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  1. Holly Mukau, really? A new Cryoshell song? Something about their music makes me nostalgic, even the ones that are not associated to BIONICLE. I'm really happy to hear that they are still ,aking more music. I'm so thrilled~!
  2. Great to hear that this is getting support. It's a great game
  3. These look great! What does it say about me that the first thing my mind went to when I saw these were awesome Rahi mocs? I'll be hoping to get me one of these.
  4. Is the show worth watching? Never really got around to it. Which is absurd cause it is a freaking BIONICLE tv show.
  5. What do Ussal crabs like to do in their spare time? The Pewku things.
  6. I love to see all the various interpretations fan artists give the bohrok. I think this comes to show how good their original design is.
  7. Looks hot I really like these kind pieces where the MU is brought closer to our own world.
  8. Honestly, at this point I don't know if I rather have it stay dead or brought back, if I rather remember it for what it was, for face being disappointed with newer stuff that I might not get into. (Be it from rose tinted nostalgia goggles or otherwise) The 2015 Toa sets where phenomenal imo, but nothing else in G2 really captured the magic that was in 2001-2003 of G1. So aside from it far too early for there to be a G3, if they try to rehash the whole mysterious tribal island theme it would feel repetitive. I was thinking that perhaps what they should do later down the line is maybe try to recapture the industrial/urban feel that 2004 and Metru-Nui gave off, but I suppose that might be too similar to Hero Factory. Maybe if they do bring it back, they should just take it to bold new directions instead of looking back on old ideas.
  9. Bwahahahahahah this is great! Awesome eagle build (with a bandolier of burgers). I especially like the build for the barbecue and use of Kraata as chicken. Listening to the song makes this moc 5 times better as well.
  10. That sounds awesome! But yikes, a lifeless Jaller just laying there on the surface for the current Jaller to find sounds really dark and creepy.
  11. I've bought tickets to join the 17th Anniversary big raffle, and I've even gotten an email from paypal confirming my tickets, but in the raffle page I do not see my tickets added to the sum of tickets bought, nor do I see my user in the list of users registered. So...anyone can clear this up for me? First raffle I take part in.
  12. I've never taken part in any of these. Might be the time to start. When I click the link, all I see is the BZP shirt for sale. Is this because I am not in the US?
  13. Yo I do like sum Bonkklez and this art is metal. I like the Pakari better than the Kakama, but the Kakama is no doubt cool.
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