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  1. I have mixed opinions on canisters. They're cool and all but hard to store, especially in my small room. Now, speculating at the cost to produce sets, putting them all in carboard boxes freed more cost to include most pieces. I'm willing to bet money that G2 woul've ended earlier if they used canisters, because the higher price point would add to the vast list of misteps and unpredictability that led to it's demise. And I'm not an enviro elitist because I drive an SUV
  2. To be honest, I didn't notice it. As far as I can recall, they sounded the same on the Latin American dub.
  3. Si vis pacem, para bellum; if you want peace, prepare for war. Seeing as the Zyglak hated other beings inside of the MU to the point where they would attack them on sight, trying to put someone through counseling while they're immediately attempting to disintegrate you or kill you in any other manner that allows them to feast on your corpse seems just a tad bit ridiculous. And yes, they actively ate people, according to Vezon, which would make them the cannibals of the Bionicle universe. Reason doesn't help you out much when faced with an enemy that both hates your guts and simultaneously wants to stuff their face with them. For the record, however, the Toa Code really only forbids needless killing, not killing in general. It was perfectly acceptable to do so if there was literally no other way to defeat an enemy, if it was a life or death situation, or if it had to be done to save the life of another. Obviously you incapacitate and restrain them first; it would be like working with any human in the grip of a psychotic break. It is complicated that Zyglak cannot be touched and are invulnerable to elemental powers, but that still leaves Kanohi whose powers include telekinesis, mind control, and forcefields. I mean, there is precedence for what I'm talking about. Orde's original job was to use his elemental powers to placate the Zyglak. I think it depends on which particular Toa you want to focus on: Helryx, Lesovikk and Tuyet wouldn't have a problem with it if the Zyglak interfered in their goals. It's fair to asume that Lessovikk might had some resentment over the dead of his team. Most other Toa would attempt to subdue them and only kill them as a last resource. Kind of what they do with Rahi. After millenia of attacks on anyone associated with the Matoran culture, I doubt most cultures in the MU would see them as sentinent, regardless of what Orde tried to do. It's not like he did it in the Metru Nui Colisseum after months of advertising. The only somewhat positive interactions with the Zyglak were when both Karzahni and Makua Spiriah made alliances with them, and even then thay acted more like pawns.
  4. Maybe if it something that requieres a lot more politics than fighting, like Teridax's rise to power. Otherwise, I'd prefer an RPG like Fallout.
  5. Makuta only realized the universe's true nature after Mutran, having survived an encontre with Tren Krom, told him about it around 300 years before th Great Cataclysm. Aside from Tren Krom, I don't recall anyone in particular knowing about MN being a giant robot. I can't actually blame the Matoran for not knowing. Look at ourselves: Conceptions of our planet, esentially our universe for a long time, ranged from it being the centerpoint of existance to being carried by a giant and even turtles and elephants. Even today with our science there are millions of things we don't completely undersand.
  6. The way I see it the Toa had the potential to be like the elementals of other fictions. But they simply lack the proper training, which is not suprising, as they seemengly have to relearn everything each time they are summoned from the stars. Maybe the mask were like focusing devicies, allowing them to control their power. They had the potential to be very powerful, perhaps invincible. But power is moot without experience guiding it. Look at Helryx from G1: She had so much training and knlowledge that she was able to lead one of the most powerful organizations in the universe, and her raw power was the same as any Toa.
  7. I don't like their style, so no, not really. Besides, if Lego was interested in making Brick Heads-style figures, they probably would use themes other than Bionicle
  8. I see Bionicle's return very unlikely, even in a 10 years period. It will depend on wherever or not constraction is still viable. The experiments with system didn't go to well in G1 either. Who knows, if there's a resurgance of buildable action figures Bionicle might get another chance. And of course I would love to see it come back, if anything to see what new developments they come up with.
  9. I liked both of them, but I liked Mask of Control more. Being mobile games, the lack of depth doesn't really bother me. But the point still remains that a fun game that can also deliver the lore has and can be done, jut look at the two MNOGs. Nowadays doing them on mobile would be easy.
  10. A G2 continuation. Makuta escapes the shadow realm and the Toa are summoned again to fight him and his army of shadow. Meanwhile, a small villager travels through the island finding the elemental creatures and collecting the lost Mask of Creation to eventually become the 7th Toa.
  11. To be honest, most of my G2 experience was colored by the fact that I couldn't by most of the sets in my country, so I feel the tiniest bit of relief of not having to divert most of my spare money towards shipping the sets at triple the price. The story always left me wanting to know more, to the point that I started a fanfic just to have a satisfactory narrative. Now, I've never defended any particular posture. I knew the line wasn't doing as well to have it be sold on México, but it was never a strategic market to begin with. The situation in Europe seemed to point out to it lasting the three promised years. The last episodes of Journey to one come out and we are left thinking the worst. A day later they announced G2's cancellation. So it wasn't a matter of trying to put down the "naysayers", we sincerely didn't think that Bionicle would end the way it did.
  12. I honestly don't believe G1 and G2 are canonically connected, so for me the two Vahi are different masks and have different powers and uses. If they wanted to make a reboot with the Vahi summoning the Toa, it would be tied to G2's continuity. It is easy to put it thousands of yearsin the future and have the G2 story as leyends. Or they could make a G3 series and put the Vahi and the Mask of Creation as easter eggs here and there.
  13. I know it sounds wierd, but I my dreams about Bionicle follow this to the letter. Only that it happened to me once or twice a year since I was 11
  14. As my room becomes more and more stuffed with History books, the G2 boxes become easily storable. I even saved a buch of them in a bigger box and believed I had thrown them out for months. Polybags would also have been nice. Canisters are cool and all, but with inflation with days it would drive the sets price point by about 3-5 dollas, I think.
  15. As if it wasn't hard enough to find it in a place where they didn't bring it at all. I wonder how much I'll have to pay if I do find it. Five, maybe six times it's pricepoint?
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