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    An overabundance of miniscule inanimate commodities ensuring my ever expansion of my nonreligious intellectual properties adhering to my unconstitutional rebellious proteges.
  1. Sorry, I don't do paypal. And yes, I did elaborate it was worn on the corners as well as the mark, unfortunately, I didn't change the title. But, it could be in worse shape than it is. It's worth more than $40. Thanks, though.
  2. It has been a very long time since I've posted on this site, It's felt like ages. Lol. Hopefully some people are still around. Anyway, I'm trying to sell this Power Pack to a collector that might appreciate it more. It's just been in a box for the last several years. As far as the value goes, I've done research and they are easily going for over $100. Mine does have some ware on it(The corners as well as a mark from a sticker) https://imgur.com/YUwRCUj Make me an offer, I prefer money orders, Transformers or offers. Thanks. Edit: Forgot to change the "Mint" status, but included in topic about it's worn condition.
  3. If a moderator sees this, can you close this topic? Thank you.
  4. Ah, forgive me I seen you replied to the previous posters regarding Mata Nui's guide. I thought that's what you were inquiring about. No, I'm not selling PP for $15. And, I do apologize but I had no idea you were outside of the US. It cost way too much to ship.
  5. Are you meaning me pull the auction for Mata Nui's guide or the whole topic? Sorry, your statement confused me.
  6. Yeah, that is too low. Can you go $15? That would be $5 for shipping.
  7. I honestly don't even know how much these are going for. I see 2 power packs on the other site right now going for $90 and $290.(I HIGHLY doubt it's worth that much, much less the $90) Just make me some offers and if I feel they're good deals, I'll go for them.
  8. Wow, it's been a while since I've posted on these forums. I actually wonder if any of the people that used to be here are still around? (Erebus, Dorek, etc...?) I only have a few things that I would like to sell. Anyway, onto my topic: I have a MISB Bionicle Power Pack.(The corners are a little worn, but it would still look great on display) I have Bionicle: Mata Nui's guide to the Bara Magna and Makuta's guide to the Universe.(Hard cover. Although, I don't think they were ever released in soft cover) I have all 4 Bionicle movies for sale, as well. I am not looking to trade, I just wanted to make a little extra cash. Payment method I prefer is money order. It may take a little longer but that is security for me. I know it's only a few items, but I'm hoping to be able to sell them to someone who can appreciate them more. Just make offers. I can not ship outside of the US. Thanks.
  9. You know, it's too bad really that I couldn't finish my entry. What with work taking up most of my time. I really did think I had a good idea. Anyone know when the next short story contest is going to take place?
  10. Yeah, one question for now. Regarding a recent contest "Memoirs of the dead", Greg was never specfically asked at the time which dead characters. We are only to assume that we can only use dead characters from the Matoran universe. Considering Greg is now contactable, for the sake of the contest, are we allowed to use dead characters from Bara/Spherus Magna?
  11. Well, I've heard a lot of people have problems with paypal. One of the bad things I hear about it is under the smallest suspicion they would lock your funds up.As far as the price can you go $15? That's excluding the shipping; that would be $5.
  12. Yeah, I'll get a picture of them up. As far as how much, make an offer and I'll consider.Update: Pictures posted. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Aldian/MOC/matoran.bmp
  13. Not much really else to say besides my sets are for sale. I have lots of them.Rules:1.Buyer sends first.2.I do not like paypaI;I prefer money order or check.(As soon as check clears, or recieve money order, I'll send promptly)3. I will ship items partially taken apart if required for shipment.4. As far as shipping goes, I will need to calculate.5.Serious buyers only, I dont have time to waste.6. Buyer PM's me and we'll exchange information.Here is what I have:2001:(All with instructions)Tahu MataGali MataPohatu MataLewa MataKopaka MataOnua Mata2003:Tahu NuvaGali NuvaPohatu nuvaLewa nuvaKopaka nuvaOnua nuvaTakanuva(Without vehicle)All the matoran2004:VakamaMatauWhenuaOnewaNokamaNujuLhikan and KikanaloDume and NivawkAll metru matoran2005:VakamaMatauWhenuaOnewaNokamaNujuKeetongu2006:JallerHahliMatoroNuparuKonguHewkiiAxonnIrnakk2007:JallerHahliMatoroNuparuKonguHewkiiNocturnGadunkaLesovikkMaxilos(Without Spinax, and he is missing a few pieces.)Hydraxon(Missing a few fingers and an armor piece)2008:KopakaLewaPohatuTahuGaliOnuaKrikaGorastBitillChiroxVamprahAntrozMutran and VicanMakuta IcaraxTakanuvaIgnikaSolekPhotokTanma2 shadow matoran(I forgot names)RockohJetraxAxalara2010:Takanuva starTahu starGresh starNektann starRahkshi starSkrall star** There isn't but a few, but some pieces with these sets are broken or cracked, but nothing really that obstructs building or enjoyment.I believe I have a few more that I am forgetting to put down, so I'll update it with more as I remember. I have a rough esitmation of what this is worth, so I don't want to be low balled. If anyone has any questions, just feel free to ask. I will consider any reasonable offer. Thanks for looking at my topic.
  14. Well, like I've said before I have no access to them right now. And, right now is when I can use the money. I was also thinking about just selling all the the boxes as a huge lot, and al the canisters in a huge lot. As for what I'm hearing, it sounds like really the only option I have to unite them would cost me more in the long run, then if I was just to sell them seperately.As far as what boxes I have. A lot. Irnakk, Axalara, Rockoh, Jetrax, Toa Mata Nui. That's just naming a few,
  15. Which canisters were you looking for?
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