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  1. Well that looks awsome. $200 seems like a strech for a game demo. But still, that game would have been fun but i liked heroes better than the game due to technical reasons. but cool looking demo anyway
  2. Would you belive i spent a whole 2 months trying to get the space marine minifiger( the final total 2 evil nights, a swimer, a posidon and varionus others) and I am feeling these packects to find 'em. THEN my sister randomly picks one for me and it's him! Crazy world.
  3. HERO FACTORY BOOKS!Saw them at my wall-mart next to the ninjago comics.Cool eh?In hidesight i should have reported this news.
  4. I'm going to bet that they are his hands.... but they could be just tools.
  5. I got money on the fact there are 2 great beings... you know who... a EVIL great being? Also Greg revield this without any big story update...conclustion: this is a chekoh's gun, all the clues will look like the fit him but in reality they point to a diffrent charature all together.Well ... thats what I think.I can't work the blasted spolier tags!
  6. I am going to have to say they retire them, like a hero retimerent home.
  7. I think if they could get any team of writers they get someone from RVB, Batman TAS and transformers prime and go all out on action, story and humor.Piraka could be insanly funny if done right. but if bionicle comes back it would probly be a new story.
  8. This is good, things like this need to be archived!
  9. I remeber it was on the lego web site, but ebay is your best bet.
  10. I allways wanted to cut a hole in a wall, and stick them in the wall 2002 style.OR,Build a shelf out of the Stars/HF cans but reality prevents me.I do not have any use for them.
  11. I have some funny ones that, some-what fit. "We'll just stand very still and quiet. When they come, they won't even notice us. Or if they do, they'll think, 'Look how still and quiet they are. They would never harm an insect.' Yes, they will see how well we behave and not be afraid to come close and then... and then..."— Vezon, Power Play "What do you have in mind, and does it include explosions?"— Tahu to Onua, Reign of Shadows
  12. Cool idea. Now that's thinking with portals!Get it?Yes I know the joke sucked, but I'm keeping it!
  13. I got some of the 2001-2002 toys and I got hook'n on the building and the story.
  14. I thought that was a fun game, wish I could play it again. But I belive it would have made am awsome multiplayer online game, but that is wishful thinking. Right?
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