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  1. IC: The dust settled and Sulov felt through it, grasped the wreckage whimper into place. Knocked down. The only building left stored Stannis, and Korero, and whatever had put Oreius in a Le-Koro hospital. God. He hunched slightly in a moment. Scanned and caught the opening they'd made in the warehouse. Jagged like a bombed hive, holding something like Nui-Rama, outside an Ussalman and his friends about to charge in and die so that others may live. Except they'd all lived. (Isn't Destiny nice like that?) He did not think they'd live this time because of Destiny or lucky timing or the fact that the guy in charge of the opposition just decided to head out. They'd live this time because they did this together, Leah set up and he knocked down and Reo cleaned up, and they played to win. So that Reo and Iset and Oreius may live. He straightened, drew the pistol, absorbed the pillars in his path, stepped into line beside his friends. Then forward.
  2. Hrrrrnnggh Colonel, I'm trying to sneak around, but I'm checking in back here instead. Digging the end of the arc and especially the wrap-up content--it makes me genuinely happy to see Sulov written with emotion. I look forward to seeing where y'all take things from here, and maybe getting involved again in some capacity (without quite so lengthy absences). I would be glad to touch base with anyone and everyone.
  3. IC: Sulov flicks his eyes toward Leah. He doesn't know what he can say, but he thinks he understands how she feels. He missed having someone around who knew the Reordin behind the sardonic counterpart to Stannis; someone who watched his back, against anything from Rahkshi to Makuta; someone who sensed the feelings of others--power to detect intent notwithstanding--and could accurately respond with an admixture of words. He mostly just missed having a friend. He would like to knuckle her like he does Reordin but quickly decides to save it for later. Now is not the time to be so unrestrained. So he puts his head down, then up in a slow mirror of Leah's gesture, not affirmation inasmuch as reciprocity.
  4. IC: The living GPS has the sudden and entirely unexpected feeling that someone, somewhere, has just compared him to an object. He eyes Korero inscrutably. "...Let's get them in the loop," Sulov continues, holding out a hand.
  5. IC: Sulov answers almost before the question has left Korero's mouth. "Ta-Koro--Magma Lounge, Po-Koro--his house."
  6. IC: Cero swallowed. He had known something was off about Esen since the start--in fact, there had been nothing about Esen that was normal since the start. But there was abnormality and there was aberration. The look in her eyes was nowhere near natural, nowhere near excitement to survive; she looked more excited to predate. That was far worse than terror could have been, and he had now idea how she obtained it. He knew now the good news, that sending her to fight against a dozen men would not result in her death. The bad news was that it might well result in worse. Still, there was no time, and there was only Kyle ahead and defeat at his back, so all Cero said was "Copy that" and he all he did was slink toward the door, readying himself for the next phase of the plan.
  7. IC: Gavarm caught Leli's start, piercing through her words to something else, but made no physical or verbal response other than a sudden intensifying of his eyes. He shook his head. "Ah'd hoped we could have a chat regardin' his status, but Ah suppose we can talk about him later. Y'all could do wid some tahm b'tween friends." He pivoted to go, smiling. "Thanks fer th' help. Ah'll jes' see if Ah can fahnd him and solve some such problems mahself. Later, ol' sports." Gavarm walked out.
  8. IC: Gavarm smiled. "Thought Ah'd check in after hearin' about th' Dark Walk. But more importantly, Ah'd lahk to talk to one o' yer boys, and he don't seem to be 'round HQ. Any clue on th' whereabouts o' Gyn Kirsug?"
  9. IC: "Thanks, Tarnok--howdy, Leli." Gavarm entered, easy smile on face and hand extended for a shake.
  10. The Era of the Newman has ended. But the Homeboy Dynasty is just beginning.
  11. Indubitably, of all sentences ever uttered, that is among the most sickoning. But happy birthday, Konuju.
  12. IC: Sulov automatically disengages at the sound of his name, turning to face Korero. He does not know enough etiquette to know if a sit or stand is appropriate, but he accepts that ignorance without loss and assumes his typical upright stance with limbs rigid. He is still. He is too emotional to display anything but aloofness. "Yes. You have information."
  13. IC: Piedra's excitement was undiminished. It had simply transmuted from the anticipation of an angler with a bite to one who had hooked a shark. A group for each mini-nose? Pokemon? The opposition was stepping up. Piedra had to play this carefully if it wanted to survive intact. "Alacrity" was the watchword. It drew the two noses back in different directions, circling them toward the limit of its control. It waited a few seconds before flinging the final mini-nose into the mix, Discharging between both groups. Then it sent the others to sandwich the parties between the new and old, and moved itself farther back. The Pokemon-wielding search parties moved farther, coming a step closer to the noses, and then Piedra pulled another trick and moved everything back again. It was holding them. It was unbearably "hot," threatening to erupt at any moment with the pent-up energy of both sides; each passing second was another step forward for the enemy, and a Probopass didn't have the speed to outrun its pursuers in a drawn-out race. But guided by magnetism, hidden by foliage, hindering and distracting its foes as much as it could without seeming an obvious trap, Piedra was holding them. It could hold a little longer. Faintly, it wondered about its trainer. ... Cero didn't remember what "cathartic" meant. Going by context alone, though, he guessed a good fit would be "suicidal." He frowned. Not a good plan of attack. Yet the alternative was a back door, something that wasn't guaranteed to exist or be an easy find, something that would take time. They didn't have time. The Signs looked like they were leaving, and they'd probably want to take Kyle with them or get rid of him; meanwhile, Cero's team grew more endangered the longer it stuck its neck out to grab Kyle back. Did he want the mission to fail, or did he want to risk the life of someone he wanted to help? He couldn't phone a superior even if he wanted. He and Esen and Kyle and everybody here was too deep over his or her head. All he could do was fulfill the first priority. He could complete the mission. "Take them," he stated reluctantly. At least Esen wanted this. At least it could only be a minute before Kyle was back on his feet. At least... "We'll catch up to you stat."
  14. IC: Sulov read Leah and Korero in the cards, but hearing their footsteps in the Kimi is a crevasse from them, and their impact only comes with the revelation of their presences in the here and now. An oasis appears in his vision of the desert. He gets up, quiet and stately, and strides to the others before giving them a gentle hug.
  15. IC: "Ah kin agree with that. What we all need is a dose of th' truth."
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