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  1. Thank you! Glad you like it. It can kinda go into a four-legged mode but it isn't really that convincing without having to remove and reattach parts.
  2. Thoughts can be dangerous. (links to Flickr) Gallery I have some old MOCs that still need to get posted here so I'll be doing that over the following weeks. My Instagram My Twitter
  3. I have exactly 1629 questions
  4. Momma said knock you out Turns out a simple arm modification is all you need to jump from featherweight to heavyweight at RoboRumble 3000. Instagram Gallery Imgur Gallery (If Brickshelf isn't public)
  6. ---- White becomes blood red. The storm looms, the Demons roar. Blood red becomes white. ---- Imgur Gallery Brickshelf Gallery ---- Inspired by the Getter Robo series and other Japanese mecha concepts.
  7. (links to topic) Flickr hi
  8. Be wary of the beasts that haunt the junkyards. Alternate Side Gallery
  9. Another delayed post lol. Gallery Flickr Link
  10. It was down in California till two days ago, but now it works! Thank you! Thanks, glad you like it! The lighting turned out to help give the tentacles a nice shine that made them look a little more slimy. Thank you!
  11. I keep forgetting to post stuff here. This was for my MOC-Off with Djokson (last year). The corpse of a fish reanimated by a parasite. Brickshelf doesn't seem to be working for me, but apparently it works for those outside of the US. So unfortunately, not everyone will be able to see the other angles or gallery. Close-up Side Gallery
  12. And with that I'll see you again in a year
  13. i miss u bb how's it beeeeeeeeeeeen
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