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    2. <Reverb>


      Naw, it's great to have you back, hopefully with more MOCs. Hopefully this return to the Bonkles community of BZPower isn't short lived.

    3. hey it's felix

      hey it's felix


    4. hey it's felix

      hey it's felix

      also i cannot guarantee that this won't be short-lived but i hope i can stick around

  2. Alright, so I'm kinda giving up on BZP. Adios, amigos!

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    2. Chro


      Whaaaat. And I just joined, too. :P

    3. Unauthorized Autobiography
    4. Chro


      Yeah, I mean that in addition to him leaving, I just joined. I don't mean that he joined recently as well, sorry if I worded that a bit funny.

  3. Eyy Arkov. And I shall call you Arkov, 'cos it feels weird saying Kakaru after all this time! :P

    1. Kakaru


      Haha, whatever works for you. I've technically been Kakaru longer than I've been Arkov though. XD

  4. Hey, thanks for adding me as a friend :)

    1. PooZy


      No, thanks for adding me back XP


    2. hey it's felix

      hey it's felix

      :P Ye be welcome. Always good to see some good new-ish MOCists around.
    3. PooZy


      ah I'm not new, I made my original account years ago but only made a few posts and then left :3. You might remember a green makuta I made, it got into hot topics for a week despite not being that great.

  5. Yay, had an awesome birthday :D

  6. Yo Mike, just checking to see if you use your BZP account anymore ._.

  7. Note to anyone who cares: I have undergone a name-change. I'm still the same person though, honest ._. Kind regards, Felix

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    2. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      I don't so much, but it's more important that you like it. However, I like your new av more than I did with the old one!

    3. Chols


      Rofl. I was like "Who's this noob and why does he make awesome mocs." Now I realize who you are. Haaaai Felix :B

    4. hey it's felix

      hey it's felix

      Lol Chols, you so funny. And yeah LOTR, I like my new av more too :)

      Glad you approve, Thy 8)

  8. Hey maaaaan, how's it going?

  9. Yo Architect, or should I say Thylon 8-)

  10. Dude, why don't you post your art here? I'm sure you'd get heaps of positive feedback :)

  11. Hello sah, how are you? Gotta say, I do like your profile pic here... did you make it yourself? (I know it's your Kyry ;))

    1. Sparkytron


      Nope, Phyoohrii made it. I just love the simple yet stylistic design of it. :D

    2. Sparkytron


      For the record, this was about the Kyry avatar made by Phyoohrii, my current profile pic is made by myself

  12. I'm so unactive here... someone give me a reason to be active :P

  13. Hey Fenrai, how's it going? Long time no talk :P You still MOCing?

  14. Happy B'day Arpy :) Have a grand day!

  15. Haha, can't believe I never added you as a friend before :o

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    2. hey it's felix

      hey it's felix

      DAAAHH how does that even work?

    3. Sparkytron


      Haha, I just noticed the profile feed here =p

      and asdf rules:p

    4. hey it's felix

      hey it's felix

      It's cool, right? 8-)

  16. Forums online? I think so. Hoping to get back into posting my MOCs around the place and reviewing.

    1. Paleo


      You might want to change this…

    2. hey it's felix

      hey it's felix

      Yeahhhh, I'm just too lazy. And I'm not on the forums much.

  17. Hey Anky! Long time no see :P Still MOCing I assume?

    1. ankyfdarkness


      Yeah! I've seen some of your work. Good job!


    2. hey it's felix

      hey it's felix

      Hah, cheers man :) Looks like we both made a GLaDOS... of sorts. What do you think of the new forums?

    3. ankyfdarkness


      I'm okay with them at this point, actually. Took some time to get to know them but that was it.

  18. Wow, your artwork is brilliant! Really detailed and such. I'll have to get around to posting in your topics some time.

    And btw, welcome to BZP :)

    1. Stroxx


      I never really got around to say it, but thanks! :D

  19. Lol, I'm not really that motivated to do much anymore :P BUT, I do have an entry for the HF contest coming very soon.

  20. Dude, the awesomeness of your new Zatano cannot be comprehended :o It's epic!

  21. You're on Skype now? What's your display name thar? I'll add ye B)

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