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  1. So, my boss and coworkers and I discuss this every so often, and I've got it down to where I rank the LEGO Movies in this order: Batman Movie--it felt more streamlined and amusing and easier to follow than TLM The LEGO Movie--it was the first in the series and established a style and form that the others would follow, albeit with some aspects f it feeling jumbled (which makes sense, as it follows the play patterns of a child's mind, so it's expected to be a bit odd) but I otherwise loved it. TLM2--Like the Batman Movie, it was more streamlined and consistent, but it has the downside of being slightly less memorable and feels very much like a regular movie sequel in that the world and characters have already been established and the plot unfortunately makes it too similar to the original to be memorable on its own. It has it's moments, but not enough to measure up to the original. Though maybe I have to watch it a few more times in order to appreciate it more. The next movie they will produce. And the movie after that. And maybe the third one a few years after that, should be pretty good. The LEGO Ninjago Movie--Unfortunately, I really didn't like this one as much as I hoped to. It had none of the charm of the original LEGO Movie or the Ninjago series and most of the jokes were really forced and felt kinda bland in execution. Story was consistent, but wasn't engaging enough for me to care about it all that much. It gave us some fun new sets, but that was about it. It butchered the characters' personalities in all the wrong ways and, while I get that it was supposed to be its own thing, it just fell flat on its face and no amount of star power or my loyalty to the Ninjago brand could save it in my eyes. Yeah, there's my two cents. Don't spend it all in one place.
  2. So, my fiancee and I found each other on Facebook. Slightly embarrassing on my part, because I had added a gal I knew from middle school recently after finding her on there, and according to one of our classmates, this gal had a crush on me back then. So, I added her, and proceeded to do absolutely nothing for a while. However, one day, she posted something on her timeline and tagged some of her friends in it, and because I found it funny, I hit the "Like" button. One of those friends she tagged was new to Facebook, and didn't know how anything worked. So, she assumed that because I Like'd something she was tagged in, we must be friends on Facebook somehow. She went to my profile and hit "Add Friend," and after I saw the notification, I clicked accept, because why not? She had basically nothing on her page, except a couple pictures. I thought she was kinda cute, so I sent her a message just casually introducing myself. And, then a few months and many conversations later, we decided to meet up in person, and not long after, started dating. I proposed this past summer after about 3 years of dating, and we're getting married next summer. So, we met on Facebook. And everything's going great. Whodathunk?
  3. Literally any Toa of Water causes a maelstrom or tsunami and crushes the Roman navy. Or Any Makuta that sees them as a threat engages immediately and uses one of their vision powers to decimate the ships, gravity to pull them under, weather control to create a storm, magnetism to repel any metal weapons thrown at them (not likely to cause them harm, regardless), or Sleep or Confusion to incapacitate them. Don't forget the dozens of Order of Mata Nui members with a wide selection of abilities, most of which could decimate an entire naval fleet. Starting the Romans off on the southern islands forces them to travel through all the biggest and most powerful denizens of the MU before they reach the relatively weak and mostly defenseless population of Metru Nui. Depending on when this occurs (pre- or post-GC), the Matoran would handle it differently. Pre-GC, the Matoran would have been more work-oriented and less militarized, having relied on Toa to defend them for so long, and would probably not put up much of a fight. Post-GC Matoran had to survive for centuries on a tropical island with nothing but their wit and their will to keep them alive, and had developed military units that would more than likely be utilized during such an invasion. Military mixed with their technology from Metru Nui as well as the more functional city would give the Matoran a vast advantage. Plus, when you consider that the Matoran do not need sleep or food the same way humans do, the Romans would tire quickly and be overrun by the Matoran, even if they had superior numbers to start out with. Assuming all's fair, lets say the Romans start out with 20 ships. Makuta and the Order take out all but three, for some reason. Why the Makuta would allow aliens to roam free and possibly threaten their chance at world domination, I have no idea. But assuming any Roman ships get through, their numbers and resources would likely have dwindled so low that they might as well give up before they even reach the city. Interesting thought, but I don't see any way the Romans survive past the Southern Continent., superior tactics or not.
  4. My dad wasn't a fan of a young me being so obsessed with these magical robots with sleeping gods, so I remember trying a few times to show him some of the similarities between the Bionicle story and some aspects of Christianity, as much as a 7-year old could articulate. Eventually he just accepted that I understood what I was talking about and wasn't getting things confused, so he left it alone. Only took a couple months, but I can still remember a few of those conversations.
  5. They definitely are pearl dark/gunmetal grey. I recently helped a friend rebuild his set just a few months ago, and we specifically had to find the gunmetal ones, not the flat grey ones. Don't know why anything would list them as a color they're not, although as pointed out above, they would look very similar in 2006-era printing in the instructions.
  6. Matau's Furniture store is one I almost forgot about. The pies thing sounds familiar, but then again, this is the BZPower Comic Forum we're talking about..... Pies weren't exactly uncommon back in the day. I swear, the Comic Land had some secret warehouse of cookies, pies, and Sprite just stacked floor to ceiling. Anyway, I wish I could be of more assistance, but sadly, I can't pinpoint a specific instance that that might have come from.
  7. That image of the Bohrok does have very specific themes to it. I can make out deforestation (obvious), pollution (the smoke), and global warming (they're Tahnok....) The fact that everything else looks ice-related makes me agree with the earlier comment about this also tying into Faber's political concerns about global warming. Maybe he is doing something that will help bring attention to that planet-wide conflict we face today.
  8. Personally, I always liked to believe that those were part of his arms, with the claw-like bits being his "hands." However, if I'm remembering correctly, one of the comics shows him without his weapons. I think the one where he and Nidhiki confront Vakama, Nokama, and Matau on an airship, and Krekka almost gets thrown out or something. In the process, he's forced to drop his tools and hold on to a ledge with his actual hand, which is the lowermost blue piece. So, despite my headcanon, I believe that those are canonically just weapons rather than part of his arms. Correction. The comic was actually #25: Birth of the Rahaga, when Norik and Iruini storm a Brotherhood fortress to claim the Kanohi Avohkii. Krekka is shown without his tools strangling Iruini before the Toa slams him into a rock wall.
  9. If I'm remembering the piece correctly, there should be a hole at the top that goes all the way down through that axle hole. The head might be in the way, but a paperclip or some other narrow stick should be able to slide down through and push the axle out. Even a minifig lightsaber blade or similar piece should do the trick.
  10. Their transformation was not normal by any means. The lightning from the Red Star isn't the same as a Toa Stone, so it resulted in their bodies becoming some weird new design. This is made clearer by the fact that their bodies had other weird properties, like glowing faces, elemental energy intertwined with lightning, etc. When they became Toa Mahri, their transformation was under the Ignika's jurisdiction, so they had no say in that instance either.
  11. You're about two days behind. This already got shared on Wednesday, but since yours was the first I saw, thanks for sharing.
  12. *looks at topic title, assumes MI is talking about pre-owned sets* *reads first post and sees he means sealed sets, rather than unsealed* I've only bought a few sealed ones long after their retirement, but the best way I've found is either going to a convention and scoring one there and being able to make a bit of a bargain, or at my job (Bricks & Minifigs), where people trade in their old stuff and sometimes bring in sealed sets. Most of the online values are just a bit excessive for me, plus you have to pay shipping.
  13. No worries. We usually just refer to the story arcs by their year of release (i.e. Metru Nui is '04-'05, Bara Magna is '09-'10, etc). But anyway, as mentioned above, if you want more info, definitely give BS01 a lookthrough, or read through the Biological Chronicle compendium. Both good sources, one if you want loads of interconnected information, the other if you want a nice, streamlined approach to the story. Highly recommended.
  14. I've been slowly piecing together complete collections of all the masks and krana and kraata, so those there are very interesting to me. However, it's hard to tell which ones are what from the picture. Would it be possible to take another picture (or multiple closeups) of them all organized in groups of their specific color so I can figure out exactly which ones I don't have? Scratch that. Technology wasn't cooperating with me for a minute there. I got the full size picture loaded now. Will send PM shortly.
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