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  1. Not a case of him claiming it as his own, but posting other people's art IS against the General Art rules (which is where something like this should normally be posted by the creator themselves). From the General Art rules:
  2. The Rahkshi heads were way more irritating to remove on the Rahaga IMO. At least with the Rahkshi you can poke a beam through the hole in the top to push the socket off.
  3. Wonder if these LEGO sets will attract the same lot of people who were screaming nonsense about Zavvi selling stolen Transformers stock earlier this year. :v
  4. I've never heard that term. Toa Olda would be a cool name for a team if there was an island called Olda I suppose. Maybe something for fanfic writers to consider.
  5. It's my FFXIV character. And yes, my avatar/sig match. Avatar being her face and sig being a quote from the Endwalker expansion trailer.
  6. Rhotuka spinners are just very deadly fidget spinners.
  7. Anyone who says Food Fight is a liar and they know it.
  8. Probably wouldn't now anyway, given that Flash is dead.
  9. Junkbot... that takes me back. Also makes me realise I'm old. :v
  10. There's a night mode now...? EDIT: Oof that makes all the old graphics look crusty.
  11. I mean, it was stated in the World Builder rules that you had to be over 18. :v
  12. It really makes you wonder just how many more prototypes are out there, just sat collecting dust in boxes. Or just how many were destroyed after they were done with...
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