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  1. Thanks! This was all very helpful. On a related note - does anyone know if there is an English version of the image on the cover of the Journey's End book that was published in Poland (all of the font is in Polish, plus I can't seem to locate an image that is actually the same size as the pages in the PDF are)? Thanks again!
  2. So I'm trying to get all the PDF's of the Journey's End book onto my computer so I can print them off and have my own physical copy of the book. However, I've only been able to get the PDF's for the prologue, and chapters 1-10. It seems it is impossible to enter BioCodes on the Lego website now, so I can't get the epilogue that way. i was wondering if anyone else might know of a way to get the PDF of the epilogue? My google searching has found everything else except for that. Thanks!
  3. Alright, sounds good. There will definitely be a few minor discrepancies in terms of continuity, but nothing major. At this stage, it looks like there may be a fair amount of gameplay from the Mata Nui Online Game - I'll see if I can cut it down at all. If all goes well, it'll be done within the next two weeks. I hope you guys like it!
  4. Personally, I think it would cool if whenever GregF has the time, if he could finish the serials and somehow get them onto BZPower or BioSector01 despite the new restrictions on fan interactions - I think maybe giving them to a member who he knows is over the age of 18 to submit could work. After that, it would be cool to maybe see the Bionicle community continue the story on their own as canon - it may not be "official", but if the majority of the fanbase accepts it as canon, it might as well be. A cool idea would be to set it a few thousand years after the end of the serials, with new heroes, and the heroes of old returning in new roles (for example, the Toa Nuva now as Turaga). But that's just an idea, probably one that's been suggested before too.
  5. So I've recently started a new project involving Bionicle, as a sort of way to express my fandom. When I first into Bionicle about 10 years ago, I remember always wishing they had made films for each year, instead of only 2003-2005 and 2009. So, I have recently started my own non-official Bionicle 2001 film. I'm making it using animations and gameplay from the Mata Nui Online Game, cutscenes from the cancelled Bionicle game Legends of Mata Nui, 2001 commercials, the ending of the Game Boy Advance game Quest for the Toa, and some fan animations. I realize not all of this 100% canon - however, not all of the elements of the original 4 films were canon either. The point of the film is to tell the most complete version of the story of the 2001 story year as best it can - if that requires using some non-canon elements, so be it. But generally speaking, you should be able to watch it, and move on to the 2002 story year without missing a beat. There may be a project like this that exists already - even so, I was kind of hoping to take my own stab at the concept. I have run into a few problems, however, and I was wondering if you guys would be able to help out. 1. Does anyone know in which order each Toa awakened on the island of Mata Nui? 2. How much gameplay from the Mata Nui Online Game should I include? On the hand, including gameplay kind of disrupts the flow of the movie, and makes the whole thing almost seem like a game walkthrough. On the other, I DO want to tell the most complete 2001 story I can, and some of the animations from the game feel awkward and out of context without the gameplay. So I guess my 3 options would be: (A). No gameplay, (B). Only some gameplay, so no animation will feel out of context, and ©. Include as much gameplay as possible. Thanks! Your help is greatly appreciated. If I'm able to finish this one and it is well received, I may make more fro more story years. If not, then that's OK too.
  6. I took a break from Bionicle for 2008 and the first two thirds of 2009, so I found out in a wiki when I was getting back into it. Really blew my mind. Previously, I always thought Mata Nui was kind of like God - an omnipresent force who was never physically seen. I was confused while reading the books though, when it mentioned that Mata Nui was on top of Metru Nui
  7. Thanks Dual Matrix! One last question - I realize this is probably asked a lot, and I know the man is quite busy, but are the story serials ever going to be resumed? Or is it safe to assume that they're not going to be updated again?
  8. Thanks for the responses! 2 quick things - where did Templar Studios release the MNOG, and is there anyway to play the 20-second demo of LoMN? Thanks!
  9. I have been a really big Bionicle fan for a very long time - since 2003, I believe. However, after the story serials stopped being updated, my attention ended up becoming focused elsewhere. Recently, I became quite curious as to what has happened wit Bionicle and the community. From what I understand, the story serials have not continued, yet Greg F. has revealed story details in some Q and A's. What else has happened since 2011? Anything interesting?
  10. So....as of the time of this writing, it's July 2.....it's been over a year since a web serial was updated.....
  11. I just want The Yesterday Quest and The Powers That Be to be wrapped up. That would be really great.
  12. It´s not so much a LEGO policy than a US law (COPPA) which LEGO has decided to implement into their company´s policy. However, LEGO is working on a new policy which should allow LEGO employees to join fan sites while still complying with the law.~Gata. Wow, that's a relief. BZP isn't the same without Greg.
  13. Wait, Greg can't use BZP anymore? What new Lego policies are you talking about?Man, if this is the end of the story serials, that really stinks. Now the Bionicle storyline will be just left hanging there
  14. Whatever happened to the web serials on bionclestory.comWhoops, didnt mean to send that just yet. But whatever happened to them? Is Greg just not going to finish up The Yesterday Quest and The Powers That Be? I would hate to have the Bionicle story just left hanging there, it deserves an ending to these stories at least.
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