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  1. Beauty's Wicked Wiles - Masayoshi Soken
  2. Wasn't that what the Creeps from the Deep game basically was? :v
  3. I shrugged, said "that's a bummer" and continued on with my life.
  4. Yes. The comic section just isn't what it used to be... not that my lazy butt is helping it much, either... :v Do you have trouble doing some menial thing in life that everyone else has no issue doing (e.g. shaving, tying shoelaces, etc)?
  5. Makes me wonder if there are any other countries that had unique packaging like this.
  6. I was getting more a Transformers Rescue Bots vibe from them.
  7. I feel like they're going to kidnap my grandpa, challenge me to a children's card game and then yell "screw the rules I have green hair" at me.
  8. Well technically she is a video game character. She's my character from FFXIV. And to keep the game on track: "Fungi the Fungquarters".
  9. Surely a shroom with a lovely face like that wont kill me if I eat it. Right...?
  10. Protector of Fire I believe...? I dunno, it was back in 2016 and I prefer to forget that year ever happened.
  11. Aye. If anything, Disney would probably go for LEGO as a whole. Saying that, they've had ample opportunity to do so, so I have to wonder whether they currently don't see any reason to try and acquire LEGO or whether they've already tried and failed behind the scenes.
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