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  1. I'd take the wagon. WYR pet a snake or let a roach walk along your arm?
  2. There were a couple jobs I wanted as a kid. But they have nothing to do with the career I have now. Do you wear socks when you are not wearing shoes?
  3. Honestly, I'd probably sell it. WWYDI you had to watch a TV show you hated for 12 hours straight?
  4. What is something good that has happen in your life recently?
  5. Honestly, I'd probably ignore them and play on my Switch. WWYDI you discovered you could breathe underwater?
  6. I'd take the river canoe. I do not like snow. WYR live in the desert or live in the arctic?
  7. Yes. I have a few, actually. Do you like to play card games?
  8. I remember reading this back when it came out. It's really cool to be able to read it again.
  9. I'd save money by cutting my own hair. WWYDI you had to go a month without the Internet?
  10. I couldn't stand living on the run, so I'd be imprisoned. And hopefully prove my innocence. WYR step in an anthill and get bit by 10 ants or get stung by 5 bees?
  11. Technically yes. There was a chemical in a face cream I took a long time ago that I had a minor reaction to coming to contact with it. But I don't remember what it is. Have you been stung by a wasp?
  12. Those are really cool. I especially like the ones with Mata Nui and Metru Nui.
  13. Not in a pond, no. Have you ever swam in the ocean?
  14. GoKart. I'd get more use out of it. WYR have a pet duck or pet goose?
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