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  1. Hi, guys! You know Krekka, right? Well, I’m his Lego set, he has those staff-like things on his blue arms. In the movie, Legends of Metru Nui in 2004, these things are his even-looking forearms with hands rathe than claws. So, in canon, are those things his uneven staffs or arms? It’s strange when you look at them.
  2. Got it. (And there's a link for the game itself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_Bionicle:_The_Legend_of_Mata_Nui )
  3. Oh, my! That thing is as big as a a normal human's battle suit, like an Iron Man costume! I mean, the guy who made it must be mad! :O Anyway, this is dang amazing! I can't believe it! :O
  4. Hi, guys! As much as Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Comics, and Avatar: The Last Airbender have extremely miserable characters, like Captain America, Batman, and Aang, respectively, there are some miserable characters in Bionicle, too. So, who do you think is the most miserable character in Bionicle, for me, here’s these: 1. The Agori and Glatorian - before their planet was healed, they had to survive the harsh desert that dominated their planet 2. Tahu - he lost his Kanohi Nuva and Nuva form 3. The Toa Mahri - they lost their friend named Matoro 4. Vakama - he suffered weird visions, lost Lhikan, who mentored him, and lost his five new Noble Kanohi when Rahkshi destroyed Ta-Koro. So, yeah.
  5. Hi, guys! As the title says, Do you prefer to call the Heroes their first names or last names? For me, usually last names. Just asking.
  6. If Christian Faber reveals that this #14B2020 doesn't mean that Bionicle come back in 2020, then we would have that Lego Ideas Project that looks like the diorama and celebrates Bionicle's 20th anniversary as a secret backup to ensure that Bionicle will truly come back in 2020 or 2021, if the project is improved of course. I wonder how would Faber feels about the Lego Ideas project, anyway?
  7. It’s been five years and two monthS since Bionicle’s return was announced by Lego in September 2014, during my birthday. Bionicle was cancelled in 2010, but that time happened. It was a reboot (why not continue G1 for the G1 fans, too?) that started out fresh. 2014’s New York Comic Con showed a panel for that. I have been there (saw one of you guys filming, too). It was so awesome to see one of my favorite franchises return. I cried in tears of happiness. Sadly, Bionicle got cancelled again in 2016 and haven’t came back since for an unknown reason. I wish it will come back again. I can’t be completely happy without it. We are all as a miserable without it as Captain America’s unfulfilled promise with his old girlfriend in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here’s the link: http://www.bzpower.info/story.php?ID=6965 Another one: http://www.bzpower.info/story.php?ID=7032
  8. It’s been 10 years since Bionicle’s first cancellation had happened. I was shocked, speechless and depressed when I read this. I couldn’t believe it. I loved Bionicle for a long time, but this was heart-breaking. Why would Lego do this? Bionicle is one of the most important entertaining things in my life, before I focused on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ninjago, and The Lego Movies. I am not completely happy without Bionicle. My life was sort of ruined because my heart is tied to Bionicle. This is one of the worst things that happened in my life. I miss Bionicle! I want it to come back!:( Well, when I draw my friends as superheroes, I based the superheroes on Bionicle’s heroes to honor it. Here’s the link: http://www.bzpower.info/story.php?ID=4419
  9. Well, there is a brick-built set with the Toa Mata. You could try thinking about that. Why not support it? They look like action figures.
  10. Well, I think that Infinity Gauntlet because it has six extremely powerful powers while the Ignika is kind of like the Soul Stone, has powers based on life, and can revive the great Spirit. Lol. Anyway, speaking of Krekka, I also think Umarak could wield the stones, too, because he is big and super-strong like Krekka.
  11. Well, Artakha and the Great Beings can whip up another Mask of Time, Mask of Life, Olmak, and Mask of Creation, and Ekimu and Makuta can whip up another Mask of Control and Mask of Ultimate Power, so there's no rule against making more copies. However, the Great Beings and the Mask Makers think that making copies would be a bad idea, so only one copy in each mask is enough, but Artakha made two Olmak masks because these are used for exclusive emergencies and no one wants people to leave the Matoran Universe, otherwise Mata Nui would have less people to help him. Vultraz got lost in an alternate dimensions because of an Olmak, so that would be a a little bit of a bad consequence for the MU because Mata Nui needs his people to support his Great Spirit Robot body. So, I think the Olmak is as dangerous and almost as rare as the Legendary Masks, so that's a reason why I think it should be a Legendary Mask, doesn't matter how many Olmak masks there are. Vezon is the living Olmak, currently. Lol. In G2, it is said that there are two Masks of Time, but these are two halves. They're still powerful, though, and so, yeah. Anyway, I like the Legendary Suva idea. That's a nice way of putting it. Lol. Seriously. I wonder if that would counter the Infinity Gauntlet. Lol.
  12. Hi, guys! You see, in both G1 and G2, we have two legendary masks, the Mask of Creation and Mask of Time. In G1, we have exclusively the Mask of Life. In G2, the Mask of Control and the Mask of Ultimate Power seem to be Legendary Masks because they are rare and powerful, like the G1 masks. Now, there is one thing come to mind, and that is the Kanohi Olmak, aka the Mask of Dimensional Gates, from G1, which can open portals that lead to another dimension. I look at that as very powerful for it takes you to far away places, much more powerful than how the Mask of Teleportation can (Toa Iruni's mask, and it does very tiny distances). So, I wonder if the mask should be considered a Legendary Mask because of how powerful that it is. Brutaka and some Toa member of Jovan's team had two of those masks, but both of those masks are destroyed. Of course, they never ruined an island or a world, but still, they are powerful, and the Legendary Masks are different in some ways, like how the Ignika has a mind of its own. So, I would think that the mask should be called a Legendary Mask should be powerful. I do have a theory that the Great Beings have created the Olmak, as the Melding Universe Great Beings have done inter-dimensional traveling in the serial, Brothers in Arms in late 2008, at one time when they took Mazeka and their Teridax to Mazeka's dimension. Think of it this way. There's usually six anything in Bionicle, and the Legendary Masks are like the Infinity Stones from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mask of Ultimate Power = Power Stone (destructive and explosive power), Creation = Reality (creating things), Life = Soul (life and death, plus those awful sacrifices), Mask of Time = Time Stone (time powers), and Mask of Control = Mind (mind-bending powers). I would like to think that the Olmak is like the Space Stone by opening portals to travel long distances, so that's also why I think the Olmak should be considered a Legendary Mask. Would you imagine a powerful Bionicle character, like Teridax or Mata Nui, use a device with the Mask of Ultimate Power, Mask of Creation, Mask of Life, Mask of Time, Mask of Control, and the Mask of Dimensional Gates to try to counter Thanos' or the Hulk's Infinity Gauntlet with all six of the Infinity Stones on it (perhaps call this the Kanohi Gauntlet. Lol. Anyway, I know that the masks affect a world while the stones affect the universe, but yeah and that would be interesting)? That would be awesome if Marvel and Bionicle would do such a crossover. So, yeah. What do you think? You ever thought and wondered about that before?
  13. Hi, guys! It's been 5 years since HF ended in 2014, and we don't have a G2 that could replace Bionicle G2 when Bionicle G2 ended in 2016 for some reason. Well, I see that there are some people that are pessimistic about HF for how it was sold and performed. I get that it had a lot of mistakes, silly things, unfinished content, bad handling of promotions, and budget issues. People can blame HF for its poor performance, which some say that it may have led to its unannounced cancellation in 2014. HF had been doing well in 2010-2012, but went downhill in 2013-2014. Well, I don't blame HF for its poor performance. I would say that constraction in general was having problems. Look at Bionicle G2. It got worse before it got mysteriously ended in 2016. So, I think this decade is terrible for constraction in general, so we never had HF G2 to replace Bionicle G2 yet and constraction is gone from this year. Even Bionicle G1 ended in 2010. This decade is cursed, I say, because constraction went downhill before it disappeared. Bionicle G1 was successful in the last decade and never ended in 2-5 years, so yeah. Plus, if HF had existed in the last decade, it would do the same as Bionicle. So, would you blame HF or contraction's bad business in this decade for HF's horrible end? Just asking.
  14. Well, I get what you said. They are kind of wonky-looking, but they do have some charm, as the revamps are like Ninjago's legacy sets. True, the temple is weird because the Toa look like Hero Factory Hero minifigures because there were no molds for certain things, and UCS Tahu looks a bit too blocky and chunky for Tahu. Just in case the diorama set won't be able to exist as a real set, if I were BZPower, including you, I would support all of those guys if any of them or the diorama would convince Lego to bring back Bionicle (like either re-continuing the G1 story or do a G3) for our Bionicle-loving sake. It's now or never after a year or two.
  15. Ah, I see. So, what you trying to say is that there are only 51 Kanoka sets in existence in terms of sets? I get that Lego would not do all 391 Kanoka. It would be very hectic. I was just calculating the math with those digits here. Thanks!
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