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  1. You've made a few threads in this section regarding purchases so just so you're aware, we do have a Buy/Sell/Trade section that is better suited for these kinds of threads. You may have more luck for future inquiries there (there won't be any need to remake this thread there though, as it will likely be moved by staff).
  2. Journey to One I believe? Unless I played MNOG in the time between that and now... can't quite remember. Though if the movie soundtracks count then it would be those.
  3. I suppose the word zombie makes it a fitting spoopy time avatar. :v
  4. Yeah I'm with Danska and Turing on this. More masks in more colours would have been awesome.
  5. Metru Nui. Totally not biased because 2004 was the year I got into Bionicle... :v
  6. Jesus comes back from the dead and starts a metal band.
  7. I'd rather not give my money to shady companies that are likely giving me an inferior quality product of something I want; but don't need, just because the legit thing is a bit pricier.
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