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    I love a LOT of things.

    Halo, Super Smash Bros, LEGO, BIONICLE, NINJAGO 2011, Stop-Motion Movies, Star Wars, Nintendo, Portal "The cake is a lie!",Lord of the Rings, MLP, Doctor Who and much more!

    I'm also a furry uwu

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  1. Precisely what I was going to say! Krika seems to be the sharpest, in my opinion. So spiny. Love the design and colors though.
  2. And the durg shows up once again x3

  3. Wow. I actually remembered my password to this site XD Good to see it's still running^^

  4. I...really don't know what to say. I'm stunned, honestly XD To actually have it return after all this time, it seems surreal. I haven't the money to buy them all like I used to, but it seems legends cannot die as easily as we thought X3 Continue on, BIONICLE! Unity, Duty, Destiny! :3
  5. Happeh Birthdai, BZP! This site carries a lot of wonderful memories for me, and though I only visit rarely, it always means a lot to me. May this site go strong for years to come ^w^
  6. This is really rather exciting X3 Being a huge fan of MINECRAFT and LEGO, I've always adored the minisets. Now, knowing that they will be minifigure scale, it's like a billion times more elating.
  7. The small size yet amount of pieces is stunning. It is very stable and I am loving those hands.^^
  8. NINJAAAAAGOOOOO!!!! *spins*

  9. You should check out my NINJAGO RPG. I think you would like it.

  10. I just put this together a while ago and always wanted to share it. It's the Floating Ruins from Ninjago in Minecraft. It's alright...for my noobish days. (Don't know if this is in the right place.) http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/ToaKanar/BNG/Avatars/2013-01-12_17.41.04.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/ToaKanar/BNG/Avatars/2013-01-12_17.41.15.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/ToaKanar/BNG/Avatars/2013-01-12_17.41.51.png Hope the links work.
  11. I do not quite have the money to donate...but my prayers go out to them.
  12. The rough parts of life simply help us enjoy the smooth parts more.

  13. Ah...I think that is a true statement. No one really knows about what will happen in the future, so this is a very reasonable answer. Not really anything new.I do hope it returns in glory, though.
  14. Real life Kohlii equipment and definately the shadow leech gummies. Maybe even squid gummies... A Tatorahk plush would also be nice.Oh, and that Daft Punk-style Hau Gata spoke of.
  15. I prefer to think of it as a magical "science"..thinking BIONICLE too far in and explaining everything within logical bounds ruins the feel of it really.
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