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  1. Templar Studios? My sworn enemies have returned...This is great! I never got the chance to get the offline version so I'm gonna play it once I have access to a computer. It would be cool if they released MNOG II. My game glitches and I got stuck in a room with a single red dot.
  2. I know this is a little late,but...THIS IS AWESOME.I've been looking forward to it for a few months now and it really seems awesome. Can't wait for the full movie to come out. It's too bad I can't update it...Minecraft hates my computer after I got it...
  3. I don't exactly know what I'm supposted to say,but nice avatar.

  4. Welcome(Back)To BZP!

  5. The comics are over.We're all really sad.Dude,they were awesome...

    Were gonna miss them.

  6. Wow,where's my activity?Under the couch?In a landfill with my old lost Matoro?

    And thanks for all the profile views!

  7. I understand your post. And thank you for letting me know.

  8. So about everything there was a fail,eh? I should try this out as a questionarre of my life.And make this a big thing.Patent this first 'kay?You know,if possible. You have a great playlist,but them in a questionarre is...Shivers...(By Maroon5) Haha.
  9. Yeah, Starfox 64 voices are bad, but they make me laugh, they're so bad XP

  10. ~Tahmu~

    Dual Blades

    They're out! =D They came out today! I have a level 30 one! Yay! =D
  11. BLOGWIN!Congrats!

  12. ~Tahmu~


    I had to drop off my sis at Dance.I got soaked.Lolwut. It rained all night,and my bed was burning up.And I couldn't open the windows. >_<
  13. ~Tahmu~


    The Pink Puffball. <("<) (^"^) (>")> He's got power.He can suck up enemies,but best of all,he's puffy. And he's got a Waddle Dee. Yay. =D
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