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  1. Kinda of a followup to my older topic on what matoran you;d like to see as toa. my questiions are would you have liked to have seen the company as toa inika instead of the actually team.if so who do you think would be leader.lastly who do you think would have held the mask of life? my answers are i personally like the acutally team but i like the idea of the company being the toa inika if only for the fact they had been around since the beginning.(aware most of inika were)i think its because they had already defended kini nui and i honestly see them being the ones to follow takanuva to voya nui a kind of reunion of sorts. I see Hafu as the leader because his personality def works for it. Lastly i almost see kapura as holding the mask. He to me seems the most suited. so what are your thoughts?/answers\?
  2. Wouldn't you love to see a movie about the toa inika and the mask of light.I'd watch it to see the piraka.I am always wondering what they'd sound like in a film.
  3. I love your story.I was trying to find a story with the company as toa for so long.Yours is perfect.I love how you have the entire voya nui story going a different way.So it's not just the same story but with the company as toa.It's actually different.I love it.One question though. are you going to introduce the baraaki story at any point or is your story going to go different enough that they dont go to the pit?
  4. Yeah I always wished Onepu had more to do.He was kind of shoved out of the way for Nuparu.
  5. Post all reviews for The Corrupted Ones in this thread
  6. This takes place before the mask of life sagas so before the Toa Inika and Voya Nui.In this story Mata Nui is only asleep and not dying.Teridax still plans to take controle but at the moment he is without a body,six years have passed so Metru Nui is very largly back in working order,Teridax is in hiding waiting for the time to strike again. But this story will focus on another group of villains with another dark plan. There will also be a different team of Matoran becoming Toa. A team I always wished and still hope to one day see. The Corrupted Ones Prologue It had been six years since Takanuva had defeated the evils of Makuta.Six years since the Matoran had rediscovered their forgotten city of Metru Nui.It had been six years of toil and rebuilding.But six years of non stop reconstruction were worth it.The city looked almost as it did in it's hayday.With only minor structual damage left.The chutes ran again,the fureneces of Ta-Metru burned brighter than ever.The sclupture fields teemed with new works of art. It was indeed a time of peace. Makuta however wasn't defeated,yet he had not been seen since his defeat. The Toa Nuva and the Toa of Light were on high alert always waiting for his return for they knew Mata Nui would never awake while Makuta lived. However The Makuta was not the true enemy at the moment.An enemy just as dark as Makuta was lurking in the shadows.He had been banished from his own lands eons ago.He was a being of utter dispair and darkness.His plans for the world of the Matoran were just as vile as Makuta's. A pair of red eyes looked out upon the remains of the prision that had been made to hold him. A lone small dark cage on a small rock in the middle of nowhere,with barley enough room for the prisnor to move around,with only a small bed and no shielding from the waves the swept the rock it truly was a hidious smudge of dirt. Blackened clawed hands tore through the wall of the prison, as the being stepped out they withdrew a long cruel blade.The being's armor was rusted and dented but it mattered not.Eons of being imprisioned would do this to anyone.But the being's power had at last been reclaimed.He had killed his jailers and escaped. The had been foolish to think his weapon could be taken.At his full power he could call on it at will. "At long last." The voice whispered out,it's tone quiet and without emotion."After so many eons inprisioned I am finally free." The dark being looked up at the sky.The only thing that had kept him sane(as sane as someone like him could be)had been the plan he had tried putting into motion before his capture."I will find my brethren."The being promised itself."I will find them and we will recreate the world with us as the gods.We will render this old vile repulsive world a mere memory.A memory for us that is.No one else will exist to even spit out a passing rememberence of what it once was.When the Darkness is unleashed, we will have our victory." The being lifted his sword and a burst of shadow reached into the sky,the signle to gather to him.The time had finally come."The Toa Suna are no more.None are left to oppose us." The being let out a cackle of maniacal laughter as he used his powers to teleport away.His laughter the only thing still ringing on that desolte rock in the middle of the protodermis sea. How was the proluge.Want me to continue it?Leave reviews.Also the chapters will be longer than the prolgue so fear not. Review topic
  7. I always thought the company would make great toa. They def have the heart.
  8. The title explains itself.Which matoran would you like to see as a toa? I'd like to see Taipu as a toa because he was already strong as a matoran so it would be interesting to see how strong he'd be as a toa.
  9. Congrats on becoming a PM. I cant cause I don't have enough money but hope it does well. How long are you one?
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