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  1. I first saw Bzpower at Brickfair 2008. I joined around about a year later.
  2. Woops, I haven't posted here in a while. As for the complexity issue, the entire connection might just be given as "unessential" background information. The time travel angel could be interesting. Also, I find it Ironic that the wearer of the mask of control (Larry) gets controlled by a mask(ultimate power). Unless Larry actually is Terry, and the mask of control kept HIM controlled!
  3. Many seem to think that the new Bionicle story is almost unconnected to the original, but I think that there might be two possibilities. for easy reference I'll call the mask maker Makuta Laridax or Larry 1. prequel From the wiki: "The Toa Mata were created by Artakha over 100,000 years ago on daxia ... After a series of adventures in Karda Nui, they were put into Toa Canisters,..." The rest is history. 100,000 years is plenty of time for an adventure on Otoko, which could be in one of the unexplored southern island chains(or even just plain destroyed by the time of the original story). Also, in the original tribal story(Gathered friends, listen again to our legend...) Mata-Nui and Terry were brothers. This is because of there origin from the great beings. One could conclude that any Makuta's brother is a creation of the great beings. Therefore Ekimu, stated as Larry's brother is a direct creation of the great beings. Ekimu, makes masks of raw elemental power, which was rare in the original story. Some of the only were the masks of light and shadows, made by Artahka. Also, Ekimu and Artakha are the only two known wearers of the mask of creation. This makes it likely that Ekimu has some relation to, or is Artakha. 2. sequel Teridax has been defeated, the matoran are now living on sphereus magna. On a peaceful, remote island somewhere in the sea(possibly a bara magna mountain top turned to an island when aqua magna returned, think Zelda windwaker) Ekimu, (the heir of) Artahka is making masks for the viligers (confirmed not matoron, possibly agori),with help from Larry. Larry plots betrayal like Terry before him, and the Toa Nuva are called in to help, outfitted with new element enhancing masks. We all know how much the Bionicle story team likes secrets and big reveals, this seems like the kind of thing they would do. What do you think? Good theories: 1.
  4. Ooo, I love the plumbernauts. The max kind of remind me of set 4099.
  5. I first heard about bzp at brickfair 2008.
  6. 6 toa in a toa team Bionicle 2015 would be the second half of the life of the theme Half a toa team is 3 Half-life 3 is confirmed for 2015
  7. I have gleu's green/silver helmet, strakk's black/red helmet, and a bohrok faceplate trans-clear with magnifying lense. Also, who has the prototype thornax?
  8. Brickfair is defiantly a great place to get bionicle. At one vender table where you could fill a bag for a flat price, I got at least 10 good kanohi and lots of krana and kratta. Also at the yard sale there was a guy selling ziplock bags of parts for a buck each, and kanohi 5 for a dollar. Including 2 poisoned hau nuva's.
  9. their not masks exactly, but I realy like my prototype green and pearl grey gleu helmet, and my dark red and black strakk helmet.
  10. wish granted, but you don't know what I just granted I wish this thread would never die
  11. Granted, You are now dying I wish hero factory was just Bionicle 10000 years in the future.
  12. Well it looks like the winter set won't be revealed at brickfair this year, I wonder what will be.
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