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  1. And if You ask an In Universe reason, I'm working on it. Don't worry, I have several ideas, other than what was mentioned -the virus- that will ensure Humanity's evolution X3
  2. This project sounds promising. I like it :3
  3. Thank you for the compliment and also the concern. And yes, I do mean Anthropomorphic animals. There are more reasons for Humanity to morph that way in the reality of my creative hobby: 1: Animals include many creative options, which, blended with the Human body, could result in so many unique designs. For example, Humans barely get more than a single color for their skin, and another for their hair. Animals, and subsequently any humans containing the DNA can, however, have markings. If Real Life humans gained the ability to steal some genes from the animals around them in any manner (for example, and one of the ideas which I wish to implement: a virus which would extract DNA from any infected animals it catches in it's grasp and would insert it's library of genes into any infected, and doomed to morph human) It would be interesting to see how it would be Think about #1 in this way too: using animal features on a human body would also open a way for elements to be used. For example: Po-Terrans would have the features of Fennec Foxes, Vultures, Lions, Red Kangaroo, and other desert/savanna animals. Le-Terrans would morph with the features of Jungle dwelling animals and birds, like Lemurs, South American Bats, Parrots, etc. Ko-Terrans can become what enjoys the cold and snow, ice, etc. Like a snow leopard, a polar bear, a penguin, or a Reindeer, even a Seal, or a Sea Lion. Ga-Terrans: There are quite a few options to consider, like otters, dolphins, and again, some birds that like swimming X3. Onu-Terrans Need animals that dig. Some rodents, Moles, You know the deal. Ta-Terrans are the hard part. They have to be satisfied with animals that can live in moderate areas, like badgers, wolves, deers (btw, there needs to be a deer rahi), lynxes, skunks, weasels, so Yea, since I don't know animals that exist(ed) in real life that lives well in a barren, volcanic, lava-flowish area safely with no need for plants or stuff, And the more tropical mammals, birds, and even Reptiles are taken by other elements, I think the story of the roman city that was burried under lava gave the right idea to give Ta-Wahi the most familiar scenery with a fitting fauna -and anthros- to begin with. After all, Ta-Koro was like a medieval European castle anyways. So, Humans having an inherent elemental potential gives Anthrmorphism some cool aesthetic options. 2: Another reason I decided for anthromorphism to be used... well, I grew up being a fan of anthros in the first place. I watched cartoons like "Blinky Bill", "Willy Fogg", "Franklin", "Arthur", "Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist", "Jim Henson's DogCity", and many others I might have forgotten. One of them in particular, Willy Fogg, treated it's anthros in a way they referred to each other as human. (At least so it was in the Hungarian dub). They also were probably the only ones treated as purely human in terms of behavior. The dogs didn't drive cars shaped after a bone or a firefighting plug thing -dunno how English calls those red firefighting things-, tho there weren't much vehicles there. But what there were, were modeled after actual ones instead of trying to theme them because dogs, cats, and whatever. The cast of Characters, including background ones, happened to be rich and diverse. From lion to hamster, from wolf to deer, many animal species were involved in the Willy Fogg story, and again, without forcing symbolism usually associated with the animals. I grew up drawing "animal people" beginning with "Horsemen" and "Dogmen". this developed into this eventually.
  4. Hello everyone. It has been a long time, hasn't it? I know the topics I started last time didn't quite work out past the Island concept and the Dragon Makuta concept. Sometimes, silence is the best critic. But hey, no one shall give up, ever! Right? So I grant you the news, that I still work on a Bionicle Universe of my own, or at least, a spin on the Bionicle Story past the reunion of Spherus Magna. The story is still taking place on Earth, an island akin to Tropical Mata-Nui filled with Mysteries and a people that utilize modern/futuristic technology to survive. Humans -turned into anthros- and Matoran will find themselves allied in the quest to solve the Mystery of the Great Beings. But the grand scheme of things, the grand conspiracy hidden in the shadows of the earthborn "guest corporations" is far beyond their comprehension. I plan to give this people a nationality, a history, and a connection to a spin on History itself. I can tell: Nikolai Tesla, Albert Einstein, and many more will be involved. And there are many challengers to the Matoran and Human clans of Visper-Nui, as old enemies return, and new enemies are born. A war is very likely. And the black-red meteorite worsens matters as well. As a representation to a new era filled with challenge, adventure, danger, and most worryingly, a constant threat of war, tyranny, and crisis, a flag was designed. A flag that wields the colors of all six elements (+ light), and the symbol of the Three Virtues. I hope You like it.
  5. Humans, created by the Great Beings? I also have that idea for my Faniverse ^^
  6. Well, all this hype around Bionicle 2015 launched me into a huge bionicle-based creation spree, and so far, I have made dragon versions of Makuta Teridax and Mata Nui, a Custom Island with all six elements influencing it's various biomes, and now, it's time to make something that resembles a Toa Armor. Well... almost, since I based it on a Halo blueprint. Not very original. But look at the bright side: There is something to be done on this matter. What do you think? So in a nutshell: Humanity would need to establish it's own form of "Toa" using recycled millitary armors, without even knowing they are being influenced by the Great Beings through the Matoran. The Great Beings would later be involved in some form when the elemental powers are given to the heroes. Yea, Matoran will be a separate species that has its own toa.
  7. Well that's a plan X3 Hopefully it will work out.
  8. It's good to see some sort of reaction to the hype, and the return of the Bionicle too.
  9. An island I has been working on since... well, quite a long time, for a project that has been in my mind since... well, the dawn of my creative hobby.... with many reboots, retooling, and stuff involved. Nothing says fun for me than create an island, which I proudly present to you as a Bionicle fan-Island, and it's own thing as well.
  10. Well, since I did Makuta Teridax, I guess I had to do his polar opposite, Mata-Nui himself as a dragon as well.This was more problematic since the mask of life didn't seem like a good idea to convert into a dragon face, while Makuta Teridax's Movie Krahkaan was a worthy choice. Well, hope you like him anyways.
  11. Oh, and I also plan to make a surprise that involves Mata Nui himself in "something similar" X3
  12. Thanks Everyone for the feedback! I appreciate them all!
  13. Vuk-91

    BIONICLE Manga Art

    Good job on these ones! Keep it up!
  14. Hello there, I am an amateur Drawer, Vuk-91. I have been a fan of Bionicle ever since the first years. Let this image be my introduction-card as well as a conception of "Yet another version" of Bionicle's main Villain, Makuta Teridax, as a Dragon. (In a similar fashion to Miserix just not made of lego of course X3) Not too detailed but I hope you like it. I had to use some reference for the wings.
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