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  1. Man, that’s amazing! Anyway, I hope Bionicle can have a similar treatment somehow. I mean, the Toa Mata could be worthy of getting that thing.
  2. Well, here’s how I put it: 2001 - Makuta’s Matoran form - He used this to try to trick the Toa Mata about protecting him since he looks like a Matoran, but Kopaka saw through his trick, probably through his Mask of X-Ray Vision. Makuta knows that the Toa swear to protect Matoran, so that’s why he made that form. - Makuta’s Vortex form - He used this form as a way to fight the Toa. He was all over the place. However, the Toa defeated him while his Vortex form looks like that it’s made of Toa Mata parts flying around. 2003 - Makuta’s Titan form - That’s probably his usual form. He tried to squish Takanuva with it, but he got defeated. - Makuta’s Makuta Nui form - That monster-like form could be used to scare his foes. He never used it, though. - Makuta’s Shadow form - He used this to scare the heck out of Takua while using it for stealth, and as a way to shapeshift. 2004 - Makuta’s Turaga Dume form - It’s simply impersonation. He used it to have the Matoran listen to him, so he could become their ruler. - Makuta’s Winged Titan form - That was made when he absorbed Nidhiki, Krekka, and Niwark, as he gained wings. He did use his wings to fly from a far platform to another in Metru Nui. He used this to fight the Toa Metru. He basically used these forms to adept to fighting certain Toa in accordance of his ultimate plan. 2006 - Makuta’s Antidermis form - Since his armor got smashed, he used himself as a material for the Piraka to use to enslave Matoran in Voya Nui. It’s also his true form under his armor, and his kind was evolved that way. It’s also used for stealth. I’m not sure if I were to include his forms in 2007-2010 and G2 because his forms were just bodies that he used his Antidermis form to possess in G1 and the ones in G2 are just from Makuta’s G2 self, but I’ll do it. 2007 - Matoro - Makuta liked to control Matoro, so he could get the Mask of Life, but the Toa Inika threatened him so much that Makuta left. - Maxilos - Makuta used the robot to avoid being detected by Hydraxon. 2008-2010 - Mata Nui’s giant robot body - That was his ultimate goal. He used it to control the Matoran Universe. He also tried to use it to conquer the outside universe, starting with Bara Magna, but he got defeated by Mata Nui. 2015 - Makuta’s Mask Maker form - this version of Makuta was his original form before he used the Mask of Ultimate Power for the first time. 2016 - Makuta’s Shadow Fire form - he could use this form to communicate his allies since he was trapped in the Shadow Realm. - Makuta’s Shadow Titan form - he used this to represent his evil, and to fight the Toa, but he got defeated by them.
  3. Hi, guys! You know, there are many games that are remastered/remade nowadays, like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, Mega Man, two Kirby games, and Mario & Luigi games, as they have better graphics and some bonus stuff. Anyway, I think Lego had the idea a little bit, as there is that Lego Star Wars game called Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, who is like a remaster of Star Wars: The Complete Saga, but with the sequel trilogy. Anyway, what Bionicle games do you want to be remastered/remade? For me, here’s this: 1. Bionicle: The Game (the console version) - improve the graphics, make the characters look more like their sets, so they wouldn’t look so ugly, and give the game 13 levels, six for the Toa Mata (have them fight all six Bohrok breeds), six for the Toa Nuva (have them fight all six Rahkshi), and one for Takanuva. Perhaps a multiplayer mini-game where the Toa have to fight the Bahrag. Plus, perhaps modernize the characters’ looks with CCBS? 2. Bionicle Heroes (the console version) - make the characters look a little more like their sets, give them voice actors, so they can speak with words, give you the option to play as the Toa Mata and Toa Metru, fix all of those awful glitches, perhaps fix the graphics a little bit, and the Piraka being playable after you defeated Vezon. Get rid of the “Hero Mode”, as you can just simply do stuff without letting that thing do most of the work for you. Fix the descriptions of some things, like the Bohrok. Plus, perhaps modernize the characters’ looks with CCBS? Also, perhaps give the game a multiplayer mini-game where you fight against either the Bahrag or Vezon with the Kardas Dragon, or go with Kirby’s boss rush modes, where you fight against all of the bosses, or their enhanced forms and Vezon and Kardas as the final boss of that (I would imagine after you defeated Fenrakk and then Vezon, Makuta Teridax in his Antidermis form would take the Mask of Life from you and then use it to revive the duo while turning Fenrakk into the Kardas Dragon, so Vezon and Kardas can do a rematch with the Toa). Plus, perhaps a DLC with the Heroes from Hero Factory being playable? Since people consider Bionicle: Heroes to be better than the 2003 game, they want Heroes to be remastered. I would go with that the most as well. So, there.
  4. Hi, guys. Have anyone played that game called Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui Rebuilt, and how is your experience? Well, I have started, and it was fun, and the graphics is beautiful. Anyway, though, the game is incomplete, but Litestone Studios is working on it. Anyway, when I started, when you see the start menu, there Onua, Pohatu, and Tahu being there for some. I haven’t played Pohatu or Tahu yet because I have to start with Onua, so something’s wrong. There is a message from the files that I download that I should remove all of these before committing, but that didn’t do any good? Anyone having problems? Here’s the link about the latest updates:
  5. I am extremely impressed with this project of yours! You even included the Toa Kaita, and man, they look authentic in brick form! Let’s hope that this will get 10,000 supporters in Lego Ideas.
  6. Man, you guys think so little. No offense. If you want little, then let me set up my ideas (and yours a little bit): Small things (the things that I think could most logically happen on 2021, and I hope at least they can happen): 1. Bionicle’s G1 story re-continued and ended (perhaps through the unfinished serials or a book). 2. A Bionicle video game. 3. The remaster remake of Bionicle Heroes. I would imagine the characters to have CCBS. 4. A crossover of G1 and G2 as a written story or video game. 5. A crossover of G1 and Hero Factory to finish up their stories while having them share the same universe, perhaps in a video game or a written story. 6. Remastered remakes of the Bionicle and HF sets. 7. Maybe a comic book series. 8. Maybe an art book about G1, like you guys said. 9. New constraction toys (either G1 or G3 if done properly) on the summer of 2021. 10. A crossover of Bionicle and Ninjago to celebrate their anniversaries next year. I don’t know about that, but the creator of Ninjago could think about such thing. The rest, well, I think they could happen in at least 2022 or Bionicle’s 25th anniversary in 2026. Even though that there are still fans making LEGO Ideas stuff, do you guys think that Lego is still thinking about constraction’s future? It’s quite sad that LEGO hasn’t said anything. I mean, look at the fan community. Some are pessimistic since 2017. You know that we need Bionicle to come back, and I think 2021 could be the best way for constraction to come back somehow. I’m surprised that no one replied to Hey Arnold.
  7. True, the whole “Mata Nui restoring Spherus Magna and Teridax getting defeated” is the main thing, but if the story ended that way without the two unfinished serials existing, we would still question about the Great Beings or how the MU people got complete minds of their own. I believe Greg is trying to pull a Steven Universe Future thing on this to explain it all. That’s how it felt incomplete. The Great Beings never showed their faces much. If Bionicle G1 and Hero Factory are said to share the same universe, perhaps that would explain what the Great Beings were doing when Mata Nui was doing his mission. They may have created Mr. Makuro for fun because they love creating stuff, and that could be how the Heroes from Hero Factory look like Glatorian and have the same hearts as Toa. I know that Greg doesn’t want to say that because the Bionicle sets weren’t selling well, but he did, it would be mean re-continuing the Bionicle story, and we don’t know when he’ll do it (that’s because Lego is not doing constraction since 2018, and we have no idea when they will bring it back again). In my opinion, it’s best to celebrate Bionicle’s 20th anniversary by doing these two things for our sakes. Lego should respect that, and it’s been too long. If Greg had started the two serials, either he should finish it or write a book about the ending of the G1 story. You can’t leave a Lego model unfinished because it wouldn’t be natural if you don’t.
  8. I voted Noble masks in Toa colors, Great masks in Turaga colors, and Great masks in Metru colors.
  9. My mom never lets me make combiners or alternate models, sadly, but I can say that G2 Makuta would be worth building. I mean, the guy’s huge and looks like a king of bad guys. It’s amazing that you have to get certain sets from Early 2015-Late 2016 to build the big guy. I love the details and the staff. Pity that we don’t have a set version of the Mask of Ultimate Power.
  10. Hmm... Maybe that could work, despite the fact that mini-figures aren’t Bionicle’s and Hero Factory’s strong points. Plus, people like classic mini-figures much more than how the mini-figures that Bionicle and Hero Factory have are molded, so better off with that form.
  11. Sounds like time travel, something that Star Wars should have done. Cool!
  12. Cool! Gee, I wish there are such play sets for Bionicle’s direct-to-video movies or The Journey to One.
  13. It’s 11. Nine of them are pairs of a hero and a villain that it is after while the other two are where one is made of three heroes while the other is made of villains that the heroes are after. I wish there are four more combiners like these two combiners because they look very cool. Sadly, they are canon, but were never utilized, so why making them canon when they have no story significance? I really hope that Lego would celebrate HF’s 10th anniversary. It needs some praise for the good things that it did, like the CCBS, keeping the action figure line active, and the TV show.
  14. Well, it’s best to finish what was started rather than leaving it incomplete. Same goes to a Lego model. If you watch Ninjago’s Prime Empire season, Bionicle’s unfinished G1 story and fans of it would be like Unagami being mad at his creator. It’s not pleasant, and the story’s been hanging for 9 years. Waiting for Samurai Jack and Hey, Arnold to be finished up after 13 years of incompleteness is quite frustrating if you ask me. Plus, in the story, there are a lot of messed up and I think that it is necessary for them to be resolved. A certain guy kind of has the right idea: As a bonus, this because people are into shared universes these days. Ask The Lego Movies and Scoob in 2020 about it: You see, a lot of fans are picky about this stuff. It’s very unbelievable. It’s very sad to look at. However, if a certain someone from Lego would re-continue the G1 story with the Star Wars sequel trilogy’s way of things, that could be interesting and a good idea if done correctly. A lot of people are perfectionists these days, you see. If I or we want anything to happen on Bionicle’s 20th anniversary next year, the re-continuation of G1’s story should be one thing at least. Plus, I emailed Lego about it and I hope they get back to us:
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