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  1. I don’t know why you brought up Plasma, but the colors that you mentioned are sure to be true colors, even if there is no set or media depicting a Toa of Plasma.
  2. Hi, guys. I read this link, in the Incomplete Stories section: https://biosector01.com/wiki/Fan_Community#Fan-made_Storyline_Additions These stories are supposed to expand the Bionicle G1 story. It is sad to see these stories unfinished or not canonized. There are have been some stuff that aren’t canonized, like the whole Toa Mangai (the masks and tools). I get that you shouldn’t put too many things in the story, but still. When will this stuff be canonized? I don’t know. Greg Farshtey seems to be so busy in stuff. I wish these stories will be canon someday. Well, I found a dude who is working on this story. It’s called Bionicle: Hiatus. It’s about Lesovikk’s journey to find his lost friends. Even though there are these stories for the story contests in BZPower, this one, this one, and this one, the first one is good, too. Speaking of making one’s own stories, here are my side plans for Lego World Builder: The Toa Mata collecting their extra Kanohi and defeating the Elementals to get the Makoki Stones, Toa Mata and Matoran fighting the Bohrok (including the Bohrok’s Kaita), Toa Nuva finding the Great Kanohi, and Toa Inika journeying into the Cord. Untold tales of the Matoran Universe: The Toa Mata fighting Mana Ko, Tahu Nuva’s fusion fighting Tahnok-Kal’s fusion, Toa Nuva’s fight with the Dark Hunters. The Toa Metru forming their fusions to fight some enemies (They would have flashback about Ihu and Mavrah), Toa Inika forming their Toa Kaita, Toa Mahri forming their Toa Kaita, Lhikan and his team, Jovan and his team, The Order of Mata Nui, Hydraxon’s hunt for the Barraki, Dark Hunters’ war with the Brotherhood (It would involve Karzahni), The Brotherhood of Makuta - Spiriah, Roodaka, Artakha vs. Karzahni, and Nektann. Untold tales of the Glatorian: Glatorian and a vehicle fight. These stories are inspired by BZPower’s stories in their contests because I find these stories very interesting. Also these. Of course, we do have character canonization contests that gave some people, like Helryx and Artakha, their looks, these stories are too good to ignore. I would suggest people who wrote these stories to be place in Lego World Builder just in case. If you could write a story, what would it be?
  3. Hi, guys. Last year, Lego Ideas did a two-part vote for Lego’s 90th anniversary project. Lego Ideas asked fans which of over 20 themes in the first vote do they want the project to be based on. Bionicle was one of the choices. After the first vote ended, the second vote happened, and it got Bionicle, Castle, Pirates, and Space as the choices. Lego Ideas asked fans which one of them do they want the project to be based on. After the second vote ended, we have to wait for the winning choice in this year. We did not know the date, but I have found this. It says that the date is August 10, 2022. August 10 was where Lego was formed in 1932 and is where Bionicle fan celebrate Bionicle Day. During the vote, it seems that most people voted for Bionicle, and Christian Faber greatly support that. However, there are some people who said rude anti-Bionicle stuff like “Anything but Bionicle”. Some of these Bionicle haters say that “Bionicle isn’t Lego”. Bionicle fans and Faber are disgusted by these awful comments, so we told them to knock it off, and we showed them proof that Bionicle (and Hero Factory) has some Lego system parts, so we are able to debunk the haters’ comments. So, which of the four themes do you think will win this year? For me, it’s Bionicle because: 1. It needs to come back. Every fan begs for it. 2. It‘s also the one that saved Lego from bankruptcy in 2001. 3. It’s one of the most popular and successful themes in history. 4. It got the most votes in the first vote, so I believe the same should go to the second vote. 5. The other themes have too much variations (Pirates is used a lot. Space has a lot of variations, like Mars Mission and Galaxy Conquest. Castle has a lot of variations, like Knights Kingdom and Nexo Knights). BZPower is a place for Bionicle fans, so I hope you guys understand that.
  4. Oh, I thought you meant chicken being cooked as food. Lol. Sorry about that. Anyway, I had a fan theory where the Bahrag can create Bohrok, which is like chickens laying their eggs, lol, but it is actually Av-Matoran who become Bohrok.
  5. Hi, guys. As you know, in the 2001, 2002, and early 2003, we see the Toa Mata/Toa Nuva collect Kanohi, Makoki Stones, Krana, and Kanohi Nuva. They never bothered collecting Krana-Kal or even Kraata. Anyway, here’s what we know about the Toa’s search for the Kanohi before they got the Golden Kanohi: 1. Tahu has the Hau. He got his Akaku after defeating the Kofo-Jaga. Tahu worked with five other Toa to get his Miru. They also got Tahu’s Kakama. Tahu’s last mask is a Kaukau, which is the last Great Kanohi to get in general. What is missing is the Pakari and the Noble Kanohi. 2. Kopaka has his Akaku. He and Pohatu get Kopaka’s first mask, the Hau, which is the first Great Kanohi to be collected in general. He got his Pakari. He got at least the Huna and Matau’s mask before saving Matoro from a Muaka. Kopaka has his Kaukau when he worked with Onua and Gali to get Tahu’s. Kopaka, Pohatu, and Lewa had an argument about getting a Kanohi from a trench. What about the rest of his Noble and Great Kanohi? 3. Gali wears the Kaukau. She got her Miru when she was with Lewa. What about her Noble Kanohi and and the rest of her Great Kanohi? 4. Lewa wears a Miru. He got his Kakama. He at least got his Komau before wearing an Infected Kanohi. What about the rest of his Noble and Great Kanohi? 5. Pohatu wears a Kakama. He got a Kanohi from a Nui-Rama when he and his friends defeated a swarm of Nui-Rama. His Kaukau was collected by Lewa. What about his Noble Kanohi and the rest of his Great Kanohi? 6. Onua wears a Pakari. He got at least a Hau and Nuju’s mask when he fought Lewa, who wore the infected mask. Onua has his own Kaukau when he, Kopaka, and Gali worked to get Tahu’s. What about the rest of his Noble and Great Kanohi? Also, where did they get the Makoki Stones? Well, in that cancelled video game called Bionicle; The Legend of Mata Nui, they had to fight monsters called Elementals to get the stones. However, the game is cancelled, so this is non-canon. If that part is canon, like the Fikou-Nui, well, I would say Makuta Teridax used that island-controlling machine in that comic to create these monsters to steal the stones. I also wonder if the Toa Mata had borrowed the Turaga of Mata Nui’s Noble masks during their quest? If that’s the case, I wonder if the Turaga had worn powerless replacement masks until the Toa had finished their quest to fight the infected Rahi? Now, for the Krana, well, we don’t have to be specific because the Toa had to take Krana from the Bohrok, like Thanos removing the Mind Stone from Vision in Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. Some of the Toa worked together to remove Krana from a swarm of Bohrok, like fishing boats. Now, for the Kanohi Nuva, it is like collecting the Great Kanohi. Here’s what we know: 1. Tahu Nuva has a Hau Nuva. He went to Le-Wahi to get two Kanohi Nuva, with the help of Lewa. Tahu worked with Gali and Kopaka to get three more masks before they were trapped. Tahu got a Kakama Nuva and Pakari Nuva, which are possibly the ones from the Le-Wahi, when he was fighting the Rahi Nui. I don’t know about his Kaukau Nuva, Akaku Nuva, or Miru Nuva before the fight with the Rahi Nui, right? 2. Kopaka Nuva has a Akaku Nuva. I don’t know about how did he get his extra masks. Kopaka got a Kakama Nuva and a Pakari Nuva, which are probably two of the three ones that he worked with Tahu and Gali in collecting before being trapped, when he fought the Rahi Nui. I don’t know about his Hau Nuva, Kaukau Nuva, or Miru Nuva before the fight with the Rahi Nui, right? 3. Gali Nuva has a Kaukau Nuva. She got a Kakama Nuva from a tunnel. She also got a Pakari Nuva, which is probably the third one of the three masks that she worked with Tahu and Kopaka in collecting before being trapped, when she fought the Rahi Nui. I don’t know about her Hau Nuva, Miru Nuva, or Akaku Nuva before the fight with the Rahi Nui, right? 4. Lewa Nuva has a Miru Nuva. He found a Kanohi Nuva after his fight and Le-Matoran’s fight with the Nuhvok-Kal. I believe that was his Kakama Nuva when he tried to use it against the Rahi Nui alone, but failed. He also got the Pakari Nuva when he and his friends fought the Rahi Nui. I don’t know about his Hau Nuva, Kaukau Nuva, or Akaku Nuva before the fight with the Rahi Nui, right? 5. Pohatu Nuva has a Kakama Nuva. He got a Hau Nuva when he worked with Kopaka Nuva to get the mask. He also got a Pakari Nuva before fighting the Rahi Nui, right? I don’t know about his Hau Nuva, Kaukau Nuva, Miru Nuva, or his Akaku Nuva before the fight with the Rahi Nuva, right? 6. Onua Nuva had a Pakari Nuva. He got a Kaukau Nuva when he was fighting Kofo-Jaga and Manas. He got a Kakama Nuva when he fought the Rahi Nui, right? I don’t know about his Hau Nuva, Miru Nuva, or Akaku Nuva before he fought the Rahi Nui, right? That’s what I know of. Do you guys have any theories about where did the Toa get the other Kanohi with unknown locations and the stones? I’m planning to make a Lego World Builder story or two about these searches.
  6. That’s dark in the bottom, buddy. Well, the Bohrok’s shields make their arms look wide, like a chicken’s wings.
  7. Their head jab like chickens. Plus, they have pudgy and round bodies. Some people describe the Bohrok as looking like beetles.
  8. Hi, guys! This year is Bionicle’s 2002 story arc’s 20th anniversary. It is a sequel where the Toa Mata, who have collected the Golden Kanohi and defeated Makuta Teridax and the Infected Rahi, fighting against round, chicken-like robotic destroyers called Bohrok. They were awakened by Makuta to attack people of the island of Mata Nui. The Bohrok want to destroy the island of Mata Nui. The Toa have to collect a specimen from each of all 48 different kinds of Krana from the Bohrok. Along the way, a Matoran named Nuparu (who was going to be in a video game called Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui, but that game got cancelled) invented mechs called Boxors that can defeat Bohrok. That makes things easier for the Toa. After the Toa collected the Krana, they found their own mechs called Exo-Toa and then used to try to defeat the Bohrok’s twin queens called the Bahrag, who are the main antagonists of the story arc. However, the Bahrag are too powerful, the armor does not let the Toa use their elemental powers, which are the Toa’s only hope, so the Toa shed their armor to be able to Sue their powers. They defeat the Bahrag by combining their powers to form a Toa Seal to imprison them. Then, the Toa accidentally touched a magical substance called Energized Protodermis, which enhances the Toa into the Toa Nuva, whose weapons have two functions, one for fighting and one for traveling. Due to the defeat of the Bahrag, the Bohrok swarms are defeated. However, the Bahrag awakens the Bohrok-Kal to have them free the Bahrag from their prison. The Mata Nui Online Game in 2001 hinted the coming of the Bohrok, which is of course foreshadowing. The Krana are rubbery mask pieces. They can be worn like Kanohi, but they are different in some ways. Bohrok are the first villain canister sets, even though they are not actually evil. They are also the first swarm canister set enemies. The Bohrok-Kal are shaped exactly like the Bohrok, even though they are a team of six rather than types (why not do types when there are 48 different kinds of Krana-Kal?). We also get the Rahi Master Builder, where you can build one of 15 Rahi species (why not do all 15 to co-exist?) and the Golden Kanohi in set packages (why not did that in 2001?). I wrote this before: 15th anniversary . In my experience, I like the Bohrok. They’re cool because of their ability to turn into a ball and use their heads to attack like chickens. I also love the head-jabbing function of the Bahrag, even if it could damage their gears if you are not careful. The Boxor and Exo-Toa are awesome because they are mechs, as you can fir Matoran and Toa in there, respectively. It’s also fun to have those trays in the Bohrok’s heads and the Bohrok Va’s backs fling Krana at their targets. I love the Toa Nuva’s looks, though I am not fond of the different arm pieces or how their Toa Kaita look. Why can’t the Toa Nuva Kaita be like the Toa Kaita in 2001? The Toa Kaita look better. Plus, it is not easy to fit Onua Mata, Onua, Nuva, Pohatu Mata, or Pohatu Nuva into the Exo-Toa. You gotta rebuild them to do so. You could fit Takanuva from 2003 into the Exo-Toa, right? It’s also weird that Nuparu have two same arms rather than different ones that the Matoran in 2001 had, but you can have Nuparu have two different arms. In that book called Prisoners of the Pit and that story serial called Toa Nuva Blog inn2007, they featured the Bohrok swarms, probably to celebrate the 2002 story arc’s 5th anniversary. It is revealed that the swarms are not evil. They have to destroy the island of Mata Nui to help the Great Spirit Mata Nui awaken. It’s just that Makuta had prematurely awakened the Bohrok to attack the island’s people in the 2002 story arc. Since people are out of the island, the Toa Nuva willingly let the swarms destroy the island, so they can reawaken the Great Spirit. In that book called Swamp of Secrets, it is revealed that the Bohrok were once Av-Matoran, who are destined to become the Bohrok. Anyway, it is a good story arc. I wish there is a console video game and a Mata Nui Online Game based on the story arc. Well, there is that Dan game called Mata Nui Online Game 1.5: The Bohrok Wars, but that game hasn’t been updated, so its story is not finished. It was sad to see Lewa having a Krana controlling his mind, but Onua was there to save him. It was also sad that the Toa did not trust Lewa because the Krana gave him the ability to telepathically read the Bohrok’s minds, but Lewa proved that he is not controlled by the Krana or the Bahrag, so the Toa trust him again. The story arc is also where we first meet Hahli (another Matoran from The Legend of Mata Nui), a Ga-Matoran who is good friends with Jaller. Hewkii and Macku are shown are shown to have a special friendship, but Greg Farshtey said that love between Matoran Universe people is not canon because they are robots who can’t reproduce, which is understandable. So, guys, what are your fond memories of the story arc, what do you like about it, what’s your favorite 2002 set, favorite character(s) in 2002, favorite moment in the story arc, and/or how would you celebrate it? For me, well, my favorite sets are the Bohrok, Exo-Toa, Bahrag, Tahu Nuva, Lewa Nuva, Kopaka Nuva, and Onua Nuva, and my favorite characters are Tahu, Lewa, Onua, Nuparu, and the Bahrag.
  9. You double-posted. Anyway, everyone, I found this news report about the Lego Ideas’ Lego 90th anniversary project: Lego Ideas’ 90th anniversary project happening on August 20, 2021 . We have to wait. My money is on Bionicle because it has the most votes, it seems at least. It is the one that saved Lego from bankruptcy in 2001, anyway.
  10. Well, here’s what I come up with in terms of using the same staff heads: Staff of Disintegration - Guurahk, Heat Vision, Laser Vision, Magnetism (thinking about Gahlok-Kal), Illusion, Shape-shifting, Chameleon. Staff of Fear - Turahk, Lightning (Tahnok-Kal), Chain Lightning, Fire Resistance, Darkness, Mind-Reading, Dodge. Staff of Poison - Lerahk, Vacuum (Levahk-Kal), Cyclone, Plant Life, Weather Control, Elasticity, Accuracy. Staff of Fragmentation - Panrahk, Plasma (Pahrak-Kal), Molecular Disruption, Teleportation, Quick Healing, Adaption, Confusion. Staff of Hunger - Vorahk, Gravity (Nuvohk-Kal), Density Control, Stasis Field, Limited Invulnerability, Slow, Sleep. Staff of Anger - Kurahk, Sonics (Kohrak-Kal), Power Scream, Silence, Ice Resistance, Rahi Control, Insect Control. That’s the best I can come up with. Would have been nice if Lego had released 2003 sets for the other 36 Rahkshi.
  11. Well, Vezon is a jokester. Tuyet believes that Toa should rule over the Matoran Universe people. However, she sees people working with Spherus Magna people, so she wouldn’t stand a chance. She is still plotting, yet. Plus, in the beginning of Chapter 14, she sees sees Lhikan and that Ga-Matoran that she drowned, so she avoids being seen by them when she was in the crowd. Miserix, well, he’s a tough one. Well, you see, of course Miserix was the original leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, as he kept things in order for Mata Nui. When Makuta Teridax announced his plan to take over the Matoran Universe, Miserix did not like the idea because he looked at it as worthless. Both fought each other, but Teridax had the most of the Brotherhood chose him over Miserix. Teridax overthrew him, become the new leader of the Brotherhood, and he wanted to kill Miserix, but Krika and Spirah secretly imprisoned Miserix to the island of Artidax. Miserix was tortured with magical chains and Klakk. He was betrayed by the Brotherhood, and he was so angry at Teridax that he banished his inner light, which is his inner goodness, so he wouldn’t have anything to stand in his way. He gained a lot of strength when he was on the island. When a team of people freed Miserix, he used the Shadow Hand to absorb Makuta Spiriah in revenge for imprisoning him on the island. When Miserix was freed, he went to find Teridax. The Order of Mata Nui needed hint of fight Teridax. He harassed a couple of people to find out where Teridax is and killed one of them. When he found Teridax in the Core Processor, he tried to have revenge in Teridax, but Teridax was hard to defeat, stopped him by putting him in an illusion when Teridax was controlling the Great Spirit Robot. When Miserix was freed by Tren Krom, he still wants revenge. He fought three people to get to destroy Teridax, and he did not care about the safety of the Matoran Universe’s people. He was blinded by rage and was insane a little bit. He was calm when Artakha arrived, was flung into outer space, sent to Bota Magna, and talking to many others about what to do with the cursed Great Being (I call him Destral). Miserix does not anything about Bota Magna, Teridax’s death, or what happened with the Matoran Universe when Miserix went to Bota Magna. He, Tuyet, and Vezon didn’t participate in Bionicle’s 2010 story arc, where the battle between Mata Nui’s SM Teridax happened. They are on Bota Magna the whole time. In my story, the trio are kind enough to just play along with the good guys while they get more information. If Miserix knows that Teridax is killed by Mata Nui, the whole Brotherhood of Makuta being destroyed, and what happened with the Matoran Universe, well, that part is tough. What do you think he would do? However, since Miserix banished his inner light, he would feel kind of purposeless, and he would think that other people would overthrow him if he tries to rule something, so he would want to find something worthy in Spherus Magna and crush the people. He’s a bit different from Krika. Krika is about thinking for the sake of his brethren consciously. Miserix is a being filled with rage. Plus, Miserix is not too social with good people. He, Tuyet, and Vezon would go on their own and think about what their evil plan would be after this. As for Helryx, well, she’s always a good person. She had quite a temper when it comes to war. She also did not go by the Toa Code. She let her organization kill people who knew the location of the island of Artakha and kill some members of the Brotherhood of Makuta. She also tried to destroy the Matoran Universe by doing her Nova Blast in the Core Processor, but was interrupted by some people. True, she did these bad things, but she did them for the good of people in the Matoran Universe. She is just rough, but she knows that she is a Toa. If she would see Mata Nui physically, she would be happy and would do what he wants. Mata Nui would scold her and her organization for the rough actions, and I believe the Order of Mata Nui would be sort of disappointed to hear that. Since they do things for the will of Mata Nui, Mata Nui respects that, and he wants them to do things the softer way because Mata Nui thinks like a Toa who goes by the Toa Code. The Order would understand and listen to Mata Nui. They would regret their rough actions, but when a huge battle happens, they would do what Mata Nui says to make up for their rough actions. If you read the recent three chapters, you will see. I will figure something out for these characters.
  12. Thanks so much! I also hope if there is any BZPower member that has Lego World Builder account, anyway. Well, the thing is that I saw a Ninjago fan used Lego World Builder to make a story about Sensei Wu fighting against the Time Twins while they time-travel, which explains how Wu got turned into a baby in Ninjago’s Season 8. Here’s the link: Ninjago Golden Hour . It’s amazing that he made that story, and then Lego made it canon! This guy got the baby-transformation-mystery solved. There is a Bionicle fan who made this story called Hiatus, which is about Lesovikk’s adventure before he went to Mahri Nui. It’s not complete, but he wants to expand on Lesovikk and hopes Lego World Builder will make it canon during a Pitch Fest: Hiatus . It was feature in LWB’s Instagram post in 2021. That’s very cool, and it’s nice to expand on Lesovikk’s life. So, both of these things inspired me to make my story here, as I wouldn’t have to rely on the authors of Bionicle G1’s and Hero Factory’s stories to finish them up. My story is not complete, but I am working on it. Of course, you guys have opinion, but in MY story, I am finishing up Bionicle G1’s story, HF’s story, and have them share the same universe because I love them as much as you guys do. Creativity is not easy, but I am doing it. I also hope LWB would consider making my story once it’s done.
  13. Do you always pick on me for whatever I’m saying? I have a right to say my stuff. You should not butt in like that. I’m trying to cheer BZP up.
  14. Gee, I see your struggles. Anyway, some people say some some members in BZP are very nasty and pessimistic when you talk about crossovers. I don’t know what to tell you, but I feel bad for you. Look, if you guys could please talk about Bionicle fan stuff more, we can go and say. You might as well talk about each member’s topics and you can ask people how they feel about that topic. Oh, and here’s a reminder. You guys were some of the people who made Bionicle Heroes. Don’t forget that.
  15. Hi, guys. Happy New Year! Anyway, speaking for the new year, last year is missing something: the Island miniseries and Season 14: Seabound from Ninjago’s TV show. They may have aired in the Canada and many other countries, but not in the USA this year? Why’s that? These episodes are based on sets in 2021. I really want them to come anytime soon. It’s not the first time this happened, even though this is worse. Some of the episodes in Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu had its episodes aired in the USA in early 2020 rather than in the 2019 because that season is based on the summer 2019 sets. It is also not the first time that Ninjago has timing issues. In 2011, we have the pilots episodes, which features both winter 2011 sets and most of 2011 sets rather than just the winter ones. Well, there is a series of shorts in 2011 that show all summer sets, even though the story arc is over, and the shorts take place after that. The same happened with the 2012 episodes. I mean, there are two of thirteen episodes based on the 2012 that aired in December 2011 rather than early 2012. Also, the whole Season 2: Rise of the Snakes aired in early 2012 while it has all 2012 sets rather than just the winter ones. Plus, Season 3: The Stone Army, which is based on 2013 sets, aired in 2012 rather than 2013 for some reason (and that season has a little bit of more 2012 set stuff)? Does anyone has an explanation about why the timing is weird?
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