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  1. Its so surreal that this is beginning to closely resemble my headcanon as to how G1 and G2 were connected :0 brilliant work!
  2. I absolutely love this! A very intriguing beginning with Vakama, and I love the sense of finality this is giving me so far.
  3. So that raises the question as to why Lhikan lost all of his energy making six Toa stones, while the Toa Metru didn't. It might have something to do with how the Metru were rookie Toa, so they had a larger reserve at their disposal. Or something like that. Well each individual Toa Metru only made one stone, whereas Lhikan made six. So that raises the question as to why Lhikan lost all of his energy making six Toa stones, while the Toa Metru didn't. It might have something to do with how the Metru were rookie Toa, so they had a larger reserve at their disposal. Or something like that. Well each individual Toa Metru only made one stone, whereas Lhikan made six. Basically, Lhikan had to use more Toa Power since he was on his own, but the Toa Metru got to conserve Toa Power because there were 6 of them, and each only had to make one.
  4. Exactly, and the Toa Nuva still had their Toa Power after completing their destiny. I mean, there wasnt any point in the story at all when the Toa Nuva ever used their Toa Power.
  5. Well the canonical reason why Lhikann didnt become a Turaga right away was because he didnt complete his destiny until the Toa Stones were actually used. A Toa becomes a Turaga when they achieve their destiny and choose to sacrifice their Toa power. However, they become a Turaga against their will once they achieve their destiny and their Toa Energy had already been depleted. So since Lhikan already used up all his Toa Power before achieving his destiny, he automatically became a Turaga as soon as it was acheived (the moment the Metru were transformed into Toa). Makes sense right?
  6. I agree that the toa were probably named after their element, but the other part of the theory could be true.Despite the fact that the elemental prefixes were used for quite a while before the creation of the Toa Mata? I dunno, seems a bit illogical to me. I think it makes more sense that legends of the Toa evolved from accounts of the various adventures the Toa had when undergoing their training/ before they went to the codrex. I mean, thats how the Av Matoran got the legends, no? Av-Matoran got their accounts because the Toa Mata were in Karda-Nui before heading off to the island of Mata-Nui. Fought off a living bolt of lightning among other stuff.The avohkah were part of the adventures I was referring to :0
  7. I agree that the toa were probably named after their element, but the other part of the theory could be true.Despite the fact that the elemental prefixes were used for quite a while before the creation of the Toa Mata? I dunno, seems a bit illogical to me. I think it makes more sense that legends of the Toa evolved from accounts of the various adventures the Toa had when undergoing their training/ before they went to the codrex. I mean, thats how the Av Matoran got the legends, no?
  8. You're forgetting that the Toa's names are derived from the canon elemental prefixes, not the other way around.
  9. What if protodermis is the key? It being a unique substance and all, it could allow things like this to happen (considering Mata Nui was made out of the stuff, and Spherus Magna's core was energized protodermis). Let's remember Greg's quote about the laws of physics and Bionicle. "Real life physics don't apply in BIONICLE, unless scientists discovered Protodermis yesterday and I wasn't told about it." - Greg Farshtey
  10. Foreword Dear reader, Outcasts of Okoto is a story set in the canon G2 Universe (at least at first) which will be told through many mediums, such as a fan-fiction, comic book, and animated shorts. The story-line is developed by me and my two partners, while I handle the actual writing. The fan-fiction's chapters will be posted on this thread for you all to enjoy, and updates with links to the comic books and shorts will be posted here as well. Without further ado, sit back, and enjoy the multi-media experience that is Outcasts of Okoto... From Maks Dudek, head writer of Outcasts of Okoto Prologue On the mythical island of Okoto, villagers lived in harmony. The two brother mask makers, Ekimu and Makuta, provided the inhabitants with sacred Masks of Power. Makuta grew jealous of the constant praise Ekimu received from the villagers, and forged a plan to settle the score. Defying the sacred law of a mask only having one element, Makuta created the Mask of Ultimate Power, the most powerful in existence. When Makuta put on the mask, he was corrupted by it. It was up to Ekimu to stop his brother, or else Okoto would be no more. Ekimu slung his hammer at Makuta, knocking the mask off his face. However, the impact caused a shock wave, and Ekimu was left in the crater that resulted. Ekimu's Mask of Creation, Makuta's Mask of Control, and the Mask of Ultimate Power were scattered all over the island. The leaders of Okoto's six tribes, known as the Protectors, found Ekimu's body in a deep sleep. They laid Ekimu to rest in a tomb, honouring the great mask maker. Years later, Skull Spiders appeared on Okoto, terrorizing the island's inhabitants. A few villagers wish to find another island to escape the Skull Spiders, but the Protectors stand firm in their belief that six Toa will come to save them. The villagers who wish to leave would rather take action than rely on fate. However, they do not want to depart unless they are sure of other lands being habitable. Jalokim and Nahrakk are two such villagers. Jalokim is a villager of the fire tribe, located in the volcanic region of fire. Nahrakk is a villager of the Jungle tribe, which is located in Okoto's dense forests of the jungle region. The two plan to explore the ocean beyond Okoto, searching for other habitable lands, hoping to save their people from the Skull Spiders. ....Little do they know, their lives as villagers are about to end. Chapter One Jalokim woke with a start in his bed. He had quite a strange dream. In it, he saw a gold mask in a locked chamber. The mask had a peculiar design, as it had what looked like a... robot of some sort with its legs on the mask's “mouth”, the arms along its eyes, and the robot's head on the forehead. He saw a portal open in front of the mask. The mask began to glow, and three energy bolts flew out from it and into the portal. Jalokim followed the energy bolts, until another portal opened on the other side. As he and the energy bolts flew out of the other end, he saw an island with dense jungles. Each energy bolt split up, and Jalokim saw that they struck three different Masks of Power. Each mask crackled with electricity, then settled. That was all Jalokim saw before he woke up. I wonder what that was? Some sort of premonition maybe?, Jalokim thought to himself. After pondering it for a few minutes, he decided to dismiss it as just another wild dream brought on by eating before bed. Or from stress. Whatever it was, he planned to avoid it in the future if he could. Avoid stress, yeah right. Not with those Skull Spiders around. Jalokim had a stressful life even before the Skull Spiders entered it. The villager suffered from a mental illness which caused him to hear voices and hallucinate, as well as experience other kinds of delusional episodes. Unfortunately, mental illness ran in the family. It traced all the way back to an ancient ancestor who lived back in the days when the villagers and the mask makers were new to Okoto entirely. Jalokim was not this villager's original name. In fact, the name belonged to the very same relative which the line of mental illness originated from. Jalokim the First was infamous in history, being responsible for many deeds involving the deaths of villagers. Jalokim I was not alone however, he worked with a rogue warrior whose name was forgotten to time. Jalokim the Second chose the name to bring honour to it. He would never make the same mistakes his ancestor did, and Okoto needed a Jalokim which would bring good, not evil. The villager decided to get ready for the day. He made a list in his head of what he had to do. Not too much, by a regular villager's standards, but Jalokim's plans for the future required him to prepare, and preparation took up a lot of the villager's time. So, rather than doing chores all day, Jalokim would be planning his trip with his friend Nahrakk. Nahrakk would be lost without me, that villager rarely seems to think with his head. He relies too much on his emotions to make decisions, Jalokim thought to himself. The villager stepped out of his hut into the centre of the Fire Tribe. The only thing that kept most of the villagers from fleeing Okoto was the belief that the six Toa would one day arrive. Jalokim never liked to just rely on hope, he needed a more... solid solution to his problems. That was precisely why he and Nahrakk had thought of the idea to explore the ocean beyond Okoto for other, safer lands. Well, it was mostly Jalokim's idea, but that was besides the point. Hmm... There doesn't seem to be much more I can do here in the village... Might as well head over to the Jungle region to find Nahrakk. Jalokim almost just up and left the village before remembering he forgot to bring his blade. He would need that in case he ran into any Skull Spiders. Jalokim could be a little scatter-brained at times. The villager went back to his hut to retrieve his blade. It was quite rare for a islander to have a weapon of their own, most of the time they just ran away from the Skull Spiders. However, the original Jalokim was a master swordsman, and this Jalokim thought it logical to be able to defend himself with those pesky mind controlling bugs around. The blade was relatively simple, as the villager had to forge it himself, but it was sturdy and able to get the job done. It was a little longer than the length of his arm, and was thin. The curved handle made it easier to parry attacks, and also made it ideal for stabbing. This type of blade would be called a Foil. Jalokim, once again, made his way to the village exit. At least, until he remembered that he would need to sneak out in order to avoid questions from the village guards and the Protector of Fire. This would involve taking some secret underground tunnels that an old Earth Tribe friend helped make back when the exodus plan was in early stages of development. They led to the neighbouring regions around the Fire Region, but sadly, this Earth Villager met his fate with the skull spiders before he could finish the tunnels to other regions. Jalokim began his walk over to the secret tunnel entrance, until he remembered he needed food and water for the journey, which of course, he forgot to pack. Ughh... back to my hut... again... * * * It took Jalokim till the end of the day to reach the tunnel exit in the Jungle Region. Since it was dark, he decided to set up camp until morning. When he woke up at dawn, he continued on his journey to Nahrakk's village. The islander was halfway to the Jungle Tribe village, but then he started seeing things out of the corner of his eyes in the trees. At first he dismissed them as hallucinations, but then he thought about how risky it was to ignore such things, especially since he was in the Jungle Region. The area was littered with dangerous beasts, not to mention skull spiders. Caution was paramount... As soon as Jalokim started to turn around, there were flashes of green. He was knocked flat on his back and he dropped his foil. Even his mask was knocked askew. Due to his condition, Jalokim's reflexes weren't always the most reliable. The villager fixed his mask and looked at his attackers, all the while picking up his foil and getting in a ready position, but then he took a good look. Jalokim sighed and relaxed. The two villagers clad in green armour in front of Jalokim were trying to suppress laughter. The fire tribe villager only recognized one of them, who of course was Nahrakk, the very being he was looking for. The other he had never met... or maybe he had? Villagers had the annoying habit of wearing the exact same mask, so it was difficult to recognize someone by their face alone. Jalokim decided to make himself more unique by adding black stripes to his mask. Others thought of the addition as defacing the work of Ekimu and blah blah blah. Jalokim needed efficiency and style. “So Nahrakk, are you going to introduce me to your friend at all?” “Oh hi there Jalokim, why yes I'm doing quite lovely today, thank you for asking.”, Nahrakk replied with a smirk. Jalokim gave Nahrakk a glare. Nahrakk decided to comply and introduced his ally as a friend from the Jungle Tribe known as Makani. Nahrakk explained that he told the newcomer about their plan, and his fellow villager was interested. He thought it best that Makani would tag along for the voyage. The Fire Tribe villager sighed again. It was already too late to send Makani back, as he would probably tell the Protector of Jungle of the expedition if denied a slice of the glory. And we can't have that now can't we? I suppose this 'Makani' could be useful... “Very well then Makani, welcome aboard. Any questions? Good. Let's go.” “Uhm, where exactly do we go sir?”, Makani asked nervously. Jalokim put his palm to his mask. Ekimu give me strength... “Well, mindless villager, we are off to the Jungle Region's shore, where Nahrakk has the boat we built earlier hidden. Near the boat, I have placed rations. As there is no real guarantee we will find anything out there, sustenance will be quite useful, to say the least.” Jalokim said the next part slowly so Makani could keep up. “Do.... you.... understand?” Makani nodded. That was all. A simple nod. Typical. Jalokim turned to Nahrakk. “If we're ever in a situation where one of our crew must be sacrificed, I volunteer Makani. After all, we need your strength, and I'm the one who's in charge so...” “Jalokim, what's your problem with the other villagers on this island anyway? Besides, y'know, the fact that they blindly follow someone rather than take action.” “Well Nahrakk, I dislike how most villagers are the same. No creativity these days. They all wear their armour in similar fashions, all wear the same masks, it's absolutely dreadful! The way to truly honour our great Mask Makers of old is to create, just like they did! We disrespect them by not creating better things in this world. I wear black and red for a reason, after all. The black represents how well darkness goes with anything, and the red represents my hatr-” “Whoa whoa whoa Jalokim! Relax! Don't scare poor old Makani here, he can be a bit fragile.” Jalokim decided to cut the banter there. He ordered the group to start the trek over to the Jungle Region shore. The sooner they left Okoto the better, time was precious. Who knew how much longer the population of Okoto would survive? Or..... what if the fabled Toa dideventually arrive? What if they were on their way at this very moment and Jalokim and his group were wasting their time? Or what if.... that didn't even matter? What if Jalokim was looking for an excuse to escape from the society he knew? No matter, if we do indeed discover something, then that is an achievement in and of itself! We would go down in history! That would prove to them all that I, Jalokim, the so called “lunatic of the Fire Region” is indeed superior after all..... * * * Nahrakk walked alongside his partner, Jalokim, and the new recruit, Makani. As the trio made their way to the Jungle region's shores, Nahrakk's mind drifted. He thought about his life so far in the Jungle village. From what he heard, it was easier than Jalokim's, but that didn't mean it was perfect. Besides having to deal with Skull Spiders, Nahrakk wasn't generally accepted by his peers. Being a minority could be tough that way. He was basically the only islander in the Jungle region to seriously doubt that the Toa would arrive in time, if they even existed to begin with. Realistically, Ekimu was delusional, after all, hadn't he just been pounded into a crater? It just made no sense to him how the Islanders of Okoto could take the prophecy of heroes seriously. As such, Nahrakk's opinionated and stubborn nature didn't bode well with those around him, and resulted in them trying to avoid the villager and letting him look through his telescope, the very telescope he thought would prove the Toa wouldn't arrive. One day, the Jungle villager was feeling adventurous and decided to travel around Okoto. He was confident he could handle himself against a few Skull Spiders, as he had his trusty daggers and his natural strength. As he went deeper and deeper into the jungle, he came across the opening of a cave. What was even more peculiar was that there were two villagers at the cave opening. It was Jalokim and an Earth villager. Nahrakk inquired what the pair was doing at a cave opening, and discovered that the cave was a tunnel meant to make travel across regions quicker. Eventually Nahrakk learned that the other two villagers shared similar views with him, and thus they formed an alliance. Over the next few months the three planned an expedition for other land. Sadly however, the Earth villager became possessed by a skull spider, and out of self defence, Jalokim may have had to... skewer him with his foil. It was a tragic day indeed. Nahrakk snapped back to reality. He started to hear the sound of tiny claws scraping against stone and wood. It was a sound every villager dreaded... The sound of Skull Spiders crawling. Chapter Two Nahrakk and Jalokim ran as fast as they could towards the Jungle region shoreline. A few moments ago, Nahrakk had heard the sound of Skull Spiders sneaking up on them. What happened next was absolutely terrible. Blue Skull Spiders jumped out of the shadows and took Makani by surprise, tearing off his mask and possessing him. Soon, more of the Skull Spiders were revealing themselves, and Jalokim gave the order to Nahrakk that the most logical thing to do was to flee. This was bringing back painful memories for Nahrakk. This was awfully similar to how their Earth Tribe friend had fallen. Hopefully Jalokim wouldn't have to use his foil again. The Skull-possessed Makani was slowly gaining on the pair. Nahrakk thought of how they would be able to lose both Makani and the dozen Skull Spiders. Then he remembered that there were a plethora of vines in the jungle. The islander squinted and saw the cliff coming up. Who knew that running towards a cliff would bring such a feeling of safety? “Jalokim! Cliff! You thinking what I'm thinking?” Jalokim looked ahead, saw the vines over the chasm, and smirked. “Only thing that would be missing is the music.” Jalokim replied. The pair ran full speed towards the cliff edge. As they reached it, they jumped and grabbed the vines hanging over the chasm. The two villagers swung through the empty air, hanging on for their lives. Nahrakk looked behind him to see all the Skull Spiders fall off the cliff as the possessed Makani grabbed a vine and swung after him and Jalokim. Uh oh. “Um, Jalokim? We have a bit of a problem behind us!” Jalokim looked back. As he saw who was still pursuing him and his partner, he grimaced behind his mask. This would mean his foil would be seeing some action quite soon. Jalokim and Nahrakk reached the other side of the chasm. The villager of fire unsheathed his foil as Nahrakk stood behind him. Jalokim got into his battle stance as the Skull-possessed Makani got closer. As soon as Makani was in the range of Jalokim's blade, the villager of fire swung at the vine Makani was hanging onto. The vine was sliced clean, and Makani plummeted to his death. Nahrakk stared at his partner. Jalokim caught his eye and sighed. “At least I didn't have to get my blade dirty eh?” Nahrakk just shook his head. Jalokim's type of humour wasn't always appropriate. “I know what you're thinking Nahrakk, but hey, it's most important to lighten the mood at times like this. Good for morale y'know?” “Maybe for the lunatic of the Fire Region, but not for the rest of us.” Nahrakk rebutted. Jalokim frowned. He did not like being called that in a negative light. Who would, besides an actual lunatic? “Well at least I'm not as bad as the original Jalokim! I have done nothing but improve his name.” Jalokim said with pride. “And how can you prove that? Judging by what your ancestor allegedly did, all of the Protectors would know about him, yet the Protector of Jungle can't seem to recall the name 'Jalokim the First'.” Jalokim scowled behind his mask. This was going to get ugly really quickly. “It isn't wise to anger a madman with a blade Nahrakk... How about you do yourself a favour, and shut up.” “I was just giving my opin-” “Do you think I care about your opinion right now?” Jalokim interrupted by bringing the tip of his foil dangerously close to Nahrakk's eye. “You don't want another scar on that mask, now do you?” Jalokim threatened. Nahrakk swallowed. It could be easy to forget that Jalokim was a bit off his rocker, which made him just a bit dangerous when upset. “... I'll take that silence as a no. Now then, we really must be on our way, we're burning daylight!” Jalokim started walking at a brisk pace towards the Jungle region shoreline, with Nahrakk hesitantly following. Shouldn't be long now, new land, here I come! Jalokim thought to himself. * * * The pair arrived at the shoreline, marvelling at the boat Nahrakk hid earlier. It was large enough to fit about four villagers. It used a red and black sail in order to float across the sea surrounding Okoto. The word 'Exodus' was carved into it's side, giving it it's name. The two villagers got themselves prepared for the trip. They pushed the boat into the water, and quickly climbed in. The sail caught the wind, and they began to travel at a steady pace. The journey had begun. Jalokim marvelled at the fact that they had set sail. It was magnificent, finally escaping the island, and all it's islanders. Freedom at last! Nahrakk sat in the Exodus, watching Jalokim look out to the horizon. Neither had realized how quick the day had passed. The night sky blanketed them, the stars providing a beautiful map of the cosmos. The other planets in Okoto's solar system shone brightly, providing light for the journey. It really was a beautiful sight. Nahrakk's eyes slowly drooped, and he fell asleep, exhausted from the day's events. As Nahrakk, slept, Jalokim looked into the waters. Something was amiss, but he couldn't quite place his finger on it. Then he remembered his odd dream. What if that island was the land he and Nahrakk would find? And what about those peculiar masks of power? Would they be able to help save Okoto from the Skull Spiders? Only the Mask Makers would have known. Jalokim was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't notice that the water around them was starting to churn, swirling into where he and his partner would make the discovery of a lifetime... Times were going to change... but whether it was for better or for worse, no-one could be certain. * * * Jalokim was taken by surprise as the Exodus violently rocked. He lost his footing and landed on top of Nahrakk, waking up his partner. Before Nahrakk could even ask what was going on, the boat rocked again. This time, it was enough to turn the Exodus on its side, plunging the two underwater. Jalokim and Nahrakk frantically swam to the surface, gasping for air. No no NO! This can't be happening! There is no way that this is how it ends! Jalokim thought to himself. The two Okoto Villagers tried in vain to escape the current. Jalokim took a look at what they had gotten themselves into. The pair was caught in a vortex, and they watched as the Exodus was swallowed up by the massive whirlpool. There went all their hopes and dreams. Jalokim closed his eyes and braced for the release of death. He could hear Nahrakk cursing at the winds, but soon his cries ceased... and slowly, everything else went quiet. Soon, there was nothing but darkness and silence... * * * Jalokim was surprised to still be able to feel his fingers, though he was even more surprised by the fact that he was still alive. He was blinded by the light as he opened his eyes, but soon they adjusted. He was on a tropical beach. Not far to his right the Exodus lay ruined. Nahrakk was nowhere to be found, but Jalokim noticed footprints leading into the dense jungle behind him. Looks like we were successful after all... but I do wish Nahrakk waited for me to regain consciousness. Oh well, better go find him. Jalokim got up, his body aching, and looked for his foil. After searching for some time, he located it. However, he was disappointed to see the blade had been snapped off, and presumably lost in the sea. All he was left with was the hilt. Still, he carried the hilt with him, just in case he could find some use for it. With that, Jalokim made his way into the strange land's forest. The villager had been walking for about fifteen minutes until he sensed something... wait, not just one thing, but two things! Jalokim turned around, hearing heavy footsteps. His heart pounded, scared that he wouldn't be able to defend himself at whatever creature was coming towards him. The fire villager froze, not knowing what to do. What came through the brush took Jalokim by surprise. It was a tall being, clad in green and silver armour. He wore a mask with a layered design, and had a scar along it's left eye. The mask looked familiar... a lot like one of the masks he saw in his dream! The tall green being seemed to recognize Jalokim, giving a smile behind his mask. That smile reminded Jalokim a lot of the way Nahrakk smiled... wait... could it be? “Nahrakk? Is that you?” “You know it!” Nahrakk said with a smirk. Jalokim was speechless. This couldn't be the same Nahrakk he had set sail with... unless that mask had something to do with this rather useful growth spurt his partner had. “Tell me Nahrakk, did you find a mask in this jungle, put it on, and then WHAM, you become this stronger version of yourself? I mean, you're taller than me now, that isn't fair.” “You got that about right. When I woke up on the beach, I started getting this weird feeling, like something in the jungle was calling out to me. So, I got up, and went to where that feeling led me. I found the Mask floating just above the ground at eye level. I put on the mask, and I became, well, this. Say, don't you think I look a bit like what the Toa were supposed to look like?” Jalokim cracked a smile. “Well, I don't know of any other beings in legend who are tall, powerful, and wear a mask. Say, what sort of elemental power do you have? Considering you seem to be a Toa, I would think you'd have some sort of ability.” Nahrakk nodded and said “My elemental power is rather strange, not any type I heard of a Toa wielding. I seem to have elemental control over acid, I tested this by dissolving a boulder. Pretty powerful stuff.” “Interesting. Well Nahrakk, I have to say I've also been sensing something in this jungle. Probably another mask. Shall we be on our way to retrieve it?” Nahrakk nodded. “Seems unfair that I would be the only one to get this height boost. After all, I know you like to be the taller one.” Jalokim focused, letting his instincts guide him. His senses told him his mask wasn't too far from where they stood. Jalokim nodded at his partner, and the two walked in the direction of where his new powers lied. Jalokim and Nahrakk eventually walked into a small clearing, and there they found a red mask with black streaks floating at Jalokim's eye level. It looked somewhat noble, with a trapezoid shaped mouth-piece, and two horizontal slashes across each cheek. The villager of fire walked over to his mask and claimed his prize. He removed his current mask, and carefully placed the new one over his face. He felt a surge of energy as his body transformed. Each part of his body grew, and his armour changed shape. When the transformation was complete, Jalokim looked at himself. He wore black and red armour, with silver shin guards and shoulder pads. He took a loot at the hilt of his broken foil, and was amazed to find out that was transformed as well! It was now a strange device, which covered his entire hand. It had a dark, rocky design. He felt a trigger, and as he pulled it, flames spewed from the tip of the hilt, and a flame styled blade formed. Wow, now this is something I can get used to! Nahrakk stood, also impressed by what Jalokim had resulted with. “Very cool, or should I say hot. Let's have a little test of your new elemental power, hm?” Jalokim focused his willpower. He called forth his elemental energies, and pointed his blade at the ground in front of him. The blade crackled with elemental power, and it's energies shot forth. When it hit the ground, a pool of lava formed. “Looks like I'm the Toa of Magma Nahrakk. Pretty unique element, never heard of a Toa having that power. But I suppose it makes sense, considering you have Acid.” “Mmhmm. Well, getting these new powers is all fine and dandy, but what do we do now? The Exodus is destroyed, and we have no way of getting back to Okoto. I mean, hurray we found land and all, but it doesn't mean much if we can't bring the Islanders over here.” Jalokim thought about this. His partner was right, but that doesn't mean their discovery wasn't valuable. There could be many undiscovered artifacts here, like more masks perhaps. Or maybe the ruins of an ancient civilization? Who knew, but Jalokim intended to find out. “Hmm... Well, does it really matter that much? I'm sure we can build another boat from the resources on this land. We're just going to have to explore, and hey, maybe we'll find something really life changing? Something that can better the lives for everyone back home, now wouldn't that be something?” Nahrakk considered Jalokim's words. “You know what, I think you're right. We can definitely benefit from a little exploration, besides, we should have the power to be able to fend off anything dangerous, right?” “Precisely Nahrakk, together, we shall go down in the history of Okoto for being the great saviours! Now let's get started...” Jalokim walked further into the forest, gesturing for his partner to follow. Nahrakk joined his friend, and together they continued to explore this new land. They were about to make many discoveries, oh yes... Chapter Two 1/2 Jalokim, the novice Toa of Magma, sat in the small camp he and Nahrakk set up when they arrived on this strange island. The sky was dark, oddly darker than Okoto's sky had been. There was an absence of planets, but instead just a bunch of stars and a red moon. It was obvious they were very far away from home, but Jalokim didn't care. It gave him a sense of freedom, instead of fear. The Toa of Magma absolutely hated home. While the landscape was very beautiful, it was ruined by the Islanders he was forced to tolerate. If the original Jalokim was anything like him, he could understand why he became a criminal. Not just a regular criminal, but a murderer.
  11. I'd say a ruru, since in MNOG Templar Studios mixed up the ruru with the Pakari, and ended up looking like a hybrid.
  12. Makuta's body was never found, and he DID almost destroy Okoto and was responsible for Ekimu's slumber.
  13. The Toa Mata weren't created by the Great Beings though, they were built by Artahka.
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