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    my location as of writing this: at the computer typing at the computer typing at the computer, etcetera until i die
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    typing annoying jokes, see above for example<br>playing with bionicles<br>watching tv<br>tormenting my sisters<br>bye

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  1. D'you mind taking the link to your dead topic out of your post? It's just BEGGING to be revived. =P

  2. so much for sleeping tonight
  3. bionicmaniac


    one more word: kewl
  4. well...i have to say the idea certainly seems intriging(sp?) enough, now lets see where it goes...after all, these things tend to develop a mind of their own after a while if the writer is cretive enough, and even the author waits in suspense to see what happens...enough rambling ~bionicmaniac
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