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  1. IC: Klim Prizak He had been silent for most of the trip, but as soon as he had heard "Sic 'em." Klim sent Moriarty out from his Dusk Ball. "Get that Ralts!" The Gripper Pokémon looked at the small Pokémon and determined he'd rather not fight it, but rushed towards them, aiming to grab them and gently toss them out of the fray. He couldn't bring himself to attack at full power with such an opponent.
  2. IC: Klim Prizak "There's definitely a lot more for me to teach you, but......" Klim said, smiling. "You do realize that we don't start as masters, right?" The young man chuckled. "Let's just take the wins we get, and go from there. Now, let's see you do it again! Flex those Reverse muscles!"
  3. IC: Klim Prizak Klim felt the power flow into him, and then gently brushed away Dahlia's hand from his shoulder. "All right, let's see if I can how you my way of doing things." Klim said as he looked at the water. "Prepare for a show unlike any other!" He stuck his hand out towards the water, focused his mind on reversing the mixture back into it's component bottles. A golden aura surrounded the young man for the briefest of moments, before the water began to flow out of the bottle, each stream of water entering it's former container, as if by magic. When it was over, Klim grabbed his head and sighed. "I forgot how powerful this power was." Klim said, panting a bit. "But, the basic principle is.....you are Matter's guide, as you reverse it's flow, be it unmixing water, or reducing something to it's components." Klim then faced Dahlia. "You supposed to be asking it to work with you, not commanding it to work for you. That's how it's worked for me."
  4. IC: Klim Prizak The former Hero frowned at Dahlia's words, taking note of the woman's doubts. "I'm not gonna lie, it's tough, but........I may have an idea on how to help you." Klim siad, smiling a knowing smile. "Mind sharing a bit of your power so I can demonstrate how I could use the power of Reverse? I'm not sure if it'll work for you, but, maybe it'll give us a hint of how you can do it?"
  5. IC: Klim Prizak Klim didn't need to be told twice. He went back to his seat and politely ate his food, glad to have finally found his successor. Though he wished it was under......less conspicuous circumstances, but beggars couldn't be choosers could they. The talk of Team Flare troubled the young man as he didn't know who the heck they were, but they'd cross that bridge when they got to it, wouldn't they?
  6. IC: Klim Prizak So many things at once, and so little time... Klim thought as he thought of who to address first. He decided that it'd be best to go some order, starting with Jared. "It's true I don't have the power, and that I could temporarily share it with people when I had it." The young man said, chuckling a little as he faced Zoe. "As for sharing the power, I have to agree with Dahlia there." The Trainer then faced towards Jamie. "So! Dialga found a new Hero, or should a I say Heroine, to fill Seth's shoes! It is good to meet you, Jamie." He pondered for a moment about what he could say to Jamie's request. "I can't say I'd know toooooo much about being a Hero, but I'll do my best later, all right?" Lastly, Klim faced Dahlia. "Well, I mean, I wouldn't mind joining the mission you are on, but....." The young man said, smiling. "Before things got crazy, Giratina told me to keep a lookout for someone like you, saying you might need some guidance on how to use your powers. They said that Evan's style....might not work for someone like you. Granted........it's kinda hard to find one person in this world, especially when you are cut off from the one being who -could- tell you where they are. But that's neither here nor there." He then focused his eyes on Jared, sizing him up as the possible leader of the group. "So you mind telling me what this mission is?"
  7. IC: ???, Resturant, Geosenge Town As the group began to squabble, a young man was settling into his meal. Near him was a Dusknoir, who floated near him, observing the group of arguing trainers. "Easy now, Moriarty, it's all good." His friend said, as the Gripper Pokémon tensed up at the group. "We'll be on our way before things reach a fever pit-" Then he heard a girl's voice yell at everyone to shut up. "-Ch." The young man said, groaning. "Well, we'd better intervene before they spoil anyone else's meal. C'mon, Moriarty." The trainer, decked out in a jacket and hat, seemingly themed after his Pokémon, walked over to the group's table, and began to speak. "Hey now, I've got to agree with her, at least on being quieter. You're bugging the other patrons...." The trainer drifted off as he looked at Dahlia, recalling a conversation he had with something great and powerful in the past. "Pardon me, but are you Dahlia Seaton?" The young mystery man asked, looking a little amazed at his luck. "I just want to know, because.......someone you know told me about you. Someone called.......Giratina?" Before Dahlia could reply, the trainer continued. "As for who is asking......." He bowed, before saying in a voice that echoed some degree of pride. "I'm Klim Prizak, Pokémon Trainer, and.....former Hero of Reverse."
  8. -==IC: Evan Tierra/James Arthur/Jenny Hakuda/Masked Royal/??? - Battle Royal, Alola - [26]==- Lancelot took a few hops, side to side as he planned his next attack. “Lancelot. Attack from the left,” Avalon said to the Scizor. Lancelot saw that Monstro had less room to dodge if he followed Avalon’s instruction. Not that he expected the Swampert to dodge, but it was good to limit Monstro’s options. The Scizor hopped forward in a zig-zag pattern. He landed right near Monstro and let forth a left corkscrew at Monstro. Terra Incarnate, during the lead up to Lancelot’s attack, had noticed the crowd wasn’t exactly fired up. Sure, they were excited, but they could stand to be even moreso. When he saw Lancelot rushing towards Monstro, the Villain grinned menacingly. “Monstro, Hydro Pump when he hits you!” Evan said, deciding it was time to amp up the heat of the crowd. As soon as Lancelot’s gauntlet made impact, Monstro released a great deal of pressurized water from his mouth, aiming to push away the Scizor with it. Lancelot raised his other gauntlet to guard himself, but plenty of water hit before he could do so. Even after his guard was raised, the pressure of the water pushed him back to the edge again. He was soaking wet when the attack subsided. He moved to create a sword, when James cleared his throat to catch Lancelot’s attention. Lancelot looked to him and then to the crowd where James was pointing. It had gone into a stunned silence when Monstro had used Hydro Pump, causing Evan to step forward. “YES, ALOLA, I HAVE COME, WITH THE PRINCESS OF PERIL, TO DETHRONE THE MASKED ROYAL. FOR YOU SEE, WHAT BETTER TIME TO TAKE HIM DOWN, THAN WHEN HE HAS NO POWER, AND I DO?!” Terra Incarnate said, making sure to ham it all up for what it was worth. “SO YOU’D BETTER GIVE UP, AVALON, BEFORE YOUR PRECIOUS SCIZOR GETS HURT! MONSTRO, ICY WIND!” Monstro then rushed towards the steely bug and exhaled a chilling gust of breath at the Scizor, having the time of his life. The crowd was booing the villain’s heinous action and monologue. Avalon managed to look thoroughly surprised as he called out, “Lancelot, dodge!” The Scizor didn’t need to be told twice. He spread his wings and flew to stay away from the chilly wind. Bullet Punch could counteract the slowing effect of Icy WInd. But James wasn’t letting him use his moves yet. Has Lancelot told you how frustrating that is? The answer is very. He decided to go in for an attack regardless of the disadvantageous state. The crowd still needed a show. He flew in to try and hit Monstro’s head once again. “Monstro, batter him away with Hammer Arm!” Terra Incarnate said, laughing maniacally at the boos he was getting from the crowd. “Smash him like the bug he is!” Monstro was struck on the head once more, but heard his friend’s command, and battered his foe with a power Hammer Arm strike to the thorax. “Nothing personal, buddy.” Monstro growled at the Scizor as the Mud Fish struck him. As the two fire types continued to strike at each other, the Masked Royal focused on the Swampert's usage of powers with a shocked look on his face. However, he grinned, as it looked like a fire had been lit underneath him. Perfect! This might just work… The Masked Royal suddenly understood the meaning of Kris's words and glanced over to James. "Avalon!" The wrestler bellowed out to his partner, as he punched upwards in the air. "You can make a difference! Show the people of Alola what you can do! You too, Incineroar, turn the tides!" The tiger roared in acknowledgement. With a flying leap, he bounded out of the range of Boarlite's attacks, then landed on the ropes. "Now!" Using the ropes like a springboard, the Incineroar leaped up, as if he were using an unpowered version of Malicious Moonsault. The Emboar seemed surprised as she tried to dodge, but her foe landed directly on top of her. She struggled to escape, but she had been pinned to the ground rather successfully, much to the cheers of the crowd. "Now! See how your villainy fairs against the power of justice!" The Masked Royal cried out as Boarlite continued to struggle. Subtly, the Masked Royal began to motion to Evan, even as he held his hands up in the air in victory. The Princess of Peril looked in shock - these were amazing moves. "Tenlite, you seeing this?" She mumbled as she glanced down to her Poké Ball. She couldn't see the Litten's reaction, but could just bet that she was amazed by what was going on as well. Still - was there really no way to get out of that pin? Boarlite kept trying her best, but at this rate, it would take a miracle. *** While all this was going on, the blonde-haired woman from earlier watched from the shadows of the entrance with a grin. So… how are you gonna get out of this one, Princess of Peril? *** Lancelot’s movements became more cautious. James still hadn’t given the go ahead to use his moves. He really didn’t want to take another Hydro Pump or a Hammer Arm without anything to show for it. He ran in for a quick jab, intending to clear out as soon as the blow hit to avoid retaliation. Terra Incarnate saw the motions the Masked Royal had given him, but he didn’t need to be told twice. The audience needed more heat, and what better way to do that, by resorting to dirty tricks? “MONSTRO, BLOW THEM ALL AWAY WITH HYDRO PUMP.” The Villain cried out. “I’m certain the Princess of Peril won’t mind if her Emboar gets a little wet!” At his friend’s command, Monstro fired another blast of pressurized water, aiming to hit Lancelot, Boarlite, The Royal’s Incineroar, and most importantly, the Royal himself. “I WOULDN’T GET TOO SECURE, MASKED ROYAL!” Terra Incarnate said, as the crowd began booing him again. “Lancelot!” Avalon called. “Defend Incineroar. Use your full ability, I believe you can do it!” Finally. Lancelot began to run. His run turned in a blazing fast dash carried by Bullet Punch. He outpaced the water by running diagonally, placing himself directly between the torrent of water and Incineroar. Earlier, he could’ve Roosted with no one the wiser. But now he was gonna make sure everyone knew that’s what he was doing. He began to glow as he braced himself for the impact. His old wounds began to disappear as he took new ones. “A true ally of justice never abandons his comrades! And a true warrior has no need of underhanded tricks!” Avalon managed to say with a completely straight face. As the attack subsided, Lancelot began to twirl. As he span, an ethereal yellow blade formed. Lancelot grasped that blade before letting out a loud chirp. The real battle would begin from here. The torrent had been blocked for the most part. The swaying motion of the Hydro Pump had been mostly blocked, though through no fault of Lancelot's, part of the attack had made it past his guard. The Masked Royal hid a grin as he watched it come straight for him. When the attack landed, the wrestler made an exaggerated motion as if the attack had more strength behind it than it actually did, then fell backwards to the ground. He made sure to have his foot land in a way that made it seem worse than it was. The aftermath was a mixture of cheers for Lancelot, then murmurs as the crowd realized that the Masked Royal was holding his ankle and not standing up. A couple people walked over toward the ringside where the Masked Royal was and began to talk with him for a little bit. "WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE RING?! THIS IS SOMETHING WE'VE COME TO KNOW, BUT THIS IS STILL CHAOS NOW!" The announcer yelled out, shocked speechless from the events that happened. "The Scizor has regained their powers, and the Masked Royal seems to be down for the count! What does this mean? Does the Masked Royal have to give up the match? Does this mean that he will lose his title?! What will happ-" "Evil will not prevail!" A speakerphone signaled the arrival of a masked woman on one of the runways to the stage. "The title only gets lost if the Masked Royal forfeits or loses the match. But!" The woman pointed to the stage with enthusiasm. "If he tags out… then the title is preserved!" She smiled confidently as she stepped toward the stage, then held her hand out to the Masked Royal. With a nod, the other wrestler tagged her hand, as the other two people helped him out of the ring. "MY name… is Blaze Dark! The fiery anomaly championed by the forces of darkness!" The woman said as she climbed into the ring. Fetching a Poké Ball, she quickly sent out her Cranidos to take the stage. "And I will never let evil prevail! I will bend darkness to my will to ensure that!" "This is unprecedented! This is incredible! A new wrestler has taken the Masked Royal's place, and she seems out to get these challengers no matter the disadvantage!" The announcer looked over to Lancelot, who again seemed to be pumped up. "And on the other side of the ring, Avalon seems to be just as fired up as Blaze Dark! Will these two newcomers make the most unlikely pair to take down the challengers?!" As the Masked Royal walked off stage, he grinned back. Blaze Dark had requested to enter in earlier, but he hadn't quite expected the payoff to be like this. "Kukui, sir, careful on your foot." The aide cautioned, to which the wrestler laughed. "Don't worry! I simply used the trick of the eyes. I'm fine." To emphasize, he put his full pressure on his foot for a moment with a grin. "I must ask, though, who is Kukui?"
  9. IC - Lafoyae Belrose/Executive Scott Stone - Streets, Lavender Town: Lafoyae was already wide awake and raring to go. She had showered, dressed up and done her morning stretches. Her rest had been less than ideal, and she only had her mission to blame for it. With a soundless sigh, the Rocket Agent grabbed her Pokégear and sent him a message asking if he was ready. It took only a few seconds for Scott to reply: "Waiting in lobby." With the Executive's reply, Lafoyae hurriedly packed what few belongings she had brought with and exited her hotel room. The woman made her way to the lobby, where she saw Scott Stone. "My apologies for my tardiness, sir." The assassin projected to the Executive. "I had to make sure I was ready for the next leg of our investigation." "Don't worry about it." Scott shouldered his bag. "Next is Vermilion, right? Did you want to grab something to eat before we go?" "If that isn't a problem, then I'd have to say yes." The woman projected to the Executive. "After we are on our way, we should review the facts of our case, just so we have them for the Vermilion Branch's assistance." "Sounds like a plan." Scott pulled his notepad from his pocket, flipping it open as he followed Lafoyae back into the buffet area. "They've got some quick options that you can grab to go, so just let me know when you're ready." With Scott's OK, the woman grabbed a Miltank Breakfast Pizza, smiling as she did so. She made sure to grab some Oran Berry Juice as well. With that settled, Lafoyae headed over to Scott. "I think this will tide me over until we make our next stop, sir. Shall we then?" Scott nodded and led Lafoyae out of the hotel. In theory, daytime should have dispelled some of the inherent eeriness of Lavender Town; in practice, the morning mist served to make it just as unsettling as it had been the night before, hardly helped at all by the sun shining through the clouds. It reminded him of something out of a long-forgotten video game or horror movie. With a barely-contained grimace, he turned down the road heading south, taking note of the signs around them. Eventually they would need to start heading west. He wasn't sure exactly how long it would take to reach Vermilion on foot, but he knew for certain that it would not be a short trip. He held up his notepad. "Alright," he said, reading through what he had written down up to now. "Where to even begin . . ." "Well, we could start with the fact that someone appears to be targetting Team Liberty agents." Lafoyae projected, as she enjoyed her pizza slice. "....and that there have been six murders of such individuals committed thus far." "Right." Scott flipped the page. "Jeremy Anton, Jason Hemming, Virden Kennings, Tim Vandius, Kai Stone, Drake Masters, and Roderick Krane. Six murders across Rocket territory, all performed in locations with virtually no witnesses--until Masters." He flipped back. "Method was extremely barbaric in nature, to the point where initial assumptions indicated that feral Pokémon were responsible. But we now know that that isn't the case." Lafoyae nodded."The killer appears to be a young girl with an affinity for ghost-types." She projected into Scott's mind. "Drake and his Pokémon's bodies showed signs of electrical burns and shadow damage, suggesting an Electric or Ghost-Type's involvement, or both." "And in a great twist of irony, one of those very ghosts confirmed her involvement. Additionally, surviving records from Masters's Poké Gear seem to indicate that she is acting on behalf of the deceased Shadow Admin Ace." Scott flipped the notebook closed. "Are we missing anything?" Lafoyae thought for a moment. "I believe that's what we have for now." The psychic projected. "We're heading to Vermilion to hopefully find out where she went after Lavender Town, with the aid of Team Rocket's surveillance system. Hopefully they can provide us with a clue or two..." "Am I safe to assume that you have access to said surveillance?" Scott asked. "Of course, Executive Stone." Lafoyae answered. "I've got the proper clearance, seeing as I've used it for my missions." Scott nodded. "Then I guess all we've got left to do is . . ." He held a hand out in front of him, gesturing to the road and falling into silence. This did not last; before long, Scott glanced at Lafoyae, sighed, and shook his head slightly. "So, I have to know . . . Why is an assassin, who is often hired for hunting Team Liberty Agents, now going after another assassin hunting Team Liberty Agents?" "I've been hired by James Arthur." Lafoyae projected, a little caught off guard. "Ever since the ceasefire I've been more of a hunter of rogue Team Rocket Agents. However, as an assassin, I, like the rest of my family are for hire in times like this." "A family of assassins, huh?" Scott whistled. If he was alarmed by any part of this conversation, he wasn't showing it. "Not sure what to think about that." "It's not as cruel as you'd believe, Executive Stone." Lafoyae replied. "The Belrose family is like any other family in Kalos. We just prefer to get our hands dirty so no one else has to." "If you say so." He did not sound convinced. "Are you all telepathic? "I'm the only one of my family who is telepathic." Lafoyae projected. "I was born mute, but gifted with psychic abilities. However, my family had me focus on telepathy, so I could still communicate." "So, theoretically, you could do other things with your abilities?" "Of course. I just haven't had the time or training for other applications." Lafoyae projected to Scott. "Though, with how things are going, I may need to fix that. I can't just rely on my martial prowess against.....those things." "Yeah. Now if Pokémon powers came back, that might be a different story. Who knows when that'll happen, though." Truthfully, he was not holding out hope that that would happen anytime soon. It'd been, what, two weeks since they had first gone out? And still, nothing had come back yet. The closest they had seen was the Gengar, but even then . . . "Well, at any rate, I'm sure there are some psychics back on Four Island who might be up for training with you," he said. "But for now, we'll still got this walk ahead of us."
  10. -==IC: Evan Tierra/Jenny Hakuda/James Arthur/Masked Royal - Battle Royal, Alola - [25]==- As Jenny entered the waiting room, she immediately noticed Evan in his fancy new costume. With a grin, she approached with a small wave. "So! Ready to beat up some weakling goodie two shoes?" Jenny asked in her best attempt at a tough, evil voice. However, the attempt simply resulted in her laughing. "Okay, okay, maybe I could use a bit of practice there, but still! The Princess of Peril is ready for action!" “Terra Incarnate is ready to shake things up” Evan said, grinning. “I'm not gonna lie, playing a villain is kinda new, but I'm sure I can pull it off!” Jenny was about to reply, when a voice over the speakers in the room announced that they were to get ready to head onstage. "Right! Let's give everyone here who's watching a show they won't ever forget!" The villain grinned fearsomely. “By the time we're done here, the memory of our fight will be burned into their minds!” Evan said menacingly. The four combatants were called to the stage slowly. First, the Masked Royal was called to the stage to many cheers. Then, suddenly, the bright lights all cut out. "Here come the challengers… here to take advantage of the power outage…! Could they be the ones responsible? Was this all a ploy to steal the Masked Royal's title…?!" At that prompt, Evan and Jenny stepped onto the stage with menacing auras, as their best attempts at an evil grin didn't completely succeed. Still - the stage was set, with this seeming to be a 2 v 1 fight. "The Masked Royal seems to be backed into a corner…! Can anyone help him fend off these two villains?!" “It seems you are in quite a bind, Masked Royal,” a voice called out from the final corner. The spotlight came down to the final corner. James stood there in his costume, the upper-half of his face hidden by his mask. He was holding a prop sword in his right arm, as he stood at attention. “I will not allow you to fight this battle alone. I have come to lend you my aid!” James shouted, shifting his stance to point his blade towards Evan. "Oh!" The announcer sounded surprised by the sudden appearance of James, but Jenny could tell it was just them acting like the rest of them. Still, she grinned as she looked between the two. "I'll take the Masked Royal, sound good?" Jenny whispered to Evan, as she chose her Emboar's Poké Ball with an excited look on her face. “You've got it, Princess.” Evan said, eying James with anticipation. "Right then." Jenny didn't pay any more attention to the announcer - things were all ready, now it was simply time to fight. It felt like forever, but the bell finally rang out to signal the start of the fight. The redhead threw Boarlite's Poké Ball forward, as she grinned. As she did so, the Masked Royal met that with an Incineroar. With powers out, this felt like it would be even more evenly matched than normal. Evan faced James as Jenny sent out Boarlite. The Executive was a truly magnificent fighter, which made the man excited. “Well, while my Princess fights the Masked Royal, IT FALLS TO ME TO DESTROY YOU!” Terra Incarnate roared as he sent out Monstro, who flexed fearsomely at James. James made a long sweeping motion of tossing his hair with his hand dramatically. With a flourish, he tossed an Ultra Ball to the ground. Lancelot appeared and adopted a defensive stance from the get go. Was this to be powers or no powers? It barely mattered to Lancelot, but both had their special flavor of pain to give. “I swear on the name of Avalon, that the Masked Royal shall not be bested this day.” “We’ll see about that!” Terra Incarnate as he made a powerful flourish of his own. “Monstro, strike this fool down with your mighty body!” Monstro growled as he rushed towards Lancelot, aiming to use his weight to slam into the Scissors Pokémon. “The dance begins,” Avalon replied. “Respond in kind my champion!” The Scizor spread his wings. He kicked off the ground and flew towards Monstro, one gauntlet being pulled back, ready for a punch. Monstro slammed into the knightly Pokémon, aiming to pin him from the get-go. He had been told by Evan to not exert -all- of his effort into this, saying that the crowd wanted a spectacle, and that was what they were going to get. The two bodies flew back towards Avalon a brief distance, but the moment Lancelot’s leg touched the ground, the Scizor shifted his weight and jabbed his gauntlet straight into Monstro’s face as hard as he could. James may have told Lancelot not to use his moves unless Evan did, but he was not going to hold back in any other regard. Monstro felt the heavy impact of Lancelot’s gauntlet on his face and flew back a ways, down, but not out. “My dear Monstro, are you really going to let this puny bug stand in your way?” The Villain asked his Swampert. “I know you are definitely more than able to stomp him!” The Mud Fish thought about how hard Lance had hit him. Despite what Evan had told him, this show would be a flop if he didn’t exert more effort into this fight. That thought in mind, Monstro attempted another slam, this time putting his all into it. Lancelot hopped backwards, leading the Swampert towards the boundary of the stage. As the Swampert attempted his slam, Lancelot hopped up onto the ropes. Using his wings to grant himself just a bit of extra height, the Scizor leaped over the Swampert and attempted to slam his gauntlet onto Monstro’s head. Yet again, Monstro was struck on the noggin, and was getting quite annoyed with Lancelot’s acrobatics. “No time to dawdle, Monstro!” Terra Incarnate yelled fiercely. “Bat him away with your mighty arm!” Monstro roared as he turned around, a little dazed from the attacks to his head, and using the momentum from his turn, the Mud Fish slammed the entirety of his forelimb into Lancelot, joyful to have finally struck his worthy adversary. Lancelot slid back from the force. He grabbed onto the rope to slow himself down. For a brief moment, the Scizor internally compared Monstro to Gawain. The Swamperts moved differently in combat. But both were quite fun to hit. And they could both pack a punch. Lancelot considered cheating at that moment. He could’ve Roosted with no one the wiser, but this was a show. And if the hero didn’t take a battering, it wasn’t a show was it? Meanwhile, the two fire types rushed toward each other, a wide grin on each of their faces. Boarlite did her best to make her grin seem evil, but as the Emboar and Incineroar circled each other, it was obvious that she was enjoying the situation a lot more for just an evil Pokémon. The two grappled each other briefly, both trying to overpower the other. After a couple moments, the two broke out of their mutual grasp and backed up, eying down the other's stance. As the two continued to stare each other down, the Masked Royal's Incineroar dashed forward, aiming to grab for Boarlite. She was caught off guard by the sudden move, and was unable to dodge as the Incineroar grabbed onto her and threw the surprised Emboar against the ropes. The Emboar thought it was a tactic to catch her off guard to the point where she didn't expect to see a flying tiger's feet headed right toward her face the next moment. Boarlite tumbled to the ground for a few moments, stunned after the unconventional-to-her attack. The Emboar got up, a puff of smoke emanating from her mouth as she growled. The crowd cheered on the successful hit by the Masked Royal - but it was her job at the moment to get the crowd even more pumped up. Roaring out, she ran forward toward the Incineroar once more, pulling back her fist in the process. The Emboar stepped to the side quickly as the Incineroar tried to grab her once again, then planted her fist right in the side of the fiery tiger's face. She was getting booed now - but that was all part of it. Boarlite grabbed for the Incineroar, then leaped up and tried to body slam him from above, starting to catch onto the fact that in this arena, any sort of unconventional attack was considered proper. The Incineroar took the attack due to his own surprise at how quickly his opponent caught onto the Battle Royal's fighting style. However, he quickly kicked Boarlite off of him, then jumped up and got into a fighting stance with a taunting growl, waving his hand toward himself. "Well well, excellent play, Princess of Peril… But I won't go down that easily! Thank you, my masked friend!" The Masked Royal called to James with a smile. "Let's show them what the power of good can do!" “Those who have justice on their side shall never lose,” James said smiling. Lancelot was having a blast. He didn’t know what would come of Evan and Jenny’s plans for this battle, but to see Lancelot happy was reason enough for this battle.
  11. -==IC: Kris Homura/Jenny Hakuda/Evan Tierra/James Arthur/??? - Royal Avenue, Akala, Alola - [24]==- The day had come. Kris glanced around nervously as she tapped her foot on the ground. The crowd was slowly trickling into the building, but despite that, there was not nearly as many people gathered as she had hoped. The blue-haired woman anxiously looked around as the small crowd of people began to make their way toward the stands. To the side, she saw the three people that she had been training, who would be partaking in the match an hour from then. "So, those are the people in this event?" A masked man grinned as he glanced over to Evan, Jenny, and James. "They look strong! Strong enough to take on the Masked Royal." "That's my hope. I think this could inspire everyone again in these trying times." Kris smiled at the wrestler, as she thought over the events of the past few days. "It's possible that this could end up surprising, depending on how things go, too." "Oh? Really now?" The Masked Royal asked as he glanced over with a raised eyebrow. Kris was about to respond, when she caught a glimpse of a blonde woman. She didn't stand out among the crowd, but as their eyes met, something felt… familiar. Kris unconsciously took a step forward, even as the younger woman averted her eyes intentionally, moving to vanish into the crowd further. "Who…?" Kris mumbled as she shook her head, trying to focus back on the conversation. "Is something the matter?" The wrestler asked with a frown, as he noticed how distracted Kris seemed to have gotten in the matter of seconds. Kris shook her head again, though wore a frown as if something was still on her mind. "No, I thought I saw someone I recognized, but I don't know how I recognize them, as I don't know who they are." There was silence for a few moment, but the Masked Royal grinned. "Well, it's something to think about! Maybe they're a big fan and you'll get some answers after the match! If you think the match will be surprising, then I'm as fired up as a Flare Blitz! We should start to get ready - you should gather the others to the dressing rooms." The wrestler laughed heartily, then walked off toward the private waiting areas to prepare. Kris watched the Masked Royal go, then searched the crowd once again. There didn't seem to be any sign of the woman she had seen, so she gave up for the moment and walked over to where the other three were. "Oh, hey Kris! How are the preparations looking?" Jenny asked cheerfully, as she noticed her mentor approaching. "Pretty good." Kris replied with a smile, as she tried to not seem either worried about the current crowd or distracted by the mystery woman. "We should be all set-up soon, so it sounds like it's time to get our costumes ready in a moment." “I’m feeling ready. A bit nerved up, but the stage awaits us!” Evan said, flashing a grin. He wasn’t sure what to expect from his costume, but was sure it would be fit for the man who would call himself Terra Incarnate. “Costumes…” James said, also wondering what exactly he had gotten himself into. Although, after being seen by Vert in THAT piece of extremely vintage, highly prized among collectors, monstrosity, he wasn’t sure how embarrassed he could be. "Alright, I'm ready too!" Jenny grinned, as she seemed curious about what her costume would be like. With a pleased look on her face, Kris led the way to where the dressing rooms were, leading Jenny into the women's room, while Evan and James were led into another room by an assistant. *** Evan was suiting up into his costume, making sure that every detail was all right. Given how it looked, at least to the Hero of Space, he’d probably ask to keep it. He looked over at James, after adjusting his mask for the last time. “How you feeling, sir?” The Plasma Agent inquired. “Costume fitting ok?” James was still getting dressed. He had requested a few… alterations. There was getting into character, and then there was abandoning all your standards entirely to wear something ridiculous. It was still pretty ridiculous by modern standards, but on the stage it would do. “It will do,” James said at last. Thankfully they were all wearing masks anyway. *** "Are you nervous?" Kris asked Jenny as the younger woman checked to make sure her costume was okay for about the tenth time in a row. "A little… I haven't really done anything on this scale before, and I hope I can manage to fill my role properly. Then again, I think anything at this point would do well to help." Jenny chuckled, as she abandoned her attempt to adjust her mask again. "Well, that's definitely fair. I mean, I feel nervous and I'm not even the one fighting--" Kris's reply was cut short as the door to the dressing room opened again. A masked woman was outside the door, trying to enter despite one of the attendant's protests. "I'm here officially; check your records if you need to." The masked woman said as she held up a piece of paper to the attendant. After a moment, the protests stopped, and the woman entered the room. Jenny looked curiously at the blonde-haired woman, though she also noticed that Kris was just standing there, eyes fixed on the woman. "Kris, are you okay?" Jenny asked, though she got no reply. The redhead poked her mentor in the shoulder, but again got no response. The only indication that she was still awake, was her head moving as the blonde-haired woman approached. "Princess of Peril, isn't it?" The newcomer asked with a grin. Jenny's eyes widened behind the mask as she recognized the voice and outfit from the day before. A subtle shake of the woman's head stopped Jenny's question before she could ask it. "Hope you'll put on a good show today." Jenny spotted a bag on the woman's shoulder, but she began to walk off with a grin. However, after a moment, the masked woman turned around, a concerned look on her face as she stared at Kris's back. Kris turned around, then, a troubled look on her face. "... Who are you?" "Sure you want the answer to that question…?" The masked woman asked with a frown before turning her head down to the ground. Kris said nothing for a moment, as she began to hear the five minute warning get ready. "... Jenny, you go ahead. I… need some answers here. I'll catch up when I can." "Alright… I hope you have good luck with those!" Jenny gave her mentor a smile for a moment, before she headed off to the waiting room where Evan would be headed to.
  12. -==IC: James Arthur/Evan Tierra/Kris Homura/Jenny Hakuda - Haina Desert, Alola - [21]==- The group waited for their enemies to be long gone before they left. Percival and Monstro reverted to their normal forms. The Chandelure promptly collapsed. Ghost chandeliers don’t have adrenaline, but whatever they do have ran out. James reminded himself to shower the Chandelure with affection when he had a free moment. Find out what he likes and bury him in it. For now, he was content to retreat Percival while saying a quiet “Well done.” Evan promptly gave Monstro a thumbs up, who upon reverting, fell down in a satisfied heap on the ground.”I knew you had it in you!” Evan said, as he recalled the Mud Fish to his Poké Ball. When the group stepped out of the ruins and into the sandy wastes, all three cars were long gone. James was almost a little impressed they had actually managed to get their bodies together long enough actually drive all three cars. It was a shame though, he’d been hoping to rummage through one of them for evidence. Or even just use it to drive back to civilization. Now they’d have to walk back again. James was about to take a step when something caught his eye. The remains of the first assailant’s gun was by his feet. He pulled a plastic bag from his briefcase. He’d rather not have it on him for long, but it’d be preserved until he could have it analyzed. All the while, Kris had stayed quiet, thinking back to her finding back at the end of the battle. "I managed to get something earlier." The blue-haired woman spoke up, as she looked at the rest of the group. "I was trying to find the name of the man who ran the opposite way from the others, and I succeeded. His name was Lohe Mahina." “Lohe…..Mahina?” Evan inquired, recalling the appearance of the man who told them about Alola. “Jenny and I know a Lohe Mahina, but……….he didn’t look like that man.” Jenny nodded to confirm what Evan said. James pondered the name for a moment. “Where did you meet this ‘Lohe Mahina’?” James asked. “On Four Island.” Evan said. “He’s the one who told us about Z-Moves and about Alola.” “He is on Four Island?” James said, parroting the words back. “I understand. I will inquire about him. The name may be a coincidence. But it also might not be.” James began to scratch his chin. “Just trying to confirm this but have any of you heard of a power set quite like that one before?” “I’ve seen a lot in my time, but nothing like -that-.” Evan said, recalling the numerous powered foes he had fought in the past. “Moonlight, beams of light, appearing from shadows, maybe, but regeneration? That’s something I haven’t exactly heard of in people…..” Kris and Jenny both shook their heads too, to confirm that neither of them had heard of such a type of power either. "It was super weird, too, like how were they able to just regrow their limbs so quickly?" Jenny wondered, as she frowned in contemplation. "Plus, how they kept shrugging off things like those bullets that were sent back to them…" “I thought as much,” James said. “That is something else I will have to look into.” Without knowledge of what exactly it was that they were dealing with, it would make things more difficult to report to the Alolan authorities. Such abilities weren’t so beyond the pale as to be unbelievable, but it would strengthen their claims if they knew what they were. “And lastly, there is Tapu Bulu,” James said, turning around. Tapu Bulu was observing the damage that had been dealt to his shrine. “I cannot say that these assailants will not return to attack Tapu Bulu again. If they have allies, or even if their regeneration allows them to heal all of their wounds, they might try again. I think we need to have a talk with Tapu Bulu.”
  13. -==IC: Kris Homura/Evan Tierra/Jenny Hakuda/James Arthur - Ruins of Abundance, Alola - [19]==- The Kommo-O turned suddenly at the sudden light that flung toward her. Without much time to react at all, the orb struck her hard, sending the dragon flying through the air and into the wall. Winded, the Kommo-O could only glare back at her assailant, a look of anger at how much damage the odd human did. Monstro howled in pain as the Marowak’s club made its mark on the Mud Fish Pokémon Growling weakly, the Water-Type attempted to swing his left forelimb into the Bonekeeper to knock it away, only pausing for a moment when Tapu Bulu made the scene. Meanwhile, Vlad had been bitten by the Lycanroc, and shouted in pain. The Fang Scorp decided to give it a taste of it’s own medicine, and attempted to bite back right on it’s muzzle. The knife lodged itself into Landorus’s shoulder, as he turned in fury towards the thrower, and was immediately rendered drowsy by her hypnotic gaze. "Tapu Bulu?" Kris could only stare in amazement at the island's guardian as they appeared. She noticed the expression on Bulu's face and felt it was only natural, considering the damage that had been dealt to the Ruins up until now. Still, she couldn't find the words to actually say anything more - and could only hope that Bulu was there to help the hapless group of trainers-turned-investigators. Jenny felt mostly the same, as she stayed quiet, keeping hope that Bulu would recognize that they were wanting to stop these desecrators too. Evan looked on in amazement as Tapu Bulu made their appearance, and they didn’t look happy with the damage done to their shrine. In fact, the man hoped that they wouldn’t turn their anger on the group of trainers. ”I guess we’ll find out sooner than later.” The Plasma Agent thought. The old one created another orb of light. The light span in a less controlled look than the one before, belying the man’s unchanged expression. He rushed Kommo-O a second time with the orb, intending to incapacitate the Kommo-O quickly so he could turn his attention to more important matters. Celebi backed up slowly as the Dhelmise’s whirling anchor kept getting closer. She backed up to a wall, but the Dhelmise approached her carefully. Hoping that it would lodge itself in the wall wasn’t going to work. There was a point to effectively pinning herself against a wall, however. She would need to take a hit for this to work, but it might just force the Sea Creeper Pokemon to play by her rules. She waited until the anchor passed her once more, and then moved into the anchor’s path. When the chain came around again, she turned and shot back towards the wall. She grabbed the anchor and with her strength, altered its path. She was almost immediately knocked away by the chain, but inertia took care of the rest. With its path altered, the anchor slammed right into the wall and got stuck. It would be able to pull itself, given some time. The real prize was in order to do that, it was either gonna have to scrape the seaweed in between the wall and the anchor, or loosen the seaweed so that she could strike. The second option meant she wasn’t free to help the others, but it gave her some breathing room. The Salazzle rubbed her neck, glad to be freed from the Kommo-O’s grasp. She decided the old one had the Kommo-O under control, so she decided to help the Crabominable. The Ice-Fighting type was warily guarding itself against Boarlite and Scizlite. The leader sent out a Drampa that also approached Boarlite and Scizlite. The Crabominable continued to wait for his allies to get closer to attack. The assailant hypnotizing Landorus into his current state pooled a small amount of moonlight into her palm. She silently placed her palms together. The light in one hand tore through her other palm, tearing open the area that had healed wrong. And while it began to bleed again, she opened her mouth and moved near Landorus. She wanted to consume his dream to guarantee the correct healing of her hand this time. The Araquanid quickly backed off of the legendary. As quickly as it could, considering the state of his leg. He started moving in the direction of Monstro to help Marowak. The Marowak just got smacked. His ghost typing helped, but he still got hit. He twirled his bone as he regained his footing. He then approached Monstro and attempted to hit him again. Meanwhile, the Lycanroc was still engaged in his mouth to mouth combat with Vlad. At this point he was attempting to force Vlad’s mouth open while he continued to bite Vlad. At the same time, Gawain was trying to crush the Persian with a bear hug, while the Persian slashed at his face. The leader stared down Tapu Bulu, who stared right back at him. The leader pulled moonlight into his hand, causing the room to briefly dim once again. He shot the light out in a beam straight at Tapu Bulu. The guardian was ready and moved out of the way. Only the very edge of the beam managed to clip Tapu Bulu. The guardian charged his opponent. He braced himself and dug his heels in. Tapu Bulu was able to slowly push the leader back, but little else. The guardian knew that, but this was a matter of buying time. The other two assailants appeared, one struck Tapu Bulu from behind with ghastly power, while the other took a few shots at it with his submachine gun. The bullets bounced off Tapu Bulu’s body, causing some minor bruising but little else. James was still processing what was going on. They had guessed they wanted something with Tapu Bulu. That was the reason why they chose to follow this group in the first place. But there was no attempt to capture Tapu Bulu. The implications that began to reveal themselves to James were disturbing. The wall began to pound. It caught James’s attention. The leader frowned as he heard it. It didn’t sound like Wearbear pounding, and Frankenstein would’ve phased through the wall. That meant it had to be... Lancelot broke through the wall and stepped into the entryway. He picked up the ethereal sword as he did so. James began to beam, though he wondered why he was carrying a small bug type on his head (as did Lancelot, but the bug refused to let Lancelot go alone). The leader cursed softly as he let Tapu Bulu go, before disappearing. If the Scizor had his power, and could beat Frankenstein, he was now the top priority. The Kommo-o growled as she saw the light in the man's hands. She tried to dodge the orb, but was too slow in reacting. The orb smashed into the dragon, and knocked her out quickly - a beam of light shot forth from the Poké Ball in Kris's hand to make sure that the Kommo-O didn't take any more damage than she needed to. However, Kris swapped that Poké Ball for two more, deciding to send out her Pidgeot and Shuckle instead. The Pidgeot let out a loud "caw!" before attempting to divebomb the man in retaliation for the attack. The Shuckle quickly moved forward as well, though she attempted to act more as a distraction than anything here. Jenny watched as Scizlite and Boarlite stared down their approaching opponents. She thought to give orders, but saw that the Scizor and Emboar were already running toward the Crabominable to do a tag-team attack before the reinforcements could get there. She thought about sending out a third Pokémon to help out, but Lancelot's appearance changed her mind on those plans. She grinned, as she turned to Evan. "I've got an idea." She said, quiet enough for only the other three to hear. "Pass." The old one’s ear twitched. His mouth began to move softly. Evan nodded with a grin as he got the gist of what was meant. As he focused on the barrier a little, he moved his hands to the right. Jenny felt the power of Space shift to her and figuratively leaped into action as the barrier began to fall. Motioning very slightly with her hands to not tip off the opponents to what was going on, she did her best to attempt to try something that in theory could work - creating a barrier that went through one of the opponents - specifically the one who had struck Tapu Bulu from behind. It was not the best idea in concept, she even had to admit that, but this was past the point of dealing with good concepts. Once it had been set up, she left it there for a split second, before she sent the Power of Space back to Evan so the normal barrier could go back up again; the pink energy surrounding them once more. The moment the man felt a thing, his entire body disappeared into the ground. The old one smiled at this. He shouldn’t be surprised they’d heard his warning, but with young ones it was always a gamble. He vanished as well, as the Pidgeot tore through the spot where he had been. Whether he needed to or not was out of the question. The group of trainers was proving to be a problem. Evan frowned at what the old one did, but then focused his attention on the battle at hand. Tapu Bulu wasn’t a capture target, given what these assailants were using on them. They had to turn the tide, lest something awful happen to Tapu Bulu. The Hero then saw his Pokémon fighting valiantly, but focused his eyes on Landorus, with the woman who tried to stab him doing something that appeared to be very painful, then on Monstro, who, despite everything, was still on his feet, despite the duo that was ready to finish him off.”C’mon, Monstro! Show them what you can do! You’ve taken on worse than this, and I know that, despite everything, you can beat them!” Vlad was determined not to let the Lycanroc win this duel of fangs and teeth, and so, he lashed his tail out towards the lupine Pokémon, hoping to catch them off guard with a two-pronged attack. Monstro on the other hand, was not having a good time with how much damage he had taken. His body was hurting everywhere, this accursed Marowak just would not let up, and he was going to get yet another friend to help beat up the already battered Swampert. ”It goes to show you, I’m just a punching bag, even with what I had before.” The Mud Fish thought as he recalled all the times he had been effortlessly been beaten or hadn’t done much in a fight. Be it back in that city with all the trees, or that weird egg, he just felt like he couldn’t do much of anything.. ”Why does he keep me around, when I can’t seem to do more than get beat up?” Then he heard it. He heard his master, no, his friend, behind his bubbly-looking shield, urging him to continue fighting. Despite all his failures, this man had kept him around. Not only that, but he adored him for all that he’d done. There was no questioning it. He could do this. Suddenly, a sphere of blinding light encompassed the Swampert, lighting the gloomy ruins up even moreso than before. The Marowak’s strike bounced off the cocoon of light, which then broke with a sound like glass shattering. Before the Araquanid and Marowak, stood Monstro, and yet he was different. His hind legs looked more muscular, with an even-larger tail. His upper body swelled with more musculature and definition than before, arms adorned with orange swellings and power hands. His head fins had shrunken and gone down the length of his back, along with a third dorsal fin. He eyed his new form, and grinned at the feeling of immense power swelling within him. He then looked at the Marowak who had caused him so much grief, decided to test something.raising his mighty left fist, he propelled it forward, but as he did so, jets of water shot out of the swellings on his arm, adding even more speed and force to his punch. It was his time to shine and he was gonna start it off right. The Marowak went flying clear across the field of battle. He slammed clear into the wall on the other side of the room. He wasn’t quite out yet, but even he knew another one of those and he was gone. He propped himself up with his bone. He might not have been out, but he had to switch opponents or he was gone. The assailant who ate Landorus’s dream and one of the two assailants still clashing with Tapu Bulu immediately shifted their focus. The latter pooled moonlight into his hand and shot it at Monstro, while the other ran to get into his face so she could put him to sleep the way she had Landorus.
  14. -==IC: Kris Homura/Evan Tierra/Jenny Hakuda/James Arthur/Lancelot - Ruins of Abundance, Alola - [18]==- Lancelot stared down the Bewear. A task that would be simpler if it wasn’t staring back with such a cutesy expression albeit one belied by the many sewn up scars that were visible underneath all the fuzziness. James hadn’t given an explicit order telling him that his earlier order of ‘no moves’ was over. However, James had told him not to let himself be overwhelmed. And James hadn’t told Lancelot explicitly to not use moves. Lancelot spread his wings. He took off, into the air. White streaks formed around him, and a golden blade began to form that one of his gauntlets grasped. With great speed, he rushed the Bewear to strike it with Aerial Ace. Between the two of them, the Golurk seemed more shocked at the reveal of Lancelot’s powers than the Bewear did. The patchwork bear brought up an arm to defend itself. With superb deftness, it allowed the sword to roll across his hair. Some of it was cut off, but the worst of the attack was negated. The Bewear immediately slugged the Scizor. The force was dulled by Lancelot’s steel shell. He rolled with the punch. Despite the lack of power, his opponent was formidable. Lancelot considered an air battle with the Golurk. It was hovering in front of the hole in the ceiling. Beating the Bewear would take time. He had to make his way back to James and the others. With a jump, Lancelot took off, turning towards the Golurk. He did not get far before a massive weight attached itself to him. The Bewear had jumped from standstill onto the Scizor. He tried to knock off the Bewear by using Aerial Ace with his wings. But despite the pain, the Bewear held on and the pair crashed to ground. With several knocks off his gauntlet, he managed to dislodge the Bewear. But the message was made clear. He was not leaving until the Bewear was dealt with. The Golurk placed one arm on the ceiling. Lancelot had a guess of what it was about to do. Something similar to what James and Agravain did. The Bewear approached him. If they thought were being clever, they had another thing coming. The Bewear threw a massive punch and the Golurk threw a stone he broke off the roof at the Scizor to disorient him. Lancelot sidestepped the stone, but allowed himself to be hit by the punch. Because that gave him an opportunity to use Counter. He threw his own punch at the Bewear, landing it square in the Bewear’s face. It felt that one; as the Bewear nursed its nose, Lancelot felt joy overtake him. The Bewear stumbled backwards to the edge of the platform. Lancelot could barely see from his position, but a figure was beginning to emerge beneath where the Bewear was about to fall. A tiny bug, a Grubbin to be exact was climbing out of the ground. Right as the massive bear fell over. Lancelot activated Bullet Punch. Beating 9.81 m/s^2 to the ground was a daunting task. One Lancelot was capable of, if only barely. He scooped the bug, right before the Bewear would’ve fallen on top of it. He got covered in sand for his trouble. The Grubbin barely registered what just happened. He saw the Bewear and the Scizor all at once. He crawled this way to get away from conflict, and he had just ran right into it. He’d only peaked his head out to see what the noise had been. What had he just gotten himself into? Lancelot placed the Grubbin on his shoulders. Until he could find a place for it that it would be safe, that was the best place for it. The Grubbin could only try to hold on, and spit out a bit of web to keep himself attached to the Scizor. A rock fell from above. Lancelot could’ve smashed, but out of consideration for the smaller bug on his shoulder, he dodged instead. The Golurk broke off another piece of the ceiling. The Bewear leaped back onto the central platform. So did Lancelot. ---- The group walked with bated breath through the entrance room. If nothing else, the barrier proved effective as a deterrent. Wherever their hidden enemies were, they remained patient. That lasted until both Swampert reached midway through the building. Then the explosions started. A blast occurred near the Swamperts, launching both of them, with shrapnel tearing into both of them. During the explosion, several Poke Balls were dropped onto the field. The assailant from earlier reappeared with a large crab Pokemon and a gray coated Persian. Three more similarly clad people appeared. With them were a Marowak that wielded a bone that was on fire, a wolf that stood on its hind legs, a massive spider coated in bubbles, a great lizard, and seaweed that had an anchor. The last one floated above Monstro and attempted to drop it’s anchor onto the Swampert. There was one person that had no Pokemon before them. That one held a submachine gun, and he immediately decided to test the durability of Evan and Kris’s shield by firing at the group. There wasn’t enough time to worry about Monstro, not as the submachine gun unleashed a lethal torrent of bullets on the combination Spacial-Psychic Barrier. Evan’d have to hope that Monstro, as he so often had, would survive this. As his thoughts turned to the Mud Fish Pokémon, said creature was left bleeding in a few places, shrapnel embedded in his blue skin, and countless cuts on his skin. “Why does this always happen when he sends me out?” The Swampert thought as he eyed the increasing amount of enemies warily. “Guess I’ve got no choice, as usual.” He then roared for Gawain and Kris’s Kommo-O, hoping they could aid him in this desperate looking fight. The Kommo-O growled warningly to the group's opponents. Once it was obvious that they were not at all planning to listen, the Scaly Pokémon dashed forward and swung out with her tail at the anchor. With an attempt to use momentum to her advantage, the Kommo-O used the whirling motion to attempt to punch the bubble spider in what she presumed was its face. "Hero of space!" Kris whispered intensely. "Can you do anything about the bullets other than stopping them?" She glanced forward as she focused on the barrier. "Depending on your answer, I can do one of two things here." Evan thought for a moment, and grinned. “I can definitely do more than stop them!” With his hand, Evan created a hole in front of the shielded group, and quickly created a hole behind their current assailant. “Have a taste of your own medicine!” Kris nodded as she grinned. She moved her barrier further back so that the bullets would not be stopped by the psychic force, then watched to make sure everything would work out. The bullets flew into the hole and back behind the man without Pokemon. He realized too late to disappear. The first bullet speed reduced to zero when it touched the man’s back. Leaving only the smallest wounds. The others were not slowed. The bullets pierced his side, knocking him over and causing him to roar in pain. The eldest of the group let out a soft laugh at the other man’s pain. Each of the three standing began to speak quietly. The old man and the woman who had been the first to fight disappeared again. The Dhelmise and the Araquanid reeled from the Kommo-O’s blow. The anchor, though not the main body of the Pokemon, dragged the seaweed along with it. The water slowed down the fist that punched the spider’s face, but it still hurt. The Salazzle came to the Araquanid’s aid, and together they both attempted to sweep it’s legs. While the Kommo-O would be distracted, the remaining human opponent raised his rifle and attempted to shoot the Kommo-O. As the Dhelmise righted itself, the Lycanroc and the Marowak approached Monstro. The Lycanroc held off a bit, looking for a chance to grab Monstro, while the Marowak took a swing at the Swampert. Things had not been better for the other Swampert. The blast had left injuries on Gawain similar to what Monstro had suffered. The first assailant’s Crabominable was currently assailing the Swampert with massive punches that forced him onto the defensive. It took most of his might to block these punches, which the Persian took advantage of to slash its claws on the Swampert. James said, “Mr. Tierra, take over on defense. Ms. Homura, focus on breaking their guns. I would suggest all of you send out Pokemon that are fast and physically sturdy. We need to take away their numbers advantage.” James held up one Ultra Ball in front of him, and held one behind him. The Pokemon in the Ultra Ball wasn’t normally what one thought of as a physical fighter, but it’s physical capabilities were at least theoretically solid. Desperate times call for desperate measures, as it were. And more importantly it would distract them while he sent the other Pokemon to go find Lancelot. As Celebi came out of her Ultra Ball, even the legendary narrowed her eyes as something felt off. “If you are not above getting your hands dirty Celebi, we could use your help.” The time traveler whistled slightly. It had probably been centuries since the last time she’d focused on physical fighting. Maybe it only felt that way. Not living concurrently with time made it hard to keep track. But there was more punch to her punch than her appearance would suggest. “All right, Executive Arthur.” Evan said as he raised up the Spacial Shield once more with his right arm. With his left, he threw out Landorus and Vlad’s Poké Balls. “Go help out, you two, by any means possible!” The man said, hoping these two could deal with these enemies. Landorus, rumbling with rage at the foolishness of these foes, rushed towards the Araquanid and attempted to slam both his fists down onto one of it’s legs, hoping that his immense strength could cause more damage to it while it was distracted with the Kommo-o. Meanwhile, Vlad glided over to Monstro, who looked like he wasn’t doing very well against his foes. The Marowak’s swing connected with his head, leaving the Mud Fish wide open to be grabbed by the Lycanroc. To the Fang Scorp, this wouldn’t do. “I’ve gotcha, pal!” The Flying-type exclaimed in his language, as he clamped his pincers on the Rock-type’s lanky forelimbs. “Deal with that spooky looking fellow!” Monstro, a little loopy from the head trauma, shook his head, and rushed towards the Marowak, aiming to try and disarm the Bonekeeper Pokémon. He -wouldn’t- let it get another strike like that again. Kris and Jenny nodded as they prepared themselves to go on the offensive. Jenny sent out her Emboar and Scizor to help deal with the Pokémon opponents, while Kris's eyes glowed as she set out to try to pull the exploding gun trick she had done not long before on the assailant that was trying to shoot her Kommo-o. The two Pokémon that had just joined the fray ran forward to attack the Crabominable while Evan's two Pokémon were focused on the Marowak. The Kommo-o simply looked over in slight annoyance at the silly human who had decided to shoot her with bullets. The Bulletproof dragon ignored the silly human and instead focused on the Salazzle, as she grabbed out for the lizard's neck. The Kommo-o wasn't entirely sure the idea would work, but as she saw Landorus coming she aimed to grab the Salazzle's neck and pin the lizard to the ground in front of her. The Crabominable backed off of Gawain and raised its massive arms to protect itself as it bided for time. This gave Gawain a more even fight against the Persian. It still managed to get a solid slash on him, but not without getting a punch to its face for the trouble. The punch was dulled by the Persian’s fur, but still it reeled from the punch. With every other Pokemon opponent currently engaged, Celebi chose the Dhelmise to fight. She was familiar with the fact that the seaweed itself was the main body of the Pokemon. The wheel spun around, causing the anchor to start spinning. It was equal parts defense and offense. To hit the seaweed she would need to get near the anchor. Unfortunately, that meant she would need to get near the anchor. She drew the Dhelmise away from the other combatants. She needed to approach this methodically. “Two legendaries?” the assailant with the rifle said. He was so dumbfounded that he pulled the trigger to his gun without thinking, despite having been warned about Kris’s trick. He reacted quickly when the rifle experienced a minor explosion. He escaped the explosion with only minor injuries. Pulling out a knife, he quickly disappeared. The other visible assailant, who had been shot with his own gun, stood up. He looked thoroughly cheesed off, but no worse for wear given that he had been shot with his own gun. He too quickly disappeared. The Marowak deftly avoided Monstro’s grab. He shifted his stance and attempted to strike the Swampert’s leg. The Lycanroc began to try and bite the Gliscor that was holding onto him. As the battle unfolded, another figure silently materialized onto the field. He pressed a button that caused a minor explosion on a wall. The blast caught James’s attention. It was odd in that the blast was nowhere near anyone. All it served to do was make a hole that let in the sand and the moonlight. The man held up one hand and what light there was from the moon began to fade away. Light began to pool into several streams circling the man’s hand. The man was the only thing visible in that moment. His eyes were closed and his hand was level with the group of trainers in the barrier. He waited. There was but the faintest crack of fire, but without any light accompanying it. His arm immediately changed direction. From the center of his arm came a great of light shooting towards apparently nothing. Nothing, until it connected in mid-air, knocking Percival from the sky. “Percival!” James yelled as he saw the Chandelure fall to the ground. Several things happened at once. Landorus had smashed the Araquanid’s leg and Kommo-O had pinned the Salazzle to the ground. Both were recoiling in pain when the lights dimmed. When they realized two of their human allies had appeared in the darkness near them, they both grabbed their assailants as best they could. When the lights reappeared, the old one also bent the moonlight around him. His didn’t form into a stream like the other one. It instead formed into an orb, a reflection of the moon that he threw at the Kommo-O. The female assailant on the other hand, threw a knife at Landorus. Not to damage him, but to grab his attention as her eyes turned to crimson. The man who shot Percival out of the air was staring at the Chandelure to see if it would get up again. His ears twitched at the arrival of another figure at the entrance of the ruins. “He’s here,” he said turning to the entrance. His sight confirmed his suspicions. “Bulu,” he spat out. Indeed, floating in the entrance way was the guardian of Ula’Ula island. He seemed… unhappy.
  15. -==IC: Kris Homura/Evan Tierra/Jenny Hakuda/James Arthur - Haina Desert, Alola - [16]==- They had lost the scent. Try as Gnip might, she couldn’t get an accurate reading of their quarry. James didn’t blame her. Between the delay, the return of the sandstorm once they left the canyon, and the disorienting nature of the desert, it was a wonder they had tracked their targets as long as they did. But that left them with a conundrum. How to proceed. There was general agreement that they should keep heading towards the Ruins of Abundance where Tapu Bulu lived. They walked towards the only the visible landmark they could barely make out through the sand. A wall of rock that split into four different paths. In front of each path was a pile of stones. “Is this supposed to be some sort of puzzle?” James asked to no one in particular. “Some riddle for us to figure out which path is the true way?” Kris walked forward with a small frown as she looked at each of the piles of stones in turn. Each one had a different look to them. "Tell me, what do you all see in these stones?" Evan carefully observed the stones, checking what the piles of piles of stones had to offer. He noted that one of them had what appeared to be a beaky protrusion. “Is it…...the way they are shaped?” The Plasma Agest queried. “Because otherwise, I’m at a loss at what else….” James looked between two of the stacks of stones. One seemed to have a horn protruding from it, while the other seemed to have wings on its back. “I think you are onto something, Mr. Tierra. I do not know what these represent exactly. But, there are four of them…” James said as he took a closer look at the statue Evan was looking at. “Four guardian deities, four statues?” James offered. The man considered what James had to say and grinned. “So it’s a matter of picking the right statue to lead us to the Ruins, right?” Evan said, amazed at how simple the puzzle may have been. “But which one do you feel will lead us there? I’m not exactly familiar with the Guardian Deities…..” "This one." Kris said as she pointed to one of the stone piles that had horns. "This one seems to represent the Guardian Deity Tapu Bulu." Normally James would advocate caution. However, as he had no better ideas, and there was a risk of danger in taking too long, he said, “Alright, let us take that path.” With no objections, the group followed down the path marked by the horned statue. The path eventually came to another set of four statues. This time the identifying element was a nose ring on the correct statue. They found a total of four sets of such puzzles. Thankfully, not much time was spent on each individual puzzle, thanks to Kris’s knowledge on the Guardian Deities. Which was quite fortunate, considering each moment they spent was another their quarry had to prepare.
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