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    It has been a while, things change whilst others stay the same. It is true that I still love Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Sherlock, and numerous other things (including, of course, Bionicle) I have less time to spend writing etc so only really come on here to snoop around the forums, and see if anything new crops up. I still somehow have time for swimming, and hope to go to university then proceed to a career in law. I believe this suffices as a condensed list of my interests.

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  1. On the subject of it's run time, and whether it would achieve "feature film" status, I recall reading someone saying about the lack of a theatrical run? Over hear in Britain, I believe that on the night itself, we can go and see it in cinemas up and down the country. I know it's not much of a "run" and will not be in every cinema, but it gives something to look at and ponder over when it comes to how long it is going to be...
  2. Sorry, don't know where I got my mix up (was researching actors names that had appeared on some lists betting services had created, and both of those names came up as previously being in Sherlock) Therefore I meant Andrew Scott (I apologize for that). On the subject of Tovey, I think a number of factors mean he shan't portray the Doctor, firstly his previous appearances on the show (not too major of a problem, but still there) and secondly that for a time he was considered for the 11th incarnation of the time lord, and has in an interview said that he was relieved that he wasn't chosen, and had gotten quite stressed when considering the role (or something to that effect). So, in short, please regard my previous post as referring to Andrew Scott, as I personally doubt Russell Tovey taking on the role
  3. One rumour I've seen going around is Russel Tovey (who played Moriarty in Sherlock). I think it's certainly plausible, he's worked with Moffat, he can do serious and quirky/cooky in balance and appears to mainly work on television these days. Unlike Mr Hurt who has a large and well known film career, making it difficult to get him in for filming (I'm fairly sure he's on board for a film filming next year for example) EDIT: I apologize, I meant Andrew Scott (the true actor who was Jim Moriarty), not Tovey (who played a character in the Hound of Baskerville episode of Sherlock)
  4. The one thing that i really hope does not happen is a reveal of the Doctor's name, no matter what they choose it can never be impressive enough and the fact that we don't know it is one of the great things about the character. I think that the regeneration process is one of the reasons time Lords choose titlesto use instead of their names, being many different could make you feel less attached to a name, but I title is an ideal, something that your character can from around and strive to be. I think the title gives a Time Lord some defining thing that keeps them personally attached to each of their incarnations. I.e the Doctor wants to help people, the Master (generally) wants dominion over things, and power etc, it helps keep them at least a little consistent in a way that a given name couldn't...
  5. That was beautiful... Bring on November the 23rd is pretty much all I can say!
  6. Granted, but they open their eyes so much that they cannot close them, and they dry out and cause immense discomfort I wish that my chair was more comfortable
  7. On the subject of the Doctor being married, there is the aspect that he was married, in an aborted timeline that technically never existed, what that means is up for debate of course, but I certainly don't think that the Doctor really considers himself in marital union, simply keeping up appearances with River in respect for her and the fact that they were married by Rory and Amy. And on the Sherlock stuff, I agree with Alyska. Sherlock considers the work too important to involve himself in a romantic relationship (or even take the time to consider it.) Hence his semi-hostility towards poor Molly's advances.
  8. I agree with you about Gaiman! Pray tell, have you seen the prequel? It's called She said he said if you want to look for it
  9. well, seeing as how I'm doing the rounds of COT I may as well chuck some photographic evidence of my physical existence on here: Me dressed as the mad hatter (from Tim Burton's version)-http://i1316.photobucket.com/albums/t610/FlocculentJ/6EEFE692-D63B-42B2-A112-58502F029D13-5647-000007568D36E66B_zps730d3656.jpg?t=1368354724 Me all suited up- http://i1316.photobucket.com/albums/t610/FlocculentJ/060E7DD0-3745-4C98-B758-4568CBBB3124-5647-00000756A5C6B5EF_zpsdcad5d3e.jpg?t=1368354734 And lastly: me today, pondering over A level revision http://i1316.photobucket.com/albums/t610/FlocculentJ/9F7DB82A-6833-4427-A059-6775693E8C50-5647-00000758AFEFC08B_zpsd08b913d.jpg?t=1368355470
  10. granted, however its is sentient and likely to maliciously give you papercuts for the rest of your life I wish for a self cleaning kitchen
  11. Methinks that the finale is looking to be an interesting one... and on the whole romance thing, the prequel touches upon it (direct quote from prequle here, so if you are avoiding it and spoilers about it do not open this tab) Whatever happens, I have faith that the finale is going to leave something to be waited for in the 50th, I mean Moffat is notorious for having cliffhangers to help build up hype (referring mainly to Sherlock there)
  12. I apologise, and have corrected my post
  13. So, I really enjoyed this weeks episode.
  14. Jaller, in a multi coloured jester's hat. Though he doesn't seem pleased about it...
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