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  1. Journey to One I believe? Unless I played MNOG in the time between that and now... can't quite remember. Though if the movie soundtracks count then it would be those.
  2. I suppose the word zombie makes it a fitting spoopy time avatar. :v
  3. Yeah I'm with Danska and Turing on this. More masks in more colours would have been awesome.
  4. Metru Nui. Totally not biased because 2004 was the year I got into Bionicle... :v
  5. Jesus comes back from the dead and starts a metal band.
  6. I'd rather not give my money to shady companies that are likely giving me an inferior quality product of something I want; but don't need, just because the legit thing is a bit pricier.
  7. Exponential Entropy - THE PRIMALS
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