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  1. I gotta say this is pretty much the best I have read so far, halfway through polls. Icarax story plus appearance of two canon Dark Hunters aside boring Lariska? Awesome!
  2. Just happen to stumble upon this after so long... man these are epic... I have just subscribed to your blog. lol
  3. Just wondering, is this still official and approved by Greg as of now? I mean, he's been out-of-contact for so long... he might forgot about this or something
  4. Such a pity, considering we're like... stuck with fighting Rahi without anything happening...
  5. OOC: Yay action finally, evil senior project... IC: [Ta-Karda Streets] Frostelus. Man, those creepy stuff. I remember how hard it was to deal with 'em when all ye Toa in ye Toa team's of Air and the Green... 'em good ole days.... Novvah collected his shattered concentration and place his mind back in the past, when centuries ago he and his team members had to strike down two (or one, he really can't remember) of these Rahi for travelling merchants. He recalled how long it took for someone to finally triggered his Kanohi of Fire to distract.... " Heat. Must be 'em heat!" the Turaga of Air exclaimed, while making up a small air wall against incoming fragments, "Ye Toa o' Ice and Fire gotta think 'em methods to absorb 'em or get 'em outta 'ere!"
  6. Not trying to push you O' Great Otter, but there seems to be a lack of activity Is there any chance that we'll get an ingame update?
  7. IC [Ta-Karda Streets] Novvah snorted loudly in protest after the Toa snapped, an attempt to hide him beneath a mask. Switching his attention back to the action, Novvah summoned his power over air, while amplifying with his staff. Novvah focused, controlling most of the debris resulted from collapsed buildings through the air current (As a Turaga, he can't manage to move any of the bigger chunks). With a swing, small bricks, stones, and dust went pouring upon the Kavinika that Odrek had pointed out. Though not strong enough to knock them down, they managed to cause some damage and brought great distraction. Hopefully some Toa would then blast them down with their elemental powers while the Kavinika are occupied trying to dodge those little projectiles.
  8. IC [Ta-Karda Streets] " Thanks Mr. Odrek, and I'm alright. I'm just makin' sure Mr. Tapio went to seek that Le-Matoran," Novvah said, with gratitude in his tone as he hopped off Odrek's arms. "I ain't like her atitude, but she's still one of them Le-people who I sworn to protect. I merely pray that we've got most of the Kavinika's attention 'ver 'ere, else Mr. Tapio might have some difficulties.... " Novvah noticed the entrance of another stranger with two Kikanalo by his sides. "Hey stranger! We need ye help! Them Kavinika pourin' like 'em rainin' season centuries ago!" Novvah shouted back in response to the Skakdi's question. "We're currently bein' surrounded by 'em canine. Maybe your Kikanalo'll be able to help break through their circlin'?" ooc: Interaction offered, Canis.
  9. IC: [Ta-Karda Streets] Novvah can see the Matoran's frustration from behind, but situation is too serious for him to calm the Ko-Matoran down. There's a bunch of Kavinika to deal with right over here, and he can't be bothered to care about one Matoran. After all, the Phantoka merely seek to restore peace, but never did it promised that there's no sacrifice. Right after he called out his orders to Tapio, a debris from the explosion hit his left leg as he hovered in the air, knocking the Turaga off balance and falled back toward the ground. OOC: Maybe Tapio can find Methroda now...
  10. IC [Ta-Karda Streets] "Keepin' ye alive, Mr. Tapio!" Novvah bellowed behind the ice mantlet, his voice rocking through the chaos. The explosion seemed rather far away, blowing up nearby Kavinika, even though there's still more of those wolf-like Rahi anxious to hop into the fray any moment. Novvah triggered his analyzing gaze, scanning through the battlefield. Vokahi had went missing through the battle, and Novvah ain't really sure whether his ally had died. Odrek, meanwhile, is still consumed in combat with a couple of Kavinika. The so-called "White Wanderer" is hopping onto a make-shift ice pillar, attempting to knock down Kavinika behind those buildings according to Novvah's request. A building to the west and another to the east both collapsed to his dismay, which he assumed caused by one or two Matoran or Toa from the inn a while ago (time seems to be running very fast and very slow simultaneously, Novvah is rather confused). The Kavinika are still pouring in from all four directions like heavy rain, making Novvah rather worried about how long they can last in this fight. It might be more wise to change their location to somewhere with better defensive potential but then, how about the civilians? If only someone can evacuate them out to somewhere safer, then the team could probably retreat to somewhere with... lesser towers and buildings. Novvah's mind springs back into his memory, digging for the candidate. All of a sudden, he remembered that female Le-Matoran that hastily dissed the importance of the Phantoka and looked down upon his abilities. Novvah snorted, disgusted by her utter ignorance on her fellow Le-people, not carrying what is most important, not to mention that stupid personality.... He does found him convinced that she'll be the perfect person to herd those who can't fight out from the scene... and then perhaps, it'll in turn be of great benefit for the Phantoka. All things aside though, there's just one problem. "Mr. Tapio," Novvah said, pulling the Ko-Matoran cleaner and Phantoka to-be speaker closer. "you got 'em fast feet, eh? I need you to do something. Find this female Le-Matoran that knocked on 'em inn door not long ago, tellin' us them Kavinika pourin'. She, well, coulda been in vast danger! I believe yer man of justice and courage, so I put 'dis important task upon ye shoulda. Roger that?" Before Tapio can said anything, Novvah gave him a big shove away, and triggered his Noble Miru, soaring into the air. A few Kavinika saw the Turaga, and ran toward his position. Novvah unleashed a thin gust, rising up the snow before the wolves. He turned back at the confused Ko-Matoran cleaner and yelled loudly. "Whatcha waitin' for? Go right now!" OOC: I was bored. :/ Sorry for the wall
  11. IC [Ta-Karda Streets] Novvah slid through the battlefield toward the icy shield, while dragging the mostly-stunned Tapio along with him. He can feel violent vibrations of impacts ringing through his ears as he hid behind the wall. Energy bolts and elemental shots shook the skies as he watched.
  12. IC [Ta-Karda Streets] "We've got 'em Kavinika hangin' on them backs of buildings. They might jump at our heads from above and disrupt 'em formation! We need someone to knock them down from atop!" Novvah said, while aiming daggers at incoming Kavinika on the streets.
  13. IC [Ta-Karda Streets] "Them Kavinika are well climbers, we outta be careful of 'em jumpin' onto our heads and break our formation, boys!" Novvah exclaimed. "We'll need some long ranged marksmen to take those Rahi up them buildings!"
  14. IC [Ta-Karda streets]: "Nevermind that, Mr. Tapio. It seemed like we got 'em company." Novvah remarked, as the ice blast hit one of the three Kavinikas to the right of the battle. A Toa of Ice ran toward them, somebody that Novvah had never seen. Definitely not one of the inn, at least. Novvah turned his head back at the Skakdi. "Mr. Odrek, would ya mind scannin' 'em tall buildings? These foul dogs enjoyed hidin' behind em."
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