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  1. Despite the news being obviously fake, I wouldn't mind it all. Inject some life into this empty shell of a franchise.
  2. Man ponders why he took so long to finish his essay, then wonders why he is on BZPower. oh wait that's me
  3. It's based on your post count and it's just for look. There's no list of them for you to see, just stick around, post more, and you'll eventually move to another title. From the Compendium: You can read here for more info: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/2730-the-new-q-a-compendium/ (There are also some custom titles not dependent on post count given by staff to other staff, contest winners, people of certain authority, etc.)
  4. it's literally all i do now with all the rave on hype 'round here ill make an effort to post
  5. Going to be there tomorrow or Sunday! Either day I'll go, I'll stop by the table. Woo.
  6. Well, I'm probably going to Washington D.C for vacation the same week. If I do go to Brickfair VA, I probably wouldn't be there for long and it would be on Sunday. I see stats for last year's Brickfair VA compared to this year's Brickfair NE, which I went to a couple months ago were almost 10x more of a turnout compared to each other. 2,250 to 20,000. I can only expect a larger turnout this year, which means I could be in store for a whole new experience compared to the Brickfair NE I went to just months ago. If I do go, I hope to see you guys.
  7. It could of been better. Not much of a fan of the pick of spinny, but hey, at least it's a smoother animation than the other ones. If I were me picking the next spinny, I would of picked a mini brain slug. x3
  8. As sad as it is, it gets rid of everything I posted when I was noobish. who says im still not noobish? There goes a huge chunk of BZP history. Those were great times.
  9. A sign the staff are trying to make a BZPower comeback. Ah, Tumblr and Youtube. No.
  10. Fifi2004 owns the White Huna unless he has sold it already as seen here: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=9913
  11. Well, this is a nice step in the right direction. I hope this is just the start of many changes that will help the activity of BZPower.
  12. Aha, I remember hearing about the old one a looong rime ago and I poked through that topic. Well, I'll be following this, but just not posting. Lurk much. This is going to be entertaining. ...
  13. Hey a dozen years already? Wow! Well, let us celebrate the 12 years the site has been up. Hooray!
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