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  1. Let's be real here, Teridax would just start fights between all those other villains so that they'd take each other down, or he's assist them only until they achieved their goal and then destroy them, seizing power for himself.. Teridax doesn't have friends, just pawns that haven't outlived their usefulness... yet. But I actually really like a lot of these, especially the ones who don't seem so similar at first but would still have a bit of an understanding, like Pohatu with Garnet. I think Gresh would get along well with Carrot Ironfoundersson from Discworld, they're both naive idealistic types with too many compulsive heroic tendencies for their own good (though this may just be my headcanon that Gresh was raised in an Agori family showing through, similar to Carrot being raised by dwarves). And if non-fictional characters are llowed Nuparu needs to hang out with the Mythbusters. So. Many. Explosions.
  2. The thought of Takanuva as She-Ra won't leave my brain, but I can mostly blame that on the white and gold armour. Anyway, Takanuva is the best princess.
  3. So, we've all seen Christian Faber's posts and cryptic comments. My interpretation is that he wants to reboot Bionicle, or make a spiritual successor of some kind, and intends to approach Lego with the idea, if he hasn't done so already. Now, what we might need to consider is that Lego may not want to relaunch Bionicle as a constraction line. So the main product (the sets) may no longer be produced. But what if Faber found a way to remake Bionicle (or a spiritual successor) without the original product? Could it be done with a relatively small story/marketing team, and still be successful? Could it even draw in new fans? And what sort of medium/format should be used to tell the story in this case? I'm thinking it ould be largely largely web-based content, using media such as the following. - Webcomics - Serialised story Podcast/audiobook - Serialised fiction, possibly with an interactive component (e.g polls to determine characters' choices) - Digital stories/picture books with narration - Online adventure game in the spirit of MNOG - Character diaries/blogs -Alternate reality game incorporating hidden clues and codes across multiple websites - Riddles/puzzles to unlock the next piece of the story (Would unlock when somebody submitted the correct solution) Admittedly, a lot of these are borrowed from the original G1's marketing, but I think they have the potential to sustain the story on a small scale budget. Here's another thought: What if, instead of having a full time marketing team, Faber used the new Bionicle to help kick-start the careers of new artists, animators, web designers and writers? And what if some of those people originated in fandom? Competitions could be held to canonise and publish fans art and stories. As well as showcasing other fandom pastimes such as photography, cosplay sculpture and music. It's also worth noting that we live in an interesting time for fandom, particularly in Denmark and the rest of Europe, where a new law might soon ban fanwork altogether. So, having a story in which fans were included and respected as influencers and fellow content creators could be a way of both working around that and transforming the broader cultural perception of fandom and fan works.
  4. Taika Waititi for director, please and thank you. (I'm thinking they should tell a serious story, but still pack lot of humour and demented fun into it). I actually think the Star Wars model might be a little better than MCU, in that you have films in trilogies for some story arcs, but then flesh out the world through other media in between. I've often said that the first three years of Bionicle are very cinematic in nature, but the complexity of the Metru arc is much better suited to a TV series as so much detail was cut from the films. The backstory of Bara Magna prior to Mata Nui arriving, and the events in the Matoran universe during Makuta's reign would also make good spin-offs. Having multiple series in the same continuity allows variation in animation styles and tone as well. The key to making the franchise last is to provide good entry points for new fans every few years. So, you have some come in on the original trilogy, then a few years later new children are old enough to be brought in by the Metru arc show (which still has appeal for the older fans) , then some years after that there's the Ignition saga as another film trilogy, etc. The original G1 suffered from continuity lockout, so breaking the story into 2-3 year chunks through different media might be the answer.
  5. I don't want Bionicle characters coming to modern Earth so much, but I'd have been fine if the story had implied that Spherus Magna was a future Earth or Earthlike planet populated by species descended from humans in the distant future. Glatorian, Agori and Skrall could plausibly be subspecies of hominids that evolved from humans after millions of years. If it were a film, I'd have everything in the Matoran Universe be photorealistic CGI, but have Agori/Glatorian played by live actors, maybe with some light prosthetics and LOTR style camera tricks to make the Glatorian taller than Agori. Or in a reboot, just replacing those species with human characters outright.
  6. The Mask of Spirit exists, and supposedly allows the user to project what the Matoran think of as their soul/spirit away from their body temporarily. Hahli,with the Kanohi Elda was able to see Matoro in spirit form, which she recognised as him since it mimicked the shape of his physical form. So I'd say this is pretty solid evidence for them having souls, and the souls existing as something separate from the circuits of their core processors or whatever physical part of them is used on the Red Star to revive them. Mata Nui has a soul, as it left his body when he died. It should have returned to his body when Matoro revived the GSR, but Makuta took his place instead. In fact, we've seen several instances of a being's consciousness being transferred elsewhere, such as Lewa being bodyswapped with Tren Krom. Since their heads were not physically opened up and their brains swapped over, I think we have to conclude that their souls were exchanged instead. We also know that the souls of organic beings can exist and function in a Matoran body, as seen with Velika. Presumably the reverse could also be true. Further questions for speculation- What happens to their souls after death? When someone is revived on the Red star, does the soul return to the body, or is a duplicate one made? Could someone with the Elda see a dying person's soul leave their body? Do Makuta have souls separate from their antidermis essence? Did the Great Beings create new souls in creating the Matoran, or just bodies for souls to exist in?
  7. I doubt there still would be given The Legend Reborn was made by a different studio, and it's Lego's IP in the first place.
  8. Bionicle got a very brief shoutout in both The Lego Movie and Lego Batman, confirming that the characters do exist in the Lego Movie's universe. But, is there any possibility that they could put in an appearance, and how should it be done? There are a few obvious obstacles to making this work: 1. The sheer size of the sets compared to the minifigure characters. This means that it's hard to make them work as major characters but could make for some fun cameos. 2. The characters don't have expressive faces like the minifigures do (assume we're sticking to the animators' rules that the characters can only move the way the sets do).There's room for expressive body language, but once again, best suited to a one-off gag or cameo. 3. Making it work for non-Bionicle fans. It has to work with the silly tone of the film, so any Bionicle humour has to either be accessible to those that aren't familiar with Bionicle, or so brief that it doesn't matter if people miss it. That said, I definitely think it could be done. I'm sort of hoping they also get the rights to use some more Disney characters in the sequel, because that opens up a lot of potential for crossover gags. Like if Emmet and co are travelling by sea with Metalbeard, they come across a Moana minidoll in her boat. She asks Metalbeard for help wayfinding back to her island, Motunui. He obliges, gives her some directions, and she sails off. Later cut to Moana standing on the shore of an island, surrounded by very confused Matoran, muttering "This isn't right..." Okay, that one was a little obvious, but I'm sure there are other fun ways Bionicle could be included. How do you think Bionicle should be handled in the Lego 'verse?
  9. Well, Lewa's Mask of Light VA was Irish, right? And Matau would be the best and worst person to play leprechaun because of all the illusory pots of gold you'd have to go through before you found the real one, if there even was a real one.
  10. That is too many movies. I like the idea of arc-based trilogies released over 3-year periods, with longer arcs done as TV series in between. I think the Chronicles arc, for example, would have made a good cinematic trilogy (Toa vs Rahi/Makuta, Toa vs Bohrok, and Mask of Light), possibly with a one-season cartoon about the Bohrok Kal squeezed in. The Metru saga was much better suited to a TV series format than two short movies. So much got left out of the films, such as the traitor plot, elemental powers and the Morbuzahk, and many Toa got the short end of the stick in the characterisation department, particularly in WoS. The Legends arc could also have worked as a trilogy, possibly with mini-series or webisodes fleshing out the lives of the Matoran in those settings prior to the Toa's arrival, the same could even be done for the villain's backstories. Reign of Shadows would have been a good premise for a multi-season TV series, and the Bara Magna arc should have been another film trilogy.
  11. Matoran (well, toa and turaga) have been known to eat with mouths, haven't they? They technically can, but they typically don't unless it's medicine or they need to absorb a specific nutrient rather than pure energy. Fanon is that they think it's utterly revolting and bestial, but I don't know if there was ever any canon statement on that.
  12. I used to want Alan Rickman as Kopaka, but that possibility's sadly gone now... Idris Elba would be pretty amazing for him too though. Seconding David Tennant as Lewa 300%. This might be weird but I also want him to keep the Scottish accent. Lines like " Reidak, mighty defeater of doors" and "I'd almost ever-forgotten how much fun you aren't" would just be hilarious in his voice. I like Australian Pohatu, so Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth (Though I could not be mad if they cast Dwayne Johnson, for obvious reasons. And he pretty much *is* Pohatu personality-wise.) If you're casting Patrick Stewart as Vakama then Sir Ian McKellen has got to be Turaga Matau. Lupita Nyong'o or Cate Blanchett as Gali. Benedict Cumberbatch as Teridax would probably work (Halfway between Khan and Smaug is probably about right) Helen Mirren as Helryx Felicity Jones as Hahli. Russell Brand as Vezon (He's even got the demented Skakdi grin.)
  13. Another fun thought: Matoran and Agori attempting to date each other. Dinner dates are going to be especially awkward given how bizarre each species' method of ingesting food would look to the other. You'd be a bit reluctant to hold your date's hand if you'd just seen her vaporize a whole burger with it... (and she wouldn't want to hold your hand either, you disgusting barbaric mouth-feeder, you!)
  14. I misread this horribly at first glance and can't get the image of Toa Metru Soup out of my head. I think you're right in that the younger fans tend to be more rigidly conservative, and perhaps a bit more likely to get upset over certain headcanons, but I think the fandom generally understands that these kids are still figuring stuff out and politely ignore them. The main problem is when you get people actively spitting out hate speech, sending anon threats, deliberately trolling users with certain views, or having extremely vocal opinions on the use of strategically placed Nuva shoulders. Still, if you know who to follow and who to block, you can definitely avoid the worst of it, and there are definitely good points as well. There's a lot of interaction between the RP and regular blogs, for example ("heckle the supervillain" is an especially fun trend), and getting headcanons passed around and expanded upon is always entertaining. The shipping side is also ridiculously relaxed, given that nothing is canon, therefore nobody has the high ground, and the art and MOCs are usually worth a look.
  15. Apologies if it came across as diminishing the importance of marriage to some people- it certainly wasn't my intention at all. It just feels a bit like as a society we have a very narrow view of what stories of romances should look like and who they should involve, and that can lead to the perception that romances that don't follow that pattern are less valid or less interesting, which I don't think should be the case. Yes, Vhisola could definitely use a break from hopelessly crushing on Nokama all the time. It's not healthy to like your teacher that much, Vhisola! They did have one instance in MNOG2 where Hahli was told "The one you love shall be destroyed!" (referring to Jaller), but it could still be taken as platonic given that the word "love" is still used in other contexts.
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