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  1. Just gonna drop this here so people can remember the G3 idea was shot down by the man himself months ago.
  2. Taria Pakari

    Oko's Comics :)

    Well now, this is some vintage style comic here. I'm certainly starting to feel my age thinking about those days. :v Nice to see a bit of life return to the old stomping grounds, too. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a resurgence for the comics section. I for one will be keeping an eye on this thread for updates. I feel personally attacked.
  3. Metal - Brute Justice Mode - Masayoshi Soken
  4. I think the only thing bugging me so far is the placement of the rank images being above avatars now. I keep thinking that's peoples' avatars instead of their actual avatar. :v I guess posts in certain forums were excluded from the total count? Or it really is a bug.
  5. While the forums were down, I've been playing more FFXIV. Shadowbringers is the best expansion to that game so far, and I'm excited for the Nier raid coming in 5.1.
  6. Because no one can stop me coming back here.
  7. Well like most things done on fan sites, I imagine free time has been a major factor for reviewers not being able to get any done lately. Matters in real life do take priority after all.
  8. Nothing has changed from last year.
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