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  1. I will the power of magnetism to pull the Mask to me. I then watch you all fall. My Mask.
  2. And it was here that Nuju realized that being a Hordika gave him an unnaturally long neck.
  3. I burn up your draft. Then I burn you alive. My Mask.
  4. Vakama: 'I really should've picked a sword as my weapon...'
  5. And this is where Gahlok-Kal realized it wasn't great at completing puzzles.
  6. But then the Mask floats to the surface of the lava, where I then collect it. My Mask.
  7. A great ending to a series based off a Netflix show I still haven't watched because I don't have Netflix. Joking aside, these last two chapter were great.
  8. I cause the courtroom to explode before you can leave it. I then look through the remains to find the Mask. My Mask.
  9. 'And here is what happens when a Toa of Stone runs into an attacking Bohrok head.'
  10. I would have Rhotuka disks of lightning, so I could zap people that annoyed me. If you were given The Mask of Time, you would....
  11. I think I'll enter this one. 'goes off to enter raffle'
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