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  1. We merely adopted the meme. You were born into the meme. Molded by it.
  2. *unironically downloads new Piraka Rap and puts it on my playlist*
  3. In my experience they did. They were just far too weak compared to the old (and now current) socket design.
  4. Return to Oblivion - Masayoshi Soken
  5. I'm not seeing anything recent from TTV involving Greg so if your source for this is old content, then it's likely not happening anymore.
  6. Surprised no one has mentioned the mess that is Toa Mata Nui. Only good thing about that lanky pile of yellow scaffolding is the gold Ignika.
  7. Cool guys don't look at not-Starscreams, they turn around and they walk away.
  8. Still only playing FFXIV. :v Looking forward to 5.2 next month. All geared up and ready for the next lot of Eden raids!
  9. Are you my father who went to the gas station to buy cigarettes but then never came back? Is that why you were away for so long?
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