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  1. I think you forgot to convert your units there. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, not per hour (it's 671 million mph), so time dilation even at that speed would be completely unnoticeable. -
  2. KopakaKurahk


    David, say the...say the thing. Say the "Allons-y" thing. -
  3. Your entry needs more commas. Or fewer run-on sentences. -KK
  4. KopakaKurahk

    Akano's Comics

    When you said you had a new comic up and that I should see it, I didn't think it would be based on a conversation at my expense; however, if I had to pick conversations at my expense around which to base a comic, it'd be that one.
  5. KopakaKurahk

    Ponies Premiere

    I just about lost it when Pinkie Pie unzipped her Fluttershy costume. Was not expecting that at all. What was the deal with Rainbow Dash? She was kinda ridiculous in these episodes. The songs were very mediocre in my opinion. I liked the history song (whatever it was called), but the phrases that ended with the word "history" felt awkward due to having fewer syllables. Also, I miss Discord.
  6. KopakaKurahk

    Sandy Update 3

    Better or worse than a sandstorm? I would call it Drizzle, personally... I say we rename that ability to Torrential Downpour (and now I'm reminded of Asian Civ).
  7. Or a mansion inside of a witch's lair conspicuously close to the house of a bear and bird. And I definitely read this in Homestarrunner's voice (I think it's the Halloween 'toons getting to my head).This set is pretty rockin'. I just noticed the album covers and newspapers in this review. Are those also sticker pieces?I can't wait to see this when we're all back home again.
  8. KopakaKurahk

    Sandy Update 3

    Better or worse than a sandstorm?
  9. I'm going to be that guy that corrects you by saying that it should be denser, not heavier. Also, on a more serious note, have we ever had objects just spontaneously glow by converting mass into energy, or has glowing only happened due to a chemical reaction of some kind (e.g. fusion of a star, fluorescence, etc.)? KopakaKurahk
  10. KopakaKurahk

    Ask Akano

    When the whippoorwill whippoors in the wind, can the wind whippoor back? KopakaKurahk
  11. I don't know what I would blog about; my life's pretty boring as of now. KopakaKurahk
  12. You should venture here every so often, so random people don't comment on how you haven't been here for a while. :P

  13. Wow, I haven't seen anything that shows you existed for such a long time. Glad to see you have been on within the last 5 months. :P

    1. Tenebrae Invictus

      Tenebrae Invictus

      wow I shocked myself seeing my own message

  14. I remember seeing that on a Lego catalog in 2001. Boy does that bring back memories . . . KopakaKurahk
  15. KopakaKurahk

    Bionicle 2010

    As a reply to Mr. Farshtey's view on Vakama's betrayal, I feel that, although it made little sense with his loyalty to Lhikan, Time Trap would not have had as good of a plot had things played out differently, but that's just me. KopakaKurahk
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