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    I can't really give a good, detailed list, as I will probably leave something out. I'll just leave it at: I like robotics, science fiction, some fantasy books, construction kits, video games, and reading. That's better than my previous list....

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Hey, I never knew how to do this until recently! Cool. Anyways, I mostly lurk in the Lego RPG subforum,seeing as I play one of the games and run the other. Recently, I've come out of my shell, checking out the BBC, and other topics. I used to MOC a little bit, but I'm not very good at it. I'm planning to get my Bionicles out of the attic and MOC some more, hopefully get better at it. I rarely, if ever, change my name, avatar, or signature. So if you see an "avmatoran", or somebody with a Takutanuva avatar, that's probably me. Speaking of Takutanuva, anybody made newer version of Takanuva or Makuta that you could show to me? I might be able to build them, which would be fun, as I've wanted them both, but the only Takanuva I have is the Stars version.

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