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  1. What it says here? Last decade, the 2010s, we encountered a huge mess of things, like many themes ended too soon. We do have fun with Ninjago and the Lego Movies (well, the first Lego Movie in 2014 is good, but the ones after it are just weird). So, yeah, what are your hopes for this decade or at least this year? For me, well, here’s how I see it: 1. Bionicle coming back in the way of G1, re-continuing the G1 story smoothly while doing G3 (it’s kind of like Ninjago’s Legacy sets in 2019 and 2020). Celebrate its 20th anniversary (2021, right?). Make things less expensive and chunky. Same for Hero Factory. If they seek well again, then perhaps Lego would think about saying that Hero Factory shares the same universe as Bionicle because they share many similarities (and this may show where were the Great Beings were when their planet was destroyed). I would also like that Bionicle and HF do a cinematic universe similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (not as Lego Movies) and/or real TV shows similar to Ninjago. Also, Traveller’s Tale video games for the constraction themes with positive reviews. Do revamps of old sets for nostalgia, too. 2. Ninjago having a good time. Hopefully, Nexo Knights would be one of Ninjago’s Sixteen Realms (some of them are unknown). 3. Themes that potentially have TV shows shouldn’t end too soon or get cancelled rudely. In other words, make them last longer and have some love rather than focusing on cheap new themes. 4. Lego Dimensions 2 5. Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers 2 6. Lego City Undercover 2 7. Marvel Lego Minifigures Series (There’s the DC one this year) 8. The Lego Movie 3 (with Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney stuff this time) 9. A Marvel Lego Movie So, there. Let’s hope these things can happen (but don’t get your hopes too high) in this year or decade. What about your hopes. Let’s stay positive and not be sarcastic.
  2. Hi, guys. Suppose some humans, like Neil Armstrong, were exploring space, but then they or some satellite accidentally discovered Bara Magna/Spherus Magna, Aqua Magna with the island of Mata Nui on it, the Mata Nui robot, or Okoto. Or, they would encounter Vezon teleporting to their ship. Lol. Anyway, how do you think the space explorers react to them? For me, I would imagine the humans would be shocked, like in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, when Neil discovered the Ark on the Moon. The humans would take pictures and tape this discovery and send them to NASA. If they go any further, they would be detected and probably run or fly away for their lives just in case they encountered some hostile beings.
  3. MU, tops. The people from there are physically much stronger than humans. So, the Romans wouldn’t have a chance to defeat them. Lol. Even the environments in the MU can be unhealthy for the Romans because it is made of Protodermis, and I am not sure if the Romans could consume it, as I look at it as hazardous substance that was used to make robots, so the Romans wouldn’t survive eating the substance.
  4. Yeah. Bionicle had four direct-to-video movies and a Netflix show with four 22-minute episodes while Ninjago is a lot more than this. It has a TV show with over a hundred episodes and a theatrical Lego Movie. I wish Bionicle can have that kind of glory somehow (well, not as a Lego Movie, but a 3-D Animated movie or a live-action movie similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe). I pity Bionicle because of this as well. In the last two decades, when Bionicle began, we never had this much awesome stuff, and we had a lot of cancelled plans for Bionicle.
  5. Hi, guys. You ever look at Ninjago as the 2010s’ own Bionicle? I ask because you can see a lot of similarities and how successful Ninjago is. The similarities include: 1. Elemental heroes, and there are a team of six of them. 2. More elements showing up later on 3. New Ninjago City is sort of like Metru Nui 4. Ninjago began skeletal villains, and Bionicle G2 did the same thing 5. Searching for golden objects and other items that can be used to defeat evil ultimately 6. Shadowy demonic villains that shape-shift and don’t stay down easily 7. Sensei Wu is like Ekimu 8. Wu’s father is like the Great Beings’ counterpart 9. Sometimes refer to the past 10. There are brother-related feuds So, yeah. I originally thought that Hero Factory would be 2010s’ primary story-telling theme, but Ninjago’s much stronger, and Nexo Knights is like HF’s inferior counterpart that looks like that it pretends to be the successful theme’s successor. Anyone feeling like that?
  6. I remember looking at that image in the 2001 Rahi set instructions (it’s on the back pages). At first, I thought Onua was playing football because of the grassy background, but I discovered the truth. It looks like a prototype.
  7. Hi, guys. You know, Bionicle has a lot of cancelled ideas about some stuff, like the cancelled The Legend of Mata Nui video game and the cancelled fifth and sixth Bionicle movies, and the G1 story is not finished. Would you imagine if they never got cancelled, would things be better than it is now? Here are my thoughts: 1. If The Legend of Mata Nui wasn't cancelled or incomplete, it would be a well-functioning game, and it would have a sequel that is based on the 2002 storyline 2. If the fifth and sixth movies weren't cancelled and the G1 story continued along with them, we would see more of Bara Magna and Both Magna 3. If the G1 story would be continued and have a continued, we would be very satisfied rather than suffering depression 4. If the sequel to Bionicle: The Game in 2003 wasn't happened, that would be interesting. 5. If Bionicle: The Game would have all the Toa be even with each (like having 13 levels rather than 8 in the console versions), it would have been more fun being than being limited and cheap. 6. If Toa Nidhiki and Toa Dume come out as sets, that would be interesting. 7. If G2 continued, the defeat of Makuta wouldn't happen too soon, and we would have gotten a Makuta set and the Mask of Ultimate Power piece (maybe two if you think about gold and black colors. 8. If Bionicle sets would have sold well in the 2010s, Hero Factory could be welcomed to be a part of Bionicle's universe So, yeah. It's depressing when you think about them, but go ahead and talk about them.
  8. You know, most of you guys think that Lego has some problems in the 2010s, and the constraction category is gone, and I agree with that. Without constraction (including Bionicle, continuing the G1 story, Hero Factory), I feel purposeless. It's very depressing. No joke. Lego should really focus on the old stuff more and put more quality and media in them, like the stories and making things less weird, rather than moving on to new things that end too early. These old themes need some (or a lot) more love. It's a disaster. Would you hope that constraction, including Bionicle and G1 storyline, and Hero Factory, would come back in this decade, perhaps with real TV shows and maybe theatrical movies (not as Lego Movies, just 3-D animated or live-action movies or cinematic universe similar to the Transformers movies, Star Wars, and Marvel Cinematic Universe), and celebrate their anniversaries? We all need these. Nothing is better than Bionicle (well, the Lego Movies and Ninjago sort of in some ways, maybe evenly matched). I hope we could have less weird Lego Movies in this decade as well, including a Marvel one and Star Wars one because the themes are very great. Focus on the old themes much more in this decade, too.
  9. Man, that's scary. In the video, the player has nowhere to go, and couldn't complete the level like that. No wonder how the game was cancelled. The clip scene with the Toa and Matoran celebrating could have happened after Tahu completed his part of the level (well, of course, the Toa would have to fight their Shadow Toa counterparts after their running parts if these fights were included).
  10. To me, the Toa are just running for their lives to beat those time challenges by hopping on platforms. When you are done with Tahu, nothing happened because there is no Shadow Toa fight level or the Makuta fight level because they weren't included in the game as they were supposed to be before the celebration cutscene could happen. The game was incomplete. It's not how you would defeat a villain like Makuta. I mean, he doesn't get hurt when the Toa run away from him. Lol. It's also sad that the level with the Toa Kaita being playable in-game was reduced to a cutscene where they fought the Manas and Mana Ko before they got separated into their Toa components. Why are there changes between versions of the game? Whoever made this needs to make up their mind. Lol. There's a lesson in life: If a company wants to make a good game without glitches, they have to complete it earlier and make it glitch-free before the due date. Sonic the Hedgehog in 2006 had the same problem as the Bionicle game's horrible problem sort of, but it was released, anyway. Bionicle Heroes had the right idea as well. Bionicle: The Game in 2003 is so limited because it never got every planned thing in it on time, kind of like The Legend of Mata Nui. I wonder if Hero Factory's Breakout online game is inspired by The Legend of Mata Nui because it sure looks and feels like it, despite the different company that made the game. If Bionicle were to come back with a video game, would you hope that it would look like a perfectly-fixed version of The Legend of Mata Nui, like some kind of a modernized remaster? That would be interesting because The Legend of Mata Nui seems to be fun for the most part.
  11. So, when there will be a new season be announced? After Season 11 is completely done in February? Lego is so late with this stuff these days, even in the 2010s.
  12. I would presume that in the Mask of Light movie, Takanuva probably went to Mangaia, which is Mata Nui’s nastril to clean some boogers (Makuta). Lol! Anyway, great find! I haven’t noticed that before!
  13. Well, she is one of main characters, so she, like the Toa Mata, are more relatable and different than the Matoran. Many Matoran have a lot of similarities. It’s sort of like SpongeBob SquarePants for how minor characters look kind of alike while the main characters are more relatable and different. I believe that’s a short way of telling a story if you ask me.
  14. So, Mata Nui and Makuta weren't about good vs. evil, and the Turaga of Mata Nui would've fused into their Turaga Nui? The first part, I kind of understand because Makuta did trick the Toa to awaken Mata Nui, so he can claim Mata Nui's gigantic body. The second part, well, the Turaga should've been that. Maku being a male? It's like G2 where people aren't robots with the gender-locking idea. It would have been interesting.
  15. What it says here. For me, well, I’m happy about the CCBS, Hero Factory, Bionicle coming back in 2015, Ninjago, Nexo Knights, The Lego Movie Cinematic Universe, Mixels, Lego City Undercover, Lego Dimensions, Star Wars, and Lego Super Heroes. Those are my pros. The cons are these: Bionicle ended twice, constraction being gone after that, along with HF while there’s no replacement for Bionicle, The Lego Movies after the first The Lego Movie in 2014 are being a little too weird and random, and there are a lot of good themes that ended wrongfully and have a lot of premature conditions (I’m think low budget): 1. Power Miners 2. Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers - never had a sequel 3. Lego Atlantis, Lego Alien Conquest, Lego Pharoah’s Quest, and Lego Dino Attack in 2012 - according to a Lego magazine in November 2011, they share the same universe, but they never had an ending. Neither did that Lego Atlantis special in 2010 has a sequel. 4. Lego Monster Fighters and Lego Galaxy Squad - according to a Lego magazine in 2012, they share the same universe, but again, they never had an ending. 5. Lego Space Police in 2009 - Never had an ending. 6. Lego Ultra Agents - there are a lot of cool stuff, like a villain who turns people into villains, but it never had something to tell a story, like how Ninjago does. 7. Legends of Chima - well, it’s a part of Ninjago now. 8. Nexo Knights - It never had an ended, and the TV show’s Seasons 5 and 6 are cancelled. Plus, there are a lot of stuff that are unequal to each other. It’s best for it to be one of Ninjago’s Sixteen Realms because it seems a lot like it. Seriously. 9. Lego Dimensions - It had an unresolved thing, which is a guy turning into another Vortech, and Year 3 got cancelled after 2 years for some reason. It never had a bunch of other franchises that could have a lot of potential of having their own expansion packs, like Marvel and Star Wars. 10. Lego City Undercover - Never had a sequel. 11. Mixels Yep. Pretty much it. These guys could have good TV shows or special if Lego would be kind enough to put some more stuff in them. I mean, they look like that they had such good potential, but they had a lot of weirdness in some ways here and there, and they were decreasing by quality gradually. These poor needed themes are wasted. Lego should focus on these old themes and bring back older ones before them rather than focusing on the new ones. That is not healthy. So, that’s my look on last decade. What about you guys?
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