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  1. Hi all! I'm a fairly old member here on BZPower, but not one that actively makes posts I was just curious as to what people think of my entry to LEGO's 'Battle for the Golden Mask' competition! The wait is long to here who made it through, and some feedback would be amazing A link to pictures and other goodies here: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/401572 Thank you in advance! Also, I'm more than happy to give my opinion on some of your mocs if that tickles your fancy
  2. Name: Daitan Picture: http://imgur.com/av1aAYu,CcWk609,oMkcnsq,GrBvG6R,dZqIfIU,9tKLZgy#1 Gallery: http://imgur.com/av1aAYu,CcWk609,oMkcnsq,GrBvG6R,dZqIfIU,9tKLZgy#0 I didn't realise there was a wait on MOCpages, so hopefully this one works!
  3. Entry name: Daitan Entry picture: http://www.mocpages.com/image_zoom.php?mocid=401572&id=/user_images/116683/14174162381 Gallery: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/401572 Last minute entry, haha, best of luck to all those entering!
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