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  1. Nice use of the Phantoka wings for the tapering beak.
  2. Nice! I love set-accurate hypotheticals like this.
  3. You're looking to sell the entire lot as one?
  4. It's really nice to see those sand blue dino parts being used! I love the coloring. Brilliant yellow & black visor usage all around.
  5. The world of Bionicle needs more brickbuilt wrenches. Those goggles make me happy.
  6. Obsessionist

    Like a Boss

    Good luck! That sounds terrifying.
  7. Obsessionist

    My grandmother

    My grandmother died a couple weeks ago. She had just been released from the hospital- on her 60th wedding anniversary- when she had the stroke that eventually killed her. I feel you family's pain and understand that sad relief that the suffering is over. I'll pray for you and yours.
  8. Last night I turned in my final undergrad assignment before getting my BS in Mechanical Engineering. It was a 100-page research document entitled "Motivations, Values, and Creative Processes of Participatory LEGO Bionicle Fan Community," which feels like an appropriate way to cap things off. Might try to get it published. We'll see if I have the motivation.
  9. I remember realizing that LEGO wasn't my main (or only) hobby anymore, when I had friends who knew I was the D&D guy but were surprised to hear I was super into LEGO. Weird stuff. Also when I realized several people knew about my love of mayonnaise but literally nothing else about me? And had never met me? That seemed wrong.
  10. Where can I purchase poster-sized prints of that artwork?
  11. Thanks, man. I needed this.
  12. I quite like this! Very striking blue/orange highlights, great color blocking and the reserved use of orange was wise. The rubber band use on the forearms is great. The torso is exceptional, it looks very solid. Great bohrok eye/cheese slope transition in the blue/orange stripes! The chest shaping and zamor holder is very creative. Obligatory NPU for the Galidor codpiece, it fits well. I also love the blue flame on the Lewa Phantoka katana (one of my favorite weapon elements).
  13. There are some very distinct creations in this lineup! Kudos on a surprisingly adorable turnout.
  14. These are beautiful! I'm impressed with how unique each build is. I love Demitsorou's work, I'm glad to see some MOCs based on it.I am particularly impressed by the chests. The Bohrok shield -> Demitosrou art -> LDD MOC transition is a thing of beauty. Gaaki's stands out for its asymmetry, but Kualus's is my favorite, for its subtle angles.
  15. Love the colors in the city and the variety of buildings! This was a great idea. I like the feet you chose for the end of the legs. Nice silver splashes with the Bohrok-Kal shields.
  16. Nice photograph. Very cool choice of head shape, love the silhouette of that claw piece.
  17. That is super good! Congrats! It's nice to hear about things looking up for people.
  18. Farran seeks the wisdom of Carajoy the Fern Peacock on his Dragonfly Glider. Built for the Bio-Cup 2018. See it on Flickr.
  19. If you buy me the parts, I will.
  20. They really weren't meant for one another? They match so excellently! Love the similar green highlights on their heads.
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