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  1. Hi, guys! If you have seen Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, you would probably what I’m talking about: In those movies, there are these magical and ancient gemstones called the Infinity Stones, which are extremely powerful and each of the stones can control a fundamental aspect of their universe. Anyone who dares touching the stones can get bad consequences, like the Power Stone destroying a normal person while causing an explosion. Usually, bad guys plan to get the stones and use them for crazy evil. It ain’t pretty. Thanos is known for collecting all six of the stones and then put them on the Infinity Gauntlet. When he wears the completed gauntlet, it gives god-like powers and he feels pain from it. When he snaps his fingers, he can grant his wish, like a genie, but the gauntlet could hurt him and injure his arm. If he grants another wish or two, he would be dead. Thanos wished for half of the universe’s life forms to be dead, and then he wished the stones to be destroyed. Extremely big wishes. The Hulk could have the same conditions because of his gamma radiation. He wished for the dead half to be revived at least (unless he revived other dead people). Iron Man died when he was wounded and did one snap, which was to destroy Thanos and his forces. It’s one little wish. So, the thing is that the stones are extremely dangerous when one uses them. The Hulk and Thanos can survive handling them without problems because they are extremely powerful, but normal people can’t use them without dying. Basically, the Infinity Stones are very much like Bionicle’s extremely masks, as the Power Stone is like the Mask of Ultimate Power, the Space Stone is like the Mask of Dimensional Gates, the Reality Stone is like the Mask of Creation, the Soul Stone is like the Mask of Life, the Time Stone is like the Mask(s) of Time, and the Mind Stone is like the Mask of Control. If you would imagine the masks being used against the stones, things would get messy. What do you think would win (for me, it’s the stones). Also, if you would imagine the masks being out together on a gauntlet, I’d say this gauntlet could do exactly the same as the Infinity Stones, but they could control Spherus Magna. So, my question is this: What Bionicle character do you think could handle the power of the Infinity Stones or the completed Infinity Gauntlet. For me, here’s this: 1. The Great Spirit Mata Nui - whether he has his giant robot body or the Mask of Life, I think he could survive using the stones. 2. Makuta Teridax - well, he’s very powerful. 3. Toa Ignika - he is the embodiment of the Mask of Life, so I think he can survive. 4. The golden-skinned being who is made of the Piraka and three other beings - well, he’s very powerful. 5. Tren Krom 6. Annona
  2. Hi, guys!:) You know, there are three Lego Ideas projects are underway. These are the one with the Toa Temple, the one with three scenes, and a set of brick-based revamps of the Toa Mata. They seem to be doing well. Let’s hope they can become official sets, so that can convince Lego to bring back Bionicle again just in case Christian Faber would be pulling a fast one with his Instagram posts. Don’t get your hopes too high, though. If I were to make a Bionicle Lego Ideas project, it would be either: 1. The Great Spirit Robot and the Prototype Robot being similar to that giant Hulkbuster set in this set (the Ultimate Collector’s Edition). The Great Spirit Robot can have opening shells that reveal the islands and continents inside it. 2. A playset with the Toa Mata fighting Makuta and/or the Toa Uniters fighting Umarak and Makuta. 3. A playset with Takanuva fighting Makuta 4. A wearable Mask of Time that is made of the Masks of Time from both G1 and G2, as they can separate and then put together. 5. A display with Spherus Magna, where you can separate it into Bara Magna, Aqua Magna, and Bota Magna. The Great Spirit Robot and the Prototype Robot would be minifigures. Lol. So, there. What Bionicle Lego Ideas projects would you like to come up with?:)
  3. To be honest, I would love to have at least Tahu in Super Smash Bros. Lol.
  4. Even though that HF is second best to Bionicle, it does have some charm. CCBS is the primary thing that I think of, including those five-finger hands. It focuses on the main Hero team, which is the Alpha 1 Team, very well because it's that simplistic story-wise. I agree with the fact that the mind-having villains are better than the swarm villains because they have distinct personalities. Heroes have good character development, too. I do like HF's fancy versions of Bionicle's Thornax Launchers. The Hollywood Reporter did say that Universal is working on an HF live-action movie in April or May 2012, which means that HF did well enough to have that treatment, but the project never happened while HF got cancelled. HF's CCBS legacy did continue on Bionicle G2.
  5. There's also a set of revamps of the Toa Mata in brick forms. Check that out. Plus, I support all three of those fancy projects already.:)
  6. Basically, Mata Nui is like Thor, Black Panther, and Simba when he was overthrown and banished to a desolate place, and he goes on a quest to reclaim his kingdom while making some new friends. Plus, In Thor: Ragnarok, when Thor was fighting the Hulk in the arena, it's sort of like how Mata Nui fought Tuma. Tuma is a big green guy who boasts while Thor is the yellow-headed guy who has to fight him to survive while he is stuck in a harsh planet with a mean guy who organizes the fights. Plus, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Age of Extinction is sort of like The Legend Reborn for how there is the adventure on a desert in Revenge of the Fallen and Age of Extinction is a sort reboot that starts with the main hero being alone before making new friends. That's what I meant. I wish someone can make these kinds of memes.:)
  7. Mata Nui may have seen Earth (top right side), perhaps during the Earth's Stone Age. Think how Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen started in the prologue.
  8. Well, you could also do The Lion King, the Thor movies, Black Panther, and the Transformers movies when you think about Bionicle: The Legend Reborn. Just saying.:)
  9. Hi, guys! You know, in Bionicle, we have a lot of Toa, and Mata Nui gave five Glatorian elemental powers. These Glatorian's powers make the Glatorian look like Toa. Lol. I am thinking: Would you like to look at favorite non-Bionicle heroes, like the Avengers from Marvel and the Justice League from DC Comics, as Toa? What kinds of Toa would they be, and what weapons and masks? I mean, it would be cool that these heroes would be Toa and have the abilities of them. I'm not asking about future possibilities, its just for fun. People would love to draw fan art based on something like this. Here's my certain non-Bionicle heroes as Toa: 1. Iron Man from Marvel - well, Toa of Iron or Fire, mask: Mask of X-Ray Vision, weapons: blades and Cordak Blasters 2. Captain America from Marvel - Toa of Stone, mask: Mask of Charisma, weapons: his shield and sword or hammer 3. The Hulk from Marvel - Toa of Earth, mask: Mask of Strength or Levitation, weapons: an axe and hammer 4. Thor from Marvel - Toa of Lightning, mask: Mask of Strength or Flight, weapons: his hammer, axe, or blades 5. Hawkeye from Marvel - Toa of Air, mask: Mask of Accuracy, weapons: a crossbow similar to Kongu's 6. Spider-Man from Marvel - Toa of Air or Iron, mask: Mask of Faith, weapons: blades 7. Ant-Man from Marvel - Toa of Earth, mask: Mask of Growth, Shrink, Strength, or Speed, weapons: blades, batons, or spears 8. Black Panther from Marvel - Toa of Stone, mask: Mask of Strength, weapons: claws and batons 9. Captain Marvel from Marvel - Toa of Fire, Plasma, or Light, mask: Mask of Strength or Flight, weapons: hammer 10. Namor from Marvel - Toa of Water, mask: Mask of Water-Breathing, weapons: his trident 11. Quicksilver from Marvel - Toa of Air, mask: Mask of Speed, weapons blades 12. Scarlet Witch from Marvel - Toa of Psionics, mask: Mask of Telepathy, Telekinesis, Illusions, or Levitation, weapons: blades 13. Superman from DC Comics - Toa of Fire or Light, mask: Mask of Strength, weapons: sword or hammer 14. Batman from DC Comics - Toa of Stone or Iron, mask: Mask of Night Vision, X-Ray Vision, Sonar, or Flight, weapons: sword or swords 15. Wonder Woman from DC Comics - Toa of Lightning, mask: Mask of Strength or Flight, weapons: her sword and shield 16. Green Lantern from DC Comics - Toa of Air or Light, mask: Mask of Flight or Light, weapons: swords 17. The Flash from DC Comics - Toa of Air or Lightning, mask: Mask of Speed, weapons: swords 18. Aquaman from DC Comics - same as Namor 19. Optimus Prime from Transformers - Toa of Earth, mask: Mask of Charisma, weapons: swords, axe, and Cordak blasters 20. Bumblebee from Transformers - Toa of Stone, mask: Mask of Speed, weapons: axe and Cordak blasters 21. Sonic the Hedgehog - Toa of Air, mask: Mask of Speed, weapons: sword 22. Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog - Toa of Air, mask: Mask of X-Ray Vision, weapons: sword or hammer 23. Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog - Toa of Stone, mask: Mask of Strength, weapons: claws or swords 24. Blaze from Sonic the Hedgehog - Toa of Fire, mask: Mask of Levitation, weapons: claws or sword 25. The Thing from Marvel - Toa of Stone or Earth, mask: Mask of Strength, weapons: hammer 26. Invisible Woman from Marvel - Toa of Psionics, mask: Mask of Shielding, Stealth, or Concealment, weapons: blades 27. The Human Torch from Marvel - Toa of Fire, mask: Mask of Flight, weapons: crossbow 28. Mr. Fantastic from Marvel - Toa of Psionics, mask: Mask of Telekinesis, weapons: blades 29. Silver the Hedgehog from Sonic the Hedgehog - Toa of Psionics, mask: Mask of Telekinesis or Telepathy, weapons: sword 30. Steven Universe - Toa of Light or Stone, mask: Mask of Light, Telepathy, or Fusion, weapons: sword and shield 31. Kirby - Toa of Light or Air, mask: Mask of Kindred or Emulation (Pouk's mask), weapons: sword or mace 32. Mario - Toa of Stone or Earth, mask: Mask of Levitation, weapons: hammer and drills 33. Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender - Toa of Air or Light, mask: Mask of Levitation, Flight, Kindred, or Emulation, weapons: a baton 34. Korra from The Legend of Korra - Toa of Water or Light, mask: Mask of Water-Breathing, Strength, Kindred, or Emulaton, weapons: a sword 35. Deadpool from Marvel - Toa of Iron, mask: Masks of Healing and Dimensional Gates, weapons: swords 36. Wolverine from Marvel - Toa of Iron, mask: Mask of Detection, weapons: claws and sword 37. Lloyd from Ninjago - Toa of Light, mask: Mask of Emulation, weapons: swords 38. Kai from Ninjago - Toa of Fire, mask: Mask of Fire, weapons: sword 39. Jay from Ninjago - Toa of Lightning, mask: Mask of Flight or Speed, weapons: mace 40. Cole from Ninjago - Toa of Earth, mask: Mask of Strength, weapons: scythe 41. Zane from Ninjago - Toa of Ice, mask: Mask of X-Ray Vision, weapons: crossbow 42. Nya from Ninjago - Toa of Water, mask: Mask of Water-Breathing or Telekinesis, weapons: trident 43. Danny Phantom - Toa of Air, mask: Mask of Intangibility, weapons: sword and crossbow 44. Ben 10 - Toa of Light or Iron, mask: Mask of Emulation, weapons: sword 45. Preston Stormer from Hero Factory - Toa of Ice, mask: Mask of Charisma, weapons: sword, shield, Zamor Launcher 46. Dunkan Bluk from Hero Factory - Toa of Iron, mask: Mask of Strength, weapons: drill, shield, Cordak blaster, blades 47. Jimi Stringer from Hero Factory - Toa of Sonic, mask: Mask of Shielding, weapons: Cordak blasters and claws 48. William Furno from Hero Factory - Toa of Fire, mask: Mask of Speed, weapons: blades, shield, Zamor Launcher 49. Mark Surge from Hero Factory - Toa of Lightning, mask: Mask of Flight, weapons: blades, shield, Zamor Launcher 50. Natalie Breez from Hero Factory - Toa of Air, mask: Mask of Translation, weapons: blades, shield, Zamor Launcher, crossbow 51. Julius Nex from Hero Factory - Toa of the Green, mask: Mask of X-Ray Vision, weapons: claws, blades, shield, Zamor Launcher 52. Nathan Evo from Hero Factory - Toa of Water, mask: Mask of Faith, weapons: shield, Zamor Launcher, staff 53. Daniel Rocka from Hero Factory - well, Toa of Rock/Stone, Mask of Telepathy, weapons: claws, shield, crossbow, sword 54. Black Canary from DC Comics - Toa of Sonics, mask: Mask of Strength, weapons: a baton 55. Green Arrow from DC Comics - Toa of Iron, mask: Mask of Telekinesis, weapons: crossbow 56. Groot from Marvel - Toa of the Green, mask: Mask of Healing, weapons, swords, spears, and/or shields So, there. I have a bunch more, but I don't want to make this topic post too long. Lol. Anyway, what about you guys?
  10. I remember buying the movie on its release date that day and then watching it on that same day. It was awesome and fun to watch. A lot of talking and more talking than action, there are some silly animation stuff, the stiff was a little weird, not all 2009 storyline characters appeared there, a little less serious than the first three movies in 2003-2005, and there's that silly cliffhanger, but good movie. I like that the characters look almost exactly like the sets, and they have actual mouths with teeth. It was interesting to see Mata Nui learning on how to become a heroic warrior rather than just a former ruler. Michael Dorn rocked as Mata Nui. I love the parts with the Skopio fight, Tuma fight, and the Glatorian and Mata Nui combining their powers to defeat the united evil army. I like the short called Metus' Revenge as well. It's too bad that it never got the sequels that we were promised with because they were cancelled due to Bionicle being cancelled in 2010. Harsh.:( We should do something celebrate this, guys. I mean, this is a big thing.:) The movie remind me of myself when I moved from a school that I graduated in early 2009 to a new school in late 2009 because I always miss my friends from my previous school, but I made some new friends in the new school. It's sad because my life has changed, but I kind of got used to it. We really should have another movie like The Legend Reborn, either another direct-to-video movie that can finish up the G1 story or a theatrical movie. I mean, I miss having new Bionicle movies. We are in a world of nothingness without Bionicle, I say. Seriously.:(
  11. Well, I think you are talking about Metus. Well, we have been encountering a lot of traitorous people who haven't reveal themselves some time until later on lately. Here's how that went: 1. The Prospector from Toy Story 2 2. Randall, Fungus, and Mr. Waternews from Monsters, Inc. 3. Iron Monger from Iron Man movie in 2008 4. Merlina from Sonic and the Black Knight 5. Of course, Metus 6. Lotso from Toy Story 3 7. Loki from Thor movie in 2011 8. Sentinel Prime and Gould guy from Transformers: Dark of the Moon 9. Magolor from Kirby: Return to Dream Land in 2011 10. King Candy/Turbo from Wreck-It Ralph 11. Aldrich Killian from Iron Man 3 12. Hans from Frozen 13. Alexander Pierce from Captain America: The Winter Soldier 14. That evil sheep lady from Zootopia 15. Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 16. Ares from Wonder Woman movie in 2017 17. That guy from Star Wars: The Last Jedi who tricked Finn and his friends 18. Harumi from Ninjago's Seasons 8 and 9 19. Rex Dangervest from The Lego Movie 2 20. Mysterio from Spider-Man: Far From Home Yep, lots of evil traitors for 20 years. It's becoming a new trend now. Me and my friend from one of my schools have been talking about it.
  12. Hi, guys! Today is the 15th anniversary of Bionicle: The Legend Reborn, the fourth and final direct-to-video Bionicle movie! To celebrate, let me tell you the summary of it: It is about a good-hearted ruler, Mata Nui (played by a Star Trek actor named Michael Dorn) being overthrown by an evil tyrant, Makuta Teridax, who banished him to a planet called Bara Magna, where it is a complete, decayed desert. In there, there are tribes and warriors called Glatorian fighting each other in arena matches to survive in the desert planet as they struggle to do so. The tribes also face threats from evil warriors called the Skrall and Bone Hunters. It is up to Mata Nui to help the tribes battle and defeat these villains in order for him to go back home and defeat the tyrant. Basically, it primarily is about the second half of the 2009 storyline, and it’s a loose continuation of Bionicle: Mask of Light in 2003. Unlike the first three films in 2003-2005, this film is made by Threshold Studios, the company who later made the Hero Factory TV show in 2010-2013. Plus, the set of voice actors is changed to a new set of more popular voice actors, and the animation makes the character look almost exactly like the sets while covering up some empty part rather than having muscles showing on some body parts. The movie’s DVD includes a music video called Bye Bye Babylon by Cryoshell and a short called Metus’ Revenge, which takes place after the events of the film. Now, about my opinion, I watched and loved the film. It’s epic! It’s quite relatable because it reminds me of a fact that when I went from a school to a different one, I miss my old friends, but I can make some new ones. Trust me, I graduated a school in early 2009 and then went to a new school in late 2009. It feels crazy, but I got used to it gradually. Anyway, I also love the funny and action parts. The short is funny and fun to watch, too. Lol. My favorite scenes are the Skopio fight, Tuma fight, and the Glatorian and Mata Nui combining their powers to defeat the evil army. I love Michael Dorn’s portrayal. It’s very interesting that Mata Nui learns to defend himself as a warrior rather than just a ruler that he once was. The animation is good, as it gives actual mouths with teeth and makes characters almost exactly like their sets while the muscles are fitted inside the armor, as you can see them through the holes. It’s interesting that the Mask of Life and Glatorian’s helmets have mouth guards that flip to open or close, like Transformers in the Transformers movies.:) Anyway, those are the positives. Here are some negatives. The movie should have included the end of the 2008 storyline for a good prologue. The island of Mata Nui should have looked destroyed because it is destroyed. There should have been more action scenes rather than talking most of the time. I wish that all 2009 storyline characters could have been in the movie, like Malum wanted to have revenge on Mata Nui for breaking a Vorox’s stinger tail because that Vorox could be a part of Malum’s pack of Vorox, and Gelu having Ice powers. The animation makes the heads kind of hard to tell whether the characters are smiling or frowning when the heads look like Iron Man’s helmet from Marvel. It’s like they are skulls. What’s up with the spinning axles that happen sometimes? Why some characters’ armor pieces get misplaced sometimes? Why not show all weapons from the sets? Why Mata Nui have his sword in his set? I mean, some of the characters, including Mata Nui, don’t have Thornax Launchers for some reason. What the movie did with the Skopio’s design is silly and lazy. I mean, why make it look like Telluris being fused to his own vehicle? That’s disgusting. The script felt kind of short while the the first three movies have a bit more serious tones. Low budget, perhaps? That’s the same problem with the Hero Factory TV show.:( Well, I remember fondly that when it was announced in February, I was so hyped for it, and when I got the DVD and watched. It was mostly worth the wait. Happy 10th anniversary, movie! Man, it’s so long ago!:D There’s also a novelization of the movie. Originally, the movie was going to be the start of a new trilogy where Mata Nui finds his way back home and save it from Teridax, but the sequels in 2010 and 2011 were sadly cancelled when Bionicle was announced to be cancelled in November 2009. That was shocking and depressing. I was looking forward to them, and I wanted The Legend Reborn’s cliffhanger to be resolved. That’s where my depression happened, and the cliffhanger seemed traumatic (but I know that Mata Nui’s quest is completed in 2010, though).:( However, Greg Farshtey was kind enough to show us a draft of the script for the fifth movie. We would presume that the sixth movie would be about Mata Nui and his gang on Bota Magna and probably completing his quest, judging for the end of the fifth movie’s script. The 2010 storyline is about something else where Mata Nui completes his quest earlier, which is kind of rushed. Along the way, in early 2010, there was a web series called Mata Nui Saga, where Michael Dorn voiced Mata Nui, who narrates the 2010 storyline. So, what are your memories and favorite parts of the movie? How you feel about it? What things does the movie remind you of? For me, the things that remind me are: 1. The Marvel Cinematic Universe - How Mata Nui ended up on another world is sort of like how Captain Marvel arrived in Earth in the Captain Marvel movie. In the first Thor movie, Thor got banished to Earth. In the third Thor movie called Thor: Ragnarok, Thor unintentionally crash landed onto another world, where there are gladiator matches and he finds some familiar things, like Korg’s species and the Hulk. Thor’s fight with the Hulk in the arena kind of reminds me of Mata Nui’s fight with Tuma. How T’Challa from the Black Panther movie is overthrown by his evil relative is like how Mata Nui got banished while there are these scheduled man-to-man fights. 2. DC Comics - How Mata Nui crash landed on Bara Magna is sort of like Superman’s arrival on Earth, as both learn about their origins eventually. Plus, in The Dark Knight Rises movie in 2012, how Bane banished Batman in a desert place while harassing Batman’s home place kind of reminds me of The Legend Reborn. Also, in the Shazam movie in this year, how Shazam shares his powers with his friends reminds me of Mata Nui giving his Glatorian friends elemental powers. 3. Transformers - Bionicle characters using mouth guards remind me of the Transformers movies, where the Transformers use mouth guards. Plus, the Revenge of the Fallen movie in 2009 is sort of like The Legend Reborn. 4. Prince of Persia movie in 2010 - How there are fights in the desert in that movie reminds me of the fights in The Legend Reborn. 5. Disney’s Aladdin - The desert parts remind me of The Legend Reborn, kind of. 6. Disney’s Hercules - How Hercules got sent to another place reminds me of how Mata Nui got forced to get stuck on Bara Magna. 7. The Lion King - How Scar banished Simba and then Simba going to the wastelands reminds me of The Legend Reborn 8. The Emperor’s New Groove - How Ezma threw Kusco out of his kingdom and Kusco ended up on another place kind of reminds me of The Legend Reborn. 9. Hero Factory - There is a TV episode where a gold beetle is crawling around the desert before encountering something strange from outer space, which is how The Legend Reborn started. 10. Ninjago’s Seasons 8 and 9 in 2018 - How Garmadon caused most of the Ninja to be banished into another world, which is a desert, while he takes over their home realm, and then how the Ninja struggle in the new desert realm reminds me of The Legend Reborn.
  13. Well, basically, I would recommend combining G1’s and G2’s beginnings, make it primarily act like G1 somehow. It would be like G1, but with Protectors be the Guardians for the Turaga while the Turaga would be second-in-commands for Ekimu. Plus, a console video game (no app games this time) and a regular Cartoon Network TV show with 3D animation, like Ninjago, similar to The Journey to One in terms of set accuracy, but look exactly like 3D, like The Legend Reborn, and with some muscles from the movie trilogy in 2003-2005 squished into their body parts. Plus, including every single big bit of the sets on the designs of the characters and put characters and their stuff from all sets in there. It would and should have a huge budget. The media in the past had somewhat a little budget. Plus, Bionicle should have a TV shared universe, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where it shares the same universe with Hero Factory because they’re very similar (Bionicle should get out often, and people are into shared universes these days). How that’s what I call starting fresh. Plus, Faber has been posting “3IO” stuff in the spring, so hasn’t done more since. Don’t get your hopes up so high. You can say the same to Disney’s and Sony’s dispute over Spider-Man nowadays.
  14. Hi, guys! I’m glad that the forums are back, fresh and new! Anyway, you see, Bionicle is known to have a lot of characters with a lot of missions. Some are associated with each other while some not so much. Vezon gained the ability to travel through dimensions. We also see Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna people working together. So, I would like to talk about Bionicle having crossovers with other franchises. Bionicle should get out more often. Seriously. Here’s a list of crossover that I would love to imagine: 1. Bionicle and Hero Factory - these guys share some similar qualities, so have them share the same universe with together, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I would love to think that after Spherus Magna got destroyed long ago, the Great Beings went to create Mr. Makuro, who created Hero Factory. I would also love to see the Toa Nuva and the Alpha 1 Team from HF fight each other and then team up. Mata Nui would prefers give the Alpha 1 Team elemental powers, as Preston Stormer can have Ice powers, Dunkan Bulk Iron powers, Jimi Stringer Sonic, William Furno Fire, Mark Surge Lightning, Natalie Breez Air, Julius Nex Plant Life, Nathan Evo Water, and Rocka, well, Rock/Stone. 2. Bionicle G1 and Bionicle G2 - I would love to see the Toa Mata from both generations interact with each other. Both Pohatu’s would be like “Hey! Why are you so cheerful?” and “Hey! Why are you so brooding?” Lol. 3. Bionicle and Ninjago - both have similar qualities, so I would love to both the Toa Mata and the Ninja from Ninjago. 4. Bionicle and Transformers - I would love to see Toa fight against Autobots and then work together to fight against the Decepticons and Makuta Teridax. 5. Bionicle and Sonic The Hedgehog - I would love to see the Toa Mata team up with Sonic to fight against Doctor Eggman and Teridax. 6. Bionicle and Mario - Would you imagine Mario going through levels based on Bionicle and all? Lol. Plus, I would love to see Mario and the Toa Mata work together to fight against Makuta Teridax and Bowser. 7. Bionicle and Kirby - I would love to see the Toa Mata team up with Kirby to fight against Teridax. Kirby would suck up the Toa’s powers/weapons to copy their abilities, like, you know, Tahu Kirby, Gali Kirby, etc. Lol. 8. Bionicle and Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra - That would be a neat crossover, with the Toa teaming up with Team Avatar. 9. Bionicle and DC Comics - I would imagine the Toa Mata teaming up with the Justice League. I would also love to see Batman fight against the Toa Mata at first, but later team up with them. Same with the Teen Titans. Lol. 10. Bionicle and Marvel - I would love to see the Toa Mata teaming up with the Avengers. I would also love to see Spider-Man fight against the Toa Mata at first, but later team up with them. Same with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Lol. 11. Bionicle and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - I would love to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight against the Toa Mata at first, but later team up with them. 12. Bionicle and Steven Universe - I would imagine some funny and pleasant interactions between the Toa Mata and the Crystal Gems. Lol. 13. Bionicle and Star Wars - It would be an awesome crossover. I would love to see the Toa learn how to use Starfighters. Lol. 14. Bionicle and Mixels - That would be cool, but wacky. Lol. 15. Bionicle and the Powerpuff Girls - That would be interesting. Lol. I would love to see the Toa Mata and the Powerpuff Girls fight against Teridax, Mojo Jojo, and Him. 16. Bionicle and Ben 10 - That would be awesome. I would love to see the Toa Mata and Ben 10 fight against Teridax and Vilgax. As for Marvel, well, I would imagine that it would be like that Batman-TMNT crossover when it comes to the Toa Mata and Spider-Man, but kid-friendly for our sakes. Here’s how that would go: The Toa Nuva, Takanuva, and Ekimu noticed Makuta Teridax, Makuta Mutran, and their army of Rahkshi going through an inter-dimensional portal for some reason, and the heroes follow them. When the Bionicle characters arrived in the Marvel universe, in New York City, the heroes start finding the villains in the city while the villains start to team up with the Kingpin and Doctor Octopus. Makuta Teridax and his Rahkshi start attacking a local lab, which grabs Spider-Man’s attention and Spider-Man finds and fights them. He is able to defeat the Rahkshi, but not Teridax, but survived. Meanwhile, the Bionicle heroes noticed Doc Ock doing something evil and attacked him, his Octobots and some Rahkshi, but Ock got away while he mentioned Spider-Man during the fight. They eventually meet Spider-Man and then both forces fight each other because they mistaken each other for more foes. Spider-Man is a tough and unbeatable fighter, so the Bionicle heroes ran away from him and hide. While the Bionicle heroes are learning to use the Internet (Ekimu and Kopaka would do it because they are smart and can learn anything logically) to learn about Spider-Man and Spider-Man looking for the heroes, the Makuta show Kingpin and Ock Energized Protodermis and Pit Mutagen when they mutate some of the Kingpin’s men into monsters. While both the Bionicle heroes and Spider-Man find each other and settle their differences because they discovered that they are on the same side while they ask each other who are each other’s enemies, the Makuta, Rahkshi, Kingpin, and Ock invade a prison that has a lot of Spider-Man’s evil enemies, who are the Sandman, Electro, The Vulture, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, The Scorpion, The Chameleon, The Rhino, The Shocker, Hydro-Man, Molten Man, the Lizard, the Green Goblin, and the Hobgoblin. Teridax’s team need the Goblin’s Goblin Serum for their new chemical while they give the Goblin the Makuta’s mutagenic substances. The Goblin use the Bionicle substances to mutated all of the villains except the Makuta and Kingpin into stronger monsters, like Ock looking like an octopus, Goblin looking like a spider, etc. While the heroes are having good interactions, they heard an alarm about the prison, so they come to the prison to undo the problem in there. In the prison, the mutated villains are occupying it while they challenge the heroes to a fight. The heroes know this could be a trap, so they split up into three groups who go to different rooms in the prison. Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua will fight against Molten Man, Scorpion, and Rhino. Kopaka, Lewa, and Gali will fight against the Chameleon, Shocker, and Hydro-Man. Spider-Man, Takanuva, and Ekimu will fight against the Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, and the Lizard. However, the Goblin says that he, Teridax, Mutran, Ock, and the Lizard worked together to create the new chemical that is a mix of EP, PM, and the Goblin Serum. He tests the new chemical on Spider-Man, turning him into a spider-like monster who is crazy and wild like the Goblin. Spider-Man uncontrollably attacks friend and foe alike, but all eight Bionicle heroes defeat all nine of these villains and use an antidote made by Spider-Man, Ekimu, and Kopaka before the prison break to turn Spider-Man back to normal while Lewa and Takanuva talk to him out of it because they made good friends. The heroes cure the villains as well while the Avengers come to restrain the villains, but they know that the other five, the Sandman, Electro, Vulture, Mysterio, and Kraven, escaped to join Ock’s Sinister Six. Plus, well, it’s an extra, Teridax tells Spider-Man through his phone that he kidnapped his girlfriend named Mary Jane Watson to force him to stop stopping Teridax and his new friends. Spider-Man then looks at all of his and the Bionicle heroes’ problems as a big mess, so he tells the heroes to leave New York City because their customs endanger the city, so the heroes convince him that they must work together to stop the threat and they need each other to do that, as they say their Three Virtues, Unity, Duty, and Destiny, so Spider-Man decides to team up with them again. They all figure that the remaining villains plan to use the chemical to turn everyone in the city into monsters, so they can take over both worlds. While the Avengers are too busy with their own stuff, Spider-Man and his Bionicle allies find the remaining villains’ hiding place, which has a machine that can mix the substances into the chemical and then spread it all over the city. Spider-Man and his allies have to fight against the Rahkshi and Kingpin’s men first. Then, the Toa Nuva fight against the mutated Sinister Six while the other three heroes go ahead to find the remaining three villains. Spider-Man goes after the Kingpin, Ekimu after Mutran, and Takanuva after Teridax. After Spider-Man and the Toa Nuva defeated their enemies, they help their allies. However, Teridax threatens to harm or mutate MJ if Spider-Man continues to stop him because he looks at Spider-Man as problematic as his heroic enemies, but the Toa did a sneak attack while the heroes save MJ. They tell her to go somewhere safe while they take care of their enemies. Kopaka, Pohatu, Lewa, and Spider-Man work to stop the machine from getting ready while the others fight Teridax and his allies. The heroes save the day by defeating all of their enemies and the machine explode, which causes the villains’ whole hiding place to explode. The heroes run for their lives while taking all of the villains except Kingpin with them, as the Kingpin accidentally falls into a vat filled with EP and PM. The heroes bring Spider-Man villains to the prison while they celebrate. The Toa and Ekimu formally introduce themselves to MJ while Lewa is very fond of her while J. Jonah Jameson kind of looks at the Bionicle heroes as menaces since they work without Spider-Man, who he always hates and looks at a menace, too. As the Bionicle heroes prepare to return to their world while bringing their enemies with them, Spider-Man tells that all ten of them can have a pizza party to celebrate before the Bionicle heroes will go, which the Bionicle heroes like the idea. The End. However, in a cliffhanger scene, where there is the villains’ destroyed hiding place, Kingpin, who got mutated by the Bionicle substances to become a stronger whale-like monster, comes out of the debris and roars, planning revenge against all of the heroes. The End after that. If there were a trilogy, it would go like this. The second installment would have the Kingpin, Doc Ock, Venom, Carnage, Teridax, and Mutran work together to spread Symbiotes, perhaps enhanced by the Makuta’s things, on the Bionicle world before they can take over both worlds, and the Bionicle heroes and Spider-Man work together again to defeat the villains and their Symbiote army. The third installment would be where Teridax, having fed up with Spider-Man’s antics, and the Kingpin, having fed up with the Bionicle heroes’ antics, plan to have villains from the Bionicle world and Spider-Man’s villains work together to form an army that will attack both worlds, so they would take over both worlds, but Spider-Man and all Bionicle heroes have to work together to stop them. These would be awesome and funny. I would say the same to Batman.:) So, what crossovers would you like Bionicle to have? Please don’t talk about any future possibilities.:)
  15. I would go with Galactic Empire because they have the Death Stars, so they would try to blow up the Great Spirit Robot without much problem.
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