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  1. Hi, guys. Since yesterday was the day where Lego Universe’s, an online game, 10th anniversary was celebrated by showing the soundtrack, let’s celebrate the game’s anniversary because it is a good game and it’s a game that everyone wanted to play. The game came out on 2011. It’s basically where you customize a mini-figure character and then fight evil. Ninjago got involved when it was released on 2011, too. I must say, I really wanted to play the game, despite me having not done it when it came out. I was busy with stuff, and it’s a pity that it lasted for a year. Pitiful. It did have a legacy, where Legends of Chima had its own multi-player online game in 2013-2014. Boy, if Bionicle and Hero Factory get this treatment, that would be cool. It would be called “Bionicle Universe”, where it involves action figures. Anyway, happy anniversary, game!
  2. That’s awesome! Anyway, I remember that game. People were so crazy about it. I wanted to play it, but I was so busy with stuff, and the game was taken away from us. Pitiful. I also wish Bionicle and Hero Factory can have their own “Lego Universe”. Call it “Bionicle Universe”, where you use your customized action figure-based character to fight villains and minions.
  3. Hi, guys! Check these fellas out! 1. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/25b1823a-8271-4f50-a39a-0179b5700af7 2. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/79c2e738-3def-46a2-81f6-9b950ee955c6 3. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b68c92b0-6a0c-4264-a2dc-d4dd6ffba149 4. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/0c310848-b5eb-4d71-85b6-258bc99b0b73 5. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/4daf2cfe-314a-4fb2-8cf0-5900f97ebff4 6. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/9f542c70-311a-4395-8e81-a99552c36073 7. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b2d13635-4c8d-41a8-930d-15b40e98293b 8. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/df52d60c-1c9c-451b-9564-8ee1d2753a36 9. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/32e25e60-a97a-4139-8cce-b4bf6967aafc 10. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b4587528-e306-411b-9113-86dc7cdc7fb1 11. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b5456207-ed0d-4f44-a02b-b0dae424158e 12. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/a20506be-09e4-4760-a0de-f1d9dbe659aa 13. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/4fe87789-0310-4955-bee8-109a7d7034ff 14. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/5287b9f6-c46d-44c6-b696-a13b93a42290 15. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/a24f7d5b-60dc-4bc3-8f0b-101310a18dd5 16. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/d1a5f2a3-b6d6-4b7a-899f-aad3b2a7c55e 17. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/8b81cdb6-59de-4eb0-9245-8db1b1789b2b 18. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/7df8a5e2-518b-473d-8c4a-056db1d754bc Some of them where from last year and 2019. Of course, there were more, but they couldn’t be approved. Sodoka’s project was such victim. Pitiful. Well, it would be cool if you guys would support these guys. Most of them are made to celebrate Bionicle’s 20th anniversary.
  4. Hi, guys. If you are familiar with Marvel’s Spider-verse (Spider-Man doing inter-dimensional stuff) and DC Comics’ Flashpoint or Crisis of Infinite Earths (Flash inter-dimensional traveling), here’s something that would be interesting. In 2005, we are introduced with the Zone of Darkness, as one of seven types of the the Visorak (the chunky ones, the Kagharak?) can open up a portal to it. In 2008-2010, we got a lot of inter-dimensional stuff going on, as two Olmak has been used to take people to many dimensions. Even Hero Factory showed alternate dimensions, and Bionicle G2 has the Shadow Realm. Takanuva travelled to three dimensions in 2008 just to try to get to Karda Nui. Vezon has one of the Olmak fused to his body, and the he travelled to many dimensions. Plus, Vultraz got lost in one of them and Alternate Teridax and Shadow Takanuva are stuck in the main reality. Well, Vezon could return them to their proper dimensions, right? Anyway, here’s my point. Suppose G3 would happen or G1 comes back, it would have the Spider-verse treatment, as in there is a storyline where heroes must travel through many dimensions to save their universe from being destroyed by some villains like Teridax or some other bad guy. I would imagine the Toa Nuva and their allies (Takanuva, Mata Nui, and Gresh) would travel to Bionicle G2, G3, and Hero Factory (well, HF would be revealed to be in the same universe as Bionicle G1) and recruit the heroes from there to try to stop the villain(s). So, what do you think? Ain’t that cool? Well, I would believe that you may be thinking that that inter-dimensional traveling was what got Bionicle G1 a little complicated in 2008-2010, but yeah.
  5. Well, the vote is closed. We’ll find out what theme won in 2022. It’s a bummer, but we will see. I voted for Bionicle, and I hope most people did, too. It needs a lot more glory, and the other themes had enough for like years. I also hope that if Bionicle wins and if the project does well, I hope these ideas of mine will come true. I kept emailing Lego about them:
  6. That’s the Morbuzakh. No one I the movie said it, but it it implied. It likes heat, so yes.
  7. There was that Lego Ideas vote for Lego’s 90th anniversary, so I hope you guys voted and made good reasons before the vote was closed. The Lego Ideas project will be revealed in 2022, I heard, and I dearly hope that if the project is based on Bionicle and does well, perhaps it could make my wishes in the topic post come true. I hope for all of that, and I kept emailing Lego about it. You guys thinking Bionicle could win?
  8. Maybe the first Toa who sacrificed his life may have been a Toa of Stone who has the similar colors as Hewkii Mahri. That’s probably why Toa Ignika had these yellow and black colors.
  9. Well, in 2009, the Mask of Life was designed to be a Glatorian helmet kind of mold. It’s quite interesting that Tuma calls it a mask because it is a mask. How did he know? That surprised me, but he would think about this: Glatorian helmets that don’t cover their wearers’ mouths are called helmets, and those helmets that do are called masks. Ask Spider-Man and Star-Lord from Marvel about it. I believe that that’s why he called Mata Nui’s mask a mask because it covered Mata Nui’s face and mouth. He didn’t know what a Kanohi mask is, but he made an educated guess over there just because he wanted to fight Mata Nui over there. Lol.
  10. Well, I would go with the idea of Lego Marvel Super Heroes in 2013 and with the other-planet-exploring part from Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham in 2014. Plus, the characters should be action figures, like Bionicle Heroes, but more accurate to the sets and fix their silly designs, like their arms, while the non-set characters would look like the TV show. Plus, I have my ideas to compliment this: Anyway, if I want a Hero Factory TT game (as in just the theme), well, I would imagine the game would be based on the whole TV show, kind of like Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars in 2011. Of course, things in the game would make things little more humorous. Lol. It would be hard to imagine, but here’s how I would imagine the levels will be: 1. The Trails of Furno 2. Core Crisis 3. The Enemy Within 4. A part where Bulk takes on Vapor. 5. Von Nebula episode 6. Ordeal of Fire 7. Savage Planet Part 1 8. Savage Planet Part 2 9. Breakout Part 1 10. Breakout Part 2 11. Breakout Part 3 (fighting XT4, Thornaxx, Core Hunter and recapturing some criminals) 12. Brain Attack 13. Invasion From Below 14. The Anti-Heroes attacking Makuhero City after the heroes are done recapturing villains, capturing Brains in the factory, and a Jumper in the drop ship (that should have happened because of what happened at the end of Breakout Part 2. 15. The Alpha 1 Team going to the Anti-Heroes’ leader’s hiding place and defeat him once and for all to end his threat (that should give the story a true ending. I would think that villain could be Von Nebula, and he would get help from all of the villains from 2010-2012 and Brain maker from Brain Attack, plus Core Hunter being revealed to be alive. After defeating the bad guys, the heroes put them to jail). For bonus levels, I would imagine these: 1. The flashback events of Secret Missions 2 2. The incident where Von Ness is tried to run away from the giant robot in the Von Nebula episode. 3. Hero Recon Team 4. Rocks capturing Voltix before Voltix caused the Breakout. 5. The events of SM 3 6. SM4 7. SM5 8. The wacky adventures of Hero Factory FM 9. The heroes fighting the Galactic Conspiracy. So, there. That’s 24 levels in total. It would have been nice if Lego had done so before or right after HF ended when we want the story to have a real conclusion and resolve some things. Plus, I would love that the game would show that HF shares the same universe as Bionicle G1, as it would show some some backstory about stuff, like Makuro being created by the Great Beings from Bionicle 2001-2010.
  11. The theme may have some good parts, but I believe it should be remember by being one of Ninjago’s Realms, like Legends of Chima. It’s preservation. Nexo Knights has inspired other themes to use some of its cool pieces.
  12. I love the head design of the Overlord dragon. The dragon himself looks awesome! I love that it shows the Overlord riding his dragon. Anyway, well, not every storyline has a dragon. There’s Season 8 with the Oni Masks.
  13. All nice MOC versions of the Alpha 1 Team are amazing! Anyway, I love how they used Bionicle parts to make these guys. Nex’s MOC form matches his personality very well! Since Hero Factory and Bionicle are very similar, I believe and super-wish that Bionicle G1 and HF share the same universe.
  14. I wish Lego Dimensions can be acknowledged somehow, though. I mean, it’s a good console video game, too.
  15. Well, I would consider people who say stuff in Leto Ideas like “Anything but Bionicle” cyber bullying. Lol. Seriously. I hope Lego would look at these things deeply (and consider having Bionicle to win the vote). It seems that most people vote for it, right? Just wondering.
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