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  1. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika stood up, dropping the stone staff, before joining Ollem in pushing the Suva. Her short legs and big feet had once struggled to get traction, though with the sand gone now she should be able to actually shove the mechanism. As she pushed she grunted, “What — argh — do you think is in the Suva anyway? Looks like it’s been here a while, but with my bad memory, I don’t recall it. Might not even have been built by my tribe for that matter.“ She … she wasn’t sure why she was bothering to dig into this relic. Did she honestly hope to find traces of her people here? And if there was a Great Mask, she couldn’t use it. And she wouldn’t want it either. She supposed she could pop off her lens and clip it onto a new mask, but its power would still be useless to her. It was so long, was she still unknowingly following the commands of Tuakana? Commands she had long forgot? All she remembered was that they wanted to kill death and conquer time. And it was not like the answer to that just quest would be here? Right? OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad
  2. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone “Okay, so the direction of East is a part of the puzzle,” muttered Mahrika, “You think that is where we have to align the pillars to lock each in place?” She rubbed her head briefly, “But in what order do you think we need to spin the Suva, which pillar needs to lock in place first? And which way do we need to turn them?” She continued to shove aside the sand as she spoke, trying to move aside the sand so that it would no longer clog up the Suva’s mechanisms. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad
  3. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro The timid Fe-Matoran let out a sign like a valve releasing pressure, as he turned the disk over in his hands. It had not shattered, so none of the Protodermis was wasted, and with it the proper size it’s balance felt better. Admittedly he had not thrown it yet, and he had nothing to test it’s power on, but still, progress. “Kanohi, meeting time,” Sucordak’s voice cut through Kanohi’s relief, even as he swung the disk around in his arm to test its balance. The Fe-Matoran nearly dropped the disk but dove to catch it, before dragging himself up and heading over to the Matoran of Plasma. Sucordak led Varah over to a stone slab, one with scores of symbols carved into it — each a letter or number in the Matoran language. “This should let you spell out any message you need to, point and I will follow along. It’s a bit simple and bulky, one of the Le-Matoran was going to make a more portable one, but well, she died. Speaking of her death, we should deal with that first. What have you learned from that Piraka?” ”Piraka?” Kanohi eyed the symbols he … he sort of understood them, but he was not familiar with the Metru-Nui style of writing Sucordak winced and looked around as his voice dropped low, “guess you should know. Some of us started hearing rumors of a sacrificial ritual that could give folks power, from creatures called Legion and Whisper. Around that time, Bode began to grow weeds with each step he took. He made that grazing field. And then we found a dead body in his hut. We can guess what happened.” ”Karzahni,” Kanohi whispered, cursing for once, “are … are you sure he … there are so few of us left, and he…” the Fe-Matoran struggled to support himself despite the shock, relying on his staff to stay upright, “Why … I spoke to him, why didn’t anyone tell me?” “It’s Po-Koro business, most of us prefer to keep things quiet.” “But … what if it wasn’t these creatures, what if it was Toa Ulkarr? Bode knew where Ulkarr came from, and Toa Stannis said that Ulkarr would tempt us with powers.” ”…Yep we should have told you, that would have been nice to know. We will have to alert the guard. In the meantime, Varah, would you mind telling us what you observed while monitoring Bode, before explaining what you know about why the Skakdi left, and if they had any demands?” OOC: @Onaku
  4. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi threw another broken disk into the Forge, the raw heat melding the shards back together. As he stood there he felt a gentle squeeze on his shoulder, and he swerved to see a Su-Matoran standing before him. ”Careful with that thing. Artakha you are jumpy for someone who wasn’t here during the raid.“ Kanohi flinched at his words, and the Matoran of Plasma rubbed the back of his head, “Sorry, not the best with words. Scoot over.“ Kanohi moved aside, and the Su-Matoran got to work on the disk as he continued. “Point is, I heard you are taking rein of things. Impressed.” Kanohi felt his mask shift to a more crimson hue, ““Just in case it’s not clear, it’s gonna be rough. The Skakdi probably will come back, not to mention we still aren’t that prepared for the League. “Don’t get me wrong,” The Matoran of Plasma added quickly, “I get you are a helper by nature, and I’m glad to have your aid forging, especially as we find more Protodermis. And that mending the village and rescuing our people thing? Keep at it, though maybe don’t stray far from Po-Koro in the future.“ “What I’m trying to say is its fine for you to keep doing what you are doing, but you need to start preparing for the Skakdi to return, and the League.“ Kanohi winced, “I … I know. I … do you know … why they attacked? Was it as simple as we were mostly Matoran? And not … not strong enough to fight back?” “Rumor has it they want a tribute, but I don’t know much more. Varah was involved in the final fighting I think, want me to get her?“ Kanohi nodded, as the Su-Matoran finished hammer the disk. He stood up and gestured for Kanohi to sit back in his place, before walking off. … IC Bode Po-Koro Bode had resumed his pacing. He had grazed some of the weeds he made, eating them like a beast. Like the Mahi. Like the Skakdi. He now was replenishing the field, as a few of the goats grazed behind him. “Hey, Varah?“ Bode glanced over as an Matoran of Plasma walked towards Varah, with a Ce-Matoran in tow, “I heard you were on hand when the Skakdi left. Mind coming with me? Cemanas can guard … the Piraka, But we need to figure out our strategy for when they come back, and if you have some advice, it could help. I know your throat ain’t talking, but if you can read, we can get by.“ OOC: @Onaku
  5. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi shuddered as he slid the lump of Protodermis into the makeshift forget, heating it to activate its natural abilities. Then he slid it out and drew a hammer, striking it over and over the shape it, before pulling out a fire staff and melting it. Gradually he shaped it— Snap. The would-be disk broke in half, the two shards hurled to the ground. Kanohi leapt back from the explosion, falling flat on his back, panting shallow breathes. The Fe-Matoran shook, before crawling over, and picking up both chunks of Protodermis. ”Better stick them back then, start over,” a Su-Matoran remarked as he shaped some small components. “I know you have an aesthetic, but they will be useless to the village left like that. And you don’t need more armor, especially when I finish making you these components.” Kanohi nodded shakily, closing his eyes. Just … don’t be overwhelmed by your failure, keep trying. You understand how Regeneration Disks work better than any other disk, you … you can do it. For the Matoran. He plunged the shards of Protodermis back into Forge, melting them down into each other. It was slow, waiting for them to merge once more, and Kanohi’s hands shook the entire time with unease. Then finally he pulled free the restored lump, and began to hammer and forge, moving slow with shaking hands. And gradually the shape of a a disk was pounded and shaped into the Protodermis. Kanohi took the disk into his hands, it … it wasn’t perfect, a bit smaller than the average disk because of the damage he had done, balance felt a little less than perfect. But would it work? The Fe-Matoran pulled his arm back and aimed for a broken chunk of wall kept damaged for testing. He reared his arm back and threw. The disk was indeed a little off balance, landing roughly 0.5 Bios off course. Still it hit the damaged spot, and indeed the cracks began to meld together. Soon enough the wall was strong as ever. Based on the speed it was low level, maybe level one, or at most level two? Still, it was one more disk for Po-Koro. ”Not bad, not great though. Still, maybe you can get better if you keep at it. And we could use the help at least.” Kanohi nodded before walking over and picking up the disk. He put it to the side, before going back to the next chunk of ore. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator hopefully this is okay. … IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika nodded, “Yeah, maybe freeze it in place or make a ridge for the sand to not slid against. That could work.” She pulled out the Staff of Loyalty, and laid the rest of her supplies on the ground. She began to shove aside the sand, using its flat side like the plow of an ice breaking boat. It would be slow going, so she remarked as she pushed, “Feel free to join in.” Was anything revealed as she pushed aside the sand? OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad
  6. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika nodded and managed, “My memories aren’t … there are gaps, but I am pretty sure the island wasn’t covered with this much sand and dust. Maybe the tribe who built this never considered that part of it would be buried.” She shakily stood up, and began to pull out her Kanoka. But as she gripped it she felt the frost linger on her fingers. ”Hey Ollem,” she muttered, looking away from her dish, “this is probably obvious, but is it safe to dig with this disk, using it as a crude trowel? Or is it just going to freeze the ground? I … don’t know the rules of these disks, at least I don’t remember.” “I do have a bedroll made of algae and some cloth made of seaweed, maybe we could shove aside the sand with them?” She sighed as a new thought brushed against her, “Rather not use the bedroll though, it would be the Pits to clean sand out of my sleeping bag. Though I also have this thick flat weapon I found by the Vahki.” She gestured behind her to a Staff of Loyalty, bedroll, and a backpack. Which she had not removed to lighten her load. Even after all this time. Despite trying to move a heavy piece of machinery. Given the expression on her face, her mistake was dawning on herself too. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad Guess who realized Mahrika has a bit more equipment on her. No wonder she is so easily exhausted.
  7. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone Mahrika laid there, her breaths shallow and rapid. Finally her panting slowed down, and she tried to think. Was … was there something she wasn’t thinking of? A clue she was neglecting? She felt Vokarda massage her spine, no doubt trying to relax her. Mahrika closed her eyes, and attempted to think things over. “At the start … you mentioned that illusion, the hologram, right? And now, I see the Toa touches the Suva before walking away. Then the image repeats. I think … think she is traveling north … traveling north northeast. Do you think … that could be an important direction for the puzzle? Like, we have to lock a pillar in that direction to activate it? Or something?“ OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad
  8. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro “Is it possible for me to help?” Kanohi asked quietly as he shyly approached Jovan as he levitated up some ore. The Turaga of Magnetism seemed not to hear the Fe-Matoran, too busy straining to move the ore. Kanohi swallowed, and as Jovan lowered the ore he spoke up a little louder, “um, Turaga, is there a way I can help you?” Jovan flinched and said, “I … I, if you try to mine the ore, you would disturb the earth. You know as well as I that this … this worm has to have some way to navigate. If it can feel vibrations it — we have to be careful. I … I cannot focus on you while I work.” ”I know,” Kanohi spoke softly, “but I could … I could carry ore out of the tunnel, once you pry it free. I can grapple as much as I want, if I carry it up, you wouldn’t need to waste your elemental power. And … I hate to bring this up, but only we think the worm feels vibrations, it might instead have a natural compass, like a Fa-Matoran. Then we shouldn’t use your power lightly.” Jovan swallowed, “I … I doubt my limited power would alert a worm of that size. But I guess I … you just grapple away if something goes wrong, alright? Swear to me you will not stay here and die with me.” ”Al-alright,” Kanohi said, and then without looking at the Turaga he said, “there … there is something else. If … if at all possible, I would appreciate if you would get me some iron ore. The … before I left Po-Koro Vakama gave me an incomplete telescopic lens. It … it might help the Koro if I can manage to complete it.” Jovan nodded without saying a word, instead prying free some ore. It lowered down besides him, and Kanohi scrambled into the hole, shakily picking up the ore and stowing it away in his armpit. Then with a point of his free hand he fired his Volo Lutu Launcher, hooking the edge of the pit. He lurched into the air, grappling out of the pit. … IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone “Argh,” Mahrika flopped onto her back, panting. She … she didn’t know if Ollem was struggling too, but she certainly was, “I … I don’t think we can do this. Not with that sand at least. Any … any idea how to get rid of it? I can … I can freeze it but I don’t see how that will help. You can … turn invisible, any other tricks you can use?” As she heaved there in the sand she managed, “Did … did you see that the pillars moved when we turned it? I think … I think they moved counter clockwise? What do you think that means?” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad … IC “Collector” The Ruins of Stone Collector hesitated, they were not expecting anyone or anything living here. Suddenly looting this ruin seemed a bit more dangerous. Still, Toa Atamai was heading down already, and if there was a way to gain the power of a Toa, they needed it. So they followed after the Toa, muttering, “Be cautious, friends, we do not know what could be down here.” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  9. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone “Yeah, sure, alright,” Mahrika shoved herself upright with her long arms. Well, they were longer than her legs at least. With some strain she moved to help Ollem. Not that he would need much help. one-Matoran had enhanced strength compared to other Matoran, didn’t they? She knew they had better vision in darkness but, she swore she had heard they were strong like Po-Matoran. She … her mind struggled to recall. So much of the past she had lost. She hadn’t stimulated her brain much hiding in an underwater cave for centuries. She kept sane weaving things out of seaweed fibers she had dried, talked to Vokarda plenty, but she … she didn’t exactly recall much of her home. She knew the basics but, a lot of details had been etched away. Mahrika was interrupted as Vokarda squirmed around her spine. Right that … her people knew only lies anyway. It didn’t matter. What mattered was Vokarda, and if possible, ending the tyranny of death. But even so, she wanted to solve this puzzle. And it could help. She couldn’t help Tuakana, if they still lived, but perhaps, this Suva would hold secrets that could help. She … she remembered there was something sacred about the Suva’s, even beyond the typical concept, though she could not recall what. She could worry about that later. For now, she attempted to help Ollem push. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad
  10. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro ”Huh, yeah it can be done,” a Su-Matoran muttered as he examined the incomplete telescopic lens, “we don’t have the time to work on it, and I don’t think we could spare the Protodermis, but if you want to help get the iron ore, I could help you forge some of the parts.” Kanohi nodded and bowed low, before walking away from the makeshift forge. Su-Matoran and Ta-Matoran worked together to craft the metal, smelting down what Protodermis Jovan had already dug up. Kanohi hesitated as he walked away, saying, “would you … would you like any help making regeneration disks? I … I am clumsy, but I know some of the basics.” ”Sure, any help is good. Make it easier for me to spend time helping with the lens.” Kanohi nodded in thanks before hesitating, he … he was stalling, didn’t want to disturb Jovan again. The Turaga had suffered enough without Kanohi bothering him with demands. Still he … he needed to take care of Vakama’s last gift. He walked off, heading towards Jovan as his fingers clenched his staff tight. … IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone “Um, okay, so this Suva can spin around,” Mahrika interrupted as she flopped against the Suva, panting from the exhaustion, “Cordak, I should have … should have been lifting weights, I’m out of shape. Ollem, right? We are gonna need to push this together. Well, once we figure out where to move it.” As she slumped down she pushed her arms against the sand and dust at the Suva’s base, absentminded as she cleared the debris. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad I won’t lie, I kind of wanted the Suva not to move, to show what happens when Vokarda’s “advice” doesn’t work … IC “Collector” The Ruins of Stone Collector scowled, “Of course, I should have known better. My apologies for wasting our time and resources.” They should know better to rely on something so … illogical. Still, they had not seen those symbols before, and peered to study them. As they stared at the wall they noted to Jutori, “That bowl sounded louder than I would have expected, though it failed to affect anything. Could it be weight-sensitive? ” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  11. IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone “Alright,” Mahrika nodded, before approaching each pillar one at a time before moving to the Suva, her telescopic lens attempting to magnify the details. She was no mask maker, had never crafted with Protodermis only plant fibers, though Vokarda of course had. She had been a machinist once, learned from some of the bigger Koros, and had even built Mahrika’s telescopic lens. Mahrika winced at her own ignorance, she did not really get the puzzle. Shrink and grew were touching as the first and sixth point, as were live and lie, but rise and fall were separated. Now the pillars did line up across from their partner, but it … ugh, Vokarda was much better at figuring out where stuff went. “Vokarda, what am I supposed to do?” The Kraata merely massaged her spine, offering no other advice. But then Vokarda seemed to prod the Ga-Matoran‘s neck past the Suva. She turned, but nothing was there. Mahrika sighed, before a thought reached her. She waddled over to the Suva, and attempted to push it, like Vokarda pushing her neck to look around. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad … IC “Collector” The Ruins of Stone “Unity and Destiny make creation,” mused Collector, “and creation makes strategy. I see.” They did not. “Could you make the symbols with those rocks though? Perhaps use them like chalk to draw them? If the Principle of Creation is involved, perhaps you needed to create something with them?” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  12. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi approached the edge of the pit, as a lump of ore levitated out of it, before falling in a pile by the edge. The Fe-Matoran peered down at the Turaga and spoke quietly. “Hello, Tu— Tobduk, how goes things?” Jovan flinched at his interruption, before answering, “it … is coming. I … I am sorry I am not strong enough to lead.” ”Neither am I,” admitted Kanohi and Jovan winced, “Sorry, I mean I do not think I am strong enough to lead either. I don’t think anyone left is. All we can do is support each other now. Even if it’s just with our companionship.” ”…It is a fairly rich vein of Protodermis,” Jovan admitted, “there it iron ore nearby too, we can … our smiths can use that for simpler things.” ”That is good. Thank you, Tobduk,“ Kanohi said, “I … I will leave you to this, but I will ask our smiths to collect the ore you found, to start forging. Thank you, the ore you found will help Po-Koro.” He … could not bother the Turaga more, he could see Jovan was unsettled by his very presence. He was too overwhelming. So Kanohi walked away, to continue his rounds of the village. … IC Mahrika - Suva of Stone “I fear I am not the best at puzzles,” muttered Mahrika, as she looked over the inscriptions, “I grow, I fall, I live, I die, I rise, I shrink? I … live and die are opposites, but grow and fall? Rise and shrink? I mean sorta but, they don’t exactly fit. Oh, maybe they go with different phrases? Grow goes with shrink, rise with fall, and they are on opposite sides. The first is paired with the sixth, the second with the fifth, and the third with the second. Ollem, what do you think that means?” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad … IC “Collector” The Ruins of Stone Collector followed after Atamai, avoiding his face. “Toa Atamai, I fear I was unclear. I am confused. How do the Principles and Strategies relate to the Virtues? And what is the Principle of Creation and the Strategy of Skill? I … fear my lack of knowledge may weaken our ability to solve the puzzle.” They had not yet noticed the figures carved into the wall. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  13. IC Mahrika - Wastes Suva ”My name is Mahrika,” Her name felt odd spoken out loud, almost alien coming out of her mask. She hadn’t exactly had to use it for a long time. “I … I know of illusions, the kind a Toa of Psionics could make, or a user of a Mahiki, are holograms like that?” She continued to scan the Suva’s structure, looking for clues engraved the walls and pillars. OOC: @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator … IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi grappled atop the young Knowledge Tower of Po-Koro, using the increased elevation to search far and wide. He peered over the horizon, trying to spot anything in the distance. Sadly the landscape blurred the farther it laid from him, even from this height his view was limited . He tensed up he … it was clear that he really needed to learn how to make telescopic lens. Not just for himself, but for much of Po-Koro. It could only help this crude village to be able to spot far away. And since even a powerless Matoran could use it, it could help the Matoran spot dangers in advance. The Fe-Matoran grappled down, landing in a tumble on the rocky ground below. He reached into his armor to pull out the last device Vakama had worked on, that incomplete telescopic lens, built for Kanohi. Be-before Kanohi had abandoned him. Vakama’s mask had been shattered, and the Po-Koro Matoran had melted the shards down to make tools. There was nothing left to remember him by, except this lens. It … Kanohi had to finish the work. He owed Vakama that much and so much more. Vakama had lacked the parts to finish the lens, but … Jovan was hopefully mining ore by now, that would mean new resources. Most ore should be used for Kanoka or even masks, but … if he could finish the telescopic lens… Kanohi began to walk towards the rough mine, he … he had never made something so intricate, but Po-Koro would need more skilled crafting, he would need to learn. “Please Kaita, don’t let me break it,” he muttered as he walked to check in on the Turaga.
  14. IC Mahrika - Northwest Barrens above the Impact Site The Ga-Matoran forced herself to try to relax, though her heartlight was still unsteady. Vokarda squirmed around her spine, trying to calm her through gentle pressure. Kanoka meant disk, roughly, so this weapon she found was a Kanoka. And he described that metal machine accurately. The look of the Vahki was … it was something he shouldn’t know even if he had trapped her in an illusion with vision powers. And if he was a Skakdi of Psionics, he wouldn’t be able to use his powers with enough finesse to probe her mind without her noticing, right? And a Skakdi could not use a Kanohi, not to mention now that he was visible, his form was very solid. Not like the Toa, He could be an Aspect, but she stressed she was spoken for and … and the stories about Aspects her tribe believed were wrong anyway, Tuakana proved that. He could be some other breed she had never heard of … but she shouldn’t get lost in constant what ifs. He … he seemed to be a Matoran. And according to him, his home had been destroyed. Like here Finally she said, “Sorry. It’s … haven’t had this kind of conversation in a while. I … I did not know there were Matoran left. I … it seemed impossible. And maybe it is, maybe it’s a trick. But that mountain, it seems impossible for even a hundred Skakdi of Earth and Stone to make it so quickly. Maybe … reality is changing. Maybe there is hope. But I am sorry for the loss of your home. Even if it wasn’t a good place to live, it still had memories.” Like her damp underwater cave. She turned to look at the Suva, “I … I want to believe you are a real Matoran, so I will. But then, are the two of us both trapped in an illusion together? That Toa doesn’t seem solid to me, and I would have thought that all of our temples would have been destroyed long ago. Could it have been unearthed in that sandstorm?” Her telescopic lens began to give her a magnified view of the Suva’s walls and structures, though she did not release her Kanoka from her trio. It was … better to be safe, even if he was not a threat. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad
  15. IC Mahrika - Northwest Barrens above the Impact Site “I found this disk near a living machine. I don’t think the Skakdi are capable of building such a machine or a disk like this. And the symbol, seems to be in a version of Matoran. I … I can you describe a Vahki’s look to me? I … I need to be sure you aren’t lying. I haven’t seen another Matoran for thousands of years, it’s … hard to believe there are others left,” she swallowed, her logic made sense to her at least. It was … it seemed possible he was real. He didn’t ripple like the Toa of Water, he might just have been using some sort of technology to vanish. Something that imitates a Huna, or the element of Light. Like her disk’s element of Ice. She … she was probably hopelessly naive to even thinking of believing him. But trusting strangers, the last time she did that she saved her beloved. And if there were other Matoran left, even from some far off land, that could only be good. OOC: @Burnmad
  16. IC Mahrika - Northwest Barrens above the Impact Site “Yes, that is the mountain. I was underground when it was formed, the quakes collapsed my shelter,” She tried not to be frustrated, most of his answers were too vague. He looked like an Onu-a Matoran, or maybe a Ba-Matoran or Fa-Matoran, she hadn’t seen one for so long. It was odd for a Matoran not to like Toa or Turaga, but … well, they failed her too. But she needed something more concrete, more … specific about him. And these Vahki, that word meant Law, but the context he used it in, sounded like they were a race. Mahrika tried to choose her words carefully, she had to be careful, but if she could prove he was being honest, that might make her less frantic. “This Great City you come from, were there any … living machines there?” She tried to tread carefully but hopefully he would have answers. As she spoke she subconsciously looked at that disk, which was engraved with a blue image and the numbers 223. OOC: @Burnmad Ollem should recognize the disk as one built in Ga-Metru. IC “Collector” The Ruins of Stone Collector looked aside, “I … had not heard of these Principles before. I suppose I will have more to learn about the Matoran. Tell me, the Principle of Creation and the Skill of Strategy, how do they connect to the Virtue of Unity? What is their common thread. You say it was the Po-Metru puzzle, then is it connected to the Element of Stone?” They spoke quickly, almost frantic for knowledge to replace their embarrassment. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  17. IC Mahrika - Northwest Barrens above the Impact Site “You … you aren’t from here?” Mahrika was about to dismiss him, when Vokarda seemed to tug her head towards the disk. That strange disk, the likes of which she had never known in Xa-Nui. And that was laying besides the corpse of that strange bug-like creature. That creature with no flesh, just cold metal. Mahrika hesitated and spoke up, “This … place you say you are from, what is life like? What kind of beings live there? Just Matoran? How do they fight?” She didn’t necessarily believe him but, it was becoming clear that things were … strange. They were not too far from the new mountain, which appeared after the quake destroyed her refuge. And-and that inorganic creature, the only one she ever seen of it’s kind had appeared since that mountain appeared. She thought it might be an Aspect’s body but … too many things didn’t match. ”What do you know about that new mountain?” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad gosh she has a lot of questions.
  18. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro ”Well, it’s certainly an idea.” The Ga-Matoran rubbed her Noble Akaku, “but to get the Protodermis to make it, it’s not exactly practical. Even with the potential new mine, we would have to pour so much resources into building this mobile Koro, that we would have none for anything else, and that’s if we had enough. For one thing making levitation disks are not the easiest process, not sure we have the infrastructure for it for another. And the sheer amount of them we would need to levitate a whole village…” She shook her head, making a whistling sound. ”R-right, sorry,” Kanohi swallowed, unable to match her gaze. ”Still, its an option,” she admitted, “and if Jovan finds a ton of Protodermis, it looks a bit more possible. At the least though, might be useful to try to build some of these hovercraft, in case we need to evacuate. If we can get them to work, then maybe we can plan to weld them together.” She offered a smile. ”Al-alright,” he nodded with a flap of his wrists. At … at least his idea wasn’t totally useless, “then … then we better get busy. I … I will go around the village, see what I can mend.” He turned and walked away, and she nodded after him. … IC “Collector” The Ruins of Stone “Well, Toa Atamai, that appears to be your Matoran symbols,” Collector remarked, gesturing too the inscription, “The question is, what do they mean?” They paused, if this was written in Matoran, then it might involve Matoran culture. Admittedly they were no expert on the Matoran, but they wished to be, they knew more than most Vortixx surely. They rubbed their head, thinking about what Kanohi and other Matoran would talk about in their beliefs. “Accomplished together…” they muttered,”that somewhat sounds like a shallow version of the virtue of Unity. Which makes sense if this is a Matoran ruin. Best Laid Plans might refer to the virtue of Destiny, but I fail to see a connection with ‘brought into existence’ and Duty. But perhaps I miss the subtleties. What do you all think?” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Vezok's Friend @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn … IC Mahrika - Northwest Barrens above the Impact Site Mahrika swallowed, “W-well you can’t be a Matoran, now can you? Me and Vokarda, we are the only ones left, the rest were butchered thousands of years ago. When th-the Skakdi ravaged our island paradise. So you are either a Skakdi here to mess with one of the few survivors, or … or you might be an Aspect. But if you are an Aspect I … I am already spoken for.” She had an idea where he was now, thanks to his comment, but when she prepared to throw, Vokarda made her body lurch, making her drop the disk flat at her feet. “Don’t throw it yet?” She swallowed as she leaned over and picked up the disk, “Al-alright.” She held at at her side now, not aiming to throw it yet, but still clutching it tight. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad
  19. IC Mahrika - Northwest Barrens above the Impact Site Mahrika watched as the Matoran vanished of … of course, he was an illusion too. Maybe that was where the Skakdi had been hiding, using him as an avatar. But then why vanish when he saw her? Why even manifest an avatar and not just hide in a pillar. Her telescopic lens searched about, searching for dust moving out of place, footsteps in the sand, something else breaking the illusion. As she backed up against a pillar Mahrika felt Vokarda thump against her throat. Speak? She … she was in this thing’s power she … she wouldn’t lose much by talking. And if she could … could make the Skakdi speak up, she might be able to locate him, and strike him with the disk, distracting him so she could escape the illusion. ”I … I know you are there, Skakdi,” she managed to speak out with a hollow confidence coating her voice, “u-using your vision power to mess with my head. So what is this? You just thought it would be fun to show us some relic from our past, just to grind more sand into the festering wound? Or did you think any of us left are that naive?” Her Akaku searched around her, probing for a ripple in the air. OOC: @Burnmad
  20. IC Mahrika - Northwest Barrens above the Impact Site Mahrika felt her heart pound, and Vokarda squirmed inside her. Her hands trembled as she clutched the weapon, this … this couldn’t be. She … her heartlight pounded at the sight but … but for a Suva to still be standing, millennia after … everything and for a … a Toa to be standing there, still alive? It … it couldn’t be real. Unless Tuakana … was already gaining influence over time and death. No, she would have heard something from them, surely. And … and Vokarda was still in her chest. It must be an illusion. Maybe a vision power from a Skakdi, mesmerizing her with a vision, just to toy with her. Yes, as she looked at the strange Toa, her body flickered, it … it had to be an illusion Vokarda massaged her, pushing her spine to prod her neck towards the disk, then to the Toa. “R-right,” Mahrika whispered, “I … I am already in his power then. I … I can’t h-hide. But I … I can be ready, can … can protect you. And if … if it’s real…“ She shakily moved to the Suva temple, her optics probing everything around her, trying to identify a ripple in this illusion, something that might hint where the Skakdi was. That … that newcomer, on the opposite side, could it be? She focused in on him with her lens he … he didn’t ripple like the Toa. Was … was it possible? A Matoran? Alive? N-no, it was impossible. She did not approach him, just held her disk at the ready as she prepared to dive for cover behind the temple. @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator … IC Bode - Po-Koro ”Not … much has happened, I heard a Toa was planning to build bunkers underground, I think. I will … pass on that the Skakdi is coming here.” Bode swallowed, breathing heavily. In a shaky voice he called out to Varah, “I … I … there is a Skakdi coming to the village. I … he might be hostile.” OOC: @Toru Nui @Onaku
  21. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro “I … I can’t lead them,” Turaga Jovan managed as Kanohi approached, “I am … I am not strong enough. I failed my people too often.” He was looking at a small piece of rust, which he levitated back and forth like a leaf in a faint breeze. ”I … I understand. I … I struggle too. You… you know what the Turaga of my home island would tell me? Don’t focus on what you can’t do, focus on what you can do, instead of being overwhelmed by the world, do small manageable tasks. And … and that’s it’s better to do a small basic thing like washing your hands, than to be paralyzed by your mind.” ”…I can’t lead.” ”That is okay. But Toa Arkius, when he was digging, he found tunnels, and in the one close to Po-Koro he found a vein of Protodermis. If … if you could use your element to pull the ore free, without disrupting the earth, we could make more tools, maybe even Kanoka.” ”Tunnels? Who … who made them?” ”We … we think it was a Rahi. And we don’t want to alert it. So if you could slowly pull the ore free, gradually, at your own pace, without disturbing the ground, it could help us.” ”…” “You don’t have to lead, you don’t need to be responsible for Matoran, just go slow, steady, doing a repetitive physical task like mining will distract you from … everything, and it … it’s silly, but it could really help us, and could give the Matoran some hope.” ”I … I will try.” … IC “Collector” The Northern Wastes Collector shook their head at the ziggurat, not in disbelief but with satisfaction. Their suggestion was right, there was a ruin corresponding to the Great Disk. But this was just one ruin, would each Great Disk hiding spot having a ruin corresponding to it? Regardless they followed the others inside, asking Atamai, “What was the Great Disk’s hiding place like? You say there were symbols here like there were there, might there be clues in that puzzle‘s answers to this one?” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn … IC Mahrika - Northwest Barrens above the Impact Site Mahrika continued to wander through the barrens of Zakaz, her large feet waddling across the sands. As she walked her telescopic lens swept over the landscape — was that a dust cloud. Her hand swung behind her and drew her disk of freezing, clutching it tight as an icy mist drifted off from its rim. She stared at the distant shape, clutching her disk like a Le-Matoran to a cliff side tree. Was … no it … it was nothing. Not a Skakdi raiding party. She did not sheath her disk though, out here in the desert she was vulnerable, easy prey. She … she was helpless aside from the disk, her muscles atrophied after hiding for millennia, she … if they came she couldn’t protect Vokarda, couldn’t even protect herself. Vokarda squirmed inside her chest, massaging her spine, soft and slow. ”I … thank you,” Mahrika swallowed, “You always know how to keep me calm. Let’s … let’s keep going.” She continued to waddle through the desert, but did not release the disk. Just … just in case.
  22. OOC: behold my first jam session, done with @Eyru IC Mahrika - Northwest Barrens above the Impact Site In the northwest of the land called Zakaz, a Ga-Matoran walked. She had long arms and short legs, she kind of waddled across the rocky terrain. Her colors clashed, her light blue and sand blue body hurt the eye. Despite her shortcomings she hardly sweated under the heat of the harsh sun, as she pivoted her mask on her neck, using her Akaku’s telescopic lens to search for movement in the distance. As she walked something shifted in her chest, squirming around to coil inside her chest. She blushed, “I … I know Vokarda, there hasn’t been anyone around us for hours, but … if the Skakdi appear, we will need to hide.” The shape in her chest tightened around her heart and she nodded, “I know, you will protect me.” As she walked her long arm reached behind her, feeling for that strange disk she scavenged from that vaguely insect-like corpse. The disk had an unnatural power to it, when she hurled it at a rabid Mahi, it became caked in ice. She had thrown it again at a boulder, it was engulfed in frost. The disk had a power to it, almost an elemental power. Like a Toa. Or the Skakdi. She looked southward towards the colossal strangely-angled mountain that dominated the west coast of the island, it’s shadow engulfing the day for much of the land south of her. She couldn’t imagine how something so big had been made so quick, could even a hundred Skakdi of Stone and Earth working together create a mountain so massive? Let alone built it so quickly? It seemed impossible. Yet there it stood, some terrible monument to the monsters of Skakdi, perhaps some fort that a Skakdi war band now ruled from, ravaging the land around them until all of this island was just a smoldering ruin. She shuddered, she couldn’t even remember this island’s name anymore, not after millennia of isolation. But there were some things she could not forget. … The heat was blinding, like a tidal wave of pure amber and scarlet. The flames danced and jeered as they leapt between the huts, the very ground was ash, the fire crackled like a crumbling plateau, and the terrible smell of roasted meat filled the air. But this was not some meal cooking. Scores of Matoran lay scorched and roasted, the organic parts of their bodies charted, their metal components practically branded into each other. They smell like overcooked Mahi, the air tasted like an overcooked feast, and through it Mahrika’s eyes bled tears. She wrecked not from the smoke burning her eyes, but cradled in her arms was Vokarda, her white and blue armored turned black of the flames. “It’s … it’s okay,” Mahrika managed to speak over the roar of the flames, “we’ll … we’ll just treat your burns and then we will find the Riders a-and—” “My sweet droplet—” “I can’t lose you too!” pled Mahrika, her hands quaking as she held Vokarda tight. The two Matoran flung to each other, though Vokarda’s grip grew weaker and weaker. And then it began to dawn on Mahrika that there was a slow, halting thumping sound echoing behind her. Like a Skakdi slamming his club into his open palm, advancing on her to slam his bond mace into her head, collapsing her skull like pottery under a mallet. She flinched with each thwack, she could almost feel his breath. Finally she could take it no more. “Just do it,” she struggled to say through her tears, “if you going to kill me, then at least have the kindness to make it qu-quick.” And to Vokarda she tried to manage a smile, “don’t worry, we will be together again soon.” She wished she could believe that. That the two of them would reunite in some sort of paradise. But sitting here, her beloved charred and dying in her lap, her people decapitated and halved apart, her tribe destroyed, so many villages destroyed; she could not believe that the gods cared enough about her to let her and Vokarda reunite. Where was Tren Krom? Where was Mata-Nui? Where were the Kaita? How was this part of an endless cycle? Where was the rebirth alongside the death? No, this was just a cold and cruel end, the abrupt extinction of the Matoran race as their bodies were defiled. "Soon." Mahrika’s last word echoed from behind her in a rough, unfinished voice. Was it mocking her tearful goodbye? “Again soon." The unseen speaker repeated her words thickly, like it was chewing on them. Digesting the vowels. Drawing the consonants through its teeth. A shadow fell over the Matoran, but the expected blow did not fall. "Too soon," the voice said mournfully. "Too soon." Mahrika’s tears went from a trickle to an eruption not unlike a geyser. She … she was expecting pain, to be clubbed to death, to be roasted alive, to be strangled or stabbed. She was prepared for all of those things. But sympathy? That cut into her very spirit. “Why have the gods forsaken us?” She squeaked out among her tears, “I … I don’t understand? How can they be so cruel? So uncaring? I … I can’t lose her.” "Cruel. Uncaring," the voice confirmed. "Rain falls. Tide wanes. Time washes all away." They were silent for a moment, listening to the Matoran's sobs. Then, as if moved by the sound, they spoke again. "Lose her? Or... save her? Choose." “Save her? How … how? What can I do?” “Mahrika,” Vokarda managed, “look at them.” The Ga-Matoran swallowed and tore her eyes from her beloved, to see a strange being standing behind her. They were nothing like a Toa or even a Skakdi, and instead looked something not too dissimilar to a Lava Ape. “Wh-who are you? How can I save her?” "Old," they replied by way of an answer. "Older than young. For the young die before they grow old." They leaned over the pair like a hulking statue whose carver had forgotten to add a face. But their voice was strangely soft, despite its low pitch and stilted pronunciation. "This body dies. But the spirit remains. You can take it. Carry it. Hold it within you." “I … I can carry her.” Mahrika looked down to Vokarda, whose face was scrunched up, “you … you don’t mean, her memory, right? You mean that I can carry her spirit inside me?” “You … are an Aspect,” Vokarda grunted through the pain, and Mahrika’s heartlight froze. She … she knew the stories, strange spirits who offered gruesome pacts, tricksters who enslaved Matoran, Toa, and Turaga alike with terrible pacts, that they … they reduced the corpses of loved ones into power for their slaves… She … she couldn’t defile Vokarda that way. But then Vokarda spoke, “my … my spirit would keep her alive then. But what … what would you ask of her? What … what is your Great Work?” Mahrika startled at her partner’s words, drawing close to her, “I … I couldn’t … couldn’t defile you, our Turaga warned us of—” “Our Turaga is dead.” “…And the gods don’t care,” swallowed Mahrika. Maybe … maybe the stories she had heard all her life were just that, stories. But Vokarda dying, black ichor pouring out of her wounds like her very blood was charred, her heartlight beating slower and slower, her eyes drifting more and more, her body rattling in agony - that was not just a story. That was real. She could feel Vokarda’s body lurch like a rusted wheel-barrel, rattling and shaking with a terrible violence. Vokarda struggled to speak, struggled to think, too tired and ravaged by too much pain. She was… she was struggling to stay conscious. And this … this Aspect, this trickster spirit, they seemed to mourn Vokarda. They seemed to feel regret, feel loss at this Vo-Matoran dying, even though they had never met her before. They … even if they were faking grief as a trick, they were putting in far more effort than the gods ever had. “You … you swear she will live on in me?” asked Mahrika, her hands shaking, fully aware of what she might do next, “That I can keep her alive? What … what would you have me do? What is your Great Work?” "She will live on," they repeated. They became suddenly eloquent, like they were reciting old words they knew by heart. "By the sun's setting and the rising of the moon. By the darkness behind the stars. She will live on... in you." They extended a long-fingered hand. "My wish... is your wish," they crooned. "To kill death. Slay grief. Vanquish time. The greatest work of all." “K-kill death?” Mahrika managed to whisper, her optics widening like Suva unlocking. Was … was it possible … she knew the Tricksters had strange impossible goals, but … to kill death itself? Was … was it possible they were lying? Could an Aspect even lie about their Great Work? And then her thoughts were interrupted by a hacking laugh. Vokarda smiled, “well, that makes our decision so much easier, doesn’t it? If the Aspect kills death and conquers time…” “…Then you never would have died,” Mahrika’s optics closed, her mask trembling, “but if they are lying—” “Then I live on in you. And I … I don’t think they are lying. About … any of it. And well, we don’t have much choice,” Vokarda coughed suddenly, “You won’t survive long with the Skakdi, and I am, well, dying. Together … we can adapt.” “You … you know what the ritual requires. At least in our legends.” “Don’t worry, you won’t … you won’t do it alone.” Mahrika swallowed, she could see Vokarda’s heartlight slowed as they conversed. Whatever chance they had, it was fading. And even though she did not yet trust this Trickster, she trusted Vokarda. To damnation and back. She reached down with quaking fingers and picked up a fishing knife. Shakily placed it in Vokarda’s hands and wrapped them around it, with hers around her beloved’s. “You … you sure?” “As sure — argh — as I can be.” The Ga-Matoran turned to the Aspect and said, “You … you better not be lying. Um, before we do it, what is your name? If you have one?” In time, they would grow older and forget the meaning of names. Their mind would grow slow under the weight of innumerable years, and they would call things only by how they perceived them. Time, that cruel and implacable enemy, would steal their secrets and dull their power. But they were younger now than they would become, and so they answered more plainly than they would later. "I am eldest," they replied solemnly. "And I am firstborn. I am the darkness that came before the stars. The calm before the first storm. The roots of the first mountain and the bed of the first river. Older than the tide. "I am eldest," they repeated. "Tasked to care for younger siblings. That is the duty of the firstborn—the Tuakana." Their slender hand still held out for the necessary offering, they paused and seemed to draw breath. Preparing to speak the necessary words. Mahrika and Vokarda slowly lowered the knife together, piercing into the Vo-Matoran’s chest with a crunch of charcoal. With four hands clutching the blade they carved, Vokarda guiding and Mahrika supplying her strength. There was no gore, her upper body had been charred too much by the flames. And those flames smothered the cracking of Vokarda’s burnt metal flesh, masking the horror. Vokarda grew weaker and weaker with each dig of the knife, and Mahrika shook more and more. “If … if this doesn’t work, we … we will still be together,” promised the Ga-Matoran, as with a crunch the heartlight was torn free, still flickering, faintly. Mahrika stared at the relic as its beating slowed, her own heartlight beating in a frenzy. She … this had to work. It had to. And then she shakily turned to Tuakana and said, “Please.” Their black hand closed gently around the heartlight. It still beat, albeit weakly. The last of its light glimmered through their fingers. "Starlight," they said, but it was less a saying than a singing. Their words seemed to follow a music that could not be heard. "Starlight. Heartlight. First and last. Shine bright. Eight times eight and learn it well. Heed the tolling of the bell." Their voice was deep and dark and seemed to emanate from all around them, like the earth itself was groaning each word. The Aspect seemed to grow larger, leaning over the pair like a great bird of prey. Its eyeless face betrayed no emotion. Mouthless, they continued their chant. "Long ago. Two of four. Flame. Water. Wind. Shore. Cast a stone into the sea. Watch it sink and let it be." The burning village seemed distant. Its flames seemed muted. Shadows swirled around the three beings, swallowing the sunlight. Perhaps it was a trick of the light, but unearthly figures seemed to dance in and out of the shadows. Figures with the wrong number of limbs. Figures with large heads and swollen bellies and pointed teeth. They cavorted around the trio, lasting only moments before dissolving and reforming again. And below it all, the rhythm of the chant continued. "Earthen gifts. Ocean's grace. Drink the blood and kiss the face. One by one and two by two. Taste the salt. Make it new." They opened their hand. It was now neither day nor night. They were entombed in an absolute darkness, lit only by the heartlight that now hung in the air, still weakly shining, like a fruit hanging from a black tree. "Goodbye." "Hello." They asked and answered of themselves. Of the same creature, many voices, like a vast chorus. "Step forth into the darkness and prepare the gift." The heart went *thu-thump* in the air. Shining softly. "A star's heart. Still beating. Still lit." Mahrika felt herself compelled to rise and step forward, Vokarda's lifeless body falling from her cradling arms. Was it her own will? Or the will of the spell that now encircled them? "Two midnight horrors cry and shift. Make them squirm inside the pit." Before her eyes, the heartlight began to beat faster. Stronger. It was no longer weak, but seemed to beat harder each time. Pumping air to air. "Bind worm and willing host." It wriggled and shook as it throbbed. It seemed to elongate with each trembling beat. "Tear the yolk. Spread its gold." The light grew brighter and brighter, then suddenly broke, and the heart unfurled into a writhing length of flesh. "Devour knowledge and their ghost." She stood speechless, eyes full of the ritual's solemn horror. They stood on the other side of the heartlight, or whatever remained of it. They continued to watch her without eyes. They continued to chant without lips. And each word thrummed through the earth like the plucking of a vast instrument. "Pray for prey forever sold." She reached out. She felt it enter her. She felt herself change. "Hello." Who was that? Who spoke these words? "Goodbye." Mahrika gasped out as the firelight returned with its crackling flames. She felt … something squirm inside her. No, someone. The strange sensation squirmed around her metal spine, embracing her tight. She swayed as the Kraata hugged her insides, tears welling with renewed energy. The Kraata clung to her, steadying her tremors. She … she could feel the compassion of Vokarda’s spirit, the familiar embrace, Mahrika shook with a leaf in the wind, even as she calmed her heartlight raced. The heat of the fire faded as she adapted to the inferno, as the Kraata began to squirm on her spine, massaging her. She shuddered, but a smile began to spread across her face. It … it was Vokarda. It had to be. She knew her touch, her embrace. This … this was the spirit of her beloved, it had to be. It had to be. She looked up at the Aspect, this Tuakana, and she managed through her tears and smile to say, “th-thank you.” … That was millennia ago, when the Skakdi first conquered the island through blood and Protosteel. And much had changed. The island was covered in dust, the landscape was barren, the life of Xa-Nui was gone now. Now there was only ruin, and that giant monument. Mahrika wandered through this rocky desert, wandering as her telescopic lens searched and focused into the terrain. She couldn’t see any Skakdi yet, but she knew better than to believe they were gone. It … death came to all, but the Skakdi’s destruction continued to ravage her island home. Or was its theirs now? As she walked her memories continued to brush against her, of that last day, when her world burned and died. She swallowed and thought to herself, “Tuakana, death … it still haunts this world. Do you … do you even still live?” She did not expect an answer, she had not received one in millennia. But things had changed in the island renamed Zakaz, a new era was beginning. And though she did not yet know it, for the first time since the fall of her civilization, there were Matoran villages. The rules had changed. And she and Vokarda would not be so alone.
  23. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi nodded and said, “thank you. And Toa Arkius? If … if you need help, let me know, I will try. We don’t have much but our Unity now, and that … that goes both ways.” Aside from that, there was not much else to say. Instead the Fe-Matoran grappled away, he needed to track down Turaga Jovan, and he needed to ask the engineers or the village if the idea of a moving Koro was even feasible. It would take time, and he hoped they would have it. OOC: @Onaku
  24. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi winced, “R-right, my apologies.” It wasn’t fair to have Stannis evacuate Po-Koro, but when Metru-Koro would be attacked in only a few days. He had other responsibilities, all the remaining Toa did. But at least Arkius would still be here. And that reminded Kanohi of something. “Toa Arkius, I know the ground here is more stone than earth, but is it possible for you to ward the ground? To let us know if this worm is approaching?” OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Onaku I mean, it was done in the Kingdom. … IC “Collector” - Ruined Fort Collector shook their head, “No, I believe I am ready to depart.” They had modified their bike to be able to seal up from the sand and dust, while adding suspended wheels to help traverse the terrain. They had only had so much spare parts to work with, but they had served their purpose. They glanced at their flanks, on their right hung their Kanoka Blade, their only connection to something like an element. But on their left dangled that new Skakdi tool. Next time they had a chance, they would dive into trying to understand the weapon. If they could activate passive elements, like the Skakdi, perhaps they could have an element of their own. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~ @Onaku @Snelly @Tarn
  25. IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi swallowed, there was a gigantic worm haunting Tren-Nui? One that swam through sand and rock as easy as a Ga-Matoran through water. Any bunker they built could be breached, and the ground beneath the village could cave-in regardless if the worm swam underneath. And if it attacked… Stannis asked him to lead. Kanohi swallowed, he did not yet have the approval of Po-Koro, and he … he did not know what to do. So, he should start small, talk it out. ”I … I don’t think we have any Masks of Rahi Control in Po-Koro, and I do not know how to forge one. And we have so little Protodermis as is. And if the worm is intelligent, I think the mask might not be able to control it, and then a Mask of Translation would be better. But it couldn’t command the worm, only speak to it.” “We found a Protodermis Ore vein in the tunnel,” offered the Onu-Matoran. Her name was Onunui he believed. ”O-okay, we probably should mine that anyway, just to make sure we have enough to survive a bit longer. Maybe Jovan can do that, use his magnetism to pry the ore without vibrating the ground too much. Maybe he could even find more in the tunnel with his connection to his element. But that doesn’t solve our troubles. Let me think.” ”We … we can’t leave Po-Koro, not easily. The Taku could have carried us, but it is gone now. And unless we fly, moving all of the village could alert the worm, or the Skakdi Raiders. Stannis can teleport us to safety, but Metru-Koro is a-about to be attacked in a few days, and I don’t know where else we could go…” ”…I did … I did work on the Taku’s levitation engines, once upon a time,” Kanohi muttered, thinking, “and I … I did spend some years trying to help repair the hovercrafts back … back in Okoto. And other Matoran no doubt know more. Could we … could we start building a massive makeshift hovercraft for the villagers to retreat to? If we could levitate above the ground, it shouldn’t shake the ground as much, and not risk irritating the worm? And we aren’t fixed in one spot, maybe we can flee raiders, and be harder for hostile to find us.” He winced, “it’s probably a silly idea. Do … do you think it might be feasible? I will check with the engineers of the village too, but if you think it’s not just silly, please let me know.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Onaku
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