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  1. As others have mentioned, the large silver elements would be better as black. Otherwise, it's terrific. I especially like the mouth detail and (particularly by the choice of feet) it ties back into the original Bohrok origins.
  2. This is beautiful! I especially like what you did to the skull spider.
  3. This is great, looks better than either of the original sets.
  4. I like this, very robotic. I agree with the point about the panels, you could use tile pieces or those circular sliders, or even put in orang studs on the backside of the blue armor to let it show through. There seems to be a great spot to put some hands, and I think you could make them orange or dark blue, even with orange barbs at the end if you wanted (the colors exist).
  5. This is pretty awesome, especially the head. The teal and dark green work well together. You may want to try making the lower torso/tail much, much bigger... to scale with the arms and head. Perhaps add a fin as well to make it more substantial.
  6. Once again I am stunned by the quality of painting. Even more so, I am impressed that it is working for socket pieces... how well does it hold up to joint movement?
  7. Haha I love the discussion about customized parts... these Toa Hagah are just as good as anything LEGO could have put out and I am thrilled by your choices to use non-LEGO masks. And your paint jobs are virtually flawless, something that takes a fellow MOCist a lot of experience (and failures) in order to appreciate. This makes the Final Fighter masks look like they really belong. I spent a lot of time sculpting masks only to discover that nothing beats molded or 3D printed parts, so I'm off to see if I can get a hold of Gaaki's mask...
  8. This is an excellent interpretation of the tarakava! Only complaint would be the use of feet for hands... but you made it look like it belongs in the water, so overall it is superb.
  9. Very cool, I like how you kept it close to the original (even the eye color!).
  10. Love this, not only for the use of older pieces which makes him look like he belongs to the older Bionicle universe, but also for customization! For a MOC of this scale it is definitely necessary to deviate from purism, and I applaud the cutting and gluing for the mask. I do wonder if Karzahni were made to scale with the Toa, however, if whole masks could be used, stitched together with tubing, to form a larger mask...
  11. This is awesome! I love how articulated it is. The only things I would try are adding another pair of wings and removing the front stinger/proboscis. Also, making all ball and socket joints uniform in color (but you could always put green bulbs in for black ones).
  12. This is superb, one of the best uses of HF parts I've ever seen - probably because it uses so many that the level of complexity isn't compromised. The only parts I don't like are the dark red-black marbled wings. It really distracts from an otherwise flawless color scheme (and perhaps it would look better without wings anyway).
  13. This is awesome. The texture and proportions are done in a way that make this seem like something LEGO would have released in recent years, but without much empty space. Color layering is great too.
  14. This is really cool, and funny! Its expression is hilarious. The only change I would suggest is making the flames green. I think I recall lego releasing sets with that same mold but as seaweed (or just green flame, LotR seems likely).
  15. Great to know I can finally refer to Bricklink haha. I just remember being scolded a few times way back... Mask of Speed - I'm almost certain there are many minifigs with light blush grey hands that have been available. If you have a set with one, you can order replacement parts directly from LEGO. Might charge you an arm and a leg, and you have to buy the whole torso, but it can work. AngryWangy - I have some WIPs and past stuff on Brickshelf. Honestly my past stuff seems like garbage compared to my current work, haha. Lego Dino 500 - haha I never rebuild sets, in fact I haven't bought a set since 2008 or so... Toa Ignika was the last, and that was just for the mask. I cannibalize my own creations, but I never rebuild inferior models anyway. Click - wow, I think you're the only one to object to the minifig arms! Any suggestions on what to replace them with? Thanks to everyone for the feedback, I will try to change the waist some. I have tried widening it various times, but I didn't like the result. It seemed forced, unnatural. Perhaps a complete redesign of the waist would be needed. I'll try to post pictures of what she looks like with a wider waist this weekend.
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