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    bionicles, building and buying. Engineering and destorying stuff to look at the parts and pieses. Playing computer games, and wii games, doing my best to please god and crist. Fencing with my brother (bzprocks).Reading, not writing.Tec stuff.board games.ipods, dell, and not appel computers. Gutar hero. Some music. Playing in a school band. Growing plants. Anything space. Faming. Being on Bzpower.
  1. i know what u mean i have has trouble trying to get on here sometimes. it seems like since Bionicle ended there has been a slow drain of my interest in this site. don't get me wrong i still love this site.
  2. question everthing

    1. ~Xemnas~


      What I do all day!

    2. Aurora the cat

      Aurora the cat

      Deny Everything.

  3. many snakes on a sea with mist behind them, looks like something from a action movie.
  4. i would say that i am about 2/5 known
  5. it;s great that Lego is now going out to all genders, so are they still going to have set lines?
  6. hi Glad it's back and merry Christmas to you to!!

  7. One of the micdonalds happy meal toys carrying a pack in a junjle.Vuatamaca
  8. I now have 0 per day, I have not been that activ. But before the down-time it was 1 per day.
  9. I too am glad that the forms are back but I really can't see them, I am on an IPod and so I can't see much of a change. I do wish that the forms would have been back sooner but that can' be helped at tia point. Good to see all you guys again.-vuatamaca
  10. Welcome to Bzpower :)! If you need any help, just ask on my profle!

  11. Hello and welcome to bzpower!

  12. Welcome to Bzpower! If you need any help, just ask on my profile :)!

  13. Welcome to Bzpower :)! If you need any help, just ask on my profiel :)!

  14. Welcome to Bzpower!

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