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  1. If the GBs were just super smart Glatorian, would the dead Glatorian found in the Core Processor of the GSR possibly be GBs? Food for thought.
  2. We knew that for a while, we just didn't know that a great being not-Velika was in the MU.
  3. Power and Energy are not the same thing. Where were you in Physics class? Power = Force X Distance / Time Kinetic...Energy = 1/2 X mass X Velocity2
  4. ...so "Velika" was in that universe... he just took someone else's?
  5. I always knew he had powers it was pretty obvious, it was just that some people thought he didn't inherit any powers. I'd guess maybe they thought it was retconed?
  6. In episode 3 that was released today it was shown that Wu could harness his own energy dragon meaning he has elemental powers. Take that naysayers who said he had no powers. TAKE THAT! Seriously though, would this mean that his powers are the same as Lloyd? His dragon isn't exactly pure gold, more like white and gold...
  7. Maybe it could be a case of the characters being wrong. Like when the Mahri thought that Teridax put the idea of the Skakdi Fusion in their heads.
  8. I was re-watching last season because I was bored. Master Chen calls Lloyd the Master of Power. However when Lloyd calls his dragon later in the season he yells "Energy". Would this make him the Master of Energy? I just dont get it... Power and Energy are two different things so.... Maybe... Power = the fact that he could (or atleast used to be able to, not including season 5) control the 4 elements Energy = the green stuff? Could the First Spinjitzu Master be considered a Master of Power then? We just know him as the FSM and not Master of _________. Is Lloyd even considered an Elemental Master? Besides Chen caling him that no other person has. He himself seems unsure... The only other thing he has been called is the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master...
  9. Gen 2 has barely started and now we are theorizing gen3?
  10. Wh....wh...why does this thread exist!?! I feel I will be torn apart if I talk negatively about this... might as well just go with the flow. Hewkii X Macku Nokama X Matau Kiina X Mata Nui Nokama X Vakama Hahli X Jaller The only ones that actually kinda... kinda... kinda... make sense. Are you just making LG couples on purpose? For some reason the Vhisola X Nokama one makes sense... I don't why...
  11. In Season 5 Episode 1, Morro wants the staff of the First Spinjitzu Master and I think Wu said something like 'You wont get my father's staff' or something like that.
  12. I remember when I had those canonization polls everyone went mad about. I've been away for a while, what happened to that whole canonization law that was supposed to happen? Erm... I remember when everyone said that the TTV BIONICLE 2015 leak was fake. I remember when everyone harrassed Greg to make him reveal BIONICLE 2015...
  13. Finally this is over, I thought it was never gonna happen. Are these canon - canon? Or are they in the same situation as the last bunch of stories that never got read by Greg?
  14. If only that Dark Hunter competition never happened, that would have made the BIONICLE universe a lot less complicated...
  15. Garmadon did Dark Lightning at one point in the show. Both of them are descendants of the First Spinjitzu Master... I don't see why they WOULDN'T have elemental powers...
  16. Isn't much of a plausible. theory when most of it depends on hypotheticals. Let me try one of those for the heck of it. BIONICLE 2015 is connect to Gen 1 because in gen 1 the Fikou began to migrate to other planets, the fikou then evolved into skull spiders and then Mata Nui sent Toa to this new planet to kill off the Skull Fikou Spider things. As much as I would like it to happen it just doesn't seem plausible... yet... Wait until we get more story info. What do we have so far for the past 6 months? Generic plot? Toa come to Island. Toa Find Mask. Toa fight eeeeeevvvvviiiilllll. Oh and Ekimu and Makuta thing....
  17. Isn't Shadow of Ronin non-canon? But then how is Spinjitzu related to elemental power. Like when Kai did his Spinjitzu of Fire and it melted the ice in that one episode of last season. Could Kai have accidentally stood on the Earth symbol in the Temple of Light and have gained the element of Earth from Lloyd instead but still be able to use his Fire Spinitzu and Earth Elemental Beams? That whole thing with Lloyd itself is confusing. Some people I've heard say that all Lloyd did was "awaken" the power inside the Ninja, but I don't buy this. It's obvious (IMO) that Lloyd gave up his elemental power since ever since that moment when he returned to the Temple of Light and gave the Ninja powers he only ever used green energy after that. Ninjago is just so confusing...
  18. What I find even more confusing is the relationship between Spinjitzu and Elemental Energy. Season 1 + Pilots - Ninja learn Spinjitzu - Able to create tornado of creation - Able to Channel EE Through Golden Weapons (maybe "channel" isn't a suitable word since it seems the weapon creates the elements by it self) - Able to channel their "full potential" through Golden Weapons Season 2 - Ninja get Elemental Blades or whatever from Temple of Light. Basically Golden Weapon replacement - Lloyd able to control all 4 elements + golden power + green power through his hands Season 3 Here is where it gets confusing... - Lloyd gives up his golden power to the Ninja. - Lloyd now seems unable to control 4 elements, only green power - Each Ninja can now channel EE through their hands and do Spinjitzu to boot Season 4 - Nothing of interest really, only that the other EMs can channel their EE without any type of tool like the GW or EB. Season 5 - In episode 1 the Ninja lose their elemental powers most likely due to Lloyd being possessed by Morro. - They are still able to do Spinjitzu So... What is Spinjitzu... Why did their EE go away. Why can they only channel their EE through weapons and spinning and nothing else? Why are they worthless scrubs without Lloyd!?!
  19. I decided to finally start making YouTube videos regularly again. I haven't done so in a long time. I thought it would help not wasting my free time on... other things... So I was inspired by a YouTuber called Alpharad who makes MLG parody videos. I felt like making my own. If anyone cares to watch I'll have them below. Quality is pretty bad right now since I don't have a capture card, but I hope to get one soon. Quality is pretty good though, considering it was recorded with a New Nintendo 3DS XL.
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