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  1. So I have some mask ideas: Kanohi Zetax, the Mask of Mental Return Allows the user to "return," so-to-speak, to a past version of their mind. The effect of the use of this mask is permanent. The user forgets everything from the "return-point" on. Basic knowledge of the five w's are still retained. Some beings could use this to carve out a new life for themselves. An example of use would be a toa (Canon example Lesovikk) who is very traumatized by event X. If they had this mask, they could "erase" all memories form that moment on. Kanohi Eupho (Ay-foe), the Mask of Emotional Override Allows the user to "implant" their emotions into another being or beings ("Victim(s)"). The mask is always on at a low level. Ex: a very angry makuta could make a toa feel nothing but wrath. Kanohi Borili, the Mask of Shapeshifting Allows the user to temporarily completely shapeshift into any living being, object, or thing (toa, rock, vahki, respectively), given that they're on the planet at the time of shapeshifting. The kanohi also allows the user to temporarily gain access of the "victim's" powers and element, overriding the user's powers and element. The kanohi also changes shape to match the being's mask, but it doesn't change power. Basically, if the being exists on the planet at the time of use, it can be shapeshifted into. Restrictions: -Requires focus -Mass of "victim" cannot exceed 1.5 times that of user -The victim cannot be the only one of its kind or the last of its species -Size alteration and reconstitution/mutation of existing beings is inhibited by the mask -The mask takes about a day to "recharge" the life energy used to shapeshift and/or change size. --Shapeshifting back does not take life energy and can therefore be done in the same day I don't know. I tried to not make the mask too overpowered. Also, can there theoretically be a failsafe in the mask that prevents conjunction with an Inakko and a Kenalgi?
  2. So, I know the EM is ALMOST all "do what you want, it's open for interpretation", but can we theoretically name the Clysmax fragments and shard moons? I have a near-complete list (with my suggested prefixes for ones that are TBD) of names if you want me to post it. An example would be this: Ga-Clysmax is the water fragment. It's alternate name is Galon, and its inhabitants are known as Galonians. If the list IS wanted, I'll post it and we can (I'm sure) deliberate it here. But I'm sure that's for Bonesiii to decide.
  3. Xanthorp

    Cryoshell Sheet Music?

    I'd be forever grateful if you did so. I've been looking for a couple of months now. Please do so!
  4. Would writing a songfic count for this? Or does it have to have something else to do with music?
  5. Name: XanthorpTheme: Character StoryWord Count: 460Story: The Oncologist“Doctor Livingstone, I presume?”[/font]“You presume correctly, Mr.” the doctor checked his charts, “Wagner. And I’m assuming that you think you have cancer?”[/font]“Yes. It feels like something is bulging against my stomach. Can you help me?”[/font]“Of course I can, but it may take awhile,” the doctor looked at his watch, revealing part of a crown-esque tattoo. “It’s 2:45 sir. Do you have about forty-five minutes?”[/font]“I’ve got time. Tell me, doctor,” Mr. Wagner started.[/font]“Yes?”[/font]“I caught a glimpse of a tattoo on your wrist. If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly is it of?”[/font]“It’s a wolf wearing the Crown of Her Majesty the Queen, Natasha.”[/font]“I’m also detecting an accent. Are you from Russia?”[/font]“The Ukraine. But very good, sir. My parents were born there while I was born here. The Lupum Coróna is a good luck tattoo for prosperity, fertility, and happiness. Now let’s get you into the MRI.”[/font]--[/font]The last few months had been rough for Doctor Jay Livingstone. One of his clients, Madame Weller, had passed because of a hepatocellular carcinoma, or liver cancer. The grieving process was hard, they were close, practically best friends-[/font]A man bumped into the barstool next to him and knocked his fedora down.[/font]Because he didn’t have any other close friends, besides William, Madame Weller’s attorney, who was out of town, he couldn’t bring it up to many people. So he decided to drown out his misery with a double-shot of bourbon.[/font]How does a thirty-seven-year-old become an eighty-nine-year-old’s oncologist?[/font] He thought. [/font]I’m not all-English, either. Yet I’m rumored to be the best in the land. But best what? Best looking? Most concerned? Most congenial?[/font]“You a doctor?” The drunk asked, a bit of vomit running down his lip.[/font]“Yeah, and...?”[/font]“I don’ feel so good.”[/font]“Why don’t you go to the bathroom and puke. Your drink will still be here.”[/font]“Thanks,” said the drunk man.[/font]Livingstone ran out the door, having left a twenty pound note on the counter.[/font]--[/font]Jay’s pale skin glistened in the moonlight, his dark lips standing out on his face. His black overcoat covering his suit, he walked to another building and knocked three times.[/font]“Password.”[/font]“Hérok.” His mother’s maiden name.[/font]The panel slid closed and the door opened, revealing his hideaway.[/font]His cache of computers was well-hidden. The rest of his family would never suspect that [/font]he[/font], of all people, was the one blackmailing them.[/font]--[/font]“Well, Mr. Wagner, it’s not cancer.”[/font]“That’s good news. Thank you, Doc!”[/font]“But I have a favor to ask of you, something important. I’ve seen your... record. I need you to break into something for me.”[/font]“Sure, anything. What’ll it be, boss?”[/font]Livingstone adjusted his fedora, showing a bloodred feather.[/font]“The Federal Archives building.”[/font]
  6. Name: XanthorpTheme: The LegacyWord Count: 574Story: The Forgotten HeroHe may not have been the cruelest, the bravest, or the wisest, but he was definitely the most cunning. He was a Warlord. He and his five fellow allies had ruled the world. They all thought he was loyal to the cause. But he betrayed them for a common good, the people of the universe. He had sold his soul to the devil. And that devil was the Makuta plague.[/font]When he was normal, he ruled the southwest region of the universe. His armies were extremely loyal, but not by choice. In fact, he had hypnotized all of his forces, making them extremely obedient, enough to risk their lives for him. they would not fail him.[/font]But right as their plan was about to succeed, the Brotherhood came. A fierce battle followed, faction against faction, blood spilling everywhere, but the seven leaders were safe, negotiating peace.[/font]Peace was not possible. They staged a coup of the ruler of the known universe, and so the six traitors had to pay, even the traitor in their midst. Their heads were to be severed off of their necks and served on a platter to Teridax. But at the last minute, a monstrous being appeared and brought all of his comrades to a large prison, which they realized was called the Pit.[/font]--[/font]The robed being moved to the window in his topmost room of the tower, overlooking Spherus Magna. [/font]That was so long ago, a time nearly forgotten[/font], he thought. His tower was built on the husk of a castle in the northernmost region of Spherus Magna. As such, it ‘s view was not spectacular. The most interesting thing he could see was a patch of green on the horizon. The rest was all just desert with a river snaking through it. He turned back to reflecting on his history.[/font]--[/font]In the Pit he stayed for several thousand years, sitting in his cell, always bored. But then came the giant earthquake. Something crashed into the prison, flooding it with some sort of seawater. But upon contact, he and his fellow inmates began changing. Their bodies began adapting to an underwater world. Then, the jail flooded and cracked, allowing the prisoners to break free. He had been the first one out, and “explored” the ocean water to find a sunken city below the waves. Upon seeing this, he swam back as fast as he could to try to get the “gang” back together; they had been separated for millennia. He has assisted in the torment of the matoran there, almost torturing them.[/font]But then he was employed by the Order. His mission, along with a completely new team, was to seek out the original leader of the Brotherhood, Makuta Miserix. While he was distracted on Artidax, where they had found Miserix some time later, his team’s boat left, stranding him on the island. Some time later still, he confronted three toa who had come to the island to blow up the entire visorak army. Hypnotizing them, he fled in the boat on which the toa had come.[/font]He had heard some rumbling in the universe, and thought [/font]not this again.[/font] But then a giant hole was ripped from the sky, showing the inhabitants a desert world, to which they all fled.[/font]--[/font]And the rest, as they say, is history[/font]. He smiled, an evil grin on a calm exterior.[/font]He was Takadox, Barraki warlord, and they would hear his roar.[/font]
  7. I had to severely edit mine in order to make it fit the word count. But, anyway, here it is!Member Name: XanthorpTheme: UltimatumWord Count: 524Story: Let The Will Be DoneShe was dying. She had known this for several months. The cancer was spreading throughout her body like the plague. Yet, surprisingly, she had not written her will yet. But it was time for her to face the truth. She was unable to stop it. She slid off of her bed and tidied it up. After all, it may be the last time she would lay in it. She looked out of the highest window of the Castle Weller, then sat down at her writing desk. She started writing...[/font]--[/font]Grace Delamere-Weller[/font]Castle Weller[/font]1 Long Road[/font]Brighton[/font]England[/font] The Last Will and Testament of Grace Delamere-Weller[/font]I, Grace Delamere-Weller, certify that I am of sound mental health and contractual capacity. I also confirm that I am not under duress or undue influence to write this will.[/font]Furthermore, I hereby revoke all other wills and codicils I may have previously executed.[/font]I appoint my son, Lucas James Weller, as the executor of this will.[/font]I empower the executor to pay all of my funeral, debts, taxes, and other expenses.[/font]I authorize the executor to sell my home and belongings, except for the following:[/font] -My cocobolo writing desk is to go to my son, Jacob Wilhelm Weller[/font] -My bed is to go to my daughter, Natalie Mikaela Weller[/font] -My custom bloodwood bicycle is to go to my grandson, Lance Thomas Weller[/font]My assets shall be divided as follows:[/font] -My loving son Lucas is to receive twenty percent (20%) should he survive me. [/font] -My loving son-[/font]--[/font]Her writing was interrupted by a knock on the door, followed by two men entering. One man was wearing a white lab coat and a suit underneath, while the other had a suit on and a black briefcase in his left hand.[/font]“Jay, William,” she said, addressing each man respectively. “You are just in time to witness my will.[/font]“Madam,” said the Doctor, Jay. “I am in no condition to-”[/font]“Silence, Doctor Livingstone. There must be two witnesses to the will. Continue, mistress,” Said Mr. Starr.[/font]“Stay in here. Please,” Grace started.[/font]--[/font] -My loving son Jacob is to receive twenty percent (20%) should he survive me.[/font] -My loving daughter Natalie is to receive twenty percent (20%) should she survive me.[/font] -My loving grandson Lance is to receive twenty percent (20%) should he survive me.[/font] -The remaining twenty percent (20%) shall go to my cousins, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters, if they have not received money, including the alternative beneficiaries, in equal shares, per stirpes.[/font] [/font]If there are any other assets remaining in my estate including but not limited to real property, personal property, causes of action or any other assets, of whatsoever nature and wheresoever situate, I give, bequeath and devise such residue to my cousin, Regno Daniel Weller. [/font]My executor shall be paid and/or reimbursed for any and all expenses. The pay shall be a reasonable fee such as is ordinarily charged in the community for services of similar complexity and nature.[/font]--[/font]“Come, madam,” said William, “And let the will be done.”[/font]The two men escorted her back to her bed where she fell asleep never to wake again.[/font]
  8. Member Name: XanthorpTheme: Alternate UniverseWord Count: 535Story: The Emerald City of GoldThis was starting to get annoying. He was a Toa of Light, and he can’t even get to one location. Takanuva activated the Olmak and stepped through another dimensional rift.[/font]--[/font]He appeared in a large city. But it couldn’t be just a city. It had to be the center of a kingdom. It had a giant pyramid, or rather, a ziggurat, in what he assumed was the center of the metropolis.[/font]The sight astounded him. He was standing on solid protogold. Slightly underneath, he saw what looked like tiny veins running through in intricate patterns. He bent down and scratched the area. Suddenly, a pool of green appeared, and he heard an eerie moan. He looked at the green. It was almost like a crystal, but it was liquid. [/font]Since when is a crystal a liquid,[/font] he asked himself.[/font]He decided to make his way to the back alleys, and from there, he crept towards the center of the city.[/font]The odd thing was, he couldn’t see any signs of inhabitants.[/font]--[/font]Little did he know that the inhabitants were in their houses. Some looking out of their windows, they were afraid of the intruder.[/font]And then they got the holo-message.[/font]--[/font]Almost to the ancient-looking step pyramid, Takanuva started to grow weary. He felt like something was draining his energy. He almost thought that he wouldn’t be able to keep going. But he pushed on.[/font]He stopped to take a look at the ancient archetecture before him. He was now on one of the main streets, several bio wide. To his right were stone houses, in some of which he saw some movement of shadows. on his left were grass huts, also with movement in them. He looked behind him and noticed that the entire city looked like the sum of millenia of effort, and, what seemed to be the culmination of a very mathematial formula. The distance between the houses and huts, the slope of the road he was on, the angle of adjacent side roads, they all varied, like some sort of equation.[/font]He was almost to the pyramid. This, too, was very precise with its own measurements. As the day progressed, it seemed to an onlooker to follow the sun.[/font]Takanuva looked down and saw the emerald veins [/font]led[/font] to the step pyramid. He led his gaze to just the side of the ziggurat, expecting to see nothing out of place. He was surprised to see that the pyramid glowed with a green aura.[/font]He started up the golden staircase embedded into the side of the colossus, and stopped. Now it didn’t feel as if he was out of energy. In fact, he felt invigorated.[/font]--[/font]At the top of the pyramid, he looked down and saw all of the inhabitants at the bottom, amassed in a crowd, bowing down to him.[/font]“Why do you bow to me,” he asked. “Who do you think I am?”[/font]“My Lord,” said a being, most likely the elder of the village, “You are a light-bearer, and have made your way to the top of the Pyramid of Light.”[/font]The entire crowd gasped when he disappeared in a sudden flash of white.[/font]Takanuva was now in Karda Nui.[/font]
  9. Member name: XanthorpTheme: Amor Omnia VincitWord Count: 519Story:Love Lifts UsNick was so excited for the Turnabout dance. The one where the girls ask the boys. Jessica, “the hot girl” that everyone talked about, had asked [/font]him[/font].[/font]This was a complete change of fate. One moment, he was taking notes for Biology, when a scrap of paper flew over his shoulder and landed on his notes. It was the size and shape of a paper football, and he unfolded it to see what it was all about.[/font]Inside, written in purple gel pen, were the words “Nick, will you go with me to the dance? -Jessica”[/font]--[/font]Jessica was grateful for the chance to be nice to someone. Poor Nick. He was always picked on. He was a [/font]very[/font] intelligent person, but was ridiculed because of it. Whenever someone jeered at him, called him a nerd, she always imagined their words as being rotten tomatoes being thrown at him.[/font]She had this plan set into motion for a year. Because he was so intelligent and observant-- and tended to over-describe things-- he was thought to be gay. So, in order to stop these rumors, she began hanging out with him. He was a great guy to know-- smart, good-looking, congenial, a bit of a grammar nazi (but that was fine with her), athletic, the list goes on.[/font]But best of all, he wrote. And that’s why he looked at the world differently. For him, something wasn’t just [/font]orange[/font]. It was [/font]pumpkin orange[/font] or [/font]deep royal neon orange[/font].[/font]--[/font]Word spread around Adams High like a forest fire, and not moments after the bell rang, Tyler heard about it.[/font]He was the one Freshman who everyone else wanted to strangle. He thought that the entire universe revolved around him. It didn’t take a genius to tell him that the center of the universe is ever-changing.[/font]In short, he was an all around j.e.r.k.[/font]--[/font] [/font]On the day of the dance, Nick’s heart was pounding. He could hardly control himself, and couldn’t wait to see Jessica. There was going to be a before and after party at Tyler’s house. He honestly didn’t want to go, but Jessica said her twin sister, Renee, would be his date.[/font]When he got to Tyler’s house, however, he thought that he was overdressed.[/font]“Nicholas, you didn’t need to wear a suit,” commented Renee. “Jess is inside. She’s hard to miss.”[/font]And hard to miss, she was. She wore a fire engine red dress that was very voluminous. When she saw him in his ocean blue suit, she grinned and cantered on over to him.[/font]“I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE DANCE!” Screamed Tyler.[/font]--[/font]At the dance, They danced nonstop for over an hour. By then, Nick had to go to the bathroom. He told Jess & left to relieve himself.[/font]But Jess knew that she did not have long for this world. She was dying, and fast, so she took out a notepad and wrote “Because I love you. -Jess” in her purple gel pen. When Nick saw this, he ran out of the dance and jumped off of the four-story-tall bridge. They now have each other in the afterlife.[/font]~~~~[/font]Note: The ending went totally different than I expected. But that's writing, you know?[/font]
  10. My epic is taking FOREVERRRR....

  11. Xanthorp


    I enjoy sci-fi stories, as one is no different. The title is excellent. Bloodic. Like "Blood. Ick." It's a catchy title, and it caught my attention dead-on. The dimensional transport at the beginning was a nice touch. The gravity shifting in the "crazy awful dimension" was good as well. Mercenaries, hmm? Again, grabs my attention. Almost as if a building was on fire and was calling "Heyy! Look at me! I'm dancing!" Onto the blog entry. Millions of years old? Time flies when you're reviewing. But honestly, I'm not hip to the story taking place that far into the future. But then again, it's a matter of personal preference. However, I like the fable-esque ring to the entry, and the moral as well. I like how it seems as if Giamarck and Yotar (And possibly some other characters as well) know/know of the author, Monosmith. I'm just going to go ahead and assume that Bloodic is some sort of radioactive element. IDES is an acronym, right? What does it stand for? Inter-Dimensional Entrail Society? Anyway, I like the snow white reference, and it shows how the little things aren't forgotten over the years. The part about the gun and how Giamarck uses it sheds some light on his character. Like the entirety of your story, I love how the team makes a plan to just hop right on into the floor they need. But why is Yotar such a pessimist? It's kind of annoying. I feel bad for Leng, what with his limp and all. The fungus was another nice touch. I sort of expected something ferocious with tentacles to come and attack him. Thump. An eerie noise and an implied doom. Captivating! Overall, great story so far, and I can't wait for the continuation. P.S.: Sorry for the really long review, but in my mind it was thorough. See you around!
  12. Member Name: Mayboy189Theme: FlightWord Count: 417Story: The New KadinNuparu loved his new mask. He thanked Mata Nui every single hour for it.[/font]But what made him love it more is the looks of envy he got from Kongu.[/font]What? It wasn’t his fault he got his mask. Blame the Red Star’s lightning.[/font]He inhaled deeply, feeling the wind splash his mask.[/font]He loved flying. At first he hated it. He was a Toa of Earth. Why should he be able to fly? When he was a matoran, he hardly ever went above ground. Now, he was literally above the ground.[/font]--[/font]With Kongu sitting on a rock, staring at Nuparu’s aerobatics, he wished he could fly. Once, a couple of months back, Toa Lewa had given him a ride. He thoroughly enjoyed the exhilaration, and yearned to fly once more. But, alas, he could not. Yes, he was a Toa of Air, but he did not have a Miru, or, what he most coveted, the Kadin.[/font]--[/font]Nuparu noticed Kongu’s depressed look. He did a loop-the-loop and landed, right in front of Kongu.[/font]He looked up from the rock, and stopped poking the worm near him. “What do you want,” he asked, quite annoyed. “Here to rub it in again?”[/font]“Only if you want me to. But I was [/font]going[/font] to ask if you wanted to fly.”[/font]“Can you handle the weight of both of us?”[/font]“Of course I can,” Nuparu said, pompous as ever.[/font]He then created a high column of mud and soil, upon which both were standing. A slight breeze kicked in, the air being blown into their faces.[/font]“Do you honestly hate me for what I am,” Nuparu asked suddenly.[/font]“How can I? It’s not like you asked Karzahni for a Kadin when we were in his realm.”[/font]Nuparu shuddered with the thought. “The Land of Nightmares and Death,” he quoted.[/font]“I didn’t know you read the ancient texts.”[/font]“They were in the archives, practically carved into the wall.”[/font]“Anyway, he probably just grabbed a random mask and put it on you.”[/font]“He’s a lunatic. Thinking he can ‘fix’ us.”[/font]“You really think so?” Kongu asked.[/font]“Let’s get started on that ‘flying’ you mentioned earlier. Think you can handle your stomach?”[/font]“We’ll see if I can’t,” Kongu replied. “No, really. We’ll be able to see it falling.”[/font]--[/font]The feeling of flight, like always, was exciting.[/font]You know, because it’s so fun to get whipped in the face with air.[/font]But it was always a feeling of freedom that overcame all.[/font]
  13. Oh my goodness. all this sci-fi! I love it! I'm probably addicted. It's a very good concept for a series, and your writing style is unique. I love all of the "it lives on..." parts, what with the memories of the makuta, or their antidermis itself. So much more to say, so little time to say it!
  14. Love the VNOLG Ignika design, and this is WAY better! I agree. It looks kind of awkward curving forwards.Nonetheless, it's still amazing!And the main "head part" of it always reminds me of a Great Huna...
  15. The Shadow of the Past was a real killer for me. It's epic.Good luck to all, and may the odds be ever in your favor.
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