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    A Room in Britain totally empty save for all of my belongings.
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    Bionicle(duh), Prehistoric life, well, actually, any life, 'Graphic Novels' (fear the business-applied name!), Art Speigelman, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Terry Prattchett, Human Physiology, Psychology, English, Maths, Art, Drama, trying to grow my hair longer than Neil Gaiman's so that I can have a ponytail at least as long as my Psychology teacher's, punishign man for his sins, servign as a trickster god.<br /><br /> I also enjoy really good fiction novels and I'm really a bookworm at heart. My favourite sports are Swimming, Cricket, and torturing the damned.<br /><br /> I'd tell you more, but it'd cost ya...

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  1. Today you would have been 22... R.I.P.

  2. So, during meeting with Lady Kopaka today, I learned about you, Beliwa. I'm sad to have not been around to know you when you were with us. I wish you a good place in heaven, where I'm sure you belong. I In your honor, I am going to read all of Crossroads now. Lady K says it is amazing. Rest in Piece, and know that you still receive remembrance and prayers down here.

  3. RIP. Never knew you, since I joined a few months later, but all the same, thank you for making BZP a great place in your own way.

  4. ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

    I didn't know you at all, but it's still sad to know a fellow member has perished, anyway.

  5. Well today it's been two years since the good Beliwa took dead. :(

  6. Rest in peace Alex - We honour your memory. (Incidentally, the 2nd year since the news of your death was announced is coming up..)

  7. I never knew about what happened. I feel horrible because I left before the news was announced. I feel like I should've been there to here it myself. You were a great guy Beliwa and a more than excellent friend to all of us at PDaCB. If it is true and you are gone, then if ever we start it up again it'll be dedicated to you. R.I.P. My good man. Let's hope either Pratchett or Gaiman'

  8. R.I.P. Hopefully you can read this where ever you are now.

  9. I have something to add to the above post. Why would black six want to close that topic? Also, something else to add. for you to add all of those comments about bzp members & staff, I would say that gives you all honer to call yourself by the title of outstanding bzper.

  10. wow..... that shocked me when i read that topic..... R.I.P., fellow bzper

  11. Well, I'll never know now. Goodbye. :(

  12. And how much would it cost?

  13. I applaud you. Rest in piece.

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