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  1. Does anybody know why Makuta is shown with a Vahi? Was it meant to be his in an early version of the story? And if this video was meant to announce Bionicle, why did it use what I guess were prototypes of the Toa?
  2. But it can't even be the eve when we still have ten months of this year to go. No, it was all in 2001. I think you're mistaking the fact that the NA release of sets was further into the year than it was in Europe. In 2000, Slizer/Throwbot sets were still being released, in case you don't know.
  3. I'm not sure how 2020 can be the 20th anniversary of a line that started in 2001.
  4. A slightly weak reason for it given that 'Tohunga' was already the term for them as one people. I can't check right now, but I think Koran and Koronan are used a bit interchangeably throughout the MNOLG, I'm not sure if a big *change* happened with that.
  5. Probably the second and the similarity to Matoro is just coincidence.
  6. Just as a fan project or as actual films? And don't we already have a series of Bionicle films?
  7. Thanks for this. Do you know much about the challenge rooms?
  8. Takanuva: Possibly a mix between Maori taka- "sense of revolution" and Ido nuva "new" Takutanuva: A mix between Maori tākuta "doctor" and Ido nuva "new" I think these characters' names derive from the names of the characters they came from: Takanuva = Takua + Nuva (Takua became a Toa who looked like a Nuva) and Takutanuva = Takanuva + Makuta (the characters who fused to form him). Plus Maori wasn't being used by 2003.
  9. At the same time, calling Bionicle 'a worldwide IP own(ed) by a global company' seems to mean he doesn't have much control over whether that happens, and 'reaching for the impossible' doesn't make it sound like it's exactly going to be easy.
  10. I think the problem was the opposite. For 2001-4, the characters mostly stayed the same - Tahu and co, Vakama and co, the Matoran, and Makuta. It was from around 2005-6 that all these other characters and places appeared, mostly in the books, that had had no presence at all in the early years. So the story in later years often got almost unrecognisable from how it had been in the early years. I think this might explain a lot of the divide you mentioned.
  11. It's almost like there were two Bionicle lines - the first years (or year) with rich media, charming and memorable characters, an interesting sense of mystery, then all the following years with very complex and overserious story, overcrowded cast, and most of the media that isn't the books being non-canon. Even www.bionicle.com doesn't lead anywhere now.
  12. I've always wanted to know who was really at fault here. Did Saffire/Sapphire just take too long, or were Lego unrealistic in expecting a whole game to be completely ready in less than a year?
  13. It's been suggested that that image is from the game, but I have doubts about that because it looks like a shot from a cutscene and the game's three cutscenes don't include Makuta. Do we know for sure that the game would've had the Makuta scene? I think the main problem was that it wasn't going to be finished in time for the year it was meant to be about and the sets it was meant to advertise.
  14. I think it's unkind to tease us this long. Can't he just say what he's got planned?
  15. I think it's a bit funny how what they planned was often more elaborate than what appeared in the final game, like Ga-Matoran and Po-Matoran also showing up at the Kini-Nui battle.
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