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  1. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru The abandoned equipment was not a good sign. “Well the fact that this whole level’s had its archives data deleted means that whether we like it or not we need to check this out.” We soon passed a bend in the hallway, and saw exactly what it was that Vashni was sensing with her powers. Several stasis tubes were lined up against the wall. Inside them were spherical, black machines. Each one had a transparent plate, and from behind the plate, a green, masklike object stared sightlessly at us. My mask’s eyepiece zoomed in on one of the tubes. “The Bohrok.”
  2. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru Earlier Vashni has mentioned the “mental plane”. That meant she was a Ce-Toa. I hadn’t been sure of her element before- after all, Toa Lhikan had red and gold armor, so I wasn’t sure if Vashni really was a Toa of Psionics or Toa of Water with interestingly colored armor. “Vashni, you’re a Toa of Psionics, right? Out of curiosity, how far is the range of your power?”
  3. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru I began following after Tallea and Vashni. The telescoping eye of my mask whirred softly as I looked down the dimly lit tunnel. “There’s been a couple of... incidents, where Rahi have escaped from containment,” I began, “and when that happens they’re supposed to have a sign warning others of the danger and they’ll post Vahki around the problem area. The fact that there’s a construction warning and no signs or sounds of actual construction going on is a little suspect.”
  4. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru I holstered my disk launcher. “Well, whether we like it or not someone deleted the information about this level, so that means that this is a good place to search for a Great Disk.” I looked down the dimly lit tunnel. “Don’t let the noises scare you though, Rahi get annoyed when they’re locked up.”
  5. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru As soon as the... vine, or tentacle, or whatever it was... grabbed Jutori’s leg, I quickly grabbed my disk launcher. I looked at the disk loaded in it. 433. A weakening disk that will hopefully loosen the thing’s grip on Jutori. ”Hold still!” I shouted as I aimed my disk launcher at the tentacle, at a spot about six inches under Jutori’s foot. I pulled the trigger and hoped for the best.
  6. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru ”Well since someone deleted all the information about this level it’s worth a look around. Plus the Rahi are only dangerous if you go into their enclosures. Or if they break out. Luckily we have a Toa and a Matoran wearing power armor with us. And I’ve got a disk launcher.”
  7. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru Vashni was right. The whole thing absolutely reeked of conspiracy It was then I realized, who ordered the arrest of the Mangai? Turaga Dume. Who announced the Great Disk Hunt? Dume again. “This goes all the way to the top. Dume had the Mangai arrested and tasked the public with finding the Disks. “I say that after we find the Great Disks we confront Turaga Dume about what’s really going on.” Suddenly the atmosphere was broken by a loud ding. The elevator doors slide open into a long dark tunnel. “Welcome to level seven.”
  8. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru ”Level seven is live Rahi. The Archives are organized so that every level starting with level six is live Rahi that are too big for stasis tubes. The more dangerous kinds are kept in the lower levels. The lower the level, the more dangerous the Rahi. Those in level seven are moderately dangerous.” Wait. “Did you say someone deleted information? To do that you need administrative access, which is something even I don’t have.”
  9. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru ”Burgers are good. So are tacos.” I started leading the group away from the information room, down a much more empty hallway. Eventually we came to an elevator door with a keypad. “Alright, we’re here. This maintenance elevator can take us down to any floor in the archives, including floors that visitors normally don’t have access to.” I briefly looked around to make sure there were no prying eyes, then punched in my security code. The elevator doors slid open. My group and I stepped inside. “If there’s anywhere in this Metru where a Great Disk would be found, it’s the Archives. Unfortunately there’s a lot of floors and tunnels to look through, so I think we should start with the first restricted level, level six, then work our way down from there.”
  10. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru I rolled my eyes. Of course you’re going after the Disks, you really weren’t fooling anyone. Wordlessly I led the group to the Archives entrance. As we walked in one of the Matoran working the front desks looked up and raised an eyebrow. “Tour group,” I said while gesturing back to my companions. The Matoran nodded and waved us through. We made a left into a long hallway. “Okay, all the informational stuff is in the big room down there. There’s plenty of computer terminals to use to access the information contained in our collections. All info on the Mangai we have will be found there.”
  11. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru ”Uh, well any information on the Mangai would be on the first level, which is where most informational material is kept.” I thought for a moment. Tallea wanted to go after the Great Disks, and Jutori most likely did too, judging by the way he was acting. This could work. “If it’s the Great Disks you’re after,” I said to the group in a low voice, “I think I might have an idea. But I won’t talk about it here- let’s wait until we’re alone first.” I looked around briefly to make sure nobody overheard what I had just said. “Anyway, we can hit the informational section first so that Tallea can get her info on the Mangai, then we can head down to the second level and take a look at the weapons.”
  12. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru, near Archives entrance ”Weapons are on the second level. We’ll probably head there first. Tallea, Vashni, anything in particular either of you want to see?”
  13. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru Yeah, Jutori’s definitely looking for the Great Disks. “Alrighty then, we’re all set I guess. Follow me to the main entrance, please.” I began leading the group toward the public entrance. The usual hustle and bustle of the Metru was a little lighter than usual- probably owing to the Turaga’s announcement. Well it’s a good thing we now have a Toa and a Matoran wearing power armor. If I can convince them to go deeper into the Archives with me, they can act as protection against anything dangerous. As we approached the sliding doors of the entrance I turned and looked back at my tour group. “Anything in particular you’d want to see first? Weapons, documents, Rahi?”
  14. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru ”Alright, then if all of you wouldn’t mind following me, please, we’ll head to official entrance.” I’m definitely going to have to keep an eye on the Ba-Matoran. The way he was acting was pretty odd, so if he’s really after one of the Great Disks, I’ll have to be there to make sure he doesn’t wander off on his own. “Oh, by the way, what are all of your names? I’m going to need to keep a record of this- for legal reasons.”
  15. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru ”Yes, I just agreed to lead these two on a tour of the Archives. You can join us, if you’re interested.”
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