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  1. Well, I would go with Bionicle G1 continuation, Bionicle reboot (if done well like G1), HF continuation (it needs the story to have an ending), and HF reboot, but I voted for Bionicle G1 continuation because the G1 story needs to be concluded. Plus, I got a lost of ideas that can use the four of them: As you know, we all need constraction back, and there’s a lot of justice and anniversaries to be done.
  2. Hi, guys. We know that we have four direct-to-video movies for Bionicle. When I heard about the Mask of Light coming, I thought it would be a theatrical movie, like Transformers, but I realized it’s just a direct-to-video, but I like the movie, anyway. So, my question is this: If the Bionicle movies would be theatrical instead of direct-to-video, as you go into the movie theater and see the movies on the big screen and wait for them to come out in DVD after 3-5 months, what do you think they would look like? Well, the direct-to-video movies are around 75 minutes long. Usually, theatrical movies are like at least 90 minutes, like the DreamWorks Animation movies. I would imagine the Bionicle movies to be at least 90 minutes long as well, maybe 100. If that’s the case, the stories in the movies would be longer and have more content. It goes like this: 1. Mask of Light - Vakama would talk about talk the Toa Mata’s adventures on Mata Nui, fighting against infected Rahi, Makuta, Bohrok, turning into the Toa Nuva, and fighting the Bohrok-Kal. The stuff from the comics in 2003 about the Toa Nuva’s fight with the Rahkshi, like the Rahkshi Kaita, would be added. The Toa Nuva would form Toa Kaita to fight the Rahkshi, whether the Rahkshi form Kaita or not. Plus, after Takanuva defeated Teridax, Vakama would bring the Matoran to Metru Nui and then decided to tell the seven about the Toa Metru. 2. Legends of Metru Nui - Vakama would talk to the Toa Nuva about the Toa Metru’s adventures. Plus, the Metru Nui Disk Matoran, including Ahkmou, and the fights with the Morbuzakh and the shape-shifting Rahi would be added in between the Toa Metru forming and the Toa presenting themselves in the Coliseum. We might get an explanation on why the Toa Metru never used their elemental powers. Maybe they would also form their own Toa Kaita for people’s convenience. I heard that there are some deleted content, like the Lohrak, so they would be added, too. Also, the Toa would fight against the elite types of Vahki. 3. Web of Shadows - the Toa Hordika’s adventures involving collecting stuff to make the Airships would be added. Plus, the fight with the Zivon would be epic. Plus, stuff from the comics. Maybe Roodaka would hire the Shadowed One, Sentrakh, and Voporak to go after the Toa Hordika. Plus, the Toa Hordika would fight against the Visorak’s allies. Rahaga would think about themselves as the Toa Hagah. 4. The Legend Reborn - I would imagine Mata Nui talking about all of the storylines before the events of the 2009 storyline. Meanwhile, the adventures of Gresh and his friends before Mata Nui’s arrival to Bara Magna would be added. Like, you know, the stuff from the comics. Also, the practice match between Crotesius and the Kaxium V3 duo from a comic book and Gelu’s and Stronius’ involvement would be added. Also, Malum, all of the vehicle set characters and their vehicles and Spikit, Fero, Atakus, Zesk, and Tarduk, and Branar would be involved. If the Vorox that attacked Mata Nui in the beginning is one of Malum’s Vorox, Malum would get so mad that he will hunt for Mata Nui. Both would fight, but Mata Nui would be victorious (maybe with friends, too). Also, we would see Ackar actually training Mata Nui on how to fight, as the story from that book called Challenge of Mata Nui would be added. The same would go with the book called Desert of Danger where Mata Nui is fighting a Sand Bat. You see, the direct-to-video movies are missing some stuff because of their running times. Probably because of the budget. That’s kind of lazy. The theatrical movies would also make characters look more diverse and more accurate to the sets. I mean, the Matoran would have more varied masks (so Takua, Jaller, and Hahli would look like that they are the only ones who wear their kinds of masks. Lol), Agori with their looks (in each tribe, they all look like clones. Lol), the Skopio wouldn’t look like Telluris with his vehicle (that was lazy). Maybe the character development would slightly be better, and the graphics would be more involved, like Moana. Plus, the voice actors in the direct-to-video movies would be replaced with ones from The Lego Movie Cinematic Universe. That’s how I would envision it.
  3. No, no. It’s okay. You asked a question in the topic post, and I answered it. Nothing wrong. You’re good. I always spend time listening to the radio to hear the songs. Anyway, Cryoshell is a good band. If I could think about what singer or song that reminds me of the pens who played for Bionicle, it’s that the fact that Imagine Dragons kind of remind me of Dauntry.
  4. Well, I only prefer the clean versions. Sorry if you are thinking about swearing and whatever else you said. I’m just emotional with songs that I like. It’s hard when Bionicle is not here. The songs just provide good memories of Bionicle. I do agree with Imagine Dragons would be a good band for Bionicle besides Cryoshell, and Need You Now would make a good end credit song for the Bionicle storyline (thinking about Mata Nui missing the Matoran Universe and Mata Nui going to sleep after restore Spherus Magna).
  5. It’s would have been nice if there is a mini-game about that in a console or handheld game, or as an online game similar to the Mata Nui Online Games.
  6. Well, that’s a good question. Well, usually, the songs from Cryoshell and others that you mentioned are one thing, but I have some songs in my mind. Usually songs from Z100, some ones from 102.7 FM and 103.5 FM, in 2001-2010 and 2015-2016 remind me of Bionicle’s respective storylines nostalgically. Plus, songs from these radio stations in 2010-2014 remind me of Hero Factory’s respective storylines nostalgically. Well, I can say specific stuff: 1. Breathin by Ariana Grande - the 2007 storyline. 2. Breaking Free by Ariana Grande - the 2007 storyline. Plus, HF’s Breakout. 3. Monster by Skillet - Piraka, Barraki, 2008 Makuta, Skull Creatures, and Umarak. Plus, HF’s Brain monsters and Jumpers. 4. Hero by Skillet - the Toa and HF’s heroes. 5. Drifting in 2014 - Toa of Water and HF Furno going underwater. 6. E. T. by Katy Perry - Mata Nui having adventures in Bara Magna and Teridax coming to and attacking Bara Magna. Plus, HF. 7. Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj - The 2008 and 2009 vehicles. Plus, HF’s vehicles. 8. Can’t Hold Us by Mackelmore in 2013 - the 2007 storyline and HF’s Breakout. 9. Demons by Imagine Dragons - The Makuta species and Teridax in general. 10. Need You Now in 2009 - Bionicle’s and HF’s cancellations and Bionicle’s 2010 storyline. It’s painful.
  7. I would agree. The resemblance sure is remarkable. Your reason is very accurate.
  8. Well, I would go with the 2003 game’s gameplay (not including the Kopaka Mata and Tahu Nuva mini-games), and have more freedom to explore around, kind of similar to Kingdom Hearts. Bionicle Heroes and Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui sort of have the right idea. The first person shooting thing is weird for me, and I can’t jump freely. It would be nice if any of these games were like Lego Marvel Super Heroes in 2013. That’s my opinion. I bet Quest for Mata Nui sure is promising because it does what a Bionicle fan dreams of playing. I’m super-glad that Lego likes this, despite the fan game not being released yet.
  9. I always wanted a Miramax trilogy between the one in 2003-2005 and The Legend Reborn in 2009. It would be nice to see more of the Matoran or Mata Nui doing stuff and become Toa. I would imagine the intro scene where Vakama was talking about what happened in the end of the movie in 2003. Then, we get a quick glimpse of the Toa Nuva getting beaten by the Piraka and Brutaka. Takanuva and six Matoran would go to the island of Karzahni, but Takanuva couldn’t go there, so he left. The Matoran went in there and got tortured by Karzahni the tyrant. Then, they use the canisters to leave the island and head to Voya Nui. That’s where they become Toa. It’s like 15 minutes of screen time in the movie. The Toa Ignika would learn about their abilities and meet the Voya Nui Resistance Team. The Matoran arm the Toa with Zamor Launchers that can cure Piraka’s enslaved Matoran. Then, the Toa fight the Piraka and Brutaka. The Piraka would bicker here and there. Axonn fights Brutaka alone while the Toa go after the Piraka. Both teams survive crazy stuff in the Mask of Life’s crazy place. They also encounter Vezon, who wears the Mask of Life on the back of his head, and has Fenrakk with him. Vezon defeats the Piraka before he fights the Toa in a final showdown. Vezon had Fenrakk jump into the lava, where the mask turns Fenrakk into Kardas. The Toa fight the dragon, but they couldn’t defeat him. Meanwhile, the Matoran go to save the Toa Nuva and inform them about what just happened. The Toa Inika use a Zamor to freeze Vezon and Kardas, so Matoro can get the mask. Well, there’s the sad part where Kardas makes Matoro let go of the mask, and the mask flew into the water. Then, the Toa go after by entering a cave that Axonn presented to get it. The movie would be called Island of Doom. Then, there’s the 2007 movie, called Sea of Darkness. It would begin with Vakama saying what happened at the end of the 2006 movie. While the Toa are coming back the cord, the Barraki attacked the Matoran of Mahri Nui and stole the Mask from Dekar. After the Toa fought the Zyglak, the mask transformed the Toa into the Toa Mahri. The Toa go to see the Matoran of Mahri Nui. Then, the Toa fight against the Barraki and their minions on every corner. Along the way, the mask turns Dekar into a clone of Hydraxon, who thinks the Toa and Barraki are criminals and the Mask should be destroyed, so he gets in the way. Gadunka got enlarged by the mask, and he wants to get it. He eventually allies with the giant eel and the giant organic creature. Makuta took control of a Maxilos robot and talked to Matoro about what he should do to help the Great Spirit Mata Nui. During the battles, the Toa got the mask while Makuta is dealing with the Barraki and Hydraxon. Hydraxon confront the Toa about the mask, but the Toa convinced him that the mask is needed to heal Mata Nui, so Hydraxon learned from his mistakes and let them go. Thr Toa told the Matoran to get out of the Mahri Nui and Voya Nui, so they will destroy the Cord. Voya Nui sinks into the ocean, heading to where it came from. Matoro tries to save Mata Nui, but Mata Nui died. However, Matoro’s friends encourage Matoro to revive Mata Nui, so Matoro goes to where he should do it where his friends hold the Barraki off. Matoro sacrifices himself to use the mask to resurrect the Great Spirit. Along the way, he brought the Toa to Metru Nui to save them from the Barraki. Vakama told the Toa about Matoro fate before everyone celebrates Mata Nui’s revival. It’s a sad ending. Now, for the 2008 movie, called Battle for Power. It would begin with Vakama talking about what happened with the Toa Nuva since the 2006 movie and the Toa Mahri’s actions in the 2007 movies. The Toa Nuva go to the island of Artakha, where they meet Artakha the ruler. Artakha gives the Toa the Adaptive Armor to prepare them for the final part of their mission to reawaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui. Artakha teleports them to Karda Nui, where a battle between the Brotherhood of Makuta and Av-Matoran happens. The Toa help the Matoran fight off the Makuta warriors. Then, the Toa would sense that they have been to Karda Nui before. They split up into two groups of three. The Phantoka team take care of the skies while the Mistika team take care of the swamp. Along the way, the Mask of Life gets a body for itself after it was thinking about Matoro’s heroism and then is able to fly in the skies. The Phantoka Toa, their Av-Matoran partners, and Toa Ignika destroy the Shadow Leech Hive and fight the Phantoka Makuta, their Matoran partners, Mutran and Vican, and Icarax. The Mistika Toa fight the Mistika Makuta. Both Toa teams collect all six of the Keystones. Meanwhile, Takanuva was attacked by a Shadow Leech sent by Icarax. Helryx told showed Takanuva the history of the Toa Mata before she had Brutaka send Takanuva to Karda Nui. The Toa teams reunite to fight against the Makuta, who have reunited as well. Takanuva appeared on Karda Nui and joined the fight. Icarax told Toa Ignika about the mask doing a horrible countdown, so Toa Ignika told the Toa Nuva about it. Toa Takanuva told the Toa about the Karda Nui getting ravaged by the Energy Storms when they are done reawakening Mata Nui. The eight Toa fight against the six Makuta while Icarax gets killed for betrayal and Mutran is hiding somewhere to creating a Rahi as a hobby. Then, the Toa use vehicles to fight Antroz with the Jetrax T6. Mutran created a Rahi called a Klakk, but he didn’t know that this Rahi can cure the Shadow Matoran, so when Vican noticed this when the Rahi changed him back, he told Takanuva and the Av-Matoran about it, so Takanuva used the Rahi to cure every Shadow Matoran in Karda Nui. He had anger issues when fighting the Makuta along the way, but Kopaka made Takanuva come to his senses. Takanuva then got himself and Gavla cured, so every Shadow Matoran and Takanuva are cured. Takanuva told every Matoran about the Energy Storms and sent them out of Karda Nui. Krila noticed this and tried to want the Makuta about the storms, but Gorast killed Krika. The Toa Mistika told Toa Ignika to reawaken Mata Nui in the Codrex, but Ignika didn’t want to do it, but the Toa convinced him to. Tahu got matured. When Ignika was done sacrificing his body to reawaken Mata Nui, the storms happened and killed every Makuta in there. All seven Toa escaped from Karda Nui with the three vehicles. Mata Nui rose from the island of Mata Nui, and stood tall along the way. However, when the Toa went back to Metru Nui and then praised by Turaga Dume as heroes, Makuta Teridax announced that he was able to control the Great Spirit Mata Nui’s gigantic body, put Mata Nui’s spirit into the mask, and then sent the mask out of the body and into outer space. This scared people in the Matoran Universe. Mata Nui, inside the mask, said “I will return”. This is a sad ending and a sad way to end the trilogy. That’s where The Legend Reborn happen. I would imagine every character would have their voice actors, and some of these characters would share the actors. Also, the voice actors the characters who appeared in the Miramax trilogy would reprise their roles (well, I’m not sure about Hewkii’s voice actor, though. Same would sort of go to voice actors for Jaller, Hahli, and Kongu). There aren’t much evil minions. If Miramax would make TLR, that would be super-freaky because people in Spherus Magna are organic. It would have been nice if the fifth and sixth movies have been made. Their cancelations haunt me. I basically like trilogies.
  10. Hi, guys. You know that we have only two console Bionicle games, Bionicle: The Game in 2003 and Bionicle Heroes in 2006. Both of them may have negative to mixed reviews, but they do have some good charm, so they are forgivable, like most modern Sonic the Hedgehog games. People always drill into these games and find some unused content. Plus, people are so obsessed with Heroes that they want the game to be remastered and remade, and make it playable in PS4/PS5, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch. One of you guys is fixing the game’s problems and make things look more like the sets and make things more reasonable. In opinion, I believe Heroes is much better than the 2003 game because: 1. Every Piraka has their own four levels. In the 2003 game, there are 8 rather than 13. I mean, the 2003 game only has two levels for Tahu Mata and Kopaka Mata, 5 levels every Toa Nuva except Kopaka, and one for Takanuva. That’s lame. I get that it was planned to have 13 levels, but got reduced to 8 because of time constraints, but yes. Heroes made every Piraka equal to each other. That’s a good thing. 2. The characters look almost exactly like their sets, and have good graphics. In the 2003 game, though, the characters kind of don’t look accurate, and the graphics are kind of ugly. 3. The game has longer levels that do more variety and freedom to move along without being stuck on doing some things much. In the 2003 game, you are limited to have Kopaka Mata do snow-sliding and Tahu Nuva do lava-surfing. You never put their feet on the ground. 4. It has a better sense of nostalgia because it has most of the stuff from 2001-2006. The 2003 game lacked some stuff, like the 2001 storyline. To be honest with the 2003 game, it does have voice actors. I wish Heroes’ characters could talk, like Balta. Lego’s Traveler’s Tales games do have talking characters since 2012, so yeah. Plus, there are a little more variety on the bosses, and Heroes was a little more tedious with the levels. I also question why the intro scene in Heroes with Balta taking to a Toa having different graphics from the rest of the game. Both games have good music. Both games do have some flaws in common, like the glitches and some inaccurate stuff to the sets. There was a sequel for the 2003 game planned, which is based on the 2004 storyline, but got cancelled, sadly. There weren’t any plans for making a sequel for Bionicle Heroes, thought I wish there could have been since the game is very good. I would imagine the sequel to be based on the 2007 storyline, with the Toa Nuva and Toa Hordika weapons for the Toa Mahri. Also, I wish there are more console games like these two, and remastered remakes that make things better and more accurate to the sets, have better graphics, get rid of the glitches, include voice actors in Bionicle Heroes, give the 2003 five more levels and perhaps expand the levels that are already there, add more stuff in the games, like Turaga and Rahkshi in the 2003 game and Matoran and The Kardas Dragon in Heroes, and make Heroes’ levels a little more reasonable, like the boss fights, textures on the Piraka’s weapons, and avoid having Vezon replace the Piraka. Plus, I would imagine the games to have CCBS for modernization. Perhaps with extra modes, too. It’s like Crash Bandicoot in 2017 and Spyro in 2018 when their original trilogies are remastered and remade, and the same goes to SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom in this June, Kirby Adventure/Nightmare in Dream Land in 2002, and Kirby Super Star Ultra. People are into these things, you know. So, answer the questions. Also, which game would you like remastered and remade?
  11. Yeah. This is heartbreaking and unbelievable. We will miss him dearly. (Crying in tears of sadness). I wonder who will take his place as Cole?
  12. Actors who played in Bionicle’s Miramax trilogy and Ninjago (same set of actors) are cheap, so they can easily be replaced, but I’m sure they would use recorded lines and write a caption that says “Dedicated to Kirby Morrow”.
  13. That is quite bizarre. A human turning into the Seventh Toa? No way. It’s worse than the Transformers movies (with humans getting involved with Transformers’ stuff). I’d rather have Bionicle and Hero Factory characters come to present day Earth than this. I got some ideas here: and there: That’s what I would go with for Bionicle’s future. It’s much less weird that way.
  14. Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking. Mata Nui and Matoro are two different people. They just used the mask. Matoro is the guy who helped Mata Nui and Mata Nui is Mata Nui. Mata Nui is always himself, and he is aware of what happened since his coma. He knows who Matoro is.
  15. A fellow fan told that the Great Spirit Mata Nui could be Matoro theoretically. That’s because he thinks that Mata Nui developed a personality after Matoro sacrificed his life, in the image where Matoro was looking at a giant leg piece in a poster for the 2009 storyline. However, I would disagree with the fan about that. That’s because Mata Nui was created by the Great Beings, and Matoro was just a worker created to help Mata Nui, like every other Matoran Universe resident. Mata Nui was looking over the MU when he was put into a coma. Matoro just sacrificed his life to revive Mata Nui. Plus, in The Legend Reborn, Mata Nui described the Mask of Life as a mask being worn by a Toa warrior, not by himself. So, both of them are two different people. Weird, huh? Lol.
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