, a Turaga native to this island, and me had traveled to Metru-Koro. We were carrying a Matoran injured by a Skakdi to get medical treatment. When we arrived we ran into Toa Stannis, but when we … we caught up…” ”An airship overhead a broadcast to Metru-Koro. The speaker was a Toa Zaliyah, who was a representative of the League. She … she claimed she had tried to open negotiations with the Turaga of Metru-Koro, to arrange peace. She had come specifically for the Mask of Creation, but perhaps it would have been negotiable. If … if cooler heads prevailed.” ”From what I understood, the Turaga of Metru-Koro spat in her face. Not literally just … he refused to negotiate. I … I was not there, but Toa Stannis had been, and he confirmed she had approached the village to make peace. Whatever happened, it went horribly.” The Fe-Matoran breathed heavy, optics closed. ”Toa Zaliyah declared that in two days the League would destroy Metru-Koro if the Mask of Creation was not offered to the League. Toa Stannis teleported us to Po-Koro to warn the village, before he took the Taku to Metru-Koro alongside a number of Toa and a few Aspects. I … I have not heard anything since.” Collector shakily looked at Vashni, “Is … is my friend misremembering? He must be, right?” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Toru Nui @Snelly @Tarn how, it occurs to me now that Vashni had an encounter with Zaliyah at the end of SKE … IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika swallowed, her telescopic lens staring at the beast as it bellowed. She shivered, pressing Vokarda tightly to her insides. Her partner seemed to shudder too, quivering in the sight of this walking Armageddon. Then it began to lumber forward, seemingly heading to the north northwest. And with it, the rain followed. “I … I think it didn’t notice us,” she whispered to Vokarda, before remembering Ollem existed. She turned to him, “W-what do we do now? There… could any place be safe from that monster? Could anything even stop that thing? I … I think even a Kaita would struggle against such a beast.” But a Kaita would have the best chance, better than a Toa. That is, if she could trust her memories. Then again, there may be one other person able to fight that beast. “Tuakana, what … what do you think we should do? Is there a way I can help you become strong enough to defeat this monster?” OOC: @Burnmad @Eyru
  15. IC Kanohi and “Collector” - Po-Koro Kanohi let out a sigh, h-hopefully this would be resolvable without violence. “Thank you Kilo for your understanding. W-would y’all like to come into the village now? We probably have a lot to do, and even more to talk about.” He hesitated, and said, “have any of you been to Metru-Koro recently? I heard troubling things last I was there. It wasn’t too long ago, Toa Stannis teleported me here so I didn’t need to walk. It … I am not good at words, well, that’s obvious. It might be better if Vashni read my memories and broadcast it into the rest of you. Oh um, none of you have the mental protection of a Ce-Matoran, right?” “I do not,” answered Collector simply, as they eyed Kanohi. The Fe-Matoran seemed a bit agitated about something, was it just his normal anxiety? OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Toru Nui @Snelly @Tarn … IC Mahrika - Stone Suva Mahrika clutched at Vokarda as she thought back, “I do not know much, from what I understand, the head belonged to Mata-Nui, he was a minor spirit for us, but he was the Great Spirit for the Matoran of the head. There was a war, between Matoran and other breeds, which ended when the head was torn off the God’s shoulders. I don’t…” Her thoughts were cut off as she suddenly saw a blackness growing before her. The Ga-Matoran refocused her telescopic lens, before squeezing out a simple, “no.” Begoreher she could see a storm, an unnatural tsunami and typhoon localized entirely on the spot she recalled. She could see the land chewed up by the water, eroded into a paste as the rain pounded and deformed the world. The water ripped and tore with a violence beyond any Skakdi raiding party, cleaving the world like it was glass before the scythe. And within that maelstrom, was something monstrous. Thick with scales and terrible claws, it looked over the storm as it bellowed, a terrifying visage that sent Vokarda squirming and left Mahrika on her knees. Mahrika felt Vokarda embrace her, as she croaked out, “Ollem, d-do you see that thing? The rain has torn the landscape apart, shredded it like it was nothing. A-and inside the storm, there is a m-monster. A massive beast, I don’t remember ever seeing anything like it. The only thing I can think of that is bigger is the head you lived in. It’s … what is that thing?” OOC: @Burnmad @Eyru feel free to have Tuakana see Nektann through her eyes.
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