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  1. From one command comic maker to another: learn the value in making up your own situations. Especially if you have a story you're trying to tell. If you leave it solely to your readers 1. they'll let you down eventually and 2. you'll never get anywhere. Takua: Eat the sand
  2. Well I just did it on my copy of 2.8. And it worked. I hope you figure out what the problem is
  3. I forget how gimp works with brushes, I never bothered with them much, but is there some sort of a "re-scan folder" option when you have gimp open in the brushes area? That's what I have to do when I load new fonts into the program.
  4. Macku: commit yourself to a watery grave in sadness from the loss of all your friends.
  5. Please, do tell me there are others who know what your av' is from...

  6. Takua: Change your name to Takuano Pavarotti and grow a magnificent beard.
  7. can loganto spawn me a kitteh i likes kittehs
  8. OH MAN TWI'S BACK http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/293/590/6f6.gif Edit: >500 kB image linked. :< -Wind-
  9. I have an extensive collection of random stuff that I accumulated over the years... however, it's on my dead computer atm. I'm pulling the files though. I don't remember, do we still have that locked version of BZP from before the remodel still available? If so most everything would be there. EDIT: Nope. too bad. Lots of good stuff lost to history. I might have to just see if I can't upload some classic sets for people now, maybe we can have a master topic for sets or something. EDIT 2.0: I also have something like 4 different Chimoru versions. Also, if Thok's head is what you want, I'm about 75% certain it's in the RZMIK kit, since I have almost every head ever made for that kit. I'll check when I can, but that might not be for about a week.
  10. Trust me, you don't take too long to produce comics. You can't start saying that until you have regular two-month+ intervals between your comics. Don't fret
  11. I am the duckiest duck that ever ducked

  12. What's best is that you did your research and figured out that I have a propensity to reference ducks... I'm impressed
  13. Oh goodness my favorite comic ever is backkkkkk you'd better not vanish for another year. plz dont i beg u
  14. -----> Short and sweet. I have other comics planned but they'll need some time to be made
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