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  1. It's an .app file packed in rar file. Isn't there any rar unpacker for Macs?
  2. Earlier, you've asked if it's compatible with mac. Are you trying this on Mac? If so, thanks for pointing this out. It needs seperete builds for Windows and Mac and I haven't notice that before. Links for Mac build are also included in the first post.
  3. Update New version contains 12 locations that are gonna be used for mask testing. You can walk between them, camera follows you and there is seperate Sky element. I've also added dropbox link if someone have trouble with OneDrive or prefers Dropbox.
  4. Haven't seen how it looked before in the engine but I know there've been some 2D games on unity before. I may be wrong but from what i read and understand those options were before, now they are just easier to use. This 2D is kinda cheated 2D you still have 3D scene but you use orthographic mode to make it look flat and Z axis helps with layers.
  5. One of nice things about unity is that this particular build works fine on Windows, Mac or Linux.
  6. Hey guys, some time ago I decided to project called Bionicle: The Quest for Masks, but it looked bit too big to begin with. I've came up with an idea of spliting the big goal to smaller and easier to achieve goals. I started work on Bionicle: The Quest for Masks Episode I - Tahu, it's simpler to make adventure for one Toa than six of them. This project also get some spliting so I can be satisfied with smaller things before I finish the bigger one. This game undergone some changes in time trying different technologies and ideas. Finally I've chosen Unity I like this choice it gives me what I want and helps with making it. I want to make it RPG/Adventure game. I present you eary alpha build, it's not much but it's good enough teaser I think. Background Image is temporary. Windows Download Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mac Download Mirror 1 Mirror 2
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